Chapter 343 – Cooperate

Almighty Sword Domain

“What are you trying to say!?” A sword had appeared in Yang Ye’s grasp, and his gaze was icy cold while his voice was bone piercingly cold!

Meanwhile, Murong Yao hurriedly said, “Brother Yang, don’t get angry. What Yuan Tong means is that we might be able to help you a little!”

Yang Ye glanced at Murong Yao, and then he glanced at Yuan Tong. The latter nodded slightly. Yang Ye fell silent for a short while, and then he said, “Help me with what?”

Yuan Tong and Murong Yao instantly heaved sighs of relief when they heard Yang Ye ask this question. Both of them were very well aware of Yang Ye’s temper and character, and it was exactly because of this knowledge that they knew how difficult it was to make Yang Ye agree to talk with them!

Yuan Tong said, “I know that you want to rescue your mother, but you should be aware of how difficult it is. Perhaps you’ll have the ability in the future, but you absolutely don’t have the ability now. Right?”

“Get to the point!” said Yang Ye in a low voice.

Yuan Tong remained calm, and he nodded and said, “We’re unable to save your mother. Don’t get angry and allow me to finish. Even though we can’t save your mother, we can lessen your mother’s suffering in the Flower Palace, and it’s even to the extent that she wouldn’t have to suffer at all! Moreover, perhaps you can even meet your mother!”

Yang Ye’s eyelids twitched when he heard that last sentence, and then he said, “Why should I believe you!?”

Yuan Tong smiled, and then he turned around to gaze at a young man behind him. That young man nodded, and then he gazed at Yang Ye and said, “I’m an Elite Disciple of the Origin School. Of course, that isn’t the main point. The main point is that my aunt is an elder of the Enforcement Hall in Flower Palace. Even though she’s only an elder there, she still possesses some authority!”

Right at this moment, another young man stood forward and said, “My older sister is a group leader of the Flower Guard, and she specializes in the defense of the Flower Palace. With her help from the inside, it shouldn’t be a problem for you to meet your mother. In any case, I’d been frequently sneaking into the Flower Palace in the past….”

“I have a few lovers from the Flower Palace. Even though their position is quite low, it shouldn’t be a problem for them to take care of your mother in secrets!”

“Even though I don’t have any lovers in the Flower Palace, but my father does. Moreover, their position in the Flower Palace isn’t low. They seem to be some elders. I think that they should be able to be of some help!”

In just a short moment, over 10 of them had spoken up, and all of them had connections within Flower Palace.

Yang Ye glanced at them, and then he said, “Looks like all of you came prepared!”

Yuan Tong smiled and said, “Me too. I don’t have any relatives or lovers in Flower Palace, but my Master has a friend there, and my Master’s friend has a very high status in Flower Palace. It’s only inferior to the Palace Master and a few elders who possess high authority. Even though she’s unable to save your mother, but she’s absolutely able to prevent your mother from suffering in the Flower Palace!”

Yang Ye fell silent. Needless to say, he was tempted. Or it should be said that Yuan Tong had struck at his weak point!

“We can bring you to see your mother right now. We can discuss the matter of joining forces once you meet your mother, alright?” said Yuan Tong.

Yang Ye suddenly raised his head to gaze at Yuan Tong, and he just gazed at Yuan Tong for a short while before he took a deep breath. He said, “What do all of you want from me!?” He was unable to refuse these conditions!

Yuan Tong smiled and said, “You’ve misunderstood. We aren’t making an exchange here. I hope that we can work together, join forces. I’m talking about unity. At the very least, we stay united while in the Ancient Battlefield. What do you think?”

Yang Ye fell silent for a moment, and then he said, “Alright!”

Yuan Tong and the other profounders from the southern territory instantly heaved sighs of relief when they saw Yang Ye agree. Yes, Yang Ye’s weight in their hearts was very great right now. After all, he wasn’t just the strongest expert in the younger generation of the southern territory, he was the only profounder from the southern territory who’d passed through the Heaven Entrance. Merely that accomplishment alone would allow them to obtain plenty of benefits if they were to follow Yang Ye!

“Let’s return to the southern territory to see your mother right now?” asked Yuan Tong.

Yang Ye was slightly tempted, but he shook his head.

Yuan Tong was puzzled and asked, “Why?”

Why? Yang Ye shook his head. What can I do even if I see my mother now?

Yes, he wasn’t able to do anything even if he saw her, and it would only add more suffering and pain for both his mother and him! What he should be doing now wasn’t seeing his mother but trying hard to improve his strength in order to rescue his mother. Otherwise, everything would be meaningless!

“I hope that all of you’ll immediately make use of the connections you possess to help my mother!” said Yang Ye. Even though he refused to see his mother, it was impossible for him to allow his mother to continue suffering in Flower Palace.

“Of course!” Yuan Tong pondered deeply for a moment and said, “But we need your help to accomplish that!”

“What help?” asked Yang Ye.

Yuan Tong said, “I’ll get them to return to the southern territory first, and then utilize their connections. However, they have to pass through the hunting grounds of the experts from the devil territory, nether territory, and demon territory in order to return to the southern territory. You have that flying Darkbeast, so if we utilize it, then it shouldn’t be a problem to flee to the southern territory!”

“Why should we flee?” Yang Ye said in an indifferent tone, “Yuan Tong, how many profounders from the southern territory can you gather?”

Even though he didn’t understand where Yang Ye was going with this, he still answered. “My reputation is far inferior to before, and I don’t have such a high prestige anymore. However, I’m still able to gather around 200 people! What do you intend to do?”

“What do I intend to do?” Yang Ye laughed coldly and said, “I naturally intend to counterattack. I presume they’ve definitely plundered a huge number of human profounders throughout this period of time. So, they should be extremely wealthy now. So isn’t this the best time to rob them?”

The profounders from the southern territory were unable to maintain their calm when they heard Yang Ye. A counterattack against them? This fellow, Yang Ye, really dares to dream! But it seems to not be impossible as well! After all, we’re all united and are led by an expert! “You intend to launch a counterattack against them?” Yuan Tong frowned.

“What? You don’t dare?” Yang Ye glanced at Yuan Tong and spoke indifferently.

“I don’t dare?” A wisp of a ruthless expression flashed in his eyes as Yuan Tong said, “Of course not. My life has already been aggrieving enough since I’ve arrived in the Ancient Battlefield, and I can’t stand a sigh of those fellows from the devil territory, demon territory, and nether territory. Come, let’s launch a counterattack against them. Do all of you dare to do it?” Yuan Tong turned around as he finished speaking.


“Why wouldn’t we? Our lives have been sufficiently aggrieving since we came here. Let’s kill! We’ll kill those bastards!”

“Right! Let’s kill those bastards! My Senior Brother and Senior Sister fell at their hands, and I finally have a fucking opportunity to avenge them. Kill!”

At this moment, their eyes had instantly turned red and were suffused with killing intent!

Yang Ye gazed indifferently at them. He naturally felt nothing when facing their emotions. Because humans were usually like this, and they would only disregard death and counterattack when they’d been backed into a corner. Just like these fellows, if they weren’t forced to such an extent, they wouldn’t fight to the death even if he was leading them to battle!

Of course, he didn’t dampen their spirits. After all, they were working together. As for how long it would last, only the heavens knew the answer to that….

“Now, all of you gather the profounders from the southern territory who are within the city. Ask them to gather here. As for the objective, it’s naturally to kill those fellows from the demon territory, nether territory, and devil territory. It’s fine if someone refuses to come. But in the future…. Hmph!” As he finished speaking, Yang Ye laughed coldly, and it caused the others to shudder with fear!

All of them didn’t hesitate at all after hearing Yang Ye, and they turned around and left the restaurant before flashing swiftly towards the surroundings….

In less than an hour of time, almost 300 profounders from the southern territory had appeared in front of Yang Ye. Yang Ye gazed at them and had an emotionless expression as he said, “I know that all of you definitely carry displeasure towards me. But that’s fine because I don’t care at all! I presume all of you’re aware of what we’re about to do next. I want to say that if anyone is unwilling, then you can withdraw right now. I absolutely won’t force you! However, if you don’t withdraw now, but you hesitate when the time comes to fight, or you burden the group, then even if you survive our enemies, I’ll kill you myself!”

All of them had no objections. Of course, they didn’t dare to have any objections as well. After all, Yang Ye wasn’t the Yang Ye they knew anymore. He was an existence who’d passed through the Heaven Entrance. Not to mention his strength, just his identity of being someone who’d passed through the Heaven Entrance was sufficient for him to kill them in the city!

Yang Ye had postponed his plan to craft talismans and earn money, and he left Yuan Tong, Murong Yao, and the other profounders towards the entrance of Ancient Domain City!

“Brother Yang!” Right when Yang Ye and the others had just walked out of the restaurant, Xiao Yu’er had suddenly called out to Yang Ye.

When she saw Yang Ye turn around and gaze at her with a puzzled expression, Xiao Yu’er hesitated for a moment before she said, “Brother Yang, I want to follow all of you as well!”

In the past, she didn’t have the ability or strength to resist, but after she saw Yang Ye now, she felt that if the profounders from the southern territory were to stay united under Yang Ye’s leadership, then they would definitely be able to hold their heads up high. So, she’d decided to follow them, even if she might die during the battles….

Yang Ye gazed at her for a short while before he nodded.

When he left the restaurant, Yang Ye’s eyes suddenly narrowed slightly, and then he glanced towards a corner at the side of the restaurant’s entrances. He’d merely shot a momentary glance there before he withdrew his gaze.

Right when Yang Ye and the others had left, a beautiful woman in palace clothes had suddenly appeared at the entrance to the restaurant. She gazed towards the direction that Yang Ye and the others had left towards, and then the corners of her mouth curled up slightly while a charming smile appeared on her face. She said, “Haha. I was actually noticed by a profounder at the King Realm. How interesting! A’Da, I want every single piece of information related to that young man, Yang Ye!”

“Yes!” A deep voice suddenly sounded out from within the spacious hall….

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