Chapter 365 – Open!

Almighty Sword Domain

On the 3rd day, the first glimmer of dawn had just descended to the world when numerous figures had flashed out from within Ancient Domain City. Before long, more and more figures did the same.

In the end, countless figures had flashed out from within the city, and all of them were flashing towards a single direction!

Today was the day that the Hidden Dragon Pagoda would be opened!

At an area over 3,000km away to the southeast of Ancient Domain City was numerous large mountains that formed a circle while a sunken valley resided at the center of them. It was a practically perfect circle, and it was over 10m wide.

Countless profounders stood at the peak of the mountains. At this moment, all of them were excited because they’d been in the Ancient Battlefield for many months and had waited throughout these months. Now, the time for the Hidden Dragon Pagoda to be opened had finally come, so how could they not be excited?

As he stood amongst the crowd and gazed at the valley, Yang Ye was excited as well because he was one step closer towards waking Xiao Yuxi up. However, he also had a heavy feeling as well. Because he knew how brutal it would be once the Hidden Dragon Pagoda was opened! The Hidden Dragon Rankings that would be carried out within the pagoda was incomparable to the Ascension Rankings. Because the Ascension Rankings consisted of battles that stopped upon victory, but the Hidden Dragon Rankings wasn’t the same. It consisted of battles that only ended with the death of one party!

The Hidden Dragon Pagoda was divided into 5 levels, and one’s speed of cultivation on every single level was different.

On the 1st level, cultivating for a single day was equivalent to 10 days of cultivating in the outside world.

On the 2nd level, cultivating for a single day was equivalent to 20 days of cultivating in the outside world.

On the 3rd level, cultivating for a single day was equivalent to 1 month of cultivating in the outside world.

On the 4th level, cultivating for a single day was equivalent to 3 months of cultivating in the outside world.

As for the 5th level, Yang Ye didn’t know its effects because only the geniuses who had ascended to the level knew the answer!

Under such circumstances, countless people naturally desired to ascend to the highest level because the Hidden Dragon Pagoda would only be kept open for 10 days!

Thus there was a problem. The Hidden Dragon Pagoda had an extremely brutal rule, and it was that besides the 1st level, every other level could only accommodate 100 people. Moreover, the fewer the people on a level was, the denser the Karmic Luck there would be, and everyone would get a larger share!

So, the weak would naturally be eliminated, whereas, elimination represented death. Because it was impossible to leave the pagoda until the Hidden Dragon Rankings was completed! As for why it was impossible to leave, the information Yang Ye gathered didn’t have the answer to that question!

In any case, one could only leave the Hidden Dragon Pagoda once the Hidden Dragon Rankings had come to an end. Of course, if one didn’t possess sufficient strength, then it was best to stay obediently on the 1st level, even if competition still existed on the 1st level. What were they competing for? It was naturally for Karmic Luck! However, the intensity of this competition was insignificant when compared to the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th level!

In short, for the sake of being able to improve their strengths at a quicker rate, the countless profounders here would fight desperately in order to charge up the pagoda. This process was called ‘ascending the rankings’. The process of ascension was extremely brutal because from the 2nd level, every time an extra person arrived on the level, it represented the death of another….

The Hidden Dragon Pagoda was a paradise of cultivation for profounders because their strengths would improve at an extremely swift pace. Moreover, they would even be able to obtain Karmic Luck and enjoy the providence of the heavens and the earth. However, at the same time, it was also hell for profounders because one could lose one’s life at any time while residing within the pagoda!

Actually, the most exciting part of the Hidden Dragon Rankings was the competition on the 4th level! There was a combat arena on the 4th level, and it was called the Hidden Dragon Arena. The 10 strongest geniuses would be decided on the arena, and they would be listed on the rankings while their names would spread throughout the continent. Moreover, they would even have the opportunity to receive Karmic Luck that descended solely onto them!

This was the only opportunity one had to obtain a portion of Karmic Luck that belonged solely to one, and it was only then that one could divide the Karmic Luck to one’s clan, loved ones, or anyone else.

So, the most exciting part of the Hidden Dragon Pagoda was the competition to ascend the rankings. Because it was a collision between true geniuses, and it was a true and fierce battle between monstrous geniuses.

Ascending the rankings was done by stepping on the corpses of other monstrous geniuses!

A fiery red sun gradually ascended on the horizon while golden rays of sunlight descended and added a thin layer of gold onto the profounders here.

An Nanjing who held Skysplit in her hand appeared before everyone. At the same time, a white haired old man appeared as well.

The white haired old man glanced at An Nanjing and nodded lightly to her before he swept his gaze towards the profounders in the surroundings. He said, “Does anyone intend to withdraw? It’s your last chance. Once you enter the pagoda, then you can only leave once everything comes to an end!”


The thousands of profounders in the surroundings replied in unison. Withdraw? What a joke! How difficult had it been for them to arrive at the southern territory and the Ancient Battlefield here? How could they possibly live up to the expectations of their clansmen, sects, or themselves if they were to withdraw now? Most people were selfish, but they had determination as well. If they were to withdraw now, then would they be any different from cowards?

The white haired old man nodded, and then he gazed at An Nanjing. The latter understood the white haired old man’s intentions, and she made a tossing motion with her right hand. The Skysplit Spear shot into the white haired old man’s hand.

A wisp of a complicated expression flashed in the old man’s eyes as he gazed at Skysplit that he held in his hand. After all, the spear in his hand was Skysplit! The Dark Treasure of all the Martial Gods of the past!

The white haired old man shook his head before his figure flashed up into the air, and then he suddenly utilized Skysplit to strike the valley below him!

The old man shouted. “Split!”

The space at the tip of the spear trembled violently before a strand of white ripples swept towards the surroundings. After that, the ground of the valley below them had started to split slowly beneath their shocked gazes, and then an enormous black dot started to gradually emerge from underground….

The black dot grew larger and larger. In next to no time, everyone saw the shape of it clearly. It was the top of a pagoda, and the countless profounders in the surroundings seethed with excitement upon witnessing this scene. Because it was the Hidden Dragon Pagoda!

In next to no time, the entire pagoda appeared within everyone’s fields of vision.

The Hidden Dragon Pagoda was 3km tall and over 2km wide. The entire pagoda was dark, dignified, simple, and ancient. That was what Yang Ye felt about the pagoda.


Right at this moment, an enormous white colored dragon that was over 10km long suddenly shot into the sky from beneath the ground, and it circled in the sky before it coiled around the pagoda.

The expression on the old man’s face changed when he witnessed this scene, and his eyes revealed undisguised shock. Because the white dragon was the Dragon Vein beneath the Hidden Dragon Pagoda, and it had only shown itself on one other occasion throughout history. It was that day 10,000 years ago when the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor had come to the Hidden Dragon Pagoda. At that time, the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor had drawn the attention of the white dragon, so it had shown itself.

But who exactly made the white dragon show itself 10,000 years later?

The white haired old man swept his gaze past all the profounders in the surroundings, and his gaze stopped for a moment on Mo Ke, Yang Ye, An Nanjing, and Luo Xue. After that, his gaze locked onto An Nanjing. But in next to no time, his gaze fell onto Luo Xue.

A short while later, he shook his head and sighed lightly….

Everyone in the surrounding gazed at the white dragon with shock. They naturally didn’t recognize it, and they were merely shocked by it because it was truly too huge!

Right at this moment, the tiny vortex within Yang Ye’s body had suddenly circulated for a moment. At the moment, the enormous white dragon’s eyes suddenly shot over towards Yang Ye. Its eyes had a trace of yearning, a trace of bewilderment, a trace of fear, and even more excitement. Yes, its enormous eyes were filled with excitement!

But in next to no time, the excitement in its eyes transformed into rage!


The enormous white dragon flashed over the sky above Yang Ye and the others, and then its white dragon breath suddenly surged down towards Yang Ye and the others!

The profounders around there were horrified. What’s wrong with this white dragon? It’s actually attacking us!

Yang Ye’s eyelids twitched as well. He was able to sense that the white dragon was extremely furious right now, but he couldn’t figure out why the white dragon would suddenly go berserk.

Yang Ye didn’t have the time to ponder on it, and he was just about to retreat. However, right at this moment, the white haired old man suddenly appeared above then, and then he swiftly slapped his right palm forward. A white energy palm flashed into existence and collided with the dragon’s breath!


As soon as they came into contact with each other, both of them emanated terrifying energy. Moreover, an explosion that rumbled thunderously resounded by the ears of everyone.

After a short while, both man and dragon could be seen to be in confrontation in midair.

Ghastly killing intent flashed in the white dragon’s eyes as it gazed at the white haired old man. However, it didn’t launch another attack. It merely glanced coldly at the spot which Yang Ye stood at just now, and then its figure swayed and transformed into a white ray of light that shot into the ground.

The white haired old man frowned slightly while a wisp of bewilderment flashed through his eyes. This white dragon didn’t launch an attack when it showed itself for the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor all those years ago! Why did it….

After a short while, the old man shook his head, and then he waved his right hand, causing Skysplit to fly into An Nanjing’s grasp. After that, he said, “Let the Hidden Dragon Rankings begin!”

“Haha! Profounders of the devil race, heed my command. Kill all humans within the Hidden Dragon Pagoda without any mercy!”

“Profounders of the nether race, heed my command. Show no mercy to the humans!”

The white haired old man had just finished speaking when the group of profounders from the devil race and nether race had flown down under Mo Ke and Hun You’s lead, and they surged into the Hidden Dragon Pagoda as soon as they descended to the ground!

The expressions of the human profounders instantly turned unsightly when they witnessed this scene.

Both the devil race and nether race had a leader, but their human race didn’t. If they didn’t have a leader, then they wouldn’t be able to unite against their enemies regardless of how many profounders were amongst them. So, the only fate that awaited them when they faced the nether race and devil race was to be slaughtered.

In next to no time, the human profounders here shot their gazes towards An Nanjing. However, the latter didn’t even spare a glance at them before her figure flashed. In the next moment, she’d arrived at the valley and walked into the pagoda.

Before long, the human profounders in the surroundings had shot their gazes over to Mu Jun instead. The latter pondered deeply for a moment before his figure flashed as well, and he leaped down to the valley and walked into the pagoda.

In his opinion, these profounders were burdens to him for now. Because if he led them in the pagoda, then he would have to face the devil race and nether race!

The countless human profounders in the surroundings had even more unsightly expressions on their faces!

Meanwhile, those profounders from the southern territory who had killed the devil profounders and nether profounders with Yang Ye in the past had walked over to stand behind Yang Ye.

Yang Ye nodded to them before he said, “Come, let’s kill our way up the pagoda!”

“Let’s kill our way up the pagoda!” All of them shouted in unison, and their voices shot into the sky!

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