Chapter 367 – Anyone?

Almighty Sword Domain

However, Yang Ye was slightly bewildered because Mo Qingyu’s arm was healed, and her bearing was extremely different when compared to before. He was unable to put a finger on it, and it was just a feeling. However, all of that wasn’t important. The important part was that she’d made an appearance here and that she had to die today!

Mo Qingyu’s gaze had descended onto Yang Ye as well. However, she quickly withdrew her gaze and walked towards the 2nd level.

However, right at this moment, a ray of light tore through the air and instantly arrived in front of Mo Qingyu. Her beautiful brows knit together slightly before a wave of clear wind appeared out of thin air. In the next moment, she’d appeared at the entrance to the 2nd level of the Hidden Dragon Pagoda!

At the moment before she stepped into the 2nd level, she suddenly stopped and said, “There’s no rush. One of us will die in the end, but it isn’t now!”

As soon as she finished speaking, Mo Qingyu’s figure vanished from the spot.

“Not now?” A wisp of a cold smile arose on the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth. He just happened to insist on it.

Yang Ye put the Pearl of Baleful Blood away, and then he led the profounders from the southern territory towards the 2nd level. Many profounders in the surroundings instantly heaved a sigh of relief when they saw Yang Ye walking towards the 2nd level. Because after they’d experienced how brutal the situation in the pagoda was, they merely wanted to stay here silently and cultivate, even if it was the 1st level. However, with Yang Ye here on the 1st level, he was a constant threat to them. After all, not a single one of them could go against him!

So, it couldn’t be any better that Yang Ye had left now!

When he arrived at the 2nd level, the Pearl of Baleful Blood within him had flown out once more because the 2nd level could truly be said to be covered in corpses. A dense expanse of corpses covered the ground while the thick smell of blood suffused the air. It caused the profounders behind Yang Ye to be unable to help but frown.


Right at this moment, a whistle resounded through the air as a profounder who’d gone mad with slaughter had appeared in front of Yang Ye, and then he forcefully slashed his sword down towards Yang Ye’s head.


A violet ray of light flashed, and then this profounder’s head instantly flew into the air.

But in next to no time, another profounder had pounced towards Yang Ye….

The profounders in the surroundings had gone mad with the intent to slaughter. Because if they didn’t kill, then they would be killed here. There were no allies here, and they were surrounded by enemies. So, they had to kill anyone they saw because the others did the same. Under such circumstances, the profounders on the 2nd level had gone completely berserk. There was only a single thought in their minds, and it was to kill because failing to do so represented death!

After killing almost 100 profounders in succession, some of the profounders in the surroundings had finally realized that something was off, and then they looked over towards Yang Ye. When they saw Yang Ye, all of their minds instantly cleared up. After all, they’d personally witnessed the scene outside Ancient Domain City where Yang Ye fought those four peerless geniuses by himself….

All of them stopped attacking, and then they automatically opened up a path for Yang Ye’s group. What a joke! They had no intention of offending Yang Ye at all!

Yang Ye glanced at them before he shook his head and said, “How sad. All of you have the courage to attack others from your own race, yet you don’t dare to attack the nether race and devil race. Don’t all of you think that it’s sad?”

All of them fell silent.

Meanwhile, a profounder grunted and said, “Attack the nether race and devil race? Yang Ye, it’s easy for you to say. Their strengths are superior to ours, and coupled with the fact that they occupy an advantageous position, how could we possibly act against them?”

“So you act against others from your own race?” Yang Ye gazed at that profounder and sneered. “Right. Since you can’t defeat the profounders from the devil race and nether race, so all of you directed your blades towards your own kind. Because your own kind is weak, and all of you can defeat others from your own race. Once you kill them, you can cultivate here and obtain Karmic Luck, right?”

That profounder’s expression had turned slightly unsightly. Needless to say, when he thought about what he’d done, he realized that it was exactly as Yang Ye had said and that was exactly the thoughts that he had. It wasn’t just him, weren’t all the other profounders here the same?

Meanwhile, another profounder smiled bitterly as he spoke. “I just want to cultivate!”

“But are all of you cultivating now?” Yang Ye said, “Do all of you dare to cultivate now? There are enemies all around you, so would you dare to relax for even a moment? All of you wouldn’t dare to do that because if you relax in the slightest, then you’d probably be annihilated by someone around you. In other words, the goal of cultivating in peace represents the annihilation of everyone around you. But do all of you think that you can accomplish it?”

All of them fell silent.

“I’ll give all of you a chance right now!” Meanwhile, Yang Ye glanced at them and said, “All of you are aware that the energy in the 4th level is much denser than the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd level. I presume that many of you would be able to advance into the Spirit Realm if you cultivate there for 10 days. Now, I’ll give all of you a chance. Do any of you dare to follow me and kill our way up there?”

All of them were slightly tempted.

Right at this moment, Yang Ye continued. “On what basis do the devil race and nether race occupy the 4th level? Why should we, humans, kill each other? Why? I’ll only ask all of you a single thing. Do you dare to kill your way up the 4th level?”

Actually, this was the true reason why Yang Ye hadn’t ascended to the 4th level yet. Because after a period of slaughter, all those who were still alive were practically elites amongst elites, and only by leading a group of elites would he be able to go against the devil race, nether race, and demon race. Otherwise, if he just brought a bunch of trash with him, then they would only be a burden to him!

Since the beginning, Yang Ye was very clearly aware of one thing, and it was that these 100 profounders behind him weren’t sufficient to go against the profounders of those three races. Only by gathering the elites of the human race would he had a chance. All of them couldn’t leave the Hidden Dragon Pagoda and coupled with the fact that there was irreconcilable enmity between the human race and those other three races, so the human race had to be united. Otherwise, only death would await the human race!

Moreover, he was clearly aware that most human profounders were selfish. If he were to try and gather them in the beginning, then perhaps many would follow him, but there would definitely be many amongst them who harbored ill intent. Once the battle erupted between their group and the allied forces of the three races, those fellows would definitely be a burden to his group, and it was even possible for those fellows to turn against him!

So, he had to allow these human profounders to kill each other for a while. Because only in this way would he be able to make them realize the situation they were in, and only in this way could he eliminate the weaklings!

Sure enough, more and more of them revealed contemplative expressions when they heard Yang Ye. All of them were outstanding geniuses, and none of them were idiots. So, they were naturally able to discern how severe the situation was. Indeed, if the human race killed each other and dwindled in numbers. At that time, the human profounders would lose their numerical advantage, then how would they go against the three races?

At that time, not to mention cultivating and seizing Karmic Luck, even surviving would be a problem for them!

Right at this moment, a profounder had stood forward. “I’ll follow you!”

After that, a second profounder stood forward. “I’ll go with you as well!”

In next to no time, numerous others had stood forward in succession.

15 minutes later, over 1,000 people had joined Yang Ye’s group. In other words, less than 10% of those residing on the 2nd level had stepped forward and joined Yang Ye!

However, this was already sufficient for Yang Ye!

As for the remaining 9,000, Yang Ye knew what their intentions were. It was none other than to take advantage of the situation and reap the benefits with ease once his group and the group formed from the three races were heavily injured in battle.

However, how could Yang Ye allow them to succeed?

Yang Ye glanced at them before he led the group of over 1,000 up to the 3rd level.

Just like the 1st level and the 2nd level, the 3rd level was covered in corpses as well, and fresh blood dyed the entire limestone floor red. The battles on the 3rd level were even more intense than the 2nd level, and some profounders had pounced towards them as soon as Yang Ye led the group into the 3rd level. Obviously, they wanted to stop other profounders from ascending here!

Yang Ye didn’t attack, and the profounders behind him dealt with those profounders that assaulted his group.

All of them realized that something was off, and they stopped attacking and gazed towards Yang Ye. Their expressions instantly turned extremely solemn when they saw that it was Yang Ye, and their eyes even carried deep fear!

“Continue killing! It’s fine, we’re just having a look!” Yang Ye smiled as he spoke these words.

The corners of their mouths twitched. Continue killing? Boss, would we dare to continue when you’re here?

“Are you not going to kill anymore?” Yang Ye said, “Then let’s have a chat. I’ll get straight to the point. Is anyone willing to follow me and kill our way into the 4th level? If there are, then come over here!”

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