Chapter 374 – Sword Servant! InVader's Thoughts

Almighty Sword Domain

A wisp of disdain arose on the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth. Is this her act of desperation?

Yang Ye paid no attention to Mo Qingyu. He clenched his palm and took the ancient sheath in his hand. It felt cold to the touch. When he looked carefully at it, he noticed that a few black marks that seemed like bolts of lightning were inscribed on the ancient sheath. Besides that, there was nothing special about the ancient sheath!

Mo Qingyu’s expression grew even more ferocious when she saw Yang Ye disregard her. She released her 8th level Sword Intent to its limits while she did the same for her 8th level Wind Intent. The enhancement provided by them caused the green vortex around her to revolve faster and faster. In the end, it actually formed a small tornado, and a few thousand green swords spun around within the tornado. The two had fused completely!

The countless profounders in the surroundings were shocked by this scene. Even though Mo Qingyu had been abandoned by the ancient sheath, her strength still couldn’t be underestimated!

Not to mention anything else, just this attack wasn’t something that many in the surroundings could resist!

Yang Ye shot his gaze towards Mo Qingyu. As he gazed at the might she revealed, Yang Ye had no choice but to admit that Mo Qingyu’s strength was extremely terrifying. Even though he didn’t know what rank the combat technique she was executing now possessed, based on its might alone, it was absolutely not inferior to a low-grade Heaven Rank technique!

Especially when it was enhanced by her 8th level Sword Intent and Wind Intent, its might had even improved by countless times!

But so what? Why would Yang Ye fear it?

Yang Ye held the ancient sheath in his hand as his tiny vortex suddenly started circulating. In an instant, countless strands of light violet profound energy traveled along his meridians and entered the ancient sheath.

Dazzling light erupted from the ancient sheath, and it swept towards the surroundings. Moreover, countless fine holes instantly appeared on the ground!

Yang Ye issued a command in his head, and the Nether Ghostflame flashed into appearance and enveloped the ancient sheath, causing the temperature in the surroundings to instantly blaze.

Mo Ke and Hun You revealed heavy expressions again when they saw the Nether Ghostflame. Moreover, a trace of imperceptible fear had even flashed in the depths of their eyes! It was especially so for Hun You because this Natural Treasure of Yang Ye’s showed faint signs of being especially harmful to him!

Luo Xue revealed a heavy expression in his eyes as well, but there was even more curiosity in his eyes. Because even with his status, he actually didn’t know what Natural Treasure it was!

I wonder if that mysterious flame or my Violetcloud Lightning is stronger! Luo Xue grinned and spoke in a low voice.

“Swordwind Dance!” Mo Qingyu’s shout resounded. After that, the green tornado shot forward violently while carrying the thousands of green energy swords with it. Its speed was so swift that it instantly arrived in front of Yang Ye. As for its might, its might could only be described as terrifying. Because space trembled violently everywhere it passed, and it was even to the extent that some parts of space had shown faint signs of warping!

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly before he twisted his wrist and stomped his right foot on the ground. He shot forward violently like a cannonball that carried a black flaming sheath as it flew. A fierce expression flashed through Yang Ye’s eyes while he traveled forward, and the profound energy within his body surged madly into the Nether Ghostflame and ancient sheath. After that, he executed a spinning strike against the terrifying green tornado!

The ancient sheath had just come into contact with the green tornado and energy swords when the Nether Ghostflame attached to the ancient sheath had suddenly erupted. In an instant, the Nether Ghostflame had burned the green tornado into nothingness as if it was just burning bamboo, and then both the Nether Ghostflame and ancient sheath shot forward once more.

In an instant, they arrived in front of Mo Qingyu. However, a green vortex suddenly flashed into appearance beneath Mo Qingyu’s feet, and then she transformed into a gust of wind that vanished on the spot and appeared over 30m away!

“Using speed against me?” Yang Ye grunted coldly as he withdrew a top-grade Strider Talisman and slapped it onto himself, and then the profound energy within his body suddenly surged into the Dragonshoes on his feet. He tapped his right foot lightly on the ground, and then his figure left countless afterimages behind as he instantly appeared in front of Mo Qingyu. After that, the tip of the ancient sheath instantly pierced through Mo Qingyu’s heart….

Mo Qingyu’s eyes opened wide, and her eyes were filled with unwillingness and boundless resentment! Am I going to die just like this? I, Mo Qingyu, am going to die just like this? Moreover, I’ve even been killed by a sword cultivator!

Mo Qingyu had started training with the sword at the age of 5, comprehended Sword Intent at the age of 15, and attained the peak of the 8th level of Sword Intent at the age of 21. She was said to be the most outstanding genius in the Sword Dao throughout the history of her clan, and her clan had entrusted high hopes on and said that she had the greatest chance to become the Sword Emperor.

Yes, she’d become the Sword Emperor, but she who’d become the Sword Emperor had been defeated by a sword cultivator, and then she died at the hands of a sword cultivator….

I refuse to accept this! I really refuse to accept this!

The clarity in her eyes gradually vanished….

The others in the surroundings fell silent when they witnessed this scene. No matter what, Mo Qingyu’s strength had obtained their acknowledgment. If Yang Ye didn’t exist, then while she probably wouldn’t be able to defeat the Martial God of this era, she was bound to become one of the most outstanding monstrous geniuses in the continent. Moreover, she was bound to lead her clan to glory!

However, it just so happened that a freak like Yang Ye had appeared, and it could only be described as the heavens playing tricks on her!

Yang Ye pulled the ancient sheathe out and glanced indifferently at Mo Qingyu’s chest. Her heart had been instantly shattered into powder by him. In other words, she was dead now!

Right at this moment, the ancient sheathe suddenly struggled free from his grasp, took human form, and appeared in front of Mo Qingyu. As she gazed at Mo Qingyu’s lifeless eyes, a wisp of a complicated expression flashed through the eyes of the ancient sheath’s spirit, and she sighed softly. After that she gestured with her fair hand, and then Mo Qingyu’s corpse instantly transformed into a strand of green light that vanished on the spot!

Yang Ye’s face fell when he witnessed this scene, and then the Nether Ghostflame swiftly appeared in his palm. He said in a low voice, “You intend to save her?”

The ancient sheath’s spirit nodded and said, “You don’t have to be infuriated. Saving her is beneficial to you. Moreover, even I can’t save her now!”

“It’s beneficial to me?” Killing intent flashed in Yang Ye’s eyes as he said, “Please do tell!”

The ‘Sword Spirit’ of the ancient sheath nodded lightly, and then her voice resounded directly in Yang Ye’s mind. “The 7th Sword Emperor obtained a secret technique called Puppetry in a ruin. It refers to turning humans into puppets. These puppets have no consciousness of their own, and they merely have their combat experience. However, he felt that it was insufficient, so he spent almost 10 years to perfect the technique. In the end, he utilized it to create a new secret technique, Soul Puppetry!”

“Soul Puppetry?”

“Soul Puppetry refers to taking direct control of the soul during the period after a person’s death and before the soul disperses from within the body. In this way, the soul wouldn’t just possess its combat experience, it would possess all its memories and abilities from the time when it was still alive. To put it simply, it isn’t a simple puppet, and this puppet can ceaselessly improve its strength without any limits!”

“Then are the puppets dead or alive?” asked Yang Ye.

“Dead!” The Sword Spirit’s voice resounded in Yang Ye’s mind again.

Yang Ye’s expression eased up slightly when he heard this. However, right at this moment, the Sword Spirit voice appeared again. “However, I hope that you’ll bring her back to life when you have the ability in the future. Of course, you won’t be doing it for nothing. She’ll become your puppet until you gain the ability to revive her. No, according to that Sword Emperor, she should be called your Sword Servant. A peak King Realm Sword Servant that possesses 8th level Sword Intent and 8th level Wind Intent ought to be very helpful to you!”

Yang Ye was tempted when he heard this. Indeed, he was very tempted. After all, Mo Qingyu’s strength was extremely terrifying. If he didn’t possess the Nether Ghostflame, the ancient sheathe, and the Dragonshoes, then it would be utterly impossible for him to kill her! So, if he had such an extraordinary expert as a servant by his side, then….

However, Yang Ye was still slightly unable to rest at ease because this extraordinary servant had a will of its own. Once it turned on him at a critical moment, then it would be equivalent to an extraordinary assassin!

Yang Ye asked about the problem that worried him. “Can you guarantee that she won’t turn on me?”

“I can’t!”

The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched. He was just about to speak when the Sword Spirit’s voice resounded once more. “The Soul Puppetry technique has a single flaw, and it’s that the person utilizing the technique must possess strength and cultivation that surpasses the target. Otherwise, it’s very likely that the target would take control of the user instead. If you’re confident, then I’ll pass this technique to you when the time comes. But I have a condition!”

“What condition!?” Yang Ye frowned slightly. This Sword Spirit seems to be slightly unreliable! She’s actually trying to negotiate with me!“Save her life if you have the ability in the future!”

“We’ll talk about that in the future!” Yang Ye didn’t give the Sword Spirit an answer.

The Sword Spirit of the ancient sheath seemed to intend to say something else, but Yang Ye suddenly said in a cold voice, “Trust me, I’ll obliterate her right now!”

He didn’t like bargaining with others! Even if it was the ancient sheath’s Sword Spirit!

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Saw a bunch of comments related to Slaughter Sword Intent and inheriting the ancient sheath. So, here's my understanding of it.

They said it was impossible because of the usual image the Sword Emperor had in the past, and that there never had been one who was... 'evil'? 

In my opinion, the main reason it acknowledged him as the Sword Emperor was the tiny vortex. XD

His ability was probably only a secondary factor. As for why he accepted it? For the knowledge and stuff it has, of course!

The end. :P