Chapter 382 – Want To Die?

Almighty Sword Domain

“Mo Ke! Eat this!” Ji Yanshi laughed like a madman as he suddenly shot explosively towards Mo Ke. Mo Ke’s eyes narrowed slightly while his right hand spun a little, and then Devil Energy effused out from the center of his palm. He could evade this attack, but he couldn’t do that. Because the devil profounders were standing behind him. He, Mo Ke, was unable to do something like making his brothers face danger by themselves, so he intended to resist it on his own!

When Ji Yanshi arrived less than 10m away from Mo Ke, the sword in Ji Yanshi’s hand suddenly shot forward explosively. At the same time, his stomach suddenly shrunk. After a moment of silence….

“Tell Yang Ye to avenge me! Haha!!” As soon as he finished speaking, Ji Yanshi’s entire body exploded….


A world shaking bang suddenly resounded on the 4th level, and then a white colored wave of energy suddenly swept out and instantly enveloped Mo Ke.

The profounders from the nether race, devil race, and demon race were affected by it as well. Over 10 profounders from the devil, nether, and demon races weren’t able to dodge in time, and they were instantly mutilated by the wave of energy.

The human profounders weren’t able to arouse any happiness in their hearts upon witnessed this scene. Because Ji Yanshi had used his life in exchange for this! In next to no time, the human profounders suppressed the sorrow and rage in their hearts, and they gazed at the terrifying white wave of energy that was still raging through the area! They weren’t truly safe right now, and their fate would depend on Mo Ke who was enveloped by the wave of energy!

If Mo Ke died, then they would have a chance at survival, but if Mo Ke survives, then….

Under the perturbed gazes of all the human profounders, the white wave of energy gradually dispersed, and a tall man that was covered in mysterious pitch black scales was standing there.

The faces of the human profounders instantly fell when they saw him

Meanwhile, Zhang Liu and Ye Yun suddenly appeared in front of Mo Ke again, and then their daggers swept towards Mo Ke’s throat.

Mo Ke’s eyes narrowed slightly as he raised his spear to block their attacks, and a light bang resounded before Mo Ke took two steps back….

The first reaction the human profounders had when they witnessed this scene was astonishment, and then they were delighted. Because they knew that while Mo Ke hadn’t died, he’d definitely suffered a heavy injury from Ji Yanshi’s self-detonation. In other words, Mo Ke wasn’t the same invincible Mo Ke they faced just now! So, all of them were filled with the will to fight when they thought up to here!

Zhang Liu and Ye Yun were delighted as well. Because they could sense that Mo Ke really was heavily injured right now. Of course, Mo Ke had been the one to bear the brunt of the self-detonation of a peak King Realm expert who possessed 5th level Sword Intent. Mo Ke was already very abnormal to be able to survive the explosion. However, if he were to be completely fine, then he wouldn’t be abnormal but a god instead!

The two of them grabbed this opportunity, they pressed forward and locked Mo Ke in battle with them. The two of them were assassins, yet they had to fight Mo Ke head-on right now, so they would definitely be at a disadvantage. However, they had no choice. After all, amongst all the human profounders present here, only their strengths were barely sufficient to fight Mo Ke!

Mo Ke couldn’t stop them if they chose to flee, but they couldn’t flee. Why? Because just like Yang Ye had, they’d taken those profounders from the southern territory to be one of their own! Since the moment they chose to follow Yang Ye down to the 3rd level, it had predetermined that they had to live and die together!

They firmly believed that Yang Ye would make the same choice if he was here!

As he watched the human profounders fight the profounders from the three races, Luo Xue chuckled lightly and said in a low voice, “How boring, how terribly boring!”

As soon as he finished speaking, his gaze moved away and descended onto An Nanjing. He said, “The Martial God? Interesting….”


Right at this moment, a terrifying imposing aura suddenly surged out from Hun You’s body as he sat cross-legged there, and then gloomy laughed echoed through the surroundings. “Hehehe…. Human! All of you can dream of leaving with your lives today!”

The Spirit Realm!This time, the hearts of all the human profounders fell to rock bottom. Just Mo Ke alone was practically impossible for them to resist. Now, another Spirit Realm profounder, Hun You, had appeared. Do the heavens seek to put an end to us?

Luo Xue was stunned as well, and then he chuckled and said, “Looks like the heavens intend to annihilate these humans!”

However, to everyone’s astonishment, Hun You didn’t charge forward to kill the human profounders here, and he gazed at An Nanjing instead. Moreover, a wisp of gloominess had flashed through his eyes.

This woman had utterly humiliated him that day, so when it was in comparison to the other human profounders, he hated An Nanjing even more. In the past, his strength wasn’t sufficient, so he wasn’t confident in his ability to kill her. Yet now, he was a Spirit Realm profounder while An Nanjing was still at the King Realm….

As if she’d noticed Hun You’s gaze, An Nanjing turned around to gaze at Hun You before she said indifferently, “Are you sure you want to die right now?”

Hun You’s eyelids twitched, and then he laughed coldly and said, “An Nanjing, I thought Mo Ke was extremely arrogant, but now it would seem like you’re a thousand times more arrogant than he is! Kill me? Do you think you’re qualified or possessed the strength to do that? I’m a Spirit Realm profounder right now, but what about you? As the Martial God, don’t you know of the gap between the Spirit Realm and the King Realm?”

“Why don’t you give it a try?” An Nanjing’s tone was calm, and it fully displayed her confidence and how she disregarded him.

“Alright!” Hun You’s figure shot forward explosively and instantly arrived in front of An Nanjing. A pitch black chain shot out like a bolt of lightning, and it practically instantly arrived in front of An Nanjing’s forehead before it pierced through the center of it.

Hun You was delighted when he witnessed this scene. However, his delight transformed into astonishment at practically the exact same moment! Because the An Nanjing who stood before him was merely an afterimage….

“How laughable!” Right at this moment, her voice suddenly resounded from behind him. Hun You’s expression changed, and he didn’t hesitate to utilize his movement technique to its limits and appeared over 60m to the right.

However, right when he heaved a sigh of relief in his heart, An Nanjing’s voice resounded once more from behind him. “Do you know why I haven’t killed you? Because I’m afraid it would dirty my hands!” As soon as she finished speaking, An Nanjing had appeared in front of the stone stele again.

Luo Xue and Mu Jun’s faces turned grim when they witnessed this scene. Her strength really is quite formidable! She was actually able to surmount a realm of cultivation to do battle, and she even completely suppressed Hun You….

Cold sweat instantly seeped out from Hun You’s body. Isn’t she a little too terrifying! Is she really just at the King Realm and not the Exalt Realm?

After feeling astounded, it was a feeling of extreme humiliation that surged through him. Yes, because when An Nanjing said that she was afraid it would dirty her hands, it was a blunt form of contempt towards him!

I, Hun You, don’t even have the qualifications to make her kill me? When he thought up to here, a savage expression suddenly surged onto his face. However, Mo Ke’s voice resounded right when he was about to attack again. “Hun You, deal with the human profounders here first!”

A wisp of hesitation flashed through his eyes when he heard this. After a short while, he gave up on looking for trouble with An Nanjing, and his figure flashed into the group of human profounders.

The black chain in his hand swished forward like a bolt of lightning, and then the hearts of a few human profounders were instantly shattered into pieces!

It was a slaughter! Yes, a complete slaughter! Not a single one of the human profounders here was able to resist Hun You, whereas, Hun You seemed as if he was venting. The hearts of heads of every single human profounder was transformed into countless pieces by him. Moreover, he didn’t even let their souls go. His methods were extremely cruel and bloody!

Xi Luo took a deep breath, hesitated for a moment, and then a wisp of a vicious and firm expression flashed through his eyes. He stretched out his hand and made a grasping motion, and then the enormous ax flew into his grasp. As he held the ax in hand, the profound energy within his started to surge madly, and just like Ji Yanshi, his stomach had gradually started to expand!

He was going to detonate himself as well!

This wasn’t the end of it. When they saw that Hun You had advanced into the Spirit Realm as well, some of the human profounders here had fallen into despair. However, despair didn’t represent that they would submit, and it gave them boundless courage instead. Because what was there to fear when they were going to die anyway?

So, when Xi Luo was about to detonate himself, another five human profounders had successively chosen to detonate themselves as well….

When he witnessed this scene, Mo Ke’s eyelids twitched while he fought intensely with Zhang Liu and Ye Yun in the distance. Earlier, he’d fully resisted the might of Ji Yanshi’s self-detonation to protect the devil profounders who were standing behind him. Even though he’d been successful, he’d suffered some injuries as well. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have allowed these two human profounders to lock him into battle with them!

Yet now, the human profounders intended to detonate themselves again, and it was more than one this time….

When did the human profounders have such guts? Aren’t all human profounders afraid of death?

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