Chapter 347 – Dividing The Spoils!

Almighty Sword Domain

When they saw that these human profounders actually dared to make the first move, the youths from the devil race and nether race were instantly infuriated! In the past, human profounders were like mice that had noticed a cat upon catching sight of them, yet now, these ants weren’t just looking down on them, these ants had even dared to make the first move!

How could these ants insult the dignity of the nether race and devil race?

They didn’t hesitate to withdraw their Dark Treasures, and then they charged towards Yang Ye’s group!

Yang Ye swung his sword swiftly through the battlefield. With the enhancement provided by his 6th level Slaughter Sword Intent and violet profound energy, the sword in Yang Ye’s hand was like the reaper’s sickle, and every single swing of it would reap a life!

The blood of those human profounders started to boil when they saw Yang Ye slaughter those experts from the devil race and nether race. At this moment, a single thought had appeared in their minds — so, the nether race and devil race aren’t that strong!

When they thought up to here, the human profounders seemed as if they’d been injected with stimulants, and they charged fearlessly towards the profounders from the devil race and nether race. After that, all sorts of explosions rumbled like thunder….

The individual strengths of these human profounders were inferior to the profounders from the devil race and nether race, but they had an advantage, and it was that they outnumbered their enemies two to one. Moreover, they had Yang Ye leading them! Yang Ye killed after targeting certain enemies, and he targeted the strongest amongst the devil race and nether race which the other human profounders couldn’t resist. So, since the battle had begun, the human profounders had gradually occupied an advantageous position under Yang Ye’s mighty lead!

The human profounders seemed to desire to vent the resentment that had accumulated in their hearts over a long time, and they grew more and more courageous and excited as the battle was carried out. Conversely, the profounders from the devil race and nether race grew more and more terrified!

There was no other reason for this than Yang Ye being truly too strong!

There practically wasn’t a single one amongst these profounders of the devil race and nether race here who could resist Yang Ye, and all who were targeted by Yang Ye would definitely die!

Even though it was like that, not a single one of the profounders from the devil race and nether race had fled… even if more and more of their companions were falling….

One hour later, the battle came to an end!

Blood flowed into a river here and corpses covered the surroundings.

Less than 100 of the 300 human profounders remained while only a single profounder from the devil race was left…. Moreover, this profounder of the devil race had lost his arms! Even though he was in such a state, he didn’t reveal even a trace of fear, and he stared at the human profounders without showing any weakness!

“What? All of you want to make me beg for mercy?” He revealed an insane expression and said, “You want me to beg for mercy from human ants like you? I….” Right at this moment, a strand of violet sword qi flashed, and then his voice stopped abruptly!

Yang Ye placed his sword into his spatial ring, and then he glanced at the corpses of the profounders from the devil race and nether race. Needless to say, even though all of them were his enemies, he still respected their backbone! Even though he felt that this thing called backbone was very stupid at most times, he still respected them!

Because they hadn’t chosen to surrender or abandon their companions and flee even at the last moment!

However, they were enemies in the end. So, even though he respected them, he still killed them without hesitation!

Yang Ye restrained his thought, shook his head, and then said, “Gather up the spoils!”

The others behind Yang Ye instantly started cheering when they heard this, and then they started gathering the spoils of the battle…. In the past, only the members of the devil race, nether race, and demon race had the right to do that! Now, they who were from the southern territory could do it as well, and they were gathering spoils from the devil race and nether race!

Let’s see if the profounders of the other territories dare to act arrogantly in front of us once we return to Ancient Domain City!

The spoils were completely gathered in 15 minutes, and when he saw the list of spoils, even Yang Ye’s eyelids couldn’t help but twitch while his heart started thumping….

There were 230,000 energy stones, 2 low-grade Heaven Rank treasures, 36 high-grade Earth Rank treasures, 71 mid-grade Earth Rank treasures, 132 low-grade Earth Rank treasures, and countless Profound Rank treasures…. Besides these Dark Treasures, there were also some Earth Rank combat techniques and cultivation techniques. Unfortunately, there were no sword techniques amongst them!

There were some natural treasures as well. Yang Ye made a rough estimate and determined that they were worth at least 200,000 energy stones!

Almost 400,000 energy stones…. Yang Ye’s heart started to let him down and speed up!

After a short while passed, Yang Ye took a deep breath, suppressed his excitement, and then gazed at the others and said, “I’ll take the low-grade Heaven Rank, high-grade Earth Rank, and low-grade Earth Rank treasures, and the rest belongs to all of you. Of course, I won’t make all of you suffer a loss, and I can compensate all of you with 10 high-rank Technique Talismans of the high-grade and 20 high-grade talismans of the five elements, alright?”

After a moment of silence, Murong Yao said, “I don’t have any objections! We would have been utterly unable to defeat these profounders of the devil race and nether race without your killing their elites. So, I wouldn’t have any objections even if you asked for more!”

“I have no objections!” Meanwhile, another profounder stepped forward and said, “If the remaining spoils and the talismans you provide are taken to Ancient Domain City to be sold, they would probably be worth a few hundred thousand energy stones. Coupled with the 230,000 energy stones here, all of us would at least obtain 5,000 energy stones. 5,000 energy stones are undoubtedly a huge amount of wealth to us!”

“I have no objections!” Another profounder stepped forward and said, “We’re only paid 100 energy stones for a month of work in Ancient Domain City. Conversely, if we head out of the city, then we would obtain a few hundred energy stones at most if our luck was good; if our luck was bad, then… we wouldn’t even have our lives! Now that we have these 5,000 energy stones, we can cultivate in peace within Ancient Domain City, and then await the moment when the Hidden Dragon Pagoda opens. So, I have no objections at all!”

“I have no objections!”

“Me too!”

All of them expressed that they had no objections.

Yang Ye nodded, and then he put the Heaven Rank and Earth Rank treasures away before he withdrew the talismans that he’d promised them, and then he passed it to them with the other spoils.

Even though it was quite a huge amount of wealth, he didn’t choose to keep it all for himself in the end. While he did possess the ability to do so, he wasn’t stupid enough to do that! Because if it was possible, one more friend was always better than one more enemy.

Although they were slightly weak, most of them had powerful backing in the southern territory, and this backing they possessed was definitely helpful to him in the future!

So, Yang Ye had chosen to sacrifice the benefits before him to make them have a good impression of him!

After the spoils were distributed, over 10 profounders walked over to Yang Ye, and then the youth in the lead said, “Once we return to the southern territory, we’ll definitely do our best to convince our clans to help your mother. It isn’t possible to save your mother, but making your mother’s life better isn’t a problem at all!”

“Thank you!” said Yang Ye in a serious tone.

The youth before him smiled and said, “Don’t mention it. We hope we can continue staying by your side upon our return to Ancient Domain City. At that time, I hope you won’t avoid us because of our weak strengths!”

Yang Ye smiled as well and said, “I keep my word. I’ll definitely lead all of you up the Hidden Dragon Pagoda once you return!”

“Alright!” They spoke in unison, and then they immediately flashed towards the southern territory.

After he watched them vanish from his field of vision, Yang Ye took a deep breath, and then he turned around to gaze at the remaining profounders from the southern territory. He said, “All of you return to Ancient Domain City for now. Conceal yourselves well in the city from now on and try your best not to leave the city. All of you should be aware that the fellows from the devil race and nether race will definitely not let the matter rest!”

Yang Ye was slightly helpless against the devil race and nether race as well. Because he wasn’t able to go against them by himself, and it was impossible even if these profounders behind him were included. Unless all the human profounders united, it was utterly impossible to annihilate those fellows from the devil race and nether race! With Mo Ke and Hun You’s character, they would definitely go on a frenzy to avenge their fallen companions!

If Yang Ye was all alone, then he would naturally be unafraid of their vengeance. However, if it was these human profounders that were with him now, it would definitely be impossible for them to do the same. So, he had no choice but to ask them to hide within the city and wait for the Hidden Dragon Pagoda to be opened before leaving the city again! Even though it was slightly distressing, there was no other choice!

The smiles on their faces gradually vanished when they heard Yang Ye. Earlier, they’d been overwhelmed by the happiness they experienced from gathering the spoils of the battle, and they’d forgotten that they’d utterly offended the devil territory and nether territory. With Mo Ke and Hun You’s terrifying strengths…. Just thinking up to this point caused their expressions to gradually change.

Yang Ye frowned when he noticed this, and then he said, “There’s no need to fear them. They won’t be able to do anything to all of you once you’ve returned to the city. As for the future, I’ll get in contact with all of you once I’m done with what I need to do. At that time, we’ll join forces again to fight the nether race and devil race!”

“Alright! At that time, we’ll fight these bastards again! Yang Ye, we’ll be waiting for you in Ancient Domain City!”

“We’ll be waiting in Ancient Domain City!”

After they had bid their farewells, all of them turned around and flashed towards Ancient Domain City, and only Murong Yao and Yang Ye remained here.

“Do you need something?” asked Yang Ye.

She nodded and said, “Yang Ye, I never expected that your strength would actually become so formidable in such a short period. Even the profounders of the devil race and nether race are afraid of you!”

Yang Ye smiled and said, “You didn’t stay behind just to say that, right?”

Murong Yao pondered deeply for a moment, and then she said, “Yang Ye, you were once a disciple of the Sword Sect. Will you…. I mean is it possible for you to return to the Sword Sect?”

“Return to the Sword Sect?” Yang Ye was stunned, and then he shook his head and laughed as he said, “Never in my life!”

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