Chapter 377 – Then Just Die!

Almighty Sword Domain

When Yang Ye entered the 5th level, Mo Ke, Hun You, and Luo Xue had suddenly stood up. Mo Ke and Hun You’s eyes were filled with disbelief, whereas, Luo Xue’s eyes revealed bewilderment that couldn’t be concealed!

How did Yang Ye accomplish it?

At this moment, this question had flashed into appearance within the minds of everyone here.


After an unknown period, Yang Ye’s head felt extremely heavy, and he shook it with all his might. After another short while passed, Yang Ye finally opened his eyes slowly and blurriness filled his field of vision. Yang Ye frowned, and then he shook his head with all his might again….

“You’re awake!” A voice suddenly resounded by Yang Ye’s ear.

Yang Ye withdrew a top-grade Healing Talisman and slapped it on himself, and it made him instantly feel better. After that, he looked over towards the source of the voice, and he saw a white robed woman who had her hands behind her back standing with her back faced him.

The woman had a very slender figure. Her back was ramrod straight while a ponytail that was tied behind her head flowed down behind her and stopped right above her butt. Her hands were kept behind her back while her left hand held her right fist, and she seemed valiant, heroic, and upright as she stood there!

“An Nanjing?” asked Yang Ye in a light voice.

The woman turned around to gaze at Yang Ye. Yang Ye nodded lightly when he saw her appearance because she was An Nanjing.

“You really surprised me!” An Nanjing gazed at Yang Ye and said, “Logically speaking, it’s impossible for you to enter this place! But it just so happened that you’ve come here. So, it really makes me curious!”

“I’m very sorry but I can’t tell you how!” Yang Ye shrugged and said, “Just like you, I’m very curious as well. I’m very curious about what exactly is there within the 5th level!”

When he spoke up to here, Yang Ye glanced towards the surroundings, yet he noticed that it was extremely empty. There was nothing here, and it made him even more curious.

“Haven’t you seen it for yourself?” An Nanjing said flatly, “What else is here besides silence and coldness? Oh, of course, there’s extremely dense energy and that so-called Karmic Luck!”

“How could there possibly be nothing here?” Yang Ye frowned slightly. He felt that this was definitely not normal. He didn’t believe that the 1st Martial God would have made such a place and created a light barrier to obstruct entrance to the 5th level just for fun!

An Nanjing glanced at Yang Ye, and then she didn’t speak further. She just turned around and remained silent.

Yang Ye didn’t try to bring trouble to himself when he saw this. In his opinion, it was fine so long as she didn’t take this place to belong solely to her and disallow him from stepping foot here. Even though he wasn’t afraid of the so-called Martial God, he really didn’t want to fight her to the death here. After all, he’d come here to improve his strength and not to fight her in a one on one battle!

Yang Ye sat cross-legged on the spot and started to madly absorb the energy in the surroundings. Suddenly, Yang Ye opened his eyes because he noticed that the tiny vortex within him had actually started to spin by itself, and then it madly absorbed the energy in the surrounding! After that, Yang Ye noticed to his astonishment that the speed which the tiny vortex absorbed the energy was much faster than him….

As the tiny vortex absorbed in a frenzy, the energy in the surroundings actually seemed to form a small tornado, and Yang Ye was like a vortex that made those tiny tornadoes surge ceaselessly into him….

An Nanjing turned around once more, and a wisp of surprise flashed in her eyes when she witnessed this scene. Because the speed Yang Ye absorbed the energy seemed to be a bit too fast….

In the beginning, Yang Ye was overjoyed because if the tiny vortex acted in this way, then it would naturally be he, Yang Ye, who obtained the benefits. But in next to no time, he noticed that it wasn’t as he’d thought at all! Because after the energy absorbed by the tiny vortex was converted into light violet profound energy, all of it surged into the enormous door that floated above the pool of profound energy within his tiny vortex….

In other words, his Vortex Dantian didn’t have even a trace of profound energy!

The surprise in An Nanjing’s eyes gradually thickened because she noticed that the energy Yang Ye had absorbed far exceeded the scope that a peak King Realm profounder could endure!

This was extremely unusual!

An Nanjing walked over slowly to Yang Ye. As she sensed the energy in the surroundings seemingly converge into a material form as they surged into Yang Ye’s body, besides the puzzled expression that was already there in her eyes, there was even a trace of shock and curiosity!

Suddenly, Yang Ye opened his eyes, and he gazed at An Nanjing who stood in front of him and said, “What’re you doing?”

“I’m curious!” An Nanjing said, “There’s no need to feel worried. If I wanted to kill you, then you would have died while you were still unconscious!”

The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched slightly. This woman….

“How did you accomplish this?” An Nanjing’s eyes revealed strong curiosity as she said, “Normally speaking, you’re unable to accommodate so much energy, but you just happened to have succeeded. Just like how you were able to arrive here!”

“I still can’t tell you the answer!” Yang Ye shrugged.

An Nanjing suddenly said, “How about we make a trade?”

Yang Ye was stunned, and then he said instinctively, “What trade?”

“I’ll tell you what this place is used for, and you tell me how you came in here and how you’re able to absorb so much energy. Alright?”

The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched once more. At this moment, this extremely formidable woman who stood before him, An Nanjing, didn’t have the elegant demeanor of the Martial God at all. She was entirely like a curious child! If an outsider were to witness her appearance right now, that person’s jaw would definitely hit the floor from shock!

An Nanjing asked again. “What do you think?”

Yang Ye shook his head helplessly and said, “Truthfully speaking, I’m very curious about exactly what this place is for. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you how I got in here!”

Besides the people closest to him, he refused to allow anyone else to find out about the tiny vortex. As for what this place was for, even though he was curious about it, it wasn’t really significant to him. In any case, he’d come here to cultivate!

“I understand!” An Nanjing nodded lightly when she heard this, and then she said, “Since it’s like that, then what’s the point of keeping you alive? So, just die!”

As soon as she finished speaking, An Nanjing suddenly kicked with her right leg, and it instantly struck Yang Ye’s stomach. It was so swift that Yang Ye didn’t even have the chance to react before he’d been kicked away. He flew for over 100m before he crashed heavily with the rock wall behind him. In an instant, the entire rock wall trembled violently while a human-shaped mark appeared there….

What did Yang Ye feel right now?

At this moment, he was utterly dazed by her! My god! This woman was polite, amiable, and extremely friendly just a moment ago, yet she directly attacked me in the next moment. Moreover, it was a blow that was intended to kill me! What the fuck! Isn’t the speed she turned hostile towards me at too quick? Not only that, her attack is extremely swift as well! It’s countless times quicker than Mo Qingyu who comprehended Wind Intent!

Moreover, her physical strength is terrifying! Just that kick alone almost shattered all my internal organs….

Yang Ye forcefully endured the discomfort in his heart as he stood up slowly.

Meanwhile, a wisp of surprise flashed through An Nanjing’s eyes as she said, “You actually survived after being struck by my 8th level Strength Intent and 8th level Speed Intent. Not bad! Once more!”

As soon as she finished speaking, a few dozen afterimages of her suddenly appeared, whereas, her body had instantly appeared in front of Yang Ye. After that, her fist tore through the air and caused the air in front of it to explode as it approached Yang Ye’s head.

A ray of violet light flashed!


The ancient sheath in his hand collided head-on with An Nanjing’s fist, and then a heavy and low bang resounded. Yang Ye’s feet scraped the ground as he retreated explosively, and he retreated for around 20m before he finally stopped.

On the other hand, An Nanjing hadn’t moved at all!

An Nanjing’s eyes lit up slightly as she said, “Peak 6th level Slaughter Sword Intent, mysterious profound energy, and a Natural Treasure. Not bad, you’re much stronger than the Sword Emperor from before!”

Yang Ye’s pupils constricted because An Nanjing had already arrived in front of him while she spoke. Her speed was so quick to the point he couldn’t even see her movements clearly. Besides that, there was no sign before she attacked because everything was so natural and completed at will…. Yes, this was exactly the feeling he got from An Nanjing right now!

Yang Ye didn’t have the time to continue thinking. The profound energy within his body surged into the Dragonshoes before he swiftly stomped his right foot on the ground and evaded over 30m to the right. However, Yang Ye’s pupils constricted once more in the next moment. Because he’d just flashed over 30m to the right when An Nanjing was already standing there….

Is this foresight?

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