Chapter 360 – Move Aside!

Almighty Sword Domain

All the spectators in the surroundings were flabbergasted!

The Sword Emperor has died just like that? The Sword Emperor that appears every few thousand years has died just like that? She even died at the hands of a sword cultivator? Isn’t it said that all swords submit before the Sword Emperor?

All of them were puzzled, extremely puzzled by the scene before them!

Right at this moment, the ancient sheathe that was locked in combat with the Nether Ghostflame had erupted with a strand of dazzling and resplendent light, and then a sword howl resounded through the nine heavens. The ancient sheathe transformed into a slightly ethereal woman in a white dress. The woman glanced at Yang Ye with a complicated expression, and then her figure flashed to Mo Qingyu. She sighed lightly as she gazed at the hole on Mo Qingyu’s chest, and then her fair hand moved slightly while strands of green energy surged towards the hole!

The spectators in the surroundings instantly revealed solemn expressions when they saw this woman in a white dress. It was common knowledge that the ancient sheathe had a spirit. They had never laid eyes on it in the past, but they had now.

None of them dared to look down upon that woman because she was a peerless expert that had accompanied all those who were called the Sword Emperor!

Yang Ye frowned when he saw the ancient sheath’s spirit saving Mo Qingyu, and he gestured with his right hand, causing the Nether Ghostflame to instantly appear in his palm.

Yang Ye was just about to attack. However, the woman stopped and turned around to gaze at Yang Ye. Her eyes carried complicated emotions as she said, “6th level Slaughter Sword Intent, the Enlightened Sword Heart, two Natural Treasures, and you’ve comprehended the Laws of ‘Domain’! Why did you not come to Sword Emperor Mountain?” The woman seemed to have done it on purpose, and her voice could only be heard by Yang Ye.

“I’ve never thought about becoming the Sword Emperor!” said Yang Ye in a flat tone.

“Why?” The woman was puzzled.

“Because I can still make all swords submit before me even without you!” Yang Ye said, “I’ve already experienced how terrifying you are! Indeed, even I don’t dare to utilize the sword in front of you because your suppression towards the sword is too terrifying! However, you’re a form of restrain to me, and I can imagine how I would rely on your strength if I did possess you! How can one rely on an external source of strength while cultivating in the Sword Dao?”

The woman fell silent for a short while before she laughed bitterly and said, “Someone spoke similar words to me 10,000 years ago. You ought to know who it was. Just like you, he disdained to possess my strength. Now, I slightly understand why he was able to crush the Martial God of his time and you were able to crush the Sword Emperor of this age. Because both of you possess the purest heart towards the Sword Dao!”

Yang Ye didn’t answer her. His profound energy surged instead while he pointed his sword at Mo Qingyu. His intentions were obvious!

When she saw Yang Ye act like this, the woman said, “Can you spare her? You’re already a legend that has crushed the Sword Emperor. So spare her life, alright?”

“No!” Yang Ye refused decisively and said, “Not only would she feel no gratitude towards me, she will even feel stronger hatred towards me, right? Moreover, it’s exactly because of her that someone I love is unconscious and unable to wake up until now. So, she must die! If you stop me, then you can die together!”

As soon as he spoke, the Nether Ghostflame suddenly shot forward and attached itself onto the sword in his grasp.

He had to utilize the Nether Ghostflame when facing this woman so that his sword wouldn’t be suppressed by her. Otherwise, not to mention launching an attack, he might even suffer backlash from his sword!

“You aren’t a match for me if I remove the seal on myself!” said the woman in a flat voice.

“The problem is that you can’t, right?” Yang Ye said, “Someone above the King Realm can’t attack the participating profounders in the Ancient Battlefield. If you do remove the seal on your strength, then would they allow it?”

“In the end, she’s the Sword Emperor that I chose, so I can’t watch her die!” The woman spoke in a low voice.

Yang Ye grinned but his grin was savage. He said, “You mean that only she can kill me, and I can’t kill her?”

The woman sighed and said, “Then make your move!”

“Of course!” As soon as he finished speaking, the sword in his hand left his grasp, and it emanated a fiery glow as it flashed like a bolt of lightning towards Mo Qingyu. Yang Ye hadn’t held back at all, and he’d utilized the Soulseek Sword Technique that was enhanced by the Nether Ghostflame as soon as he’d attacked!

The woman sighed lightly when she saw Yang Ye attack, and then her figure started to become ethereal and faintly transformed into the shape of a sword. However, right at this moment, the Soulseek Sword Technique had suddenly turned around and shot violently towards the woman!

It turned out that Yang Ye’s true objective was the spirit of the ancient sheathe!

As the spectators in the surroundings watched this scene, the corners of their mouths twitched. Isn’t this fellow a little too audacious!? That’s the spirit of the ancient sheathe! He actually dares to launch a lethal strike against it!?

Yang Ye didn’t care about all of that. He’d merely taken her to be his enemy. Since she was his enemy, then she deserved to be killed. As for whether he could kill her or not, he would only know after he tried!

The flaming sword was extremely swift, and it instantly arrived in front of the woman. However, she showed no intention to dodge it, and she just stretched out two pure white fingers to clamp the sword and successfully held it between her fingers!

Yang Ye wasn’t surprised and said lightly, “Explode!”

As soon as he spoke, the Nether Ghostflame suddenly exploded apart, and then a terrifying wave of fire instantly enveloped the woman.

Right when Yang Ye had heaved a sigh of relief, a strand of light suddenly shot into the sky from within the wave of fire. Yang Ye’s brows knit together tightly when he witnessed this scene because he knew that he was unable to kill her!

The woman didn’t stay here. She took Mo Qingyu along as she transformed into a ray of light and vanished into the horizon!

Yang Ye’s eyes carried icy cold killing intent as he watched Mo Qingyu being taken away by the woman. Looks like ‘fairness’ really doesn’t exist in this world….

Earlier, the woman had clearly utilized a strength that exceeded the King Realm, but no one had come to stop her.

Haha! It looks like those so-called great figures in Ancient Domain City don’t dare to offend this mysterious ancient sheathe as well!

Besides that, Yang Ye felt even more disdain towards the so-called Sword Emperor. Because the Sword Emperor merely relied on the might of the ancient sheathe. For example, Mo Qingyu would have died just now if she didn’t have the ancient sheathe! He didn’t know if the Sword Emperors of the past were the same. But in any case, he truly felt disdain from the bottom of his heart towards the title of Sword Emperor!~

She can’t even accept defeat, yet she calls herself the Sword Emperor? I’ll definitely kill Mo Qingyu next time! Definitely!

Yang Ye shook his head, withdrew his gaze, and then turned around to look at Mo Ke and the others. Even though he’d utilized the sword formation twice and the Soulseek Sword Technique once just now, the top-grade energy stone’s effect allowed his body to still possess a huge amount of profound energy right now. In any case, he could still utilize the Ghostflame Sword Formation for one last time!

He didn’t intend to let Mo Ke and the others go. Of course, Mo Ke and the others didn’t intend to let him go as well. After the ancient sheath’s spirit took Mo Qingyu away, Mo Ke, Hun You, and Mu Jun had locked onto Yang Ye’s aura. Moreover, they’d formed a triangle that surrounded Yang Ye. Their intentions were obvious, they didn’t want to let Yang Ye flee!

Yang Ye had never thought of fleeing nor had he thought about whether he could fight Mo Ke, Hun You, and Mu Jun by himself. Moreover, there was no need for him to think about that as well. Because he had to fight whether he wanted to or not, so what was the point of thinking so much about it? In the end, he would only know the outcome after he gave it a try!

Yang Ye twisted his wrist, and then the Nether Ghostflame flew into his palm before he issued a command in his heart. The 200 swords transformed into 200 rays of light that circled around him, and the Nether Ghostflame shot out with a flick of his finger, causing those 200 swords to instantly transform into flaming swords. At the same time, his Slaughter Sword Intent surged out violently and enhanced those swords as well!

Yang Ye glanced at Mo Ke and the others while residing at the center of the sword formation, and then he roared with laughter and said, “Didn’t the three of you want to kill me? I, Yang Ye, am standing right here, so what are you waiting for?” He spoke in an extremely arrogant and overbearing manner, and it caused the blood of the countless human profounders on the walls of Ancient Domain City to boil!

Even though most of them couldn’t stand the sight of Yang Ye in the past, they had no choice to admit that Yang Ye really did bring glory to the human race!

After all, they’d suffered at the hands of Mo Ke and the devil profounders throughout the past month! The devil profounders had been wildly slaughtering human profounders below the city, but they could only watch helplessly from above the city walls. Not to mention leaving the city to fight the devil profounders, they didn’t even dare to curse the devil profounders! Needless to say, this was extremely aggrieving!

Now, Yang Ye’s actions had undoubtedly brought glory to the human race, and it caused the devil race and Mo Ke to lose face! So, they felt extremely delighted at this moment!

Indeed, Mo Ke, Hun You, and Mu Jun had extremely unsightly expressions right now. If Yang Ye was still alive after today, then they would be utterly humiliated! After all, others wouldn’t care whether they’d concealed their strength or if there were any other reasons for it, the profounders of the entire continent would only care that Yang Ye had resisted all four of them on his own!

Yang Ye’s name would spread throughout the continent, and they would be existences that served as contrast to that….

So, Yang Ye had to die! He had to die even if they had no choice but to expose their trump cards!

Even though they were from different races, the three of them were of the same mind at this moment!

Right when the three of them were about to attack, a woman that held a golden spear in her hand appeared below Ancient Domain City. The woman walked step by step towards the city at a rather slow speed, but she drew the attention of everyone!

Who’s that woman? Doesn’t she know that those extraordinarily monstrous geniuses are fighting there? Is she not afraid of death?

“Where did this human ant come from? Fuck off!” A profounder from the nether race flashed over to the woman, and then he condensed a strand of black energy that enveloped down towards the woman!

However, right at this moment, the woman suddenly vanished on the spot before she appeared over 30m away, whereas, the figure of that profounder had stiffened on the spot.

The crowd on the city walls was puzzled, whereas, Mo Ke and the others revealed extremely solemn expressions. Because they knew what had just happened! Earlier, the woman had attacked at the same moment that the profounder from the nether race had launched an attack against her. However, she was too swift, and it was swift to the point that it was like teleportation! Moreover, her attack was truly too terrifying!

Why was it said to be terrifying? Because she’d utilized her gaze to kill that profounder from the nether race! Yes, she’d instantly annihilated a King Realm profounder with just a glance!

Yang Ye’s expression had become solemn as well. This woman gave him an extremely dangerous feeling. She was very dangerous, and that feeling of danger that she gave off was much stronger than Mo Ke and the others!

The woman walked over to Mo Ke, Yang Ye, and the others. She gazed at the four of them with an indifferent gaze before she said, “Move aside!”

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