Chapter 375 – Cruel?

Almighty Sword Domain

The ancient sheath’s Sword Spirit sighed faintly before her figure spun, and then she returned to her true form and floated in front of Yang Ye.

Yang Ye held the ancient sheath in his hand as he turned around to glance at Mo Ke and Hun You. In the end, his gaze descended onto Mu Jun and the human profounders standing behind Mu Jun. A wisp of a cold smile arose on the corners of his mouth as he gazed at them, and then he turned around and walked over to his own group. He wasn’t stupid enough to drive them away. In any case, there would naturally be someone else to take the job!

Sure enough, the gazes of Mo Ke, Hun You, and the others had descended onto Mu Jun’s group. Presently, Mu Jun didn’t have any help, and it wasn’t difficult for them to deal with Mu Jun and the human profounders standing behind Mu Jun!

Mu Jun had a gloomy expression on his face when he saw Mo Ke, Hun You, and the others look at him. He hadn’t expected that Yang Ye’s strength would actually be so formidable that Yang Ye was actually able to kill that peerless genius in the Sword Dao from the Mo Clan! Of course, he didn’t care about Mo Qingyu’s fate, and he only cared about the situation he was in right now!

If he chose to continue leading this group of human profounders, then he would have to face Mo Ke, Hun You, and the others from the three races. He wasn’t afraid of them, but he had to maintain his strength for the Hidden Dragon Rankings, so it wasn’t worth taking such a risk for these human profounders!

When he thought up to here, Mu Jun shrugged and said, “I’ve decided to not interfere in this matter!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he didn’t spare another glance at the human profounders standing behind him, and he just turned around and walked to the side.

The expressions on the faces of the human profounders behind Mu Jun had become unsightly when they heard him. Obviously, they hadn’t expected that Mu Jun would actually abandon them just like that. Of course, they didn’t have the time to resent Mu Jun right now because they were currently in a situation where they could only choose to head down to the 3rd level or die!

Head down? They were truly unwilling to do that! After all, they’d risked their lives to obtain a place here. But they didn’t dare to stay here as well. After all, they didn’t have a leading figure amongst them, so how could they be a match for Mo Ke, Hun You, and the others?

All of them glanced at Yang Ye while their lips trembled. They seemed to want to say something, but when they thought about their previous decision, all of them didn’t say anything in the end.

Many of them sighed lightly and were about to head down….

“Kill them! Spare no one!” Mo Ke’s icy cold and bone piercing voice suddenly resounded.

After that, countless devil profounders, nether profounders, and demon profounders flashed over and instantly charged into the group of human profounders. The human profounders hadn’t even recovered from their shock when over 10 of them had been instantly killed….

Once they recovered from their shock, all the human profounders were horrified. However, their reactions weren’t slow, and they hurriedly launched a counterattack….

Mo Ke glanced at Yang Ye, yet Yang Ye’s eyes were lightly shut right now. It was like he hadn’t noticed this scene at all.

Mo Ke’s heart shook when he witnessed this scene because Yang Ye’s ruthlessness was on par with his devil race!

In Yang Ye’s opinion, he didn’t like betrayal. Earlier, he’d taken them to be one of his own, so he was willing to sacrifice his own interests for them. Because in his heart, those who followed him were absolutely more important than his own interests. Unfortunately, they’d chosen to abandon him out of consideration for their own interests!

Since they were heartless, then there was no need for him to be loyal; since they’d abandoned him, then he naturally had to abandon them as well!

Yang Ye was such a narrowminded person. Repay enmity with kindness? Sorry, but Yang Ye wasn’t such a noble person! So, Yang Ye disregarded the horrifying slaughter that the profounders of the three races were carrying out!

“Senior Brother Yang, please consider our relationship from before and lend us a hand. We’re willing to head down to the 3rd level….”

“We’re willing to head down. Senior Brother Yang, please lend us a hand….”

“Brother Yang, it was our mistake, and we’ve realized it. Please forgive our mistakes and lend us a hand. We’ll be eternally grateful for your help….”

“Yang Ye, are you really going to watch heartlessly as we’re annihilated here?”

The human profounders were no match for the experts from the three races in the end. It wasn’t long before more than half of them had perished. They were helpless and could only seek help from Yang Ye’s group. However, Yang Ye acted as if he hadn’t heard their cries for help, and he just stayed silent!

Since Yang Ye stayed silent, the profounders behind him naturally stayed silent like him. Even if they were slightly unable to bear the sight of this. After all, they’d gone through a battle of life and death together.

However, when they thought about how these fellows had chosen to stay on the 4th level and abandon them, the pity they felt had faded to a huge extent!

Sometimes, choices were extremely important! The right choice would lead to success; the wrong choice would lead to destruction!

There was no doubt that these fellows had made the wrong choice!

As he watched the human profounders getting slaughtered, a wisp of pity flashed through Ji Yanshi’s eyes, and he said, “Brother Yang, we….”

Ji Yanshi hadn’t finished speaking when Yang Ye waved his hand and interrupted Ji Yanshi. He said, “Brother Ji, I know what you mean. If it was before this, then I would do my best to protect everyone’s lives even if I have to utilize all my trump cards. But now, I’m sorry. I won’t allow my brothers to risk their lives for the sake of some fellows who abandoned us for their own benefit. They aren’t worth it!”

Ji Yanshi sighed lightly when he heard this. He wanted to make a move on many occasions, but he restrained himself in the end. Truthfully speaking, he was extremely displeased when he recalled their choice and attitude. After all, his group had given up on their own benefit for their sake, yet what had they done? They’d abandoned his group for their own benefit! So, how could anyone avoid feeling displeased after experiencing something like that!?

That was the reason why he didn’t lend a hand in the end.

Blood gradually covered the entire ground as the group of human profounders were annihilated!

“I originally….” Meanwhile, Mo Ke suddenly said, “I originally thought that my devil race was very cold-blooded and cruel. But now it would seem like it’s still insufficient when compared to you, Yang Ye! Because the members of my devil race can kill each other, but we’ll absolutely not allow others to kill members of our own race! Yet you, Yang Ye, watched without helping your fellow humans. Could it be that you’re not afraid that it would disappoint the human profounders behind you?”

“Cruel?” Yang Ye smiled and said, “I’m only responsible for my own! As for them…. I’m sorry but they abandoned me. I firmly believe that if you chose to slaughter the humans on my side just now, then they would absolutely not lend a hand! What do you think?”

“Yang Ye’s right!” Meanwhile, Xi Luo said, “Everyone is selfish, and that’s something I can’t deny. Because I’m selfish as well! However, everyone has to pay the price for their own selfishness! So, Mo Ke, stop trying to sow distrust amongst us. It wouldn’t just be an act that insults your own intelligence, it would be an insult to our intelligence as well!”

“Exactly!” Meanwhile, Ji Yanshi said, “Mo Ke, why don’t you speak about Mu Jun? He spoke about leading those fellows. Unfortunately, he just abandoned them when he encountered difficulties. Tsk, tsk. This is the so-called prince of the central territory? This is the so-called Mortal Emperor that will command all territories in the future? How laughable!”

Mu Jun’s face fell when he heard Ji Yanshi and killing intent surged in his eyes.

Mo Ke grunted coldly when he heard this, and then he led his companions to walk over to the side and start cultivating.

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly when he witnessed this scene. If someone from Mo Ke’s side was to be the first to attain the Spirit Realm, then….

When he thought up to here, Yang Ye didn’t hesitate to say“Everyone, cultivate on the spot and advance to the Spirit Realm as soon as possible!”

When they heard Yang Ye’s practically ordering tone, all of them were stunned before they came to an understanding! Right, anyone here is likely to enter the Spirit Realm!

All of them were clearly aware of what someone entering into the Spirit Realm represented! It would be a one-sided slaughter, and it would be a slaughter that wasn’t difficult at all!

With these thoughts in mind, they didn’t hesitate to hurriedly sit cross-legged on the ground, and then they circulated their cultivation techniques and started to cultivate….

Presently, it was like they were in a competition to be the 1st to arrive at the finish line. The price the losing side had to pay was their lives….

So, no one could afford to lose!

Yang Ye grinned when he saw them start cultivating, and then he flipped his palm. A huge bunch of talismans appeared in his palm as he said, “These are Energy Gathering Talismans, and they can speed up your cultivation. They are very helpful to all of you. Come take one everyone. Right, they are top-grade talismans. Hey, Xi Luo you bastard! Stop grabbing them! Ji Yanshi, you too!”

When Yang Ye spoke the words ‘top-grade’, all of them had swarmed over, and then talismans in his hand had instantly vanished….

The expressions of the profounders from the devil, nether, and demon race became unsightly when they witnessed this scene.

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