Chapter 371 – Ruthless

Almighty Sword Domain

Right when Yang Ye’s hand was about to touch the stone stele, over 10 human profounders suddenly entered the 4th level from the 3rd, and then a few dozen arrived in less than a breath of time later.

Yang Ye frowned and withdrew his hand, and then a wisp of a cold and ghastly glow flashed through his eyes as he turned around to gaze at them.

When they saw that Yang Ye and the remaining 1,000 plus human profounders were completely fine, and the profounders from the devil, nether, and demon races were cultivating silently at the side, all of these profounders were instantly delighted. After that, they found a spot amongst Yang Ye’s group and were about to cultivate.


A ray of violet light flashed, and then the heads of 3 human profounders instantly flew into the sky while fresh blood sprayed like fountains!

Everyone present here was shocked. Even the profounders from the devil, nether, and demon race were extremely surprised because it was none other than another human, Yang Ye, who’d launched the attack!

Luo Xue opened his eyes to glance at Yang Ye, and then he shut his eyes once more.

Mo Ke and Hun You glanced at Yang Ye as well, and a trace of a solemn expression could be seen in the depths of their eyes.

Under the surprised and puzzled gazes of everyone, Yang Ye walked over slowly and stood in front of this group of human profounders. The human profounder in the lead recovered from his shock, and then he pointed a finger at Yang Ye and said in a furious tone, “Yang Ye, we’re all….”

Another ray of light flashed, and then his voice stopped abruptly.

The remaining human profounders were instantly astounded, and their gazes were filled with horror as they looked at Yang Ye. They weren’t idiots, so they were roughly aware of the reason that Yang Ye had acted in this way.

Yang Ye glanced coldly at the remaining human profounders and said, “I understand that all of you are afraid of death, and I completely understand even if you didn’t come up here with me. After all, it’s your choice. But what I don’t understand is that all of you want to do nothing yet enjoy the gains that we used our blood and sweat to gain. So, I’ll give all of you two choices. Either go over to the nether, devil, and demon race or get the fuck out of here. I’ll count to three. If all of you are still here when I’m done, then all of you can die!”

The expressions of these human profounders instantly became slightly unsightly when they heard Yang Ye. One of them forcefully squeezed out a smile on his face and said, “Senior Brother Yang, we realize our mistakes. But….”

“One!” Yang Ye gazed coldly at that profounder and interrupted him.

The smile on his face instantly froze. He was just about to speak again but Yang Ye continued. “Two!”

At the same time, a strand of faint light flickered on Yang Ye’s Dragonbone.

When he witnessed this scene, that profounders instantly didn’t dare to speak another word, and he didn’t hesitate to turn around and head down. On the other hand, after a moment of shock, the others behind him hurriedly follow him. Because they had a chance to survive if they headed down, but they would definitely die if they stayed here!

Yang Ye grunted coldly when he saw them leave. These fellows are really a bunch of trash. They didn’t come when we were fighting with our lives on the line, yet all of them ran over as soon as the battle was over. Trying to reap the benefits without doing anything? Is that even possible?

“Brother Yang, isn’t doing that a little too much?” Meanwhile, Ji Yanshi who’d remained silent until now suddenly said, “Even though they are at fault, they are humans in the end. Moreover, our strength would definitely improve greatly if they joined us.”

“I agree with Yang Ye’s decision!” Meanwhile, Xi Luo said, “What do we need them for? It’s fine if it was only their strengths that’s inferior. But the main point is their disgusting character. They remained silent when we needed their help, but they ran over as soon as we finished fighting the profounders of the three races. Truthfully speaking, I would have attacked even if Yang Ye hadn’t. What a bunch of trash!”

Ji Yanshi shook his head with a helpless expression on his face and said, “Indeed. Truthfully speaking, I’m quite displeased in my heart. Why should they be allowed to reap the benefits without doing anything? However, I feel that our forces are quite weak now. So, if even more join our forces, then we’d have a better chance at victory if another conflict arises between us and those fellows!”

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “Sometimes, numbers are completely useless! Even though there are only around 1,000 of us, every single one of us survived after experiencing that life and death battle. Most importantly, every single one of us isn’t afraid of death, so we wouldn’t have to fear anything even if we fought the profounders from the three races. At the very least, we can fight them to the point both our groups are heavily injured. We can fight with our lives on the line, but can they?”

“Fine!” Ji Yanshi shrugged and said, “Let’s not talk about that. The minority agree to the opinions of the majority. I’ll listen to the two of you. What should we do now?”

“Cultivate, of course!” Xi Luo rolled his eyes at Ji Yanshi and said, “This opportunity is extremely rare. We won’t have another chance like this if we don’t cultivate now. In any case, I intend to break through into the Spirit Realm here. Moreover, the Karmic Luck here is comparatively higher in amount. The more we can absorb the better!”

Yang Ye suddenly asked. “Aren’t we going to ascend into the 5th level?”

Earlier, he’d seen An Nanjing enter the 5th level. Since the energy in the 4th level was already that dense, then the 5th level would presumably be even more terrifying. So, cultivating on the 5th level would definitely be much better than cultivating on the 4th level. That was what Yang Ye thought.

“The 5th level?” Xi Luo rolled his eyes and said, “Are you really ignorant or feigning ignorance?”

“What do you mean!?” Yang Ye was puzzled.

Xi Luo sighed and said, “Do you know why Mo Ke, Hun You, Luo Xue, and the others haven’t headed up to the 5th level?”

Yang Ye said honestly, “I really don’t!”

“Because they can’t!” Xi Luo said, “Do you see that thin energy barrier at the entrance to the 5th layer? Do you know how terrifying it is? Let me put it like this. Even a peak Spirit Realm expert can’t open it. No, I should say that even an Exalt Realm expert can’t open it!”

“Then why can she?” Yang Ye was puzzled.

“Because she’s the Martial God!” Xi Luo said, “moreover, she had Skysplit. With the strength she possesses and the help of Skysplit, it isn’t difficult for her to break open that energy barrier! It isn’t difficult for her, but for us…. Haha….”

Yang Ye glanced at the energy barrier at the entrance to the 5th level, and he withdrew his gaze after looking for a while. After that, he found a spot and sat down cross-legged. Presently, his main objective was to improve his strength as quickly as possible and then occupy a position on the Hidden Dragon Rankings. Because only in that way would he be able to obtain Karmic Luck, and only in that way could he transfer Karmic Luck to Xiao Yuxi!

The energy in the 4th level was extremely abundant and dense to the point it could practically be sensed clearly. The tiny vortex circulated, and then a wave of energy fluctuation instantly arose around Yang Ye. After that, Yang Ye’s body was like a vortex, and the energy in the surroundings surged into him. After a period of being refined and purified, the energy transformed into strands of violet profound energy that flowed into Yang Ye’s tiny vortex.

Countless people in the surroundings were stunned when they saw Yang Ye cultivate. Especially Xi Luo. His eyes were opened wide, and he gazed at Yang Ye as if he was looking at a monster. After a short while, he gulped and said, “Is his cultivation technique a high-grade Heaven Rank technique? It’s so terrifying….”

Ji Yanshi nodded in agreement and said, “It’s very terrifying indeed!”

Mo Ke, Hun You, and the others looked over towards Yang Ye as well. Both of their eyelids twitched when they saw how Yang Ye cultivated because it was truly too unusual!

Both of them exchanged glances, and they saw a wisp of a heavy expression in each other’s eyes.

In next to no time, Yang Ye frowned because he noticed that he’d fully absorbed the energy around him. He turned his head to glance at his surroundings, and he noticed that the others around him were looking at him with resentful gazes.

Yang Ye smiled with embarrassment, and then he hurriedly moved to a different spot. The volume of energy needed by the tiny vortex was enormous. Especially because it wasted an uncountable amount of energy during the process of converting the energy into violet profound energy.

So, even though Yang Ye had absorbed much more when compared to the others, the amount he could utilize in the end was comparatively lesser!

Of course, the reason he needed so much energy was because he felt that he was on the verge of breaking through, and it was because the profound energy within the tiny vortex was starting to undergo a transformation. Yes, the light violet profound energy had started to ceaselessly compress itself, and this transformation process required the support of a huge amount of energy!

Actually, it wasn’t just Yang Ye. Many other profounders in the surroundings had started to break through as well. Most of the people here were at the peak of the King Realm, and they were only a step away from the Spirit Realm. Now that they had a place with extremely dense and pure energy to cultivate at, it was naturally extremely normal that they would break through. However, a huge problem appeared!

The problem was that when everyone started madly absorbing the energy here, the energy in the 4th level was quickly on the verge of being insufficient….

So, the group of humans and the group from the three races exchanged glances, and then killing intent and a cold glow appeared in their eyes.

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