Chapter 344 – Just Die!

Almighty Sword Domain

On a mountain range to the south of Ancient Domain City, 10 profounders were moving swiftly towards the southern territory. All 10 of them had solemn expressions as they flashed forward swiftly, and their gazes swept ceaselessly towards the surroundings while their eyes were filled with vigilance!

Before long, these 10 profounders saw a spacious plain between the cracks of the forest after having traveled swiftly for almost two hours, and they couldn’t help but reveal smiles when they witnessed this scene.

However, right at this moment, a voice suddenly and shockingly resounded from within the forest. “Haha! I originally thought that these human ants wouldn’t dare to leave Ancient Domain City. But I never expected that there are still some who aren’t afraid of death. Alright, I’ve been quite bored lately, so having a few toys it’s nice!”

“Indeed. Brothers, we have to hold back. Don’t kill them later. Otherwise, we don’t know how long it will be until we have such good toys again!”

“That makes sense. Alas, why are these human profounders so weak? It’s truly boring. Otherwise, we would be able to kill even more. Tsk, tsk. The taste of human profounders really isn’t bad!”

The expressions of those profounders had instantly changed violently when they heard these voices, and they looked over towards the source of the voices. They noticed three youths from the Devil Race gazing at them with mocking expressions from above an enormous tree, and they were like cats that were catching mice!

The expressions of those profounders changed once more when they noticed these profounders from the devil race. However, their reactions weren’t slow, and they immediately withdrew their weapons while the profound energy within their bodies surged.

“Alas, you intend to resist?” One of them laughed in an exaggerated manner, and then a wisp of a ruthless expression flashed through his eyes. He tapped the tip of his foot on the ground, and then his figure shot forward explosively and descended to the ground, causing a gust of violent winds to sweep through the surroundings. After that, a strand of Devil Energy surged out explosively from within him as he said, “But it’s fine. We’ll get to play then!”

The other two youths from the Devil Race shot over explosively as well, and they descended by the first youth’s side. After that, a strand of a terrifying imposing aura surged out from within them!

Right at this moment, those 10 profounders had suddenly started smiling. Yes, they were smiling, and it was no different than the smiles revealed by those three youths from the Devil Race. It was a mocking smile.

The expressions of those three youths changed slightly when they witnessed this scene, and then a bad feeling suddenly arose in their hearts. Right when they were about to attack, a ray of violet light flashed by, and then the head of one of them had flown up into the air while leaving a strand of blood behind.

The expressions of the other two youths from the Devil Race changed violently!

Right at this moment, Yang Ye, Yuan Tong, and Murong Yao appeared here. The two youths from the Devil Race had instantly revealed astounded expressions upon noticing Yang Ye, and then one of them cried out involuntarily. “Yang Ye! It’s you!”

Yang Ye paid no attention to him, and he gazed at the 10 profounders from the southern territory and said, “What are all of you waiting for?”

When they heard this, all of them didn’t hesitate at all to flash forward and pounce at those two youths from the Devil Race….

Yang Ye paid no attention to the battle. He gestured with his right hand, and the spatial ring that belonged to the youth he killed had appeared in his hand. He glanced at its contents before a wisp of a smile had instantly appeared on the corners of his mouth. Because he was really satisfied with the contents of this spatial ring! Perhaps this youth from the Devil Race had plundered a huge amount of human profounders because there were actually over 5,000 energy stones within the spatial ring. Moreover, there were actually five Earth Rank treasures as well. Unfortunately, there were no swords amongst them!

However, this was already quite good. At the very least, the youth was much wealthier than Jian Wuji and Yan Wu. Perhaps Jian Wuji and Yan Wu had been really exploited in Ancient Domain City or had been robbed in the past because the total contents actually amounted to less than a thousand energy stones. As for Earth Rank treasures, there were only two, and it was the two they were using. This made Yang Ye feel extremely depressed!

Coupled with the energy stones he obtained now, Yang Ye had around 6,000 energy stones at this moment. It was definitely a huge amount of wealth to others, but it was truly too little to Yang Ye.

He seemed to have thought of something, and he turned to gaze at Yuan Tong and Murong Yao before he said, “I’ll only take the spoils from those who I kill. What do the two of you think?”

Yuan Tong glanced at Yang Ye, and then he said, “I have no objections!”

He naturally understood what Yang Ye meant. If they wanted Yang Ye to fight, then it represented that the spoils of the battle would belong to Yang Ye alone. Of course, if they didn’t want to give Yang Ye the spoils, then they had to fight themselves. This was very fair, so he had no reason to object!

Yang Ye nodded when he saw Yuan Tong agree, and then he said, “I’ll leave this place to the two of you. I’ll be going to help another group!” As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye’s figure flashed and vanished on the spot.

He’d divided the 300 profounders into 30 groups that headed towards different directions to draw the attention of the members of the devil territory, demon territory, and nether territory. This objective behind this was naturally to disperse their members because if he didn’t disperse his enemies and got into a group battle, then the profounders from the southern territory would definitely suffer heavy casualties. Moreover, it was even possible that those fellows from the devil territory, the demon territory, and the nether territory would be able to notify their companions. At that time, it would make the matter quite troublesome!

So, Yang Ye had dispersed them and then headed to every single group to annihilate their enemies so that their enemies would have no chance to request for help.

Yuan Tong glanced at the other two youths from the Devil Race that had been annihilated, and then he turned to look at the direction Yang Ye had vanished towards. He said, “He’s extremely strong. I’m unable to annihilate a sixth rank King Realm expert from the Devil Race with a single attack! Looks like his strength has improved greatly during this period in the Ancient Battlefield!”

“Indeed!” Murong Yao nodded and said, “In the past, he wasn’t even as strong as me. But in just a short period of time, he has already left us far behind him. It’s really such a blow to my confidence!”

Yuan Tong glanced at Murong Yao and said, “I presume your Sword Sect never imagined that he would become so formidable, right? Actually, I can’t help but say that the decline of your Sword Sect makes sense! If your Sword Sect was willing to offend the Flower Palace to protect him, then even though it would lose some things for now, I believe that your Sword Sect would definitely obtain unexpected gains in the future! Unfortunately, your Sword Sect…. Haha!”

Murong Yao fell silent. Needless to say, Yuan Tong’s words really made sense. She’d personally witnessed Yang Ye growing step by step. At this moment, Yang Ye’s natural talent was truly too terrifying, and it was terrifying to the point it wasn’t weaker to those monstrous geniuses from the central territory. If the Sword Sect had fostered Yang Ye with all its might, then Yang Ye could absolutely ascend into the top three positions of the Hidden Dragon Rankings with the natural talent that he possessed. Unfortunately, the Sword Sect had abandoned him…. Moreover, the Sword Sect had contracted irreconcilable enmity with him!

Needless to say, this was an extremely sad thing!

Right at this moment, a profounder from the southern territory had walked over to Yuan Tong and Murong Yao while holding two spatial rings, and he said to Yuan Tong with a slightly excited voice, “Senior Brother Yuan, these are the spatial rings of those two fellows from the Devil Race!”

It wasn’t just this profounder, the faces of even the other nine profounders were covered in excitement right now. How could they not be excited and delighted? They’d counterattacked and killed experts from the Devil Race! If it was in the past, then they wouldn’t have even dared to imagine such a thing! After all, the Devil Race, Nether Race, and Demon Race all had geniuses who’d passed through the Heaven Entrance. So, if they offended these three races, then these three races could definitely torture them at will within Ancient Domain City!

However, they didn’t have to worry about that now because Yang Ye had passed through the Heaven Entrance as well. Yang Ye had a huge amount of special privileges within Ancient Domain City as well. So, with Yang Ye on their side, they didn’t have to fear these three races or the profounders of the other territories while they were in Ancient Domain City!

“Where’s Yang Ye?” Meanwhile, one of the profounders glanced at the surroundings and asked this question because he didn’t notice Yang Ye.

Earlier, they were extremely shocked when they saw Yang Ye annihilate that youth from the Devil Race with a single strike of his sword. Because they were clearly aware of how terrifying that youth’s strength was. Just like the battle from before, the 10 of them had to work closely together in order to annihilate those two youths from the Devil Race, but Yang Ye had instantly annihilated one with a single strike of his sword, and it even seemed to easy….

Every single person in Profounder Continent admired the strong! Perhaps these profounders of the southern territory were still unaware of it but their attitude towards Yang Ye was already changing soundlessly….

Yuan Tong shook his head and said, “He has gone to help the brothers in the other groups. As for these two spatial rings, split the contents amongst yourselves. There should be a good amount of energy stones within them. Don’t refuse because these two fellows were killed by the 10 of you, so the spoils ought to belong to the 10 of you! Moreover, I presume all of you are already almost out of resources by now, so you won’t have to have such a hard time in Ancient Domain City with these energy stones in your possessions!”

The 10 of them hesitated briefly upon hearing this, and then they accepted it and said, “Senior Brother Yuan, then we’ll do as you said! Right, if there’s nothing else, then we’ll be going to look for Yang Ye in order to help the other brothers with him!”

Yuan Tong nodded, and then the 10 of them instantly flashed towards the direction that Yang Ye had left towards just now!

A wisp of a complicated expression flashed in Yuan Tong’s eyes when he witnessed this scene. Because he noticed that these profounders had unknowingly aroused a trace of admiration towards Yang Ye, and there was a trace of trust as well!

Meanwhile, Murong Yao suddenly said, “Yuan Tong, our southern territory needs someone that can deter the other territories!”

Yuan Tong laughed bitterly when he heard this, and then he said, “Don’t worry, I’m not someone that fails to see the larger issues at hand. Even though there’s some enmity between me and Yang Ye, there’s no need for you to worry. I’ll forget that enmity while we’re in the Ancient Battlefield. We’re a single group in Ancient Domain City. We’re all from the southern territory, and we’ll rise and fall together!”

Murong Yao nodded and said, “That’s for the best!” When she finished speaking, Murong Yao’s figure flashed and vanished on the spot!

“I never expected that the so-called Martial God of the past would actually accept being beneath another. How sad!” Right when Murong Yao had left, a man who wore a violet robe had suddenly appeared behind Yuan Tong, and he said, “Since it’s like that, then you should just die, so as to prevent you from shaming the words ‘Martial God’!”

Yuan Tong’s expression changed when he saw this man, and he clenched his fists tightly while an extremely solemn expression appeared in his eyes!

This man was none other than that mysterious Darkbeast from the Grand Myriad Mountains, Luo Xue!

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