Chapter 355 – Ninth Hell Swordwings!

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye who was cultivating sword techniques on the mountain had suddenly frowned because the sword in his hand actually intended to struggle free from his grasp when that sword howl resounded through the sky!

Yang Ye gazed at the sword in his hand as he said in a light voice. “Even you intend to submit to that so-called Sword Emperor?”

He naturally knew what that sword howl from before represented. After all, Elder Mu had told him a great deal about the Sword Emperor in the past.

Someone had become the Sword Emperor!

Yang Ye didn’t feel uncomfortable when facing such a fact. After all, he’d never thought about becoming the Sword Emperor. The title of Sword Emperor was the highest honor amongst sword cultivators, but who said that the Sword Emperor was the strongest amongst sword cultivators? In the past, the Sword Emperor had always been the strongest, but that was in the past! Yang Ye refused to believe that! In any case, his sword wouldn’t submit to anyone!

The sword in his hand seemed as if it hadn’t heard Yang Ye, and it trembled violently. If Yang Ye hadn’t restrained it by force, it would have probably charged into the sky by now!

Yang Ye exerted a little strength and a bang resounded lightly as the sword was instantly transformed into countless pieces.

Yang Ye raised his head and looked towards the horizon before he chuckled lightly. “Interesting. Just a sword howl actually made my sword not hesitate to betray me. The Sword Emperor… I’m filled with anticipation!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye slowly withdrew the smile on his face, and then he flicked his finger. A pair of enormous dark wings that were formed from countless fine tornados had appeared on his back! When this pair of dark wings appeared behind him, a gale of violet wind appeared out of thin air while waves of wind swept out incessantly from Yang Ye’s legs, causing the surroundings to be transformed into a mess!

This pair of enormous dark wings were naturally formed from the Ninth Hell Cold Gale!

In the past two months, Yang Ye had been constantly thinking about the effects of the Ninth Hell Cold Gale, and he felt that it was a huge waste if he used it merely for offense. After all, he had the Nether Ghostflame to take care of that. Moreover, the Ninth Hell Cold Gale was only extremely lethal towards the soul, and its damage towards the body wasn’t as terrifying as the Nether Ghostflame!

Moreover, the consumption of his profound energy from every usage of it was extremely enormous, so he’d given up on utilizing it for offense. After a period of research and testing, he’d finally discovered another effect of the Ninth Hell Cold Gale, and it was the Ninth Hell Cold Gale’s ability to increase his speed. Because the Ninth Hell Cold Gale could control the speed of the wind!

After he noticed this, Yang Ye decisively started to research how to utilize the Ninth Hell Cold Gale to increase his speed! After all, his movement techniques were extremely weak. If he could utilize the Ninth Hell Cold Gale, then his speed wouldn’t be a weakness anymore, and it might even be a strength of his! Because the Ninth Hell Cold Gale was truly too swift!

How fast was it?

It was fast to the point Yang Ye could form over 100 afterimages in a breath of time! If he utilized the Gale Shoes and a Strider Talismans, then his speed could increase even more! However, there was a flaw. At least it was one to him for now. That flaw was that it exhausted too much profound energy. Just like the Nether Ghostflame, utilizing it once would practically dry up all the profound energy within his tiny vortex! So, this made Yang Ye feel extremely depressed!

The Ninth Hell Cold Gale had given Yang Ye a pleasant surprise as well, and it was that it could be attached to the Soulseek Sword Technique. With the enhancement provided by it, the speed of the Soulseek Sword Technique…. Amongst profounders below the Spirit Realm, probably only the little fellow’s teleportation was capable of avoiding it…. In any case, even he couldn’t accomplish that!

Just like the Ghostflame Sword Formation, Yang Ye had given a name to the wings formed by the Ninth Hell Cold Gale. It was called the Ninth Hell Swordwings!

In the last two months, his physical body had obtained a huge improvement from his painstaking cultivation. Even though it was inferior to Mo Ke, it was absolutely not much inferior. In terms of sword techniques, the might of the Soulseek Sword Technique and especially when it was enhanced by the Nether Ghostflame of Ninth Hell Cold Gale, it was truly extremely terrifying. Moreover, the word ‘Soulseek’ in the technique could be changed, and it should be called the ‘Soulreap Sword Technique’. Because once it was enhanced by the Ninth Hell Cold Gale, then did it even have to seek and pursue someone with the speed it possessed? Could anyone beneath the Spirit Realm even accomplish that?

Of course, the most important improvement was that he’d comprehended the Sword Domain, a domain of the sword. It had become his greatest trump card because he was a true overlord within the domain!

In short, his strength had obtained a huge amount of improvement throughout this period of time. Or to be more precise, it had risen by a level! Right, his cultivation was on actually on the verge of breaking through, but he’d forcefully suppressed it.

Sometimes, it really wasn’t advisable to allow one’s cultivation to improve too quickly!

However, Yang Ye had another regret, and that was he lacked a sword. The Hidden Sword was really good, but it was slightly incapable of keeping up with his strength. For example, the Hidden Sword was slightly unable to endure the strain when both the Nether Ghostflame and Ninth Hell Cold Gale were attached to it. This caused him to feel slightly helpless!

There was a very exaggerated saying in the southern territory — if the sword is in the heart, then everything is a sword!

These words seemed to make sense. However, in Yang Ye’s opinion, it was a pile of trash! If both parties possessed equal strengths, then it was obvious who the victor would be if a Heaven Rank sword went up against a blade of grass!

He could only put the matter of a better sword aside for now. After all, it wasn’t that easy to find a suitable sword. The Azure Sword he once had wasn’t bad, but the Sword Sect had unfortunately taken it from him!

When he thought about the Sword Sect, a beautiful figure appeared in his mind. She wore white clothes, had a green sword, and was icy cold and silent…. Su Qingshi….

Yang Ye recalled the promise from that day….

After a short while, he shook his head and restrained his thoughts. Everything could only be realized by possessing sufficient strength, so just thinking about it was meaningless!

With a command in his heart, he rose up into the sky while standing on his sword, and then he transformed into a ray of light that shot violently towards the horizon. He hadn’t chosen to return to Ancient Domain City, and he’d headed to the Ninth Hell instead. There were ‘souls’ that could improve his Sword Intent and soul there, and he intended to improve his Slaughter Sword Intent to the 7th level before the Hidden Dragon Pagoda was opened!

Yes, he didn’t possess full confidence in his ability to win in this place where monstrous geniuses gathered, the Ancient Battlefield!

He wanted to get stronger and stronger….

Yang Ye was unaware that hell had been raised in Ancient Domain City! The corpses of almost 5,000 human profounders were already hanging on the walls of Ancient Domain City from Mo Ke’s bloody slaughter. What about Yang Ye? He still hadn’t made an appearance. This made numerous human profounders within the city to feel displeased, and then some of them formed small groups and started to search for Yang Ye within the city….

Why were they looking for Yang Ye? It was naturally because they wanted Yang Ye to face Mo Ke. As for whether it was right or wrong, they naturally didn’t think too much about it. They merely knew that Yang Ye had infuriated Mo Ke, and then Mo Ke started to slaughter the human profounders, causing them to be unable to leave the city. Since they couldn’t leave the city, they couldn’t temper themselves….

However, some profounders hadn’t joined these groups. For example, some of the profounders from the southern territory because they were clearly aware of what sort of person Yang Ye was. When he went berserk, he was absolutely not inferior to Mo Ke at all! Look for him? Actually, that was no different than courting death! However, they felt resentment towards Yang Ye as well because Yang Ye had caused them to be practically isolated from the other human profounders. It was even to the extent that some had suggested to toss them down the city wall to calm Mo Ke’s rage!

Of course, it was absolutely impossible to accomplish if there wasn’t anyone with strength and prestige to take the lead! Moreover, not a single one of the three outstanding geniuses of the central territory had made an appearance!

On this day, a man that wore a violet robe appeared below the city. All the profounders on the city wall instantly shook their heads upon catching sight of him, and their eyes were filled with pity and ridicule. Isn’t he courting death by coming to the city by himself at such a time?

Under the gazes of a few hundred profounders of the devil race, the violet robed man walked slowly towards Ancient Domain City, and he didn’t even spare a glance at those profounders from the devil race.

One of the profounders from the devil race intended to attack when he saw the violet robed man acting in such an arrogant manner. However, he was stopped by Mo Ke.

Right at this moment, the violet robed man suddenly stopped moving, and then he turned to gaze at Mo Ke before he said, “The number one genius of the devil race. Even the Nether God’s Spear was subdued by you. Not bad, you didn’t disappoint me. I hope you’ll become stronger and stronger!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the violet robed man chuckled lightly and turned around before he started walking towards the Heaven Entrance.

“He actually intends to pass through the Heaven Entrance, and he’s actually doing it in front of all the members of the devil race. Who exactly is he!?”

“How courageous! When has such a genius appeared amongst us human profounders?”

“He really is arrogant! And this really feels good! Those fellows from the devil race actually don’t dare to act against him. Who exactly is he? Could he be the Martial God of our human race?”

As he watched the violet robed man walk slowly towards the Heaven Entrance, a youth from the devil race who stood by Mo Ke’s side had grunted coldly and said, “Big Brother, why aren’t we killing him? Why are we letting him act so arrogantly?”

“Because he isn’t human!” Mo Ke said in a low voice, “Since he isn’t human, then there’s no need to kill him. Even though I’m very annoyed by him as well, there’s really no need to make enemies of everyone.”

That youth cried out involuntarily. “He isn’t human?”

“He concealed it very well. If I didn’t have the….” When he spoke up to here, Mo Ke paused for a moment and said, “In short, he doesn’t have the aura of a human. Alright, let’s ignore him. Have the brothers within the city found Yang Ye’s whereabouts?”

The youth shook his head slowly and said, “They haven’t. Some saw him show himself at the Treasure Gathering Room. However, he seems to have vanished into thin air after leaving the Treasure Gathering Room. I’ve utilized all our forces, but we’ve still been unable to obtain any information about it. Could it be that it’s really as those human profounders have said, and he has gone into hiding because he’s afraid of us?”

Mo Ke shook his head and said, “He’s a sword cultivator, and he’s such as formidable sword cultivator as well. So, he wouldn’t be afraid of us! As for why he hasn’t shown himself, even I don’t know the answer to that. However, we don’t have to bother about that. Since he refuses to show himself, then we’ll continue killing until he does! The blood of the brothers from my devil race can’t be allowed to flow for nothing. It must be avenged with the blood of all the human profounders!”


Meanwhile, the violet robed man had arrived in front of the Heaven Entrance, and he didn’t hesitate to step into it. A ray of green light instantly flashed into appearance and arrived in front of him!

With a flick of his finger, a strand of Death Energy that was fine like a snake had shot forward, and it collided with the ray of green light!


The two of them instantly dispersed in midair.


Another ray of green light flashed into appearance.

The violet robed man didn’t dodge. He clenched his right fist tightly while threads of violet electricity flickered incessantly on his fist, and then he shouted loudly as he smashed his fist towards the ray of green light.


An explosion resounded, and then the ray of light dispersed.


Another ray of green light flashed into appearance. However, the violet robed man had suddenly appeared in front of the ray of light at the exact instant that it appeared. After that, he swiftly stretched his right hand forward and grabbed. A claw that was comparable to an enormous dragon had suddenly appeared here, and then the ray of light was directly grabbed by the claw before it was suddenly clenched….


The ray of light dispersed, and then a white haired old man appeared before the violet robed man.

The white haired man spoke in a low voice. “I never expected that even one of your race has come here!”

The violet robed man grinned lightly, and then he bowed slightly to the white haired old man before he strode into Ancient Domain City.

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