Chapter 345 – Die!

Almighty Sword Domain

Luo Xue wore a violet robe and had his right hand behind his back as he looked at Yuan Tong with an indifferent gaze.

“It’s you!” Yuan Tong spoke in a low voice. He’d always been slightly fearful towards Luo Xue because Luo Xue’s strength was very mysterious. Even though he’d merely fought Luo Xue once, he felt that Luo Xue was extremely dangerous. That sort of feeling far exceeded the feeling of danger that he got from Yang Ye!

“Actually, I’m extremely disappointed!” Luo Xue shook his head and spoke indifferently. “I originally thought that the most monstrous genius from the southern territory in the last 1,000 years would be able to give me a little pleasant surprise. Unfortunately, not only were you unable to obtain the inheritance of Martial God Mountain, you even lost that spirit of supremacy you once possessed!”

“Do you know?” Yuan Tong chuckled lightly and said, “In the past, I thought I was the most monstrous genius amongst the younger generation of the southern territory. But when I came to the Ancient Battlefield, I finally noticed how laughable my past thoughts were!”

“Is that so?” Luo Xue spoke indifferently. “So it wasn’t Yang Ye who made you lose that confidence of being invincible, and it was the monstrous geniuses in the Ancient Battlefield instead!”

“I’ve never lost my confidence!” Yuan Tong said, “What I wanted to say was that the Ancient Battlefield allowed me to clearly recognize my flaws. I’m not conceited or complacent anymore, and I’ve stopped blindly believing that I’m the best. In this place, I found out how I should change and how I should make myself stronger and stronger. In short, I’ve understood myself once more in the Ancient Battlefield.”

Luo Xue fell silent. He understood what Yuan Tong meant. Yuan Tong was telling him that he hadn’t been dispirited, and he’d understood himself once more through this string of difficulties. Weakness and difficulty weren’t anything to fear, what should be feared was the inability to recognize and understand one’s heart, and then develop one’s flaws like one would develop one’s advantages!

Perhaps all of this seems slightly complicated. To put it in simpler terms, Yuan Tong had undergone a transformation in the Ancient Battlefield, and it was a transformation of his mental state. Even though his strength was far behind those monstrous geniuses, with the natural talent and natural endowment he possessed, it wouldn’t be difficult for him to catch up to them if he was given the time!

After a short while, Luo Xue shook his head and said, “Unfortunately, you still have to die!”

Yuan Tong smiled and said, “Firstly, I really admire your confidence. Secondly, I’m very curious, why have you come to kill me? There seems to be no enmity between us, right? Of course, I’m not asking this to display weakness and beg for mercy, I’m just curious. So, you can choose not to answer me!”

“You’re about to die, so what’s the point of knowing that?” Luo Xue shook his head, and then he pointed his right hand upward. In an instant, the heavens and the earth dimmed down, and then a bolt of violet lightning tore through the clouds and circled in the sky like a violet colored flood dragon!

Yuan Tong’s expression changed violently when he witnessed this scene, and his eyes were filled with shock as he said, “A Natural Treasure! Who exactly are you? Why do you possess such a Natural Treasure!?”

Luo Xue didn’t answer Yuan Tong. He merely opened his mouth slightly and spat out a single word. “Descend!”

In an instant, that bolt of violet lightning instantly descended swiftly towards Yuan Tong!

Yuan Tong would naturally not sit there and wait for death to arrive. He spread open his right hand while the profound energy within his body surged madly into his palm, and then he shouted as he swiftly slapped his palm upward. “Heavensplit Palm!”

An enormous energy palm flashed forward, and it collided with the violet bolt of lightning!


An enormous bang resounded. Under Yuan Tong’s astounded gaze, the enormous energy palm was instantly blasted into dispersal, and then the violet ray of lightning descended straight down towards him….


Another enormous bang resounded….

After a short while, a bottomless hole had appeared where Yuan Tong stood just now, and as for Yuan Tong himself, he’d vanished completely….

He hadn’t fled, he’d been completely obliterated! Yes, Yuan Tong had perished beneath the bolt of violet lightning, and he’d ceased to exist in this world!

“Come!” Luo Xue shouted lightly, and then a bolt of violet lightning flashed out from underground like a tiny snake, and then it entered into his body.

Luo Xue flipped his palm, and then a thick black colored scroll appeared in his hand, and there were three large words written on it — Book of Judgment.

He opened the scroll, and then his index finger moved slightly before a pitch black brush appeared in his grasp. He held it in his hand as his gaze descended towards the first row of words on the first page of the scroll, and two words were written there — Yuan Tong.

He lightly flicked the brush, and then a wave of violent fluctuations of energy instantly arose in the surroundings. Strands of black colored energy gradually appeared in the surroundings, and they were fine like threads and emanated a horrifying aura.

Excitement appeared in Luo Xue’s eyes upon seeing these threads of black energy, and then he opened his mouth and sucked. In an instant, all the black energy entered his mouth. After he swallowed these threads of black energy, Luo Xue’s eyes closed slightly while the profound energy within his body circulated swiftly, and he started to slowly absorb the black energy….

After a short while, he suddenly opened his eyes, and his eyes were filled with boundless pitch black darkness, and they gradually returned to normal over a few breaths of time!

Luo Xue took a deep breath, and then he glanced at the scroll in his hand before a wisp of a smile appeared on the corners of his mouth. He said, “Even though he wasn’t the Martial God, the Death Energy within his body was so pure. Besides Yang Ye, Yuan Tong is the most formidable amongst the countless geniuses of the southern territory!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he put the scroll away, and then he gazed towards the distance while a cold glow flashed in his eyes. He said, “The Ancient Battlefield, the Hidden Dragon Pagoda. Haha, all of you are my prey….” As soon as he finished speaking, his figure flashed and vanished on the spot.


Around an hour later, Yang Ye, Murong Yao, and a few dozen profounders from the southern territory had appeared where Yuan Tong perished. All of them revealed extremely solemn expressions as they gazed at the bottomless hole.

After a short while, Yang Ye said in a low voice, “He’s probably dead!”

As soon as he finished speaking, a trace of a complicated expression flashed through Yang Ye’s eyes. He’d wanted to kill Yuan Tong in the past, but reality was everchanging, and they’d formed an alliance instead. Now, when he saw Yuan Tong had been killed, Yang Ye naturally didn’t feel sad, and he merely sighed with emotion about how fickle life was!

Indeed, perhaps one would be alive and well right now but would perish in the next moment.

Perhaps the reason why many experts had worked so hard and painstakingly when they started cultivating wasn’t for the sake of glory, luxury, or authority, and it might have been merely for the sake of survival!

Yes, survival! It was a seemingly simple demand, but it was extremely difficult to accomplish!

“Who killed him?” said Murong Yao in a low voice.

Yang Ye shook his head and walked slowly towards the deep hole. He stretched his hand forward and touched the borders of the hole, and then he instantly frowned. He opened his palm and saw a strand of violet electricity flash on his palm, and it swiftly swept towards his arm. Yang Ye’s brows had knit together even more tightly when he saw this strand of electricity, and with a command in his heart, a strand of violet profound energy had swiftly enveloped it.

“What’s that?” Meanwhile, Murong Yao walked over to Yang Ye’s side, and she asked with a puzzled expression while she gazed at the strand of violet electricity in Yang Ye’s palm.

Yang Ye suddenly clenched his fist, and the strand of electricity was instantly dispersed. He said in a low voice, “The person who killed him was extremely strong! Merely a thread of it was left behind, but this strand of electricity still remained without dispersing….” When he spoke up to here, Yang Ye didn’t continue speaking, and he merely revealed a solemn expression!

He’d roughly guessed what the electricity was. He felt that it was probably just like the Nether Ghostflame, and it was a Natural Treasure. Moreover, based on the situation here, the might of this Natural Treasure was definitely not weaker to the Nether Ghostflame and might even be stronger!

Yang Ye took a deep breath. All sorts of experts are really hidden in the Ancient Battlefield. I really can’t be careless at all, even if I possess two Natural Treasures right now!

Right at this moment, around 20 people suddenly flashed over. After the white robed man who led the ground descended here, his gaze instantly descended onto Yang Ye, and then he said furiously, “Yang Ye, did you kill my Senior Brother, Yuan Tong?”

Yang Ye frowned. He gazed at Murong Yao, and the latter said, “He’s Yuan Nian from the Origin School. Yuan Tong was his senior brother. All those other profounders behind him are disciples of the Origin School as well.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Murong Yao gazed at Yuan Nian and said, “Yuan Nian, I guarantee that Yuan Tong wasn’t killed by Yang Ye!”

“You guarantee it?” Yuan Nian started laughing from extreme rage, and he said, “Murong Yao, on what basis do you make such a guarantee? You and Yang Ye were once from the same sect, so what qualifications do you have to make such a guarantee? Hmph! Perhaps you even participated in it!”

A wisp of rage flashed through Murong Yao’s eyes, and she said, “Yuan Nian, you don’t believe me, but you should believe these brothers standing behind me, right? Yang Ye was always with us before this, so how could he have had the time to kill Yuan Tong?”

“Indeed. Senior Brother Yuan Nian, Yang Ye was always with us earlier, so how could he have possibly killed Senior Brother Yuan Tong?”

“Exactly. It should be someone else who killed Senior Brother Yuan Tong. Senior Brother Yuan Nian, you should investigate it properly before speaking about it, otherwise, Senior Brother Yuan Tong would probably be unable to rest in peace if you took revenge on the wrong person!”

Yuan Nian’s expression became slightly unsightly when he heard them. Obviously, he hadn’t expected that others would actually speak on Yang Ye’s behalf. When did Yang Ye become so close with all of them? Moreover, they actually have no intention to avenge Senior Brother Yuan Tong….

None of them had the intention to take revenge for Yuan Tong. What a joke! How could the person who was capable of killing Yuan Tong be weak? They couldn’t even defeat Yuan Tong. So, they weren’t idiots who would try to take revenge against someone who could kill Yuan Tong. They were only allied with Yuan Tong but weren’t from the same sect, nor were they his relatives, so they would naturally not take risks for him!

People are selfish. It sounded derogatory, but could anyone in this world avoid being selfish?

Yang Ye shook his head. He didn’t want to bother about Yuan Tong’s death or Yuan Nian, so he turned around to gaze at the others behind him and said, “Let’s go. I’ll send all of you out of the boundaries of the Ancient Battlefield.”

His mother was the most important to him!

They nodded. Now that Yuan Tong was dead, the profounders of the entire southern territory didn’t have a leader anymore. Yang Ye possessed a formidable strength and was extremely influential in the Ancient Battlefield, so they naturally didn’t dare to enter into conflict with Yang Ye. Otherwise, they would truly be courting death!

Right when Yang Ye and the others turned around with the intention to leave, Yuan Nian and the group of 20 plus behind him had flashed over to obstruct Yang Ye’s path. Yuan Nian said, “Yang Ye, you can’t leave yet. The matter of my Senior Brother still….”

Yuan Nian who was speaking hadn’t noticed that an expression of pity had arisen in Murong Yao’s eyes as she watched him speak….

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