Chapter 368 – Die!

Almighty Sword Domain

All of them were stunned, and then they maintained silence upon recovering from their shock. They wanted to kill their way into the 4th level as well, and they’d even tried to. However, were the corpses that were piled up like a mountain at the entrance not obvious? How could they kill their way up there when the devil profounders were standing guard there? Going up represented certain death, and they had a chance at survival if they remained here!

“You don’t dare?” A wisp of ridicule arose on the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth, and then he said, “The devil, nether, and demon race don’t even amount to 2,000 profounders in total, but how many human profounders are there? Let’s forget that those three races bullied, humiliated, and oppressed all of you at the Ancient Battlefield. Now, the Hidden Dragon Pagoda is related to your futures and the futures of your clans or sect. So, are all of you still willing to continue suffering oppression and humiliation?”

All of them still remained silent. After all, ascending to the 4th level represented going against the three races. Mo Ke, Hun You, and the violet robed man who led a group of mysterious experts were utterly not existences that they could resist! There were experts amongst the human profounders like that woman called An Nanjing. But unfortunately, she didn’t pay any regard to them!

Yang Ye’s strength wasn’t bad, but the problem was that he was all alone. So, could he resist those three experts? Even though Yang Ye had once fought four geniuses by himself, it wasn’t a battle of life and death. Could Yang Ye still accomplish a similar feat if it was a life and death battle?

Simply speaking, fear had been beaten into the hearts of these human profounders!

The ridiculing smile on Yang Ye’s face widened when he saw them remain silent. “Do all of you think that so long as you clear out a spot here and cultivate properly, then those profounders of the nether, devil, and demon race would let all of you go? Just think about it yourself. Would they let all of you go? They won’t. I’m sure that they’ll come down to clean up the area once all of you’ve fought and killed each other to a certain extent. At that time, how would all of you resist them?”

“Even if we did head up right now, how would we resist them?” Meanwhile, a profounder asked a question in reply instead.

“With your lives!” Yang Ye said, “If we head up now, then we’ll be fighting a life or death battle because we still have the qualifications to do so. All of you must realize that while you’re killing each other, they are cultivating painstakingly up there. Coupled with the fact that the energy there is much denser, they’ll definitely advance into the Spirit Realm before all of you. Once that happens, then tell me if you’ll still have the ability to risk your life with hopes of defeating them?”

Their eyelids twitched upon hearing this, and they realized that they’d forgotten this. Right, once they advance into the Spirit Realm, then the only fate that awaits us would be death! Our strengths are already weaker to them, so if they were to advance into the Spirit Realm, then how could we possibly fight them!?

“He’s right!” Meanwhile, a man suddenly walked over from the 2nd level. He was none other than one of the three outstanding geniuses from the central territory, Young Master Xi Luo, who hadn’t shown himself in public for a long time!

Young Master Xi Luo walked over and stood in front of them before he said, “Yang Ye is right. If all of you don’t unite, then only death awaits all of you!”

“Young Master Xi Luo, you three outstanding geniuses of the central territory intend to ally with Yang Ye?” One of the profounders asked this question with a slightly excited tone. Because if the three of them were to join forces with Yang Ye, then the human profounders didn’t have to fear the devil, nether, and demon race anymore!

“The three outstanding geniuses of the central territory?” Young Master Xi Luo laughed with self-ridicule and said, “From now onward, there’s only one outstanding genius in the central territory!”

All of the others were puzzled.

“Li Qingshui and Nangong Meng are dead!” Right when the profounders in the surroundings were bewildered, Young Master Xi Luo said, “It was a mysterious expert who killed them, and according to my investigation, that mysterious expert isn’t a human! In other words, our human race has another extraordinarily terrifying enemy. So, if all of you don’t unite and still intend to kill each other, then could there be any other fate besides death that awaits all of you?”

Shock appeared on their faces when they heard that Li Qingshui and Nangong Meng were dead. The two of them were part of the three outstanding geniuses of the central territory, and they’d even overcame the Heaven Entrance. Moreover, the three of them had even joined forces to kill an Exalt Realm expert in the past! Who could have possibly been able to kill them? Mo Ke, or perhaps… Hun You?

Yang Ye frowned as well. Li Qingshui and Nangong Meng’s strengths were extremely formidable, and it was very difficult to kill any one of them. Yet now, both of them had been killed. Who has the strength to accomplish that? Mo Ke? Hun You? The Martial God An Nanjing? Or perhaps it was Luo Xue?

In short, no matter who it was, he couldn’t be careless. Because any shred of carelessness in the Hidden Dragon Pagoda would lead to his death!

Meanwhile, one of the profounders from a Ninth Rank Sect stepped forward and asked with a slightly perturbed expression. “Young Master Xi Luo, have Senior Brother Li and Senior Sister Nangong really perished?”

Xi Luo nodded and said, “At that time, the three of us were about to head to the Desert of Death. I got into an argument with Li Qingshui on the way there, and then I left out of anger. In the end, they were gone when I went back to look for them, and there were signs of battle at the scene. The person that killed them was extremely strong… really extremely strong. That person was strong to the point they didn’t even have the chance to flee!”

The hearts of the countless profounders present here in the surroundings shook upon hearing this. Even existences as formidable as them had no chance to flee. My god! If we encounter them, then would we even have room to resist? Who exactly was it? Who exactly is so monstrous and terrifying?

Someone asked. “Senior Brother Xi Luo, can you confirm that it was a King Realm profounder who killed them?”

Xi Luo nodded and said, “In the beginning, I didn’t believe that a lone King Realm profounder could kill them both as well. So, I went to look for Elder Qian Huan. However, he told me that no Spirit Realm expert had made an appearance in the Ancient Battlefield, and it was really a King Realm profounder who killed them. As for who that person was, he didn’t tell me the answer. He merely told me not to go looking for that person and not to take avenge Meng’meng! Haha! But is that even possible? Meng’meng is dead in both body and soul! How ruthless of that person! How could I, Xi Luo, dare say that I loved Nangong Meng if I don’t avenge her?”

Everyone in the surroundings fell silent once more.

Because they noticed that their current situation was becoming worse and worse. The Hidden Dragon Pagoda would only be open for 10 days, and they wondered if they could survive through these 10 days!

Yang Ye gazed at Xi Luo and asked. “Can you determine who killed them?”

“I can’t!” Xi Luo shook his head and said, “But only those few people here can pose a threat to them. Mo Ke, Hun You, Mo Qingyu, that mysterious violet robed man, An Nanjing. Right, you, Yang Ye, as well. The strength all of you’ve revealed on the surface is insufficient to kill them on your own. In other words, someone amongst all of you has definitely concealed his or her strength. Haha! Actually, it should be said that all of you have concealed your strengths, right?”

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “I’m in need of forces. So can I count you in? Otherwise, I’m not confident in my ability to fight the members of those three races!”

“Of course!” Xi Luo smiled, and then he stood by Yang Ye’s side.

“Count me in as well!” Meanwhile, another man leaped up from the 2nd level, and Yang Ye knew this person as well. It was Ji Yanshi.

A wisp of a smile arose on the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth when he saw Ji Yanshi, and he said, “Welcome!”

Ji Yanshi chuckled and said, “How could I, Ji Yanshi, not be there when you’re going to kill those bastards from the devil race and nether race? I’ve been unable to bear the sight of them for a long time. Now that I have the chance today, then I’ll kill to my heart’s content!”

Yang Ye smiled, and then he glanced at the other profounders on the 3rd level before he said, “Anyone else?”

“Count me in!”

“Count me in….”

When they saw that both Young Master Xi Luo and Ji Yanshi had chosen to join Yang Ye’s group, some braver profounders on the 3rd level who possessed comparatively formidable strengths had immediately stepped forward as well. After all, some of the profounders here had great aspirations of their own, and the speed of cultivating in the 4th level was far superior to the 3rd level. So, now that they had an expert to lead them, how could they possibly refuse to head up there?

However, only a few hundred profounders had stepped forward while the remaining profounders still maintained their silence. In the opinion of these profounders who’d remained silent, the chances of winning a fight to the death with the profounders from those three races was very tiny. Moreover, defeat represented death!

Even though there was slaughter on the 3rd level as well, their strength was fundamentally the same, so they had a chance to survive. But what about their chances of survival if they headed up there?

In short, the 3rd level was much safer than fighting the devil, nether, and demon race to the death!

In next to no time, Yang Ye’s group had grown to possess over 2,000 members. Even though it was merely 2,000 plus profounders, Yang Ye was already extremely satisfied. Why? Because these 2,000 plus profounders were unafraid of death. They were courageous experts that were ready to die! The difference in strength wasn’t important because strength was useless if one didn’t have guts!

Yang Ye flipped his palm, and Dragonbone appeared in his hand. A wisp of a ruthless expression flashed in his eyes before he roared with laughter. “Then allow me to open up the path! Let’s kill our way to the 4th level!”

As soon as he finished speaking, his figure flashed, and he was like a violet glow of the sword as he shot violently towards the entrance of the 4th level!

“Let’s kill our way into the 4th level!” Clamorous shouts resounded behind Yang Ye!

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