Chapter 366 – Chosen One!

Almighty Sword Domain

After they entered the Hidden Dragon Pagoda, Yang Ye and the others instantly felt a wave of comfort sweep throughout their bodies. Why? Because the spirit energy of the heavens and the earth here was truly too dense and extremely pure. It was without the slightest impurities!

The space on the 1st level was extremely wide, and it could accommodate over a few tens of thousands of people. However, there was a total of 70 or 80 thousand profounders participating. In other words, blood would definitely flow into rivers!

Less than a few breaths of time after Yang Ye and the others had entered the pagoda, countless human profounders had charged in successively, and then all of them seemed as if they’d been injected with a stimulant upon sensing the dense spirit energy on the 1st level. It caused their bodies to seethe with excitement.

However, a problem quickly arose. Because more and more profounders were entering, and the 1st level was quickly filled up. So, some profounders had no choice but to head to the 2nd level. But after they arrived there, the situation was still the same because the 2nd level couldn’t accommodate such a huge amount of human profounders as well. Thus, these human profounders headed to the 3rd level….

Just as before, the space on the 3rd level was quickly insufficient, and then numerous human profounders surged towards the 4th level….


The human profounder that just stepped foot onto the 4th level didn’t even have the chance to cheer with joy when countless rays of energy shot towards them. All of them were caught off guard, and they instantly lost their lives beneath the rays of energy!

One of the devil profounders stood at the entrance of the 4th level and gazed coldly at the human profounders below him. He said in a savage voice, “Humans, take a step forward and die!”

“Die my ass!” There were some amongst the humans that had guts, and they were instantly infuriated when they saw the devil profounder act so oppressively towards them. They charged forward, and the profounders behind them weren’t so fearful anymore when they saw others charging, so they charged forward as well. However….


Countless rays of energy surged down like tidewater from the 4th level, and some of the charging profounders were immediately blasted into nothingness….

15 minutes later, almost 1,000 human corpses were piled up at the entrance to the 4th level while blood covered the ground!

No human profounders dared to charge up again because those that did dare were already dead!

If it was a wider area, then the few hundred profounders of the devil race there would definitely be crushed by the thousands of human profounders. However, the problem was that they were within the Hidden Dragon Pagoda. Only five people at most could pass through the entrance to the 4th level at any given time. In other words, the advantage in numbers that the human profounders possessed had ceased to exist!

The profounders of the devil race and nether race had utilized domineering and bloody methods to tell the humans that they’d taken control of the 4th level!

More and more profounders arrived at the 3rd level, and it quickly came to the point where there was no place for more to stand. However, a problem arose. The profounders on the 1st level were ceaselessly climbing up towards the 2nd level while the profounders on the 2nd level were climbing incessantly towards the 3rd level, but the profounders on the 3rd level didn’t dare to climb up to the 4th level. Because climbing up there was equivalent to death. However, the profounders behind them were ceaselessly squeezing their way upward….

It wasn’t a huge problem at the beginning, but it wasn’t long before conflict arose.

“Motherfucker! Why are all of you just standing there without moving forward! Climb up the pagoda! Can’t you see that there’s no place behind you?”

“Exactly! Isn’t there a 4th level and 5th level as well? Climb up!”

“Climb up my ass!”

Curses resounded throughout the pagoda, and it wasn’t long before even curses couldn’t resolve the problem. So, the human profounders started to attack each other because there would be more space when others died….

Bang! Bang!

Countless profounders entered into battle on the 3rd level, and then the profounders on the 2nd level started to kill each other as well. In the end, even the profounders on the 1st level had started to fight.

The brutal side of the Hidden Dragon Rankings was exposed!

On the 1st level, Yang Ye and the profounders from the southern territory were standing at a corner. Yang Ye hadn’t chosen to foolishly ascend the pagoda as these human profounders had. If he was all alone, then he would naturally kill his way up there. However, he had over 100 profounders from the southern territory standing behind him right now.

Even though the slaughter on the 1st level had begun, no profounder dared to attack Yang Ye and the profounders from the southern territory who stood with Yang Ye. What a joke! They already felt utterly fortunate that Yang Ye’s group didn’t attack them. After all, countless people had witnessed how terrifying Yang Ye was. However, this was also a wise move by Yang Ye. If he had charged up the pagoda just now, then his group would have definitely been affected. After all, once these human profounders were overcome by slaughter, they would completely disregard the identity of the person who they attacked….

Most importantly, the devil profounders and nether profounders had made the first move, and they’d seized the advantageous position. So, they would definitely have to pay a huge price if they were to charge up right now!

Thus, they had to wait for an opportunity before they could charge into the 4th level in one go!

The human profounders standing behind Yang Ye had heavy expressions on their faces as they watched the slaughter in the surroundings. They felt fortunate in their hearts that they’d chosen to follow Yang Ye, otherwise, they might be one of those corpses on the ground. After all, their strengths were much weaker when compared to the profounders of the other territories!

Yang Ye shook his head lightly while he watched profounders fall incessantly in the surroundings. The desire to reap benefits made countless human profounders act worse than actual beasts. Was this a deep-rooted flaw of humans?

Right at this moment, a blood red peak suddenly flew out from within Yang Ye, and then it circled through the air. Subsequently, the corpses and blood of the dead profounders were instantly absorbed into the pearl….

The Pearl of Baleful Blood!

Yang Ye was stunned when he saw this pearl. In the past, because of the enormous backlash and consumption of energy from utilizing it and coupled with his apprehension towards the Ghost Sect, Yang Ye had never utilized it and just left it within the tiny vortex. Moreover, it was even to the extent that he’d almost forgotten about its existence. So, never had he imagined that it would actually make an appearance on its own….

Was it attracted by the aura of slaughter here? Yang Ye seemed to have come to an understanding as he gazed at the corpses and blood that covered the ground.

All the profounders who were slaughtering each other had instantly stopped fighting when they saw Yang Ye’s pearl was absorbing the corpses and blood. However, they quickly started another round of slaughter. There was no other reason than because they didn’t dare to attack Yang Ye. Not to mention that Yang Ye had over 100 profounders standing behind him, they wouldn’t dare attack him even if he didn’t. After all, they were only taking over 100 spots and not the entire level. So, only an idiot would attack Yang Ye’s group!


Outside Hidden Dragon Pagoda, Luo Xue had his hands behind his back as he stood before the entrance to the pagoda. At this moment, there wasn’t a single profounder in the surroundings besides him.

Right at this moment, a dark cloud suddenly surged into appearance in the horizon, and it moved extremely swiftly. In next to no time, it arrived above Hidden Dragon Pagoda.

A wisp of a smile arose on the corners of Luo Xue’s mouth as he gazed at the dark cloud, and he said, “They’re finally here?”

The dark cloud dispersed to reveal a few hundred figures that had their faces covered. They descended behind Luo Xue before they knelt down on one knee in unison, and then they said simultaneously. “Chosen One!”

Luo Xue nodded lightly and said, “Come, let’s go meet the monstrous geniuses of Profounder Continent!”


After Luo Xue led a few hundred others into the 1st level of the Hidden Dragon Pagoda, all the human profounders here stopped fighting.

Luo Xue didn’t spare a glance at them, and his gaze just descended onto Yang Ye. He gazed at Yang Ye before he grinned and said, “We meet again!”

Yang Ye glanced at the masked figures behind Luo Xue, and then he smiled and said, “Let’s fight?”

Luo Xue shook his head and said, “I’m very sorry but you aren’t my target right now. Even though your strength is really not bad, it still isn’t enough. You don’t mind my straightforwardness, right?”

“I do!” Yang Ye smiled and said, “I’ll return these exact same words to you. Don’t worry, it won’t take too long. After all, we’ll fight sooner or later, right?”

“Indeed!” Luo Xue nodded and said, “I hope you don’t disappoint me. After all, only you are capable amongst the profounders of the southern territory!”

Yang Ye suddenly said, “I’m really curious about your identity!”

“There’s no need for that because you’ll find out very soon!” As soon as he finished speaking these words, Luo Xue led the group behind him towards the 2nd level. After that, everywhere he passed, bolts of electricity shot out violently from within him, and then countless human profounders were instantly transformed into ash on the spot. When Luo Xue’s group arrived in the 2nd level, over 500 new corpses had been created in their wake….

Right at this moment, another figure stepped foot into Hidden Dragon Pagoda. Yang Ye’s eyes instantly narrowed upon noticing this person, and then killing intent surged explosively within his eyes. Because it was none other than Mo Qingyu who’d been saved that day by the spirit of the ancient sheathe!

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