Chapter 372 – So.

Almighty Sword Domain

A moment of peace didn’t represent that peace would be eternal. Just like this very moment, there were too many profounders while the energy here was insufficient. Coupled with the fact that they were enemies since the beginning, they’d naturally aroused killing intent towards each other. After all, one less person represented an extra portion of energy, and that extra portion of energy would naturally allow them to have a higher chance of advancing into the Spirit Realm!

However, they were clearly aware that if they were to fight to the death, then they would suffer heavy losses even if their side was victorious! But they weren’t willing to just allow the others to continue absorbing spirit energy as well. It was especially so for the devil, nether, and demon race. Allowing human profounders to cultivate freely in front of them was simply like a form of humiliation to them!

So, some devil profounders and nether profounders had already started circulating their profound energy, and they intended to attack!

Yang Ye opened his eyes and slowly rose to his feet. He walked over to the center and gazed at the profounders from the three races while he said, “You intend to attack us? Alright. But allow me to say something in advance. I can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to win, and I even think that we’ll be completely annihilated. However, I can guarantee that no one from all three of your races will be able to leave safely!”

“You’re threatening us?” Mo Ke flipped his palm, and then the Nether God’s Spear flashed into appearance while Devil Energy flickered around it.

“Yes!” Yang Ye looked Mo Ke straight in the eye and said, “You can give it a try if you don’t believe me, and you can see if I can accomplish it!”

“Trust me, I’ll kill you right now!” Mo Ke’s eyes narrowed slightly while killing intent surged explosively within them. The Devil Energy he emanated grew denser and denser, and it completely enveloped him in the end.

“I don’t!” It wasn’t Yang Ye who spoke these words, and it was a black shadow that had suddenly appeared behind Yang Ye. After that, two, three…. In less than two breaths of time, 108 black shadows had appeared behind Yang Ye. Right when everyone was shocked, all the other black shadows except the 10 who stood behind Yang Ye had vanished on the spot, and it was like they’d never appeared here!

The Hidden Dragon Pagoda was a paradise of cultivation, so Yang Ye would naturally not ask these brothers of his to stay outside. Actually, they’d come in with him at the very beginning. However, Yang Ye didn’t ask them to join the battle because he didn’t want them to come to any harm. But now, he had no choice but to utilize them to deter the profounders from the three races. Otherwise, once a battle erupted, then all the human profounders behind him would really perish!

They trusted him and followed him, so he was obligated to try his best to keep them alive!

At this moment, the expressions of Mo Ke, Hun You, and the profounders standing behind them had become solemn. If it was merely those human profounders, then they wouldn’t be fearful at all. However, if these mysterious assassins were to suddenly stab them in the back while they fought the human profounders….

They’d personally witnessed the ability of these assassins. Even their physical bodies could be easily injured by those assassins, so how could they not be fearful?

With the strengths that Mo Ke and Hun You possessed, they naturally weren’t afraid of these assassins. However, they knew that if they were to enter into the battle with the human profounders, then their companions would definitely be in danger from those mysterious assassins. So, when Yang Ye said that no one from all the three races they represented would be able to leave safely, it wasn’t a lie at all!

“You ought to be clearly aware that if all of us remain here and this continues, then the energy in the 4th level will be completely exhausted!” said Mo Ke in a deep voice.

Yang Ye fell silent when he heard this. Indeed. Everyone here was a genius amongst geniuses, and all of them wanted to break through into the Spirit Realm. It was exactly this reason that they absorbed an enormous amount of energy, and it caused the energy here to be insufficient. Yang Ye understood this principle, but he was helpless against it as well!

He would naturally not sacrifice the human profounders, but their strength was insufficient to annihilate the profounders from the three races. So, Yang Ye was troubled as well.

“I have a method!” Meanwhile, Luo Xue walked over slowly, and the 500 plus masked figures followed closely behind him.

Mo Ke asked in a low voice. “What method!?”

“Survival of the fittest!” Luo Xue grinned and said, “Regardless of whether it’s the human race, devil race, or nether race. The strong will occupy a position here. As for the weak. Hah! They can go down to the 3rd level. Even though the energy there is inferior to the 4th level, it’s their fault for being weak! What do all of you think? Of course, if either one of your sides thinks you can annihilate the other side, then make your move!”

“How will we accomplish that?” asked Yang Ye.

“It’s naturally by allowing the strong to stay behind while the weak head down to the 3rd level!” Luo Xue said, “According to my estimations, the energy here is only sufficient for 500 people to absorb for around 3 days. In other words, only 100 people from each of our races can stay behind, whereas, the remaining have to head down to the 3rd level! Of course, for the sake of avoiding any conflict, all of you’ll choose which individuals from amongst your groups will leave!”

After a moment of silence, Yang Ye was the first to speak. “I agree!”

Mo Ke and Hun You glanced at Yang Ye and Luo Xue before they nodded as well.

Luo Xue grinned when he saw them agree, and then he turned around to glance at the group behind him. Those masked figures behind him immediately bowed to him, and then in less than 2 breaths of time, only 100 masked figures remained there.

When they witnessed this scene, Mo Ke, Hun You, and Yang Ye had heavy expressions on their faces. Even though the strengths possessed by those masked figures was unknown, their respect towards Luo Xue and the speed they accomplished this task made Yang Ye, Mo Ke, and Hun You feel even more curious towards Luo Xue’s identity. Exactly what sort of identity does he possesses to be able to have a group of subordinates who obey his every order?

Mo Ke turned around to glance at the others from the devil race. They didn’t embarrass Mo Ke. He didn’t have to name them himself before the comparatively weaker devil profounders walked down to the 3rd level themselves. Moreover, the nether race acted in the exact same way!

When it came to Yang Ye’s group, Yang Ye could only laugh bitterly. Because not a single profounder from amongst the human profounders had taken the initiative to stand up. The reason they’d come with him was that he could lead them to obtain benefits. Yet now… all of them were selfish. All of them had risked their lives to be able to stand here, so how could they be willing to go down and allow others to cultivate here?

The profounders from the other 3 races revealed ridiculing expressions as they gazed at the human profounders who didn’t move at all. After that, they looked at Yang Ye with a mocking expression as they wanted to see how he would deal with the situation!

Yang Ye gazed at them and said, “I know that all of you don’t want to head down, and I understand that. After all, it’s something all of you risked your lives to obtain, and I don’t have the right to force any one of you to go down to the 3rd level. So, I’ve decided that I’ll go to the 3rd level myself. Those who are willing to follow me can follow me. I will absolutely not force you to follow me!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye walked slowly towards the 3rd level while Zhang Liu, Ye Yun, and the group of profounders from the southern territory follow closely behind him.

Yang Ye naturally didn’t want to head down, but he had no other choice. Because if he forced the human profounders to head down instead, then it would definitely cause internal strife to arise between them. At that time, the entire group of human profounders would definitely be finished. After all, the profounders of the 3 races were still here. He would naturally not be afraid if he was all alone, but he had no other choice now. After all, there were over 100 profounders from the southern territory who were following him!

Xi Luo and Ji Yanshi exchanged glances, and then they followed Yang Ye.

The remaining human profounders instantly panicked when they saw Yang Ye and the others actually intended to head down to the 3rd level. After all, besides the fact that they’d risked their lives in battle, the reason they were able to be standing here was because Yang Ye, Ji Yanshi, and Xi Luo had led the group. If the three of them were gone, then it would be useless no matter how huge their group was!

Right when they were about to speak, a sound of laughter suddenly resounded. “Since they intend to leave, then let them. Why ask them to stay? Don’t all of you just lack someone to lead all of you? Just follow me!”

Yang Ye stopped when he heard this, and then he looked at the person who spoke these words. A cold glow flashed in Yang Ye’s eyes when he saw this person because it was exactly Mu Jun!

Mu Jun walked over to the remaining human profounders and said, “With the strength I possess, it isn’t a problem to keep all of you alive. Of course, I would absolutely not stop all of you if you’re willing to follow him down to the 3rd level!”

Those human profounders instantly fell silent upon hearing this. Obviously, they tacitly agreed that even though it was slightly unfair to Yang Ye, they were truly unwilling to give up this extremely rare opportunity to cultivate!

The profounders from the other three races gazed at Yang Ye when they witnessed this scene, and then they instantly revealed mocking expressions.

Mu Jun glanced at Yang Ye and grinned, and then he revealed a helpless expression. It seemed like he was telling Yang Ye that Yang Ye couldn’t blame him for this!

Yang Ye didn’t flare-up. He merely smiled, and then he gazed at the human profounders behind Mu Jun and said, “We were originally companions, and I can sacrifice my own interests for my companions. Unfortunately, all of you have chosen to become my enemies. So….”

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