Chapter 361 – The Martial God and Skysplit!

Almighty Sword Domain

When they heard that woman’s tone that was filled with indifference and disregard, both Mo Ke and Hun You frowned. Because she was human, so they unconsciously treated her as an enemy. Of course, it was mostly because of the indifferent gaze she looked at them with. It caused them to feel very displeased as she acted like they were just random passersby….

“Do you want to die?” The woman’s beautiful brows knit together while she tightened her grip on the golden spear, and her voice carried a trace of impatience.

“How arrogant!” Hun You started laughing out of extreme rage, and then a pitch black chain shot out like a bolt of lightning and instantly arrived at the woman’s neck.

“Looks like you really want to die!” The woman twisted her wrist as she spoke indifferently, and then the golden spear’s tip instantly touched the pitch black chain.


A light explosion resounded, and then the pitch black chain was instantly blasted backward under the shocked gazes of Mo Ke and the others. Of course, most importantly, fine cracks had spread out like spiderwebs on the pitch black chain!

That’s a Pseudo Dao Artifact! But it was actually damaged just like that?!

Hun You’s expression changed as well. He hadn’t imagined that the woman would actually be so terrifying. He didn’t dare act carelessly, and he was just about to retreat when the woman suddenly appeared in front of him.

Hun You was shocked. He was about to attack when the tip of the golden spear had already arrived at his neck. Hun You’s figure flashed while astonishment filled with mind, but it was still a bit too late. The golden spear shot through his right arm….

With a light flick of the spear, an arm flew into the air while leaving behind a trail of black energy!

Hun You’s countenance instantly turned ghastly pale while his eyes were filled with extreme shock. Of course, there was even more horrifying killing intent in his eyes!

The countless spectators in the surroundings were dumbstruck upon witnessing this scene!

The woman didn’t stop at all. Her wrist shook slightly before the spear flashed like a golden ray towards Hun You’s neck. It was numerous times faster than a bolt of lightning, and it was so swift that others were utterly incapable of viewing its trajectory clearly!

At this moment, Hun You had fully stopped underestimating her. His severed arm allowed him to realize how terrifying her strength was, and if he even underestimated her in the slightest, then it would just be his arm that was severed! It would be his head!

Hun You shouted in a grim voice while his eyes instantly turned dark, and then he stretched his left hand forward and suddenly made a grasping motion. A seemingly material black sickle appeared within his grasp, and his aura instantly became terrifying upon holding it in his hand! Hun You suddenly made a sweeping motion with the sickly in his hand, and it swept towards the tip of the golden spear!


As soon as the sickle came into contact with the golden spear, Hun You’s expression had changed again. Because countless cracks had actually appeared on the sickle while the formidable strength behind the golden spear had blasted him flying!

At this moment, Hun You’s eyes were filled with extreme shock. Because that black sickle was a precious treasure of the nether race, the Hell Sickle! It was a Pseudo Dao Artifact, and it was of much higher quality when compared to Hun You’s pitch black chain from before. Moreover, the Hell Sickle was even forged from materials utilized to forge Dao Artifacts. So, its hardness wasn’t inferior to a Dao Artifact at all. However, it was been damaged by a simple strike of this mysterious woman’s spear!

Who exactly is she? What exactly is that spear?

Hun You didn’t have the time to think too much because that woman had actually appeared in front of him like a ghost! At the same time, the ghastly tip of the spear had swiftly appeared before his neck again. Her attack was extremely quick, and it was quick to the point he was only able to faintly discern the movement of her attack!

A wisp of ruthlessness flashed in Hun You’s eyes. Right when he was about to stop concealing his strength and release his full strength, Mo Ke had suddenly appeared behind the woman, and then he blasted his fist towards the back of the woman’s head!

He naturally couldn’t just watch as Hun You was killed or heavily injured. Because if that happened, then he would be all alone in the Ancient Battlefield! So, he’d decisively chosen to attack!

The woman’s beautiful brows knit together when she sensed the ferocious force coming from behind her, and then a wisp of displeasure flashed in her eyes. She didn’t continue attacking Hun You. She spun on the spot with the tip of her feet, and then she swung her spear at Mo Ke’s fist!


As soon as they came into contact, Mo Ke’s pupils constricted violently because the strength within the golden spear had actually forced him back by 3 steps, whereas, the woman had merely taken a single step back! Moreover, fine cracks had actually started to appear on his fist and entire arm just like how they’d appeared on Hun You’s treasures!

Yang Ye and Mu Jun who stood at the side revealed solemn expressions as well. Especially Yang Ye. At this moment, he was shocked in his heart because he knew how formidable Mo Ke’s strength and physical body were. However, this woman was actually able to overpower Mo Ke in physical strength and was even able to overcome Mo Ke’s physical defense. Who exactly is this woman?

“That’s Skysplit!” Right at this moment, Mu Jun gazed at the woman and spoke in a heavy voice. “You’re the Martial God!”

The Martial God!

The spectating crowd in the surroundings instantly seethed with excitement upon hearing this!

The Martial God! Since the ancient times, has anyone been able to go against the Martial God? The Martial God was equivalent to an existence that was invincible in a similar realm of cultivation! Of course, the era of the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor was excluded from this!

At this moment, they hadn’t imagined that even the Martial God would make an appearance after the Sword Emperor had just made an appearance! The Martial God! That was an existence who was even rarer than the Sword Emperor! Moreover, they’d never expected that the Martial God of this era would actually be a woman! A female Martial God? It was unprecedented throughout the history of the continent!

Mo Ke gazed at the woman as he spoke in a low voice. “According to legend, Skysplit can split anything, and it can even split the sky. Now that I’ve seen it for myself, it really does deserve its reputation!”

The woman gazed at Mo Ke and said, “You merely took 3 steps back after forcefully withstanding a blow of my spear. You’re not bad yourself!”

Mo Ke’s expression was slightly unsightly. Up until now, only he had spoken such words to others. Yet now, someone had actually told him that he wasn’t bad! However, he didn’t retort because the strength the woman had revealed until this moment was truly extremely formidable!

Most importantly, she hadn’t executed any techniques until now. She’d merely utilized the simplest forms of force and speed, and it was precisely these two extremely basic things that had caused Hun You to be unable to resist her at all!

Such strength was something that even Mo Ke had to treat seriously!

The woman turned to look at Hun You, and it caused Hun You’s eyelids to twitch. In the past, he’d merely heard of the Martial God, but now he’d seen the Martial God. Moreover, he’d even fought the Martial God….

In the past, he felt that even if he did encounter the Martial God, then he, Hun You, could defeat the Martial God…. But now, even someone as arrogant as Hun You had no choice but to admit that this woman was really extremely terrifying!

It was exactly because she’d merely utilized pure strength and speed to suppress him that he felt she was terrifying!

The woman didn’t continue attacking Hun You, and she shot her gaze towards Yang Ye instead. Her beautiful brows knit together slightly as she gazed at the Nether Ghostflame in Yang Ye’s hand and the sword formation that was circling around him. A trace of surprise flashed in her eyes as she said, “The Nether Ghostflame, Slaughter Sword Intent that’s sharp and pure. I sense a trace of danger from you. Are you the Sword Emperor of this era?”

“No!” Yang Ye said, “The Sword Emperor just left. You would have met your rival if you came here slightly earlier. Unfortunately, you were too late!”

The woman was stunned and said, “You’re actually not the Sword Emperor! Interesting!”

When she spoke up to here, her gaze moved towards Mu Jun before she said, “The Mortal Emperor’s Seal, Dragonrule Technique, and the aura of a True Dragon. I never expected that even the so-called Mortal Emperor has appeared. Why are you participating in the competition for Karmic Luck here instead of striving for supremacy over the world? Oh, right, you probably want to seize the 1st position on the Hidden Dragon Rankings, and then recruit all the profounders on the rankings!”

“Yes!” Mu Jun smiled flatly and said, “I never expected that the Martial God would actually be someone that isn’t well-known. Moreover, it would even be a woman. How surprising! So, are you intending on doing as the Martial Gods of the past did? To seize the 1st on the Hidden Dragon Rankings, reign supreme over the geniuses of the continent, and then become renowned throughout the ages? If those are your intentions, then they will be quite difficult to accomplish!”

“Renowned throughout the ages? Difficult?” The woman shook her head and said, “So long as I, An Nanjing, want to do something, then there’s nothing I can’t accomplish!”

As soon as she finished speaking, An Nanjing walked towards the Heaven Entrance. She suddenly stopped when she arrived before it, and then she said, “The Hidden Dragon Pagoda will open three days from now! I’ll see all of you there!”

As soon as she finished speaking, An Nanjing glanced at a corner on the city wall, and then she withdrew her gaze and walked into the Heaven Entrance.

At that corner of the city wall, Luo Xue was stunned, and then he shook his head and smiled. “As expected of the Martial God. What acute senses! How interesting! How truly interesting! Haha!”

When An Nanjing walked into the Heaven Entrance, a ray of green light had flashed into appearance and instantly arrived in front of her. However, she didn’t seem to move at all, yet the green ray of light exploded into pieces!

The 2nd ray of light flashed into appearance in succession!

A shocking scene appeared. An Nanjing didn’t dodge at all and allowed it to strike her body. However, nothing happened after that. The green ray of light had just vanished.

Everyone was shocked!

The 3rd ray of light flashed into appearance, and it was still the same. An Nanjing stood on the spot as before and allowed it to strike her, and then… she continued walking into the Heaven Entrance as if those rays of light had never appeared!

This time, even Mo Ke, Hun You, and Mu Jun revealed solemn expressions because they were clearly aware of the strength possessed by the Heaven Entrance’s attacks! It could be said that it wasn’t inferior to the strongest attack of a peak Spirit Realm expert! However, An Nanjing had withstood them just like that….

Her strength was too shocking and terrifying!

That was what the three of them thought at this moment!

After she walked through the Heaven Entrance, Mo Ke, Hun You, and Mu Jun fell into silence. What did the appearance of the Martial God represent? They were extremely clearly aware that it represented the Martial God would reign supreme over all profounders in the same era! The three of them were extremely unfortunate because they were amongst those who the Martial God would reign supreme over!

As for Yang Ye, he didn’t think too much about it. So long as the Martial God didn’t offend him, then it didn’t matter who she crushed. He only had a single objective. It was to obtain Karmic Luck and rescue Xiao Yuxi, and then work hard on improving his strength to rescue his mother! It was just that simple!

As for being peerless amongst his peers, being renowned through the ages, or shocking the world…. He felt that it was best to leave it to someone else!

Yang Ye glanced indifferently at the three of them before he issued a command in his heart, and then he transformed into a ray of light on his sword and instantly vanished from their fields of vision!

He felt that it was completely meaningless to continue fighting them!

Mo Ke and the others seemed to understand that as well, so they didn’t pursue Yang Ye. They’d witnessed Yang Ye’s strength earlier, and they knew that they may not necessarily be able to catch up to him if he wanted to flee! After all, the Sword Control Technique wasn’t undeserving of its reputation at all!

Of course, it didn’t represent that they’d decided to spare Yang Ye.

Yang Ye would still ascend the Hidden Dragon Pagoda in the end, right?

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