Chapter 364 – Equipment Set!

Almighty Sword Domain

Two days later, 15 pitch black daggers that were shaped slightly strangely had appeared in front of Yang Ye.

“These are the daggers that were made from Ying Long’s teeth according to your request!” An Biru said, “Ying Long’s teeth are extremely sharp by themselves and coupled with some special materials that I added for you, these daggers can easily slice through low-grade Earth Rank armor, and if the user’s strength isn’t bad, then even low-grade Heaven Rank armors can be sliced apart!”

“Some special materials?” asked Yang Ye.

An Biru nodded and said, “If I’m not wrong, then you’re probably getting these daggers for assassins, right?”

Yang Ye nodded and didn’t conceal it, nor was he able to conceal it! After all, countless people had seen those 10 assassins that had made an appearance outside Ancient Domain City to assassinate the devil profounders!

“I added some venom. Once the enemy is touched by the venom on these daggers, then even a Spirit Realm expert would find it impossible to resist without the antidote! Moreover, the venom is corrosive, and it’s extremely damaging to Dark Treasures. So, it’s extremely suitable for assassins!” said An Biru.

Yang Ye was delighted when he heard this, and then he put the daggers away and said, “Thank you, Madam An!”

“It’s just a small matter!” An Biru shook her head and said, “I have a few things for you. They might be of help to you in Hidden Dragon Pagoda!”

As soon as she finished speaking, An Biru moved her finger lightly before five Dark Treasures appeared in front of Yang Ye, and Yang Ye was unable to maintain his composure upon laying eyes on them.

The first Dark Treasure was a sword made of bone. Yes, the entire sword was completely crafted from a bone. It was around a meter long, two fingers wide, and it had sawtooth for its edges. Besides that, it didn’t have any luxurious decorations on it at all. It was just that simple sword made of bone. However, Yang Ye was fond of this sword as soon as he laid eyes on it, and it was for no other reason than because he liked how simple it was!

“This sword was crafted from the vertebrae below Ying Long’s neck, and it’s the hardest part of his entire body!” An Biru said, “I added almost 100 types of high-grade minerals into it as well. It doesn’t have any special effects, and it’s just especially hard. It’s impossible to destroy it with ease even with a Dao Artifact!”

Yang Ye nodded when he heard this, and then he flicked his finger. A strand of flame flashed into appearance and attached itself onto the bone sword. In an instant, it became a flaming sword that was enveloped by the Nether Ghostflame, and it immediately became crimson red. Moreover, traces of red liquid instantly appeared within the sword, and they ceaselessly circulated through the sword to form an extremely bizarre and mysterious scene!

When the Nether Ghostflame appeared here, a beautiful woman instantly appeared by An Biru’s side, and her eyes carried a wisp of a solemn expression as she gazed at the Nether Ghostflame. Conversely, An Biru seemed very calm, and she just had slight curiosity in her eyes.

After a short while, the bone sword grew even more crimson red from being burned by the Nether Ghostflame. However, it wasn’t damaged at all. Of course, Yang Ye hadn’t fully released the strength of the Nether Ghostflame, otherwise, not to mention this bone sword, even a Dao Artifact would probably be unable to endure it! Even though he hadn’t fully released the Nether Ghostflame’s strength, Yang Ye was already very satisfied with this bone sword!

Meanwhile, An Biru suddenly asked. “This is that Natural Treasure?”

Yang Ye nodded and said, “It was given to me by a senior!” Yang Ye summoned the Nether Ghostflame back into his body as soon as he finished speaking.

“Oh.” Said An Biru. She sensibly avoided asking any further questions, and she was just filled with slight wonder. She wondered who that senior Yang Ye spoke about was? Because that senior had actually given a Natural Treasure away…. Of course, she was even more concerned about that senior’s strength because how could someone capable of giving a Natural Treasure away be weak?

Yang Ye played with the bone sword for a while, and then he placed it into his spatial ring. After that, he gazed at the remaining Dark Treasures. The remaining four Dark Treasures were two gloves shaped like dragon claws and a pair of shoes.

“These were crafted from Ying Long’s claws!” An Biru explained and said, “The dragon claws are extremely sharp, and they are much sharper than that bone sword from before. Moreover, I added a Spirit Mineral, Refined Darksteel, that’s at the level of Pseudo Dao Artifacts, the already sharp dragon claws grew even more terrifying. Simply speaking, it can even easily tear apart a low-grade Heaven Rank armor!”

Yang Ye gestured with his hands, and then dragon claws instantly flew into his palms, and then they fused completely with his hands. In less than a second, his hands had been transformed into dragon claws!

With a light wave of his hands, a sharp whistle from air being torn apart instantly resounded.

“How sharp!~ How formidable!” Yang Ye spoke in a low voice as he gazed at the dragon claws on his hand.

“Of course it’s formidable!” An Biru smiled and said, “If you’re able to envelop those dragon claws and the Dragonbone sword with your Nether Ghostflame, then you should be able to resist An Nanjing’s Skysplit! Of course, it mainly depends on your usage of the Nether Ghostflame, otherwise, they’ll be unable to resist Skysplit!”

Yang Ye glanced at An Biru, and then his gaze descended onto the shoes.

“Even I’m slightly reluctant to give this Dark Treasure to you!” Meanwhile, An Biru chuckled lightly and said, “It can be said to be the best amongst these Dark Treasures, and it’s the most useful!”

“Oh?” Yang Ye said, “Please do tell!”

“It increases speed. It can improve your speed by 3 times without providing it any profound energy. If you provide it profound energy, then it’ll be able to instantly improve your speed by 5 times. Moreover, it has the effect of those dragon claws, and it’s extremely sharp and can be utilized against your enemies. Of course, there’s an even more important effect, and it’s that these shoes have a high-grade Heaven Rank combat technique that my aunt crafted into them, Rapid Shift! So long as it’s activated, it’ll be able to instantly improve your speed by 10 times. You should be very well aware of what 10 times your original speed represents! Of course, it consumes a huge amount of profound energy, and even a peak Spirit Realm profounder would only be able to barely utilize it!”

Yang Ye was fond of it, he was very fond of it. If this boost of 10 times his speed was coupled with the Ninth Hell Cold Gale, then his speed would be something that even a Spirit Realm expert couldn’t catch up to!

Or perhaps, so long as he desired it, then he would even be able to instantly annihilate a Spirit Realm expert with a single strike!

Since he was fond of it, he took action. Yang Ye decisively wore them on his feet. It wasn’t uncomfortable at all and everything was perfect.

An Biru glanced at Yang Ye. She didn’t say anything and just took a light sip of her tea.

After he put everything away, Yang Ye raised his head to gaze at An Biru, and then he said, “Madam An, even though I provided the main materials for all of this, but I know if it wasn’t for your help, then just the dragon corpse was far from sufficient to craft so many terrifying Dark Treasures. There’s nothing free in this world. Madam An, tell me your conditions!”

An Biru had a trace of a smile on her face as she put her teacup down, and then she said, “With Young Master Yang’s strength, perhaps getting the 1st might be difficult, but the top 5 wouldn’t be a problem. Young Master Yang will be able to obtain Karmic Luck from the Dragon Vein by attaining the top 5, and you alone aren’t able to utilize all the Karmic Luck obtained by one of the top 5. So….”

“You want me to give some Karmic Luck to your An Clan?” Yang Ye’s brows knit together slightly as he said, “Even Karmic Luck can be divided?”

“Of course it can!” An Biru said, “While you’re being bestowed with Karmic Luck, so long as it’s a person, power, or sect that appears in your mind, then the Karmic Luck will automatically descend onto them!”

Yang Ye fell silent. After a short while, he said, “To tell Madam An the truth, I’m mainly striving for the Karmic Luck in order to rescue someone!”

While these Dark Treasures were very tempting and he didn’t want to give them up, but if it would affect Xiao Yuxi, then not to mention giving up these Dark Treasures, he would even be willing to give up the Nether Ghostflame if he had to!

An Biru fell silent. However, she didn’t give up and said, “How about this? First satisfy the needs of the person you want to rescue, and then give some to my An Clan, alright?”

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a moment before he said, “That’s not a problem!”

An Biru cracked a smile.

“I think!” Meanwhile, Yang Ye suddenly said, “The An Clan has probably dispatched people to participate in the Hidden Dragon Rankings as well, right? Or perhaps, Madam An has made similar exchanges with numerous other extraordinary geniuses, right?”

“Yes!” An Biru didn’t conceal it and said, “It isn’t just me. Some of the extraordinary powers and Hidden Clans have done the same as well. We would rather make a mistake than allow an opportunity slip by because a little bit of wealth is nothing to us. However, Karmic Luck is related to the future of our clans. Truthfully speaking, there are almost 100 other profounders besides Young Master Yang who are participating in the Hidden Dragon Rankings on my An Clan’s behalf. Of course, Young Master Yang it the one I feel is the most promising amongst all of them!”

Yang Ye smiled and said, “I’m honored!”

When he spoke up to here, he suddenly paused for a moment and said, “Madam An, you once asked me to stop someone from obtaining the 1st position on the Hidden Dragon Rankings. I’d like to know who that person is. After all, the Hidden Dragon Pagoda will be opened tomorrow. It would be too late if I don’t ask now!”

An Biru glanced indifferently at Yang Ye and said, “Young Master Yang knows the answer, so why ask? You only have to try your best, and it’s fine even if you can’t obstruct her footsteps. I won’t blame Young Master Yang for that. After all, she’s too monstrous. Unless the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor is reborn, otherwise, no one can stop her footsteps!”

Yang Ye smiled and said, “Looks like Madam An has already prepared a plan. I presume you didn’t even hold much hope that I would be able to stop her!”

“Young Master Yang, you’re being too modest!” An Biru spoke flatly. “I believe that even she doesn’t dare underestimate you. After all, you possess the Enlightened Sword Heart and a Natural Treasure!”

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “Let’s not talk about all of that. In short, thank you for your help. I’ll remember this kindness! The Hidden Dragon Pagoda will be opening tomorrow, so I’m heading back to prepare in advance. Farewell!” As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye bowed slightly to her before he turned around and left.

After Yang Ye left, the beautiful woman behind An Biru suddenly said, “He remains unmoved before favors, acts decisively and ruthlessly, and possesses a natural talent that’s extremely monstrous. Moreover, he’s an extremely loyal person as well. He’s really not bad. Little Girl, consider him!”

An Biru was stunned when she heard this, and she fell into a daze as she gazed out through the door….

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