Chapter 370 – Hidden Dragon Stele!

Almighty Sword Domain

Bang! Bang!

Two muffled bands resounded. Yang Ye and Mo Ke retreated incessantly while An Nanjing remained completely motionless.

A wisp of a solemn expression flashed through both Yang Ye and Mo Ke’s eyes as they gazed at An Nanjing. Because this woman had actually instantly withstood their attacks that carried their entire strengths. Moreover, she’d even blasted them back! Not to mention her speed of attacking, even the force behind attacks were too terrifying!

An Nanjing glanced at Yang Ye and Mo Ke before she said flatly, “You’re too noisy!”

As soon as she finished speaking, An Nanjing turned around and walked towards the 5th level. She stopped when she arrived at the 5th level of the entrance, and then she said, “Is such a huge place unable to accommodate this little bit of human profounders? If it’s like that, then your three races are intending to be annihilated here!” As soon as she finished speaking, she didn’t stay here any longer and walked into the 5th level.

Mo Ke and Hun You’s faces sank when they heard this, and their eyes were filled with flames of rage. However, they didn’t dare make a move. It wasn’t that they were afraid of An Nanjing. But at this moment, if they were to fight with Yang Ye’s group and An Nanjing helped Yang Ye’s group, then it would undoubtedly be a huge calamity for the alliance formed from their three races!

After pondering about it for a long time, Hun You and Mo Ke gave up on attacking Yang Ye’s group again. The members of the devil race and nether race were already very few, and they really couldn’t endure more losses. Otherwise, they would be ashamed to provide an explanation to the other members of their race even if they seized the 1st position on the Hidden Dragon Rankings!

Mo Ke glanced coldly at Yang Ye and the human profounders behind Yang Ye, and then he grunted coldly before he led the devil profounders to the side.

After that, Hun You led his clansmen to the side as well.

The countless human profounders here instantly heaved sighs of relief upon witnessing this scene. Even though less than 1,000 of them remained right now, they were finally safe in the end. As they sensed the dense energy within the 4th level, the hearts of the human profounders here started thumping violently. When compared to this level, the density of energy in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd level are simply trash!

If they were to cultivate here, they believed that it wouldn’t be long before they could break through from the King Realm and attain the Spirit Realm! Moreover, they were able to faintly sense a form of strange energy entering their bodies while they resided on the 4th level. This energy could only be sensed yet was impossible to see with the eye. In the beginning, they didn’t understand what it was. But in the end, after some others reminded them of it, they finally understood that it was the so-called Karmic Luck that existed here!

Karmic Luck was the most mysterious and unfathomable thing in the world. It couldn’t be seen or felt, but it could be sensed. It couldn’t improve one’s strength or improve one’s natural endowment, but it was extremely important, and it was even more important than one’s natural endowment! Because it could change a person, a sect, or a clan’s fate and destiny!

It was an opportunity that was difficult to come by, so they didn’t waste time. All of them found a spot and started to cultivate. However, they didn’t split apart too far. After all, the profounders from the nether race, devil race, and demon race were still here. So, who knew when they might launch another attack?

So, all of the human profounders felt that it was comparatively safer if they converged together!

Yang Ye put the Nether Ghostflame and swords away before he sized up the surroundings. He noticed that the 4th level was actually very spacious. There wasn’t anything within the entire level, so the entire space here was completely unobstructed and within one’s field of vision! Yang Ye noticed Luo Xue and those masked figures at a corner of the rightmost area. At this moment, all of them were cultivating silently there, and it was like they hadn’t noticed the war between the three races and the human race!

Yang Ye’s gaze stayed on Luo Xue for a moment before it moved away, and then he gazed at Mo Qingyu. At this moment, Mo Qingyu was seated cross-legged at a corner while an ancient sheathe floated in front of her. Killing intent flashed in Yang Ye’s eyes as he gazed at her, but he didn’t attack. His gaze moved again and descended onto the center of the 4th level. There was an enormous circular platform there. The platform was extremely wide, and a stone stele that was over 10m tall stood at its side.

A wisp of surprise flashed through Yang Ye’s eyes when he saw the stone stele. He walked over and noticed rows of words that were inscribed with forceful strokes on the stone stele.

“That’s the Hidden Dragon Stele!” Right at this moment, Xi Luo appeared by Yang Ye’s side and said, “It records the names of the extraordinary geniuses from the entire continent. Look at the 3rd row, that’s the name of the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor!”

Yang Ye looked over when he heard this. Sure enough, he saw ‘The Unfettered One’ written on the 3rd row!

“The Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor is only ranked at the 3rd position?” Yang Ye muttered lightly before his gaze moved up and descended onto the 1st row — Qing Luanfeng!

“That’s the name of the 1st Martial God!” Xi Luo said in a low voice. “There are very few legends about him on the continent. After all, it was too long ago. It’s only known that the Ancient Battlefield is the location where he killed the Nether God who was at the Saint Realm! As for anything else, there were very, very few records!”

“The 1st Martial God?” Yang Ye muttered lightly and said, “Is he or the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor stronger?”

Xi Luo rolled his eyes when he heard this question, and then he said, “How would I know? Unless they fight each other, otherwise how would anyone know which one of them was stronger?”

Yang Ye shook his head and chuckled, and then he looked at the 2nd row. Yang Ye was stunned when he saw the words written on the 2nd row because it wasn’t a name at all, and it was just a few words — When have I feared the world!

Yang Ye looked at Xi Luo with a questioning gaze as he hoped to gain an answer!

Xi Luo shook his head and said, “Don’t look at me, even I don’t know who that fellow is. According to the records of my sect, an extraordinary expert appeared on Profounder Continent over 20,000 years ago. That expert was extremely mysterious, and no one knew his name. Everyone was only aware that he had a phrase he liked to repeat — when have I feared the world!”

“He was able to ascend the Hidden Dragon Stele because of that?” asked Yang Ye with an astounded tone.

“Of course not!” Xi Luo said, “He’d once done something extremely insane. He’d set up a combat ring in the central territory and challenged the experts of the entire continent! At that time, it was a period when the continent was the most prosperous. There were countless sects and experts throughout the continent. So, his arrogance naturally caused countless sects and experts to be displeased, and then the extraordinary experts from the various sects and Hidden Clans stepped forward. However, all of them returned after suffering miserable defeats….”

“However, he wasn’t satisfied!” Xi Luo continued. “He traveled throughout the continent and paid a visit to all the experts on the continent who were living in seclusion, and then he defeated them one by one until no one on the entire continent was a match for him! In the end, he went to Martial God Mountain. When he left the mountain, he said ‘You were born too early. What a shame’. From that day onward, he never showed himself on Profounder Continent again, and only legends of him were left behind in the continent….”

“When have I feared the world!” Yang Ye muttered lightly, and then he smiled and said, “What an arrogant tone. If he were to be born during the same time as the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor and the 1st Martial God, then I presume it would be extremely interesting. The convergence of 3 peak experts. Just thinking about it is exciting. Haha….”

“If that really happens, then the continent would probably be blasted apart by them. Just like how those two experts ranked at the 4th and 5th position had. All those years ago, it was they who’d blasted the continent into pieces for the sake of obtaining the title of number one. So, if the three of them met each other, then I think that our continent wouldn’t even be able to support such a battle!” said Xi Luo with a smile on his face.

Yang Ye smiled, and then he said, “Right, how are the experts here ranked? Right, I mean how does one leave their name on it?”

“Place your hand on it and you’ll know!” Xi Luo stretched out his hand and placed it on the stone stele. It instantly emanated a strand of fine light, but the light quickly dispersed as if it hadn’t appeared at all.

Xi Luo puckered his lips with a helpless expression on his face, and then he withdrew his hand and said, “The stone stele is a measurement stone as well. It measures one’s potential, strength, fortune, natural talent, and natural endowment. In short, it measures everything a person possesses. If you’re heaven defying enough, then you’ll be able to activate it and write your name on it. However, don’t hold too much hope because only the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor was able to awaken it in the last 10,000 years. Right, I heard that you’ll be able to obtain enormous benefits if you awaken it. But I don’t know what benefits they are. Although it will definitely not be random trash. Because the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor said it was not bad when he awakened it.”

“Benefits?” Yang Ye’s eyes lit up, and then he smiled and said, “Since there are benefits, then allow me to give it a try as well!” As soon as he finished speaking, he stretched his hand forward towards the stone stele….

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