Chapter 346 – Do You Dare?

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye turned around to look at Yuan Nian before he said, “Why don’t you say that one more time?”

Yuan Nian’s heart shook. Only now did he understand the situation he was in. This wasn’t the southern territory, it was the Ancient Battlefield, and the forces of the Origin School were utterly useless here. With Yang Ye’s strength, killing him would be an extremely easy task. So, when he thought up to here, a strand of panic and terror had suddenly arisen from the bottom of his heart!

Yang Ye glanced at Yuan Nian who didn’t dare to speak, and then he turned around and walked slowly as he led the others away.

The panic and terror in Yuan Nian’s heart had transformed into rage when he saw Yang Ye turn around and leave. A dignified Elite Disciple of the Origin School like him had actually been terrified by an independent cultivator who didn’t even belong to a sect! So, when he thought up to here, he gazed at Yang Ye’s figure while a wisp of gloominess flashed in his eyes. However, he didn’t attack and merely spoke in his heart. Hmph! Just you wait and see how my Origin School will kill you once we return to the southern territory!

However, right at this moment, Yang Ye seemed as if he’d heard Yuan Nian. He suddenly stopped moving and turned around to look at Yuan Nian. Right when everyone was puzzled by Yang Ye’s actions, Yang Ye said, “I actually almost did something stupid!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye’s wrist moved slightly, and then a strand of violet light flashed….


Yuan Nian’s body stiffened on the spot, and his eyes were filled with astonishment and disbelief. After that, the light in his eyes gradually dimmed down.

Right at the instant that the others felt puzzled by this, a wisp of blood slowly seeped out from Yuan Nian’s neck, and then the blood gradually formed a fountain that sprayed out from his neck….

The others were astounded!

Yang Ye gestured with his right hand, and then the spatial ring on Yuan Nian’s hand flew into his palm. He glanced at the contents of the spatial ring before he shook his head and said, “How poor. Not only does he only have a pile of trash, there actually aren’t even a thousand energy stones here. Are all the disciples of the Origin School this poor?” As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye turned around and walked towards the distance, and he didn’t even spare a glance at those 20 plus disciples of the Origin School!

As they gazed at Yang Ye’s figure, everyone’s eyes were filled with fear, and some were even filled with terror. It was merely a tiny conflict yet Yang Ye had drawn his sword and killed. Moreover, it was even a disciple of the Origin School, and he’d even done it in such a fearless manner….

We can’t offend Yang Ye! At the very least, we can’t offend him in Ancient Domain City! At this moment, the same thought had appeared in the minds of everyone.

A wisp of a complicated expression flashed in Murong Yao’s beautiful eyes as she gazed at Yang Ye’s figure. Yang Ye has a decisive and ruthless character, and his natural talent in the Sword Dao is so monstrous. This is exactly what the Sword Sect needs right now! However, the sect itself pushed such a genius out its door for its short-term interests, and it has even completely offended him!With his natural talent and character, Yang Ye will definitely become a peerless expert in the future. Yet not only has the sect abandoned such a future expert, it has even done its best to offend him. What’s wrong with the higher-ups of the sect?

Murong Yao was perplexed!


At the bottom of a mountain, Yang Ye used his right hand to point at the peak by his side, and then he said to the 300 profounders who stood in front of him, “You’ll arrive in the territory of the southern territory upon passing through this mountain. I could have directly summoned a flying Darkbeast to take all of you back to the southern territory. However, I didn’t do that. Do all of you know why?”

They shook their heads!

Yang Ye continued. “Because I want to prove that I can lead all of you to resist the profounders from the devil territory, demon territory, and nether territory. I wanted to prove that all of you can live well in Ancient Domain City and cultivate in the Hidden Dragon Pagoda! Of course, I only have a single objective behind all of this, and it’s that I hope those few of you will do your best to help my mother upon returning to the southern territory! I can promise you that I’ll definitely lead all of you into the Hidden Dragon Pagoda once all of you return! Of course, I can’t do anything if all of you don’t come back! However, I think all of you wouldn’t easily abandon this chance to enter the Hidden Dragon Pagoda and fight for Karmic Luck, right!?”

Meanwhile, one of the profounders stepped forward and spoke with a low voice. “Yang Ye, are you serious?”

Yang Ye recognized this person, he was called Zhang Yu, and his aunt was an elder in the Flower Palace. Yang Ye nodded and said, “Of course, I keep my word. So long as all of you fulfill your promises to me, then I’ll definitely lead all of you into the Hidden Dragon Pagoda upon your return!”

Zhang Yu took a deep breath, and then he said, “I originally intended to stay in the southern territory after I returned this time. Because I don’t know when I would die if I come back to the Ancient Battlefield! However, your words have made me change my mind. Yang Ye, to tell you the truth, I’m unwilling to be involved with you because you’re too ruthless and murderous. I keep having the feeling that I’m in danger when I’m following you! However, I have to admit that following you to kill those fellows from the other three territories was extremely satisfying! If someone in Ancient Domain City can prevent us from being bullied and lead us to kill our way into the Hidden Dragon Pagoda, then that person is definitely you! So, I’ve decided to give it my all with you!”

Meanwhile, another profounder had stepped forward as well. “I’ve decided to do the same!”

“Right, let’s give it our all. Otherwise, it’s truly too aggrieving to leave just like this. Even if I die while giving it my all with Yang Ye and the others, I still want to enter the Hidden Dragon Pagoda and have a look!”

“Let’s do it!”

“Do it!”

As he gazed at all of them, a strange feeling arose in his heart. Yang Ye had never had such a feeling in the past, and he was unable to determine exactly what sort of feeling it was!

Yang Ye shook his head, drove out that feeling from his heart, and then said seriously, “I, Yang Ye, keep my word. So long as all of you fulfill your promises, then I’ll definitely lead all of you into the Hidden Dragon Pagoda!”

“Lead them into the Hidden Dragon Pagoda? What high-sounding sentiments!” Right at this moment, almost 100 youths from the devil race and over 50 members of the nether race had appeared within their fields of vision. The leader of this group was a profounder from the devil race, and his eyes revealed undisguised killing intent as he gazed at Yang Ye.

Some of the profounders on Yang Ye’s side couldn’t help but take a few steps backward when they saw these profounders from the devil race and nether race. They would naturally not be afraid if it was a small number of profounders from the devil race and nether race. However, there were around 100 profounders from the devil race and over 50 profounders from the nether race as well. Even though their numbers were much greater, the ‘quality’ of these human profounders couldn’t compare to their enemies!

“Yang Ye!” The youth in the lead gazed at Yang Ye and said in a low voice, “You were the one killing the members of my devil race lately, right?”

Yang Ye didn’t answer the youth. He turned around to gaze at the human profounders, and then he pointed at the group of enemies in front of them and said, “What? All of you’re afraid?”

They remained silent!

Yang Ye chuckled, and then he said in a low voice, “It’s fine if one’s strength is weak because everyone starts as a weakling and transforms into an expert! However, our hearts can’t be weak. Because once our hearts are weak, then we can’t be considered to be people anymore and should be considered to be pieces of trash instead! All of you are cultivating in the Martial Dao, yet you don’t even dare to fight when facing your enemies. Let me ask all of you this, if you can’t even subdue your own hearts, then how will you attain the peak of the Martial Dao?”

All of them felt embarrassed upon hearing this.

Yang Ye continued. “Actually, they aren’t as strong as all of you imagine! Similarly, all of you aren’t as weak as all of you imagine! The reason that humans are tortured and killed by them is that all of you aren’t united while they are! All of you don’t dare to face death in order to live, but they do! Just like this very moment, all of you aren’t thinking about fighting to the death but how to flee!”

All of them felt even more embarrassed.

The expressions of those members of the devil race and nether race had turned unsightly because Yang Ye was blatantly disregarding them!

However, Yang Ye still continued to disregard them. Yang Ye flipped his palm and an Earth Rank sword appeared in his grasp. He pointed the sword at their enemies and said, “Now, do all of you dare to fight them with me?”

Murong Yao walked slowly over to Yang Ye’s side, and then a sword appeared in her hand.

The others remained silent for an instant, and then a profounder suddenly stepped forward and said, “I do! Why would I not dare to do so? The worse that can happen is only death! Kill! Kill all of these bastards! Annihilate them!”

“I dare as well! Kill! I have been too fucking cowardly in the past! Why should we profounders from the southern territory be bullied? Motherfucker! Kill! The worse that can happen is just death!”

“Kill! I’d rather die than live like a coward! Kill all of them!”

Yang Ye smiled when he saw this scene, and then he turned around to gaze at the group from the devil race and nether race. He said, “Now, should we still continue wasting our breaths?”

The members of the devil race and nether race revealed slightly solemn expressions when they saw the imposing aura revealed by those 300 human profounders. In the past, the human profounders had practically always turned around and fled upon catching sight of them. Even if some of them dared to attack, it was only the disciples of the Ninth Grade Sects in the central territory who dared to act in that way. Moreover, it was under the circumstances that they had an absolute advantage in numbers!

Yet now, these profounders from the southern territory actually dared to speak about kill them while standing right in front of them. Where did these profounders from the southern territory get such courage?

Even though the youth from the devil race who was leading the group had an unsightly expression on his face, he didn’t choose to attack in the end. Because he’d personally witnessed the battle with Yang Ye on that day outside Ancient Domain City. Yang Ye wasn’t a match for Mo Ke, but Yang Ye could definitely defeat him. Moreover, Yang Ye had that mysterious Darkbeast as well. If that mysterious Darkbeast was included, then he wouldn't have a chance at all!

But if we don’t fight Yang Ye’s group, then the dead brothers of my devil race and the honor of my devil race….

Right when he was troubled, Yang Ye suddenly said in a cold voice, “Kill!”

As soon as he finished speaking, his figure flashed explosively towards the youth from the devil race who led the group.

Yang Ye didn’t have a good impression of these fellows at all. So, he would naturally not show any mercy if he could kill them. In any case, there was enmity between him and both the devil race and nether race. He clearly remembered how the devil race and nether race had treated him and the little fellow outside Ancient Domain City!

Now, he’d just obtained some help when these fellows from the devil race and nether race had come over to give their lives away. So, what reason did he have to refuse such an ‘offering’?

The profounders behind Yang Ye instantly acted when they heard him. All of them withdrew their Dark Treasures, and then they pounced at the members of the devil race and nether race!

The battle began!

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