Chapter 369 – War!

Almighty Sword Domain

As soon as Yang Ye stepped foot onto the 4th level, countless rays of energy had surged over towards him. Yang Ye grunted coldly as he slashed swiftly with Dragonbone. An arc of sword qi shot out violently from the tip of Dragonbone, and all the rays of energy in its path were instantly crushed into nothingness. Moreover, the sword qi didn’t slow down at all as it shot violently towards the devil profounders who were at the entrance of the 4th level!

All of them instantly revealed astounded expressions because Yang Ye’s sword qi was too sharp and fierce. It was utterly not something they could resist. Fortunately, their big brother, Mo Ke, had appeared in front of them.

Mo Ke grunted coldly as he watched it flash towards him, and then he suddenly stabbed with the Nether God’s Spear.


A light bang resounded as Yang Ye’s sword qi was instantly dispersed.

“I’ll stop him! All of you kill those human profounders who are coming up!” Mo Ke spoke indifferently, and then he pointed the Nether God’s Spear at Yang Ye while the Devil Energy within him surged explosively.

A wisp of a ruthless expression flashed in Yang Ye’s eyes when he saw those devil profounders pouncing towards the humans. A few dozen swords flashed into the air with a wave of his right hand, and then he issued a command in his heart. Those swords transformed into rays of light that shot explosively towards the devil profounders. For the sake of allowing all the human profounders to ascend into the 4th level, Yang Ye had utilized the Soulseek Sword Technique as soon as he attacked, and he’d even utilized his peak 6th level Slaughter Sword Intent!

Mo Ke frowned when he witnessed this scene, and then his figure flashed with the intention of stopping those swords. However, right at this moment, Yang Ye suddenly appeared in front of Mo Ke.

“I’m your opponent!” As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye suddenly slashed his sword at Mo Ke.

“Fuck off!” Mo Ke shouted furiously as he executed a horizontal flick with the spear.


The formidable force within their attacks caused both of them to instantly move a few steps back. Mo Ke was just about to attack when a few dozen shrill cries resounded. When he raised his eyes to look over, he saw that the heads of a few dozen devil profounders had been chopped off by Yang Ye’s swords.

Mo Ke’s expression suddenly turned savage when he witnessed this scene. Meanwhile, Ji Yanshi, Xi Luo, and the other 2,000 plus human profounders had surged up into the 4th level! Meanwhile, the profounders from the devil race, nether race, and demon race had arrived behind Mo Ke….

Both sides stood in confrontation. The atmosphere between them was tense, and a war could break out at any moment.

“Mo Ke, I told you that we should dispatch more people to guard the entrance!” Hun You spoke in a low voice by Mo Ke’s side. “Even though most humans are weak, there are some experts amongst them. So, we shouldn’t underestimate our opponents!”

“It’s pointless to speak about it now!” The killing intent in Mo Ke’s eyes seemed material as he said in a ghastly voice, “A debt of blood must be paid with blood!”

Hun You nodded and said, “Since it’s like that, then let’s kill!”

“Kill!” Mo Ke spoke in a cold voice.

“Kill!” A wisp of a savage expression surged into Yang Ye’s eyes, and then his figure flashed and shot explosively towards Mo Ke.


Regardless of whether it was the human profounders, the devil profounders, demon profounders, or nether profounders. At this moment, all of their eyes had turned red and surged with a horrifying intent to kill!

A war erupted between them!

Yang Ye kept Mo Ke busy, Ji Yanshi did the same to Hun You, whereas, Xi Luo led the human profounders to fight an intense battle with the members of the three races. Xi Luo wanted to help Yang Ye and Ji Yanshi, but he couldn’t. Why couldn’t he? Because the human profounders would collapse without a leader….

As he fought Mo Ke, Yang Ye felt fortunate in his heart. He felt fortunate that he possessed Dragonbone because the Nether God’s Spear was truly too terrifying. Especially when it was utilized by Mo Ke. An ordinary Earth Rank sword would be utterly unable to endure the strength possessed by the Nether God’s Spear and Mo Ke.

Both Mo Ke and Yang Ye were on par in terms of strength, and even if they abandoned their defenses and allowed each other’s strike to hit their bodies, they wouldn’t die because of the physical defense they possessed. At the very most, they would just suffer minor injuries! So, unless they fought with their lives on the line and utilized all their trump cards, it was impossible for them to harm each other!

However, both of them were unwilling to expose their trump cards right now. After all, there were even more experts waiting for them! If they were to expose their trump cards now, then they would lose one at the very least. So, they were quite depressed during the battle as both of them understood this principle. But they had no choice but to fight!

Yang Ye gradually started frowning because he noticed that Ji Yanshi was slightly unable to resist Hun You and was forcefully suppressed by Hun You! If it wasn’t for his Sword Intent, then Ji Yanshi would have probably lost a long time ago! Once Ji Yanshi lost, then he would be in danger if he were to face the joint forces of Mo Ke and Hun You!

This moment wasn’t the same as before. He was certain that if Mo Ke and Hun You were given the chance, they would definitely kill him even if they had to expose their trump cards!


Dragonbone collided with the Nether God’s Spear and rumbling resounded through the surroundings. Yang Ye relied on the force of this collision to move backward, and then his figure flashed over to Ji Yanshi. With a flip of his palm, he slapped over 10 types of various talismans on Ji Yanshi.

Ji Yanshi was stunned by this, and he was delighted upon recovering from his shock. After that, he said, “Thank you!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Ji Yanshi shouted, and his sword left a string of afterimages behind as it shot explosively towards Hun You. The boost provided by those various talismans had allowed Ji Yanshi to finally turn around the situation and avoid defeat, but that was all he could accomplish! After all, the gap between his strength and Hun You’s strength was quite huge, and top-grade talismans could only allow him to avoid defeat for a short period!

Yang Ye instantly heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that Ji Yanshi had turned the situation around. However, right at this moment, Mo Ke had suddenly appeared behind him, and then Mo Ke’s spear struck straight towards the back of his head! 

Yang Ye’s expression changed when he sensed the formidable force approaching from behind him, and he turned around and drew his sword before slashing it downwards!


The sound of metal colliding resounded, and the formidable force from the collision caused both of them to retreat by over 10m!

Mo Ke laughed coldly as he gazed at Yang Ye and said, “Your companions seem to be unable to persist for long!”

Yang Ye glanced towards the surroundings, and he couldn’t help but frown when he noticed that more and more human corpses were piling up in the surroundings. At the same time, he sighed in his heart. The strength of these human profounders are truly quite weak when compared to the three races! Even though humans outnumber the devil, nether, and demon race, it actually seems to be quite useless. If Xi Luo wasn’t there to keep some top-rate experts of theirs busy, then the human profounders would have probably suffered a horrible defeat by now!

The humans profounders will definitely lose miserably if this continues!

When he thought up to here, Yang Ye took a deep breath before a wisp of a resolute expression flashed in his eyes. With a wave of his right hand, 200 swords shot into the sky, and then he flicked his finger. The Nether Ghostflame shot over swiftly and instantly attached itself to those 200 swords. After that, the swords locked onto the souls of those profounders of the devil, nether, and demon race before they shot off swiftly like bolts of flaming lightning!

Mo Ke’s expression changed when he witnessed this scene because he’d personally experienced the might of this sword formation that was enhanced by the mysterious flames, and he knew that it was impossible for the others to resist its might! So, Mo Ke immediately shouted furiously while countless strands of Devil Energy surged out from within him, and then his figure flashed and arrived before the others. After that, he opened his mouth….


A ripple that was visible to the eye swiftly swept out from within Mo Ke’s mouth. Everywhere it passed, even space rippled, and when the ripple collided with those 200 swords of Yang Ye’s….


In an instant, it was like a thunderclap had resounded on the 4th level, and then a terrifying wave of energy swept swiftly from the point of collision. In an instant, all the profounders in an area of over 10m around Yang Ye and Mo Ke had been blasted flying, and then they crashed heavily onto the walls in the surroundings!

The devil profounders were in a better state because they possessed formidable physical bodies, so the wave of energy had merely heavily injured them. However, some human profounders were in comparatively miserable states because some weaker human profounders were directly blasted to death by the wave of energy!

However, the battle between Yang Ye and Mo Ke hadn’t come to an end! Both of them were blasted flying by the terrifying wave of energy, but they had formidable physical bodies. So, they immediately shot explosively towards each other after they stabilized their figures. At the same time, a violet ray of light flashed while an energy fist covered in black energy shot forward explosively.


As soon as their attacks collided, they swiftly exploded apart. Both of them were locked in battle again, and for a time, they constantly exchanged blows.

The spectators in the surroundings were horrified by this scene!

Because both of them had fully abandoned any intent to defend themselves, and they were fighting a true close-quartered battle. It was an exchange of both sword and spear strikes….

In any case, both of them couldn’t kill each other, so they were locked in intense battle….


A muffled bang resounded as Yang Ye and Mo Ke split apart again. In the next moment, they shot forward explosively once more.

However, right at this moment, An Nanjing suddenly appeared between them.

Yang Ye and Mo Ke frowned upon noticing her sudden appearance here. However, they didn’t stop. Conversely, they even sped up….

An Nanjing frowned, and then the spear in her hand moved slightly….

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