Chapter 357 – You Don’t Believe Me?

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye gazed indifferently at Mo Ke while holding his sword in hand, and he had an indifferent expression on his face.

The profounders on the city wall erupted into an uproar when they saw Yang Ye. Obviously, they hadn’t expected that Yang Ye would actually dare to make an appearance. Moreover, he’d even come here on his own. As far as they were concerned, Yang Ye should hide like a tortoise forever. After all, the strength of Mo Ke and those profounders from the devil race wasn’t something that Yang Ye could go against!

They hadn’t imagined that Yang Ye would choose to show himself!

When those captive profounders from the southern territory saw Yang Ye, they were truly touched, and their excitement could be seen in their eyes. Obviously, they hadn’t imagined that Yang Ye would show himself for their sakes!

Mo Ke’s eyes narrowed when he saw Yang Ye, and the killing intent within his eyes was seemingly material while strands of Devil Energy couldn’t help but surge out from his body.

Right at this moment, 10 black shadows suddenly appeared by the side of those profounders from the devil race that stood by the side of the captive profounders from the southern territory, and then over 10 strands of blood sprayed!

Those 10 black shadows were extremely swift. They’d slit the necks of those profounders of the devil race in less than two breaths of time. After they rescued those profounders from the southern territory, the figures of those 10 black shadows shook before they vanished simultaneously on the spot. It was like they’d never appeared here!

Those profounders from the southern territory weren’t stupid. They immediately ran over and stood behind Yang Ye, and then they withdrew their Dark Treasures while they stared angrily at the profounders from the devil race!

Mo Ke was utterly infuriated when he saw his brothers from the devil race being assassinated right before his eyes. He roared furiously before the Nether God’s Spear emanated a strand of Devil Energy as it shot explosively towards Yang Ye. At the same time, his figure followed closely behind it!

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly while a wisp of a ruthless expression flashed in his eyes. His wrist moved slightly before his sword left a string of afterimages behind as he swiftly slashed it in a downward motion towards the spear!


As soon as his sword collided with the Nether God’s Spear, it instantly exploded into countless pieces. Yang Ye frowned. He hadn’t expected that the Nether God’s Spear would actually be so terrifying.

Right at this moment, Mo Ke had arrived behind the spear, and then he stretched his hand out to grab ahold of it. After that, he launched a swift and spinning thrust towards Yang Ye’s chest.

Yang Ye didn’t dare act carelessly at all. The tip of his foot spun on the ground as his figure flashed to the side and avoided this attack. After that, he suddenly stomped the back of his foot against the ground, and his figure shot forward explosively.

He instantly arrived in front of Mo Ke. He shouted loudly as he blasted his fist towards Mo Ke’s chest, and his right fist caused a string of explosions as the air was torn apart along its path!

A wisp of disdain flashed through Mo Ke’s eyes when he saw Yang Ye approach him and even use his fists. Because Mo Ke felt that Yang Ye was truly overestimating his strength by utilizing his fist against him.

Mo Ke clenched his left hand into a fist, and then he didn’t hesitate to blast it towards Yang Ye’s fist!


A heavy bang resounded as their fists collided. Mo Ke frowned as soon as he came into contact with Yang Ye’s fist because Yang Ye’s strength was actually formidable to the point of making him feel pain!

The formidable strengths they possessed caused their figures to separate. But in the next moment, their figures charged forward explosively again. This time, Mo Ke didn’t utilize the Nether God’s Spear, and he started to use his fists instead. He smashed his fist forward in a simple and direct manner. However, the strength carried by his fist was shocking. Everywhere it passed, even space shook before it.

It wasn’t flashy or stunning at all, and it was just the purest form of strength!

Yang Ye didn’t choose to avoid this attack. His violet profound energy surged out, and then a violet glow flashed on his fist. He pulled his right fist backward, and then suddenly blasted it forward to collide with Mo Ke’s fist!


As soon as they came into contact, a strand of terrifying energy suddenly swept out from their fists, and this force caused both of them to swiftly move backward.

Mo Ke had moved 12 steps back while Yang Ye had moved 13 steps back.

The profounders from the devil race were stunned upon witnessed this scene. Because a human profounder had actually matched Mo Ke equally in terms of physical strength! After all, even the physical body of Ying Long who was from the Dragon Race couldn’t compare to Mo Ke’s physical body!

The profounders on the walls of the city were silent. Their eyes were similarly filled with shock and disbelief while they gazed at Yang Ye. After all, most of them had witnessed the battle between Mo Ke and Yang Ye on that day. At that time, Yang Ye’s physical body was far inferior to Mo Ke. Yang Ye has actually become so terrifying after just a few months of time?

Many people recalled how they’d actually thought of capturing Yang Ye, and their bodies instantly couldn’t help but shudder. What a joke! Going to capture Yang Ye was simply like courting death!

“You cultivated the Heavenly Devil Physique successfully!” Mo Ke gazed at Yang Ye and said, “You really surprised me. Because you were actually able to cultivate it to such an extent in such a short period of time! However, you’re still going to die. Those who kill members of my devil race must die!” As soon as he finished speaking, strands of Devil Energy seemed out from Mo Ke’s body.

These strands of Devil Energy seeped out incessantly before forming a large and black hound above Mo Ke. The hound was around 30m tall and 25m wide. Its fist-sized eyes were suffused with a horrifying glow while its claws were suffused with a ghastly cold light that caused others to shudder with fear. Most importantly, the hound’s body was covered in strands of black Devil Energy. These strands of Devil Energy seemed as if they were alive, and they ceaselessly circled the hound. It was an extremely bizarre sight!

“It’s Big Brother’s familiar!” The devil profounders cried out involuntarily when they saw the hound.

Besides the devil profounders, there were beings similar to Darkbeasts that lived in the devil territory. These beings were called Devil Beasts. Devil Beasts were even more terrifying than Darkbeasts! Because they were extremely cruel, and they were willing to kill their own kind in order to survive. It was even to the extent they killed other Devil Beasts which were part of their immediate family! Moreover, the concept of the stronger being respected was even more vividly and bluntly displayed in the world of Devil Beasts because those without strength would definitely be eaten!

So, the strength and cruelness of these Devil Beasts that had grown up in such an environment were utterly unimaginable to ordinary people!

After the Devil Hound appeared, it glanced at Mo Ke first, and a trace of fear appeared in its eyes. In next to no time, its gaze descended onto Yang Ye, and then fear in its eyes instantly transformed into bloodthirstiness, greed, and desire. It howled furiously before it leaped up and smashed down forcefully like a small hill towards Yang Ye!

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly when he saw the enormous hound that covered his field of vision smashing down towards him. A sword appeared in his grasp with a flip of his wrist, and then the profound energy within his body surged into the sword. When the hound was merely around 3m away from him, Yang Ye suddenly stomped his right foot on the ground, and then he relied on the counterforce to shoot into the air like a ray of light!

Yang Ye’s brows suddenly knit together when the tip of his sword came into contact with the enormous hound’s belly. Because he noticed that he seemed to have underestimated its defenses. He didn’t hesitate to utilize his 6th level Sword Intent, and then he suddenly twisted the sword in his hand.


A light sound resounded, and then Yang Ye pierced through the hound’s belly along with his sword and shot into the sky!

The black hound crashed to the ground. However, to everyone’s astonishment, it actually hadn’t died. Moreover, the hole created by Yang Ye’s sword was actually slowly closing from being repaired by the strands of black energy!

After he descended to the ground, Yang Ye frowned as he gazed at the hound that was completely fine, and he said, “It’s fine?”

Meanwhile, Mo Ke suddenly said, “It won’t die so long as I’m still alive. We’ve formed a contract that shares our lives!”

“Is that so?” Yang Ye’s brows raised, and then he said, “Then I’ll have to give it a try!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye’s figure flashed, and he instantly arrived in front of the hound. After that, his sword left a string of afterimages behind as he stabbed it towards the Devil Hound. Moreover, when the tip of his sword was about to come into contact with the hound, a strand of flame had silently appeared there….


Yang Ye laughed lightly as his sword pierced through the hound’s belly without the slightest obstruction. After that, the hound suddenly let out a heartrending and furious howl, and its howl was filled with shock and terror.

Right when Mo Ke and the other devil profounders were puzzled, it suddenly exploded apart, and a strand of fire had flashed at the instant it exploded. After that, the hound was instantly transformed into ash….

Yang Ye sheathed his sword before he turned around to gaze at Mo Ke who had a slightly unsightly expression. He said, “Didn’t you say it couldn’t be killed? Look, isn’t it dead?”

Mo Ke didn’t flare up, and his expression became extremely solemn instead. He said, “How exactly did you kill it!?”

“Don’t you think that’s a very stupid question?” Yang Ye chuckled and said, “Since you were looking for me, I came. You want to kill me but seem to be unable to do so. On the other hand, I know my limits, and I know that I’m absolutely not confident in my ability to kill you for now. However, I have absolute confidence in being able to kill those members of your devil race that are standing by your side!”

“Do you want to die?” Mo Ke flipped his palm, and then the Nether God’s Spear appeared in his grasp. After that, a terrifying imposing aura suddenly swept out from within him.

“You don’t believe me? Then I’ll let you see for yourself!” As soon as he finished speaking, the sword in Yang Ye’s hand suddenly left his grasp, and it transformed into a ray of light that shot explosively towards a youth by Mo Ke’s side. With the boost provided by his 6th level Sword Intent, violet profound energy, and a Strength Talisman, the speed of this attack was extremely swift.

In an instant, it had arrived before the youth, and the latter’s expression changed violently. He didn’t hesitate to flash to the side with the intent of dodging this attack.

However, as soon as he’d flashed to the side, the attack had flashed along with him as well. After that, it pierced through his neck beneath his puzzled and astounded gaze….


A strand of fresh blood sprayed out, and this youth from the devil race was dead!

Mo Ke was furious!

Meanwhile, Yang Ye smiled and said, “Do you know? I didn’t have any intent to go against your devil race and the nether race. Unfortunately, both your races just had to try to kill me outside the city that day. Forget it. Since it’s like that, then I’ll send all of you to your graves first!”

As soon as he finished speaking, a pitch black chain had pierced through space and instantly arrived before Yang Ye’s neck. Yang Ye’s expression remained calm, and he laughed coldly as he suddenly slashed with his sword!


A muffled bang resounded, and the chain was instantly blasted backward by Yang Ye’s formidable strength.

Meanwhile, Hun You suddenly appeared by Mo Ke’s side. He made a gesture and the chain instantly flew back into his grasp, and then he gazed at Yang Ye with undisguised icy cold killing intent in his eyes.

“It’s impossible to kill him by yourself without utilizing all your trump cards. The Hidden Dragon Pagoda hasn’t been opened, so it isn’t the time to expose all of that. So, we’ll join forces!” said Hun You in a gloomy voice.

Mo Ke hesitated for a moment before he nodded.

Right when the two of them were about to attack, the swords within the possession of all the profounders both on the city wall and outside it had suddenly started to tremble violently. After that, they struggled free from the grasps of their owners and transformed into rays of light that shot into the sky before they fell back to the ground. It was a display of submission!

All swords submit before the Sword Emperor!

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