Chapter 356 – You’re Looking For Me?

Almighty Sword Domain

The violet robed man was naturally Luo Xue. His formidable display had definitely given the human profounders a boost of confidence because the humans didn’t even a single expert who could go against Mo Ke throughout this period of time. They’d been utterly humiliated by Mo Ke’s group, but they were helpless against it, and it made them feel truly aggrieved throughout this period!

Now, a human expert had finally made an appearance!

Right when they were filled with anticipation that this ‘human expert’ would fight Mo Ke, that ‘human expert’ had just glanced indifferently at all the human profounders on the city wall before he shook his head and said, “Humans are still so useless. They really are a race that’s just a waste of resources!” Luo Xue’s voice seemed to have been intentionally spread, and it was heard clearly by all the profounders in the surroundings.

After that, their expressions instantly became colorful….

Martial God Mountain. An Nanjing stood proudly within a hall, and there were 23 statues standing around her. These 23 statues were the 23 Martial Gods throughout the history of Profounder Continent!

Every single one of them was a peerless expert who commanded great strength and authority, and besides that Martial God who was from the same generation as the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor, every single one of them was an extraordinarily monstrous genius who crushed all the other profounders of the same generation!

It could be said that these experts represented the most formidable and strongest experts throughout the history of Profounder Continent!

Of course, most importantly, these statues represented the inheritances of 23 Martial Gods. After all, there was something unique about every single Martial God, and it could be said that possessing the inheritance of any one of them would be sufficient for one to reign supreme over the world. Of course, the precondition was that one possessed the qualifications and strength to receive their inheritances!

An Nanjing swept the statues with her gaze, and then her gaze descended onto the statue that was right at the front of all the other statues in the hall. It was the statue that represented the 1st generation Martial God!

Right at this moment, a practically ethereal middle aged man suddenly floated out from within that statue. The middle aged man wore a plain robe and had an extremely ordinary appearance. Only his eyes seemed to be like a boundless starry sky that was deep and vast, and he emanated an aura of mysteriousness and unfathomableness.

A wisp of a gentle smile appeared on the corners of his mouth while he gazed at An Nanjing, and then he said, “Little Girl, I’ve been paying attention to you since you started ascending Martial God Mountain. You’re really not bad! Since your gaze descended onto me, you intend to choose to inherit my inheritance?”

An Nanjing looked the middle aged man in the eye and said, “I mainly came here to tell you something and not to inherit the title of Martial God!”

“Oh?” The middle aged man’s smile grew wider as he said, “Interesting. I’m really curious about that. Please do tell!”

An Nanjing said, “In the end, inheritances are things that belonged to others, and it doesn’t belong to me. I, An Nanjing, don’t need things that belonged to others. I came to see you because I merely intended to tell you that I can rely on myself to attain the title of Martial God just like you did! I’ll become the strongest expert beneath this starry sky!” As soon as she finished speaking, An Nanjing turned around and walked towards the exit without the slightest hesitation.

Right when An Nanjing was about to walk out of the hall, the middle aged man suddenly said, “Little Girl, is your objective merely to become the strongest beneath this starry sky?”

An Nanjing stopped when she heard this, and then she swiftly turned around to gaze at the middle aged man while her eyes emanated a glow of excitement.

The middle aged man smiled and said, “The path of the Martial Dao is boundless. Actually, to you and many other geniuses, having an objective is a type of shackle. If such a shackle is put around your thoughts, then your heart will be shackled as well. Do you understand?”

After a short moment of deep thought, An Nanjing bowed to the middle aged man and said, “Thank you for the guidance. From this moment onward, I, An Nanjing, have no objective. I’ll go as far as the path of the Martial Dao is, and it there’s an end to that path, then I’ll make a new path until my life comes to an end!”

A wisp of praise flashed in his eyes as he said, “You’re really not bad. You possess the Heart of the Strong at such a young age, and you’ve even comprehended 6 types of intents. Most importantly, you’ve even fused them together into a completely new intent, an intent that belongs solely to you. You’re much more outstanding than I was all those years ago! In the last tens of thousands of years, only the Unfettered One from all those years ago can compare to you in terms of natural talent!”

An Nanjing nodded and calmly accepted his praise before she said, “Senior, you know the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor?”

“Of course!” The middle aged man nodded and said, “He came here as well all those years ago. At that time, I thought he’d come to inherit my inheritance, but I never expected that he’d actually come to challenge me.”

“Challenge you?” The middle aged man smiled and said, “He was just like you. He disdained to take the path of another, and he felt even more disdain to obtain the strength and experiences of another. He wanted to take a path of his own. The objective he had for challenging me was merely to perfect his Sword Dao. As for what happened after that, you should be aware of it.”

An Nanjing remained silent for a short while before she said, “Senior, both you and the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor are existences with extraordinary strength. I’d like to know if all of you’ve perished?”

The smile on the corners of his mouth gradually disappeared, and then he gazed towards the distance and said, “Can anyone in the world avoid death?”

His voice was faint and carried a wisp of helplessness, unwillingness, and resentment….

After a short while, his gaze descended onto An Nanjing again, and then he said, “There are a total of 23 inheritances here. I perfectly understand that you disdain to possess the strength of another. However, you can utilize the essence of these 23 inheritances to deduce new techniques, and you can utilize their combat experience to perfect your insufficiencies! The so-called inheritances here aren’t inheritances where you obtain our strength, and it’s to obtain what you need from us! Understand?”

“Senior wants me to inherit the inheritances of all 23 Martial Gods?” An Nanjing was puzzled. After all, there had never been a single Martial God throughout the history of Profounder Continent who had obtained the inheritances of all 23 Martial Gods!

The middle aged man nodded and said, “Because these so-called inheritances of the Martial Gods will cease to exist after you. How much you’re able to inherit will depend on your own fortune!”

As soon as he finished speaking, another 22 phantoms appeared here….


At the Ninth Hell. Yang Ye was capturing the souls here like a madman, and then he consumed them and started hunting again. In the period of a few days, he felt that his Slaughter Sword Intent had arrived at its peak, and he merely needed a critical factor in order to step foot into the 7th level of Slaughter Sword Intent!

After he devoured one of the souls, Yang Ye was about to continue searching for more. However, right at this moment, a black shadow suddenly appeared behind Yang Ye, and that shadow bowed to Yang Ye and said, “Sword Master, I’ve finally found you!”

Yang Ye turned around to look at this person. He knew this person as Lu Xuan. Lu Xuan’s strength was merely inferior to Leng Jun and Leng Yin, and he’d been sent to keep an eye on the movement of those monstrous geniuses in the Ancient Battlefield.

“Do you need something?” said Yang Ye.

Lu Xuan nodded and said, “Sword Master, a major incident occurred in Ancient Domain City lately….” After that, Lu Xuan slowly explained what Mo Ke had been doing outside Ancient Domain City.

After a short while, Yang Ye nodded and said, “Alright, I understand. You can leave!”

Lu Xuan was stunned when he heard this, and then he said, “Sword Master, could it be that you’re going to allow Mo Ke to continue acting arrogantly? Of course, I have no intention of putting any blame on you. It’s just that Mo Ke and those fellows from the devil race are truly too arrogant, and they even boasted about killing you. So….”

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “I’m not refusing to go there because I’m afraid of Mo Ke. It’s because it isn’t necessary. I’m not that free. As for their actions of killing human profounders, that isn’t related to me at all. Who can they blame for being killed because they are weak? As for the opinion of those other human profounders, there’s no need to pay attention to them at all. If they truly infuriate me, then not to mention Mo Ke, I’ll even annihilate them myself!”

Lu Xuan’s heart turned cold. Now, he finally remembered what sort of person this Sword Master of his was. This was a person that killed without batting an eyelid! That day, this Sword Master of his had even killed a few of his companions from the League of Doom because of their differing opinion!

Lu Xuan shook his head and bowed to Yang Ye. After that, he hesitated for a moment and said, “Sword Master, Mo Ke seems to have found those profounders from the southern territory who killed those fellows from the devil race with you. He has mobilized his forces in Ancient Domain City and started to act against them. Even though it’s impossible to attack and kill within the city, but it’s extremely easy for them to torture these profounders from the southern territory!”

Yang Ye frowned when he heard this, and then he said, “Gather everyone and return to Ancient Domain City!”

He didn’t care about the fate of the other human profounders. However, he had to care about the fate of those profounders from the southern territory who’d killed those profounders of the devil race and nether race with him on that day. After all, they could be said to be his companions in battle. Moreover, he’d promised that he would lead them up into the Hidden Dragon Pagoda. Even though he was no gentleman, he was still responsible for the words he’d spoken!

He wasn’t afraid of Mo Ke, but he wouldn’t underestimate Mo Ke and the profounders of the devil race as well. So, he was prepared to utilize this group of assassins that were under his command. Of course, he wouldn’t reveal their existence unless he had no other choice. After all, they could be considered to be a trump card of his as well, and he’d merely summoned them for safety’s sake!

Lu Xuan instantly revealed an excited expression when he heard Yang Ye. He’d been unable to stand the sight of Mo Ke and the profounders from the devil race for a long time, and he just hadn’t acted because he didn’t have Yang Ye’s order. Otherwise, he would have started assassinating them a long time ago. Now, he finally had no need to continue exercising forbearance, and he could annihilate these profounders from the devil race!


Outside Ancient Domain City.

A few dozen profounders from the southern territory were restrained before the entrance to the city. They were from that group of profounders who’d killed the profounders from the devil race with Yang Ye on that day.

They were originally residing within the city. Unfortunately, Mo Ke had actually challenged the Heaven Entrance and succeeded in order to force them out of the city. Because he’d instantly obtained a huge amount of special privileges upon overcoming the Heaven Entrance!

One of those special privileges was the ability to kick out profounders who’d entered the city through the Mortal Entrance and Dog Entrance!

Unfortunately, all of these profounders from the southern territory just happened to conform to these standards!

This time, Mo Ke didn’t waste his breath at all, and he directly said, “Kill!”

However, right at this moment, a ray of violet light flashed through the horizon, and then a figure descended forcefully onto the entrance of the city.

“I heard that you are looking for me?”

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