Chapter 381 – Madness!

Almighty Sword Domain

An Nanjing turned her head to glance indifferently at Mo Ke who was covered in Devil Energy, and then she withdrew her gaze and shot it towards the stone stele again.

A wisp of an arc arose on the corners of Luo Xue’s mouth, and then he shook his head lightly as he gazed at the human profounders.

However, right at this moment, an unexpected event suddenly occurred.

Right when Mo Ke spoke those words, two black shadows had suddenly appeared by Mo Ke’s sides, and then two blades that glowed coldly suddenly appeared by Mo Ke’s neck. They were swift like bolts of lightning, and their appearance exceeded the expectations of all the profounders in the surroundings.

It was none other than Zhang Liu and Ye Yun who’d launched this attack. Yang Ye had asked them to pay attention to the members of the nether, devil, and demon race when he ascended into the 5th level. Of course, they’d made this decision to attack on their own because Yang Ye wasn’t here, and they were utterly unable to seek Yang Ye’s permission. As for the reason they’d decided to attack, it was actually because they had no other choice as they hadn’t expected that Mo Ke would actually advance so quickly.

So, if they didn’t make a move now, then they wouldn’t have another chance!

Moreover, they’d even utilized their full strengths as soon as they attacked!

The members of the devil race were astounded yet a wisp of ridiculing crept up onto the corners of his mouth. He didn’t seem to move at all yet those two daggers suddenly changed direction when they were about to touch his neck, and they shot swiftly towards the two black shadows!

Zhang Liu and Ye Yun’s expressions changed, and their figures flashed with the intention of concealing themselves. However, right at this moment, Mo Ke smiled with disdain and said, “Fleeing?”

As soon as he finished speaking, the air in an area of over 10m around Mo Ke had suddenly warped, whereas, Zhang Liu and Ye Yun’s figures that had just started to become concealed were exposed by the warped air!

Bang! Bang!

Mo Ke instantly appeared in front of them before his fists smashed directly onto their stomachs, causing them to be instantly blasted flying. However, their figures suddenly vanished in midair when they were about to collide with the stone wall, and they’d concealed themselves once more.

Mo Ke frowned.

The human profounders in the surroundings were astounded. Is this the strength of a Spirit Realm expert?

At this moment, both Zhang Liu and Ye Yun were shocked while they remained in the shadows. Because they noticed that they couldn't assassinate Mo Ke after he advanced into the Spirit Realm! They only had a single advantage in a battle with Mo Ke, and it was their movement techniques. Yet now, that advantage had ceased to exist before Mo Ke who’d attained the Spirit Realm….

Mo Ke grunted coldly and glanced coldly at the spot which both Zhang Liu and Ye Yun had vanished from, and then he turned around to look at the human profounders before slowly walking towards them!

“Let’s fight him to the death!” Xi Luo spoke in a low voice. Besides Yang Ye, none of the other human profounders was a match for Mo Ke, and now that Mo Ke and even advanced into the Spirit Realm, he felt that it was probably impossible to go against Mo Ke even if he joined forces with Ji Yanshi!

Even though he could surmount a realm of cultivation to do battle, it depended on the target. Mo Ke himself was a monstrous genius who could surmount a realm of cultivation to do battle, so it was undoubtedly unrealistic to try to fight Mo Ke who was at a higher realm of cultivation!

All the human profounders stood up, and then they withdrew their Dark Treasures. At the same time, the profound energy in their bodies surged out from within them!

“You’re overestimating your ability!” Mo Ke grunted coldly and spoke in a ghastly tone. “Kill them! Spare no one!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the countless devil profounders here flashed and pounced towards the human profounders, whereas, the nether race and demon race followed closely behind them!

Meanwhile, Mo Ke’s figure flashed explosively towards Xi Luo and Ji Yanshi, and his speed was so swift that they weren’t even able to react before Mo Ke had arrived in front of them. After that, the Nether God’s Spear carried a strand of dazzling light as it swept horizontally towards them.

The two of them were horrified and blocked it hastily!

Bang! Bang!

The enormous force within the Nether God’s Spear caused the two of them to be directly swept flying by over 100m!

He blasted them flying with a single strike! The expressions of all the human profounders in the surroundings changed. His strength has actually become formidable to such an extent upon advancing into the Spirit Realm! Who would even be able to resist a single strike from him now that Yang Ye isn’t here? Even if Yang Ye was here, would Yang Ye be able to go against him if Yang Ye hasn’t advanced into the Spirit Realm?

Meanwhile, Zhang Liu and Ye Yun had suddenly appeared both in front and behind Mo Ke. The two of them had timed it perfectly. The moment Mo Ke had just blasted both Xi Luo and Ji Yanshi back would be the moment Mo Ke was the most relaxed. So, they’d launched a joint assassination against him again, and it happened just as they hoped it would. Both of their daggers struck forcefully upon Mo Ke’s neck. However, their expressions changed violently again because it was like they’d struck hard iron, and their daggers couldn’t move even an inch further!

A wisp of ridicule arose on the corners of Mo Ke’s mouth as he suddenly swept the Nether God’s Spear horizontally.

Zhang Liu and Ye Yun were astounded. They hurriedly moved their daggers to a vertical position to block the attack. However, they were still blasted flying.

This time, they suffered extremely heavy injuries because countless fine cracks had split apart on their arms when they blocked the attack from Mo Ke’s Nether God’s Spear!

“You overestimate your ability!” Mo Ke grunted coldly as he suddenly stomped his right foot on the ground, and his figure shot forward like a cannonball. He instantly arrived in front of Zhang Liu and Ye Yun who’d been blasted flying, and then the Nether God’s Spear glowed coldly as it swept forward horizontally.

Zhang Liu and Ye Yun’s pupils constricted. Because they were in midair right now and their internal organs had been severely injured, so how could they possibly have any remaining strength to resist this shocking attack that Mo Ke had executed?

At this critical moment, an enormous ax suddenly tore through the air and instantly struck the Nether God’s Spear.


An enormous bang resounded as the spear shook violently, and it was instantly obstructed. Zhan Liu and Ye Yun were delighted by this, and they didn’t waste this chance to swiftly retreat by over 20m before they suddenly vanished on the spot!

Mo Ke turned around to look at Xi Luo while a wisp of icy cold killing intent flashed through his eyes. He didn’t waste his breath at all before he suddenly tossed the Nether God’s Spear at Xi Luo. The spear carried a ghastly glow as it arrived before Xi Luo in an instant.

Xi Luo’s expression changed, and his figure flashed with the intention of evading. However, it was still a little too late, and it directly pierced through his left shoulder and nailed him to the stone wall behind him!

Ji Yanshi’s heart sank when he witnessed this. Mo Ke’s strength was truly too terrifying. All four of them who were peak King Realm profounders were actually unable to resist a single strike from Mo Ke after Mo Ke had advanced into the Spirit Realm.

Ji Yanshi glanced towards the side, and then his face fell. Because over 30 human profounders had already perished in this very short period!

There were only two choices left in front of him. Fight or flee?

If he fought, then he would absolutely have no chance of victory because Mo Ke was at the Spirit Realm, so he didn’t have the slightest chance! If he fled, then he would have a chance at survival. But….

How could he, Ji Yanshi, a dignified human, a dignified sword cultivator, and a dignified elite disciple of an Eighth Rank Sect be someone who abandoned his companions and fled by himself?

“Hahaha!!!” Ji Yanshi suddenly roared madly with laughter. He laughed for a short while before he gazed at Mo Ke, and his eyes were filled with a savage expression. He didn’t waste his breath at all, and then his stomach suddenly started to expand. Meanwhile, the sword in his hand suddenly erupted with dazzling and resplendent light, and then an aura that wasn’t inferior to a Spirit Realm expert surged madly from within him. Moreover, it surged endlessly like waves….

The human profounders in the surroundings were delighted when they witnessed this scene. Is Ji Yanshi about to advance into the Spirit Realm?

On the other hand, the expressions on Mo Ke and Xi Luo’s faces had changed rapidly. Because Ji Yanshi wasn’t advancing into the Spirit Realm, he was detonating himself!

“Retreat!” There was a solemn expression in Mo Ke’s eyes as he issued this instruction to the devil profounders. The might of the detonation of a peak King Realm profounder who was even a sword cultivator would cause the devil profounders to suffer heavy injuries even if they were able to resist it!

He’d naturally thought about stopping Ji Yanshi. Unfortunately, it was too late now. Because Ji Yanshi had accumulated the profound energy within his body to a certain extent. So, the right course of action right now was to increase the distance between them and Ji Yanshi, and then help the devil profounders resist the terrifying consequences of Ji Yanshi’s self-detonation!

Xi Luo’s lips parted. He wanted to stop Ji Yanshi, but he didn’t say anything in the end. Because he knew that it was useless even if he did say something. If there was any other choice, Ji Yanshi would definitely not choose to detonate himself. After all, self-detonation equaled death. So, how could anyone be willing to suffer such a fate?

But if Ji Yanshi didn’t detonate himself right now, then they wouldn’t have even the slightest chance, and they would be slaughtered by Mo Ke!

If he did detonate himself, then perhaps he would still be able to drag his enemies down with him….

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