Chapter 378 – I Was Born Lonely and Unmatched!

Almighty Sword Domain


Another heavy bang resounded as Yang Ye was blasted by An Nanjing’s punch to the point his feet scraped the ground as his figure moved swiftly backward, and he finally stopped after moving around 60m and smashing heavily against the wall behind him!

Yang Ye lowered his head to take a glance, and he saw that the imprint of a fist had surprisingly been left on his chest!

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed. His gaze was ghastly and vicious as he gazed at An Nanjing who stood that proudly while looking at him with an indifferent gaze. He said, “As expected of the Martial God, you’re the strongest person beneath the Spirit Realm that I’ve ever seen!”

“And?” An Nanjing’s brows raised slightly as she spoke indifferently.

“And….” Yang Ye took a deep breath before he placed the ancient sheath into his spatial ring. His hands moved slightly as two dragon claws instantly covered his hands. At the same time, the profounder energy within surged violently into the Dragonshoes on his feet.

In the next moment, he suddenly stomped his right foot against the ground and shouted. “Rapid Shift!”

As soon as he finished speaking, numerous afterimages instantly appeared where Yang Ye stood, whereas, Yang Ye himself had appeared in front of An Nanjing after less than a breath of time had passed. His claws emanated a sharp and ear piercing whistle as they tore through the air and claws at An Nanjing’s throat.

Yang Ye’s speed was extremely swift this time as his speed had been instantly multiplied by five times. So, it was even slightly faster than the speed which An Nanjing had revealed earlier.

Thus, Yang Ye had left behind numerous seemingly material afterimages on the spot which Yang Ye stood at just now and all along the way until he arrived in front of An Nanjing!

An Nanjing’s expression remained calm, and there was even the slightest fluctuation in her eyes. When Yang Ye’s Dragonclaws that contained terrifying might were about to touch her neck, her lips parted slightly as she said lightly. “Ward!”

As soon as she spoke, a faint layer of fluctuations swept out from within her, and then Yang Ye’s claws struck the fluctuation.

In an instant, Yang Ye’s expression changed because it was like he’d struck a layer of cotton. It was extremely soft, so there was nowhere for his claws to exert the force within them, causing around 80% of the force within them to be instantly warded off….

Yang Ye was shocked. He was just about to retreat when An Nanjing’s figure approached him. At the same time, a slightly small fist instantly arrived before him and collided firmly against his stomach.


Yang Ye’s figure instantly curled up like a ‘prawn’ as he flew backward!


The stone wall shook again as Yang Ye crashed to the ground.

An Nanjing shook her head slightly while she gazed at Yang Ye. She said, “A boring battle. I’ll give you one last chance, bring forth your best, otherwise, your life will end here!”

Yang Ye stood up slowly….


A strand of flames suddenly surged out explosively from within Yang Ye, and it instantly covered Yang Ye in flames. Yang Ye flipped his palm while amidst the flames, and the ancient sheath flashed into his grasp before he clenched tightly onto it.


A light bang resounded as the clothes on his right arm instantly exploded apart and were burnt into nothingness by the Nether Ghostflames.

Numerous veins the size of fingers gradually appeared on Yang Ye’s entire arm while he held the seemingly burning ancient sheath. Yang Ye walked slowly towards An Nanjing as he said, “Needless to say, I have to thank you because you allowed me to understand a certain principle once more. Never become self-satisfied and proud. Because when you think you’re very formidable, there’s actually someone even stronger!”

Up until now, he could be said to have been completely crushed. Yes, even though it was very shameful, it was the truth. However, Yang Ye was happy. Why was he happy? It was just as he’d said, An Nanjing had allowed him to realize the insufficiencies in his mental state!

Once a person attained some accomplishments, it was easy to feel proud and self-satisfied. Because the outcome of pride and self-satisfaction was conceit! Was Yang Ye self-satisfied and proud? Yes. He’d obtained 2 Natural Treasures, Dragonbone, Dragonshoes, Dragonclaws, comprehended peak 6th level Slaughter Sword Intent, attained the Enlightened Sword Heart, and coupled with his battle against the four geniuses that day and killing Mo Qingyu, a thought had faintly arisen in his heart!

That thought was that he, Yang Ye, was practically unmatched amongst the younger generation!

Yes, when he thought about it truthfully, he really had such a thought in the depths of his heart. The consequence of such thoughts was blind confidence. Of course, there was an even more important thing, and it was the most dangerous as well. Once one became blindly confident and suffered a setback, then it was very likely for that person to be unable to rise again! This was what others meant when they said a person’s heart towards the Dao was crushed!

Once the heart towards the Dao was crushed, that person would naturally be finished as well….

In the beginning, Yang Ye was slightly unable to accept that he was completely crushed by An Nanjing in the collisions between them. Yes, since he’d started cultivating until now, when had he ever been completely crushed? When it was difficult to accept, it was easy for one to go overboard. Yes, he’d almost fallen into such a state. At the moment just now when An Nanjing’s last punch blasted him flying, his eyes had instantly turned crimson red while slaughter almost filled his mind!

Fortunately, the Enlightened Sword Heart he possessed had stabilized his mind at the last moment, so he didn’t transform into a complete monster! Otherwise, even though the Slaughter Sword Intent could improve his strength, if he were to face An Nanjing while being controlled by Slaughter, then it would only be disadvantageous and harmful to him!

Of course, while An Nanjing had allowed Yang Ye to recognize himself clearly, it didn’t mean that Yang Ye’s strength had erupted like a volcano and shot into the sky! The improvement of his mental state was much better than an improvement of strength, and the benefits of it were latent and long-term benefits!

As she gazed at Yang Ye who seemed to have transformed into a flaming man, An Nanjing’s brows raised slightly while she said, “A Natural Treasure. Not bad, it’s getting interesting.”

Right at this moment, Yang Ye suddenly vanished on the spot and instantly appeared in front of An Nanjing. His right leg curved slightly before he suddenly stomped it on the ground, and his body instantly soared around 1.5m into the air.

He shouted fiercely as he held the ancient sheath with both hands, and then the ancient sheath carried numerous blades of fire as he slashed it down swiftly!

6th level Slaughter Sword Intent, the Nether Ghostflame, and the strength his physical body possessed. This attack of Yang Ye’s could be said to be an attack that carried the extremes of his strength, and the terrifying force carried within the ancient sheath caused air to be instantly torn apart and crushed into pieces while numerous explosions resounded throughout the ancient sheath’s path. Moreover, the space all along the way had started to warp from the terrifying force carried by the ancient sheath and the might of the Nether Ghostflame….

The formidable force contained within it even made the limestone around An Nanjing to start shattering into powder.

However, An Nanjing who stood below the ancient sheath still had an extremely calm expression, and only her eyes revealed a trace of surprise and interest. When the ancient sheath arrived just a few centimeters away from her, she finally parted her rosy lips and said, “Ward!”

As soon as she spoke, a fluctuation that was visible to the eye suddenly swept out above her, and it instantly collided with Yang Ye’s ancient sheath.

Yang Ye’s expression changed while a wisp of a ruthless expression flashed through his eyes. He suddenly smashed the ancient sheathe downward as he shouted in a grim voice. “Explode!”

As soon as he spoke, the Nether Ghostflame which covered the ancient sheath had instantly exploded, and it transformed into an ocean of flames that enveloped An Nanjing….

Yang Ye’s figure flashed and retreated over 10m back. However, there was no delight in his eyes as he gazed at An Nanjing who was enveloped by the Nether Ghostflame, and there was only a solemn expression there. Because he firmly believed that An Nanjing would definitely not be burned into nothingness by the Nether Ghostflame. After all, if that really happened, then she wouldn’t be the Martial God, and she wouldn’t be An Nanjing!

Sure enough, in less than 10 breaths of time, the ocean of flames created by the Nether Ghostflame had suddenly dispersed towards the surroundings. After that, the ocean of flames vanished, and a small flame flew back to Yang Ye. At the same time, An Nanjing’s voice resounded. “As expected of a Natural Treasure, it actually almost injured me. Unfortunately, your strength is limited, and you’re unable to bring forth its full strength. What a pity….”

As soon as she finished speaking, An Nanjing appeared within Yang Ye’s field of vision. Yang Ye’s pupils constricted when he saw her because he noticed that she was actually completely fine after being burned by the Nether Ghostflame!

She was actually so strong?

Yang Ye took a deep breath while the profound energy within his body surged, and the skin on his back started vibrating. Looks like I really can’t hold back at all!

Right when Yang Ye was about to utilize the Sword Domain and the Ninth Hell Cold Gale to attack her with his full strength, An Nanjing suddenly said, “Some people are born lonely and unmatched, and I’m such a person. It’s a very lonely feeling. I, An Nanjing, don’t want to be lonely and unmatched, so you understand what I mean, right?”

The profound energy within Yang Ye’s body surged, and he shook his head and spoke in a very honest manner. “I’m sorry but I don’t!”

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