Chapter 383 – Unexpected Event!

Almighty Sword Domain

Humans… were mostly extremely selfish beings that were afraid of death. However, there were many occasions that they would be able to become fearless of death when the blood in their bodies had started to boil. Just like this very moment, all the human profounders here didn’t have the thought of submitting or fleeing right now.

Most of them only had a single thought, and it was to kill until corpses covered the world!

In the beginning, only five or six had chosen to detonate themselves, but in next to no time, this number had risen to over 20.

As they watched the humans choose to detonate themselves in succession, the profounders from the devil race, nether race, and demon race immediately revealed fearful expressions. The weak feared the strong, and the strong feared the fearless. At this moment, these humans standing before them were truly fearless. Moreover, these human profounders seemed as if they intended to drag the devil, nether, and demon profounders to hell with them!

Luo Xue and Mu Jun revealed a trace of respect in their eyes for the very first time. No matter how weak the strengths of these human profounders was, their current display was worthy of respect from them.

There were many who were afraid of death, but very few were fearless of it. This didn’t just refer to humans, and it referred to the other races as well!

The only person who remained composed was An Nanjing. In her opinion, life was meaningless, and the only thing that had meaning was the Martial Dao. So, the slaughter between the profounders of the human race and the joint forces of the devil, nether, and demon race was meaningless to her! It was like an elephant watching bugs and ants fight each other. Did their fate carry any meaning to the elephant?

Indifference. Yes, An Nanjing was indifferent to everything including life!

Right when these human profounders had accumulated their energy to their limits and were on the verge of exploding, the blue barrier at the entrance to the 5th level had suddenly exploded open, and then Yang Ye shot out violently from behind it. Yang Ye’s speed was extremely swift. He transformed into a black ray of light that instantly arrived in front of Xi Luo, and then he swiftly slapped his palm on Xi Luo’s stomach. After that, a strand of violet profound energy surged out from him and into Xi Luo’s body, and it forcefully suppressed the violent profound energy within Xi Luo’s body!

After he stopped Xi Luo from detonating himself, Yang Ye was about to head over and save the other human profounders. However, it was already too late…. The profound energy within their bodies was already violent to the extreme.

They seemed to be aware that it was too late now, and they didn’t hesitate to immediately flash towards the group of the profounders from the devil, nether, and demon race.

“Senior Brother Yang, avenge me! I’ll be going first! Haha! Bastards from the devil race, let’s all die together!!”

“Senior Brother Yang, please take care of my clan when you return to the southern territory in the future! I’m the Young Master of the Liu Clan in the capital! Thank you…”

“Yang Ye, even though I’m from the Origin School, I still hope that you’ll do the southern territory proud and seize the 1st on the Hidden Dragon Rankings! Unfortunately, I won’t be able to witness that moment….”

“I don’t want to die!! But I can’t do anything about it! AHHHHH! You damnable bastards! Let’s all die together!!”

“Die!! Let’s die together!!”

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Numerous explosions rumbled and resounded. The entire 4th level was instantly suffused by waves of energy. The might from the detonation of over 20 King Realm profounders was something that even a peak Spirit Realm profounder wouldn’t dare look down upon. Not to mention that the profounders from the devil race, nether race, and demon race weren’t even at the Spirit Realm! Over 30 plus profounders from the three races who stood at the front of the group had perished on the spot! The others, on the other hand, were instantly blasted flying by over 100m!

Moreover, the surroundings were reduced to a mess!

Yang Ye closed his eyes slowly as he clenched his fists tightly, and his body even started faintly trembling. He was unable to restrain the killing intent within him from surging madly from within him. Was it wrong for them to kill humans? It wasn’t because they had a reason to do so. But was it wrong for humans to kill them? It wasn’t wrong as well because they’d killed countless human profounders as well!

Yang Ye didn’t feel like understanding who was right or wrong in the enmity between the human race and the other three races, and he didn’t want to care about it as well. All he did know was that he wanted to kill right now!

“Since all of you don’t want to get along in harmony here and chose to slaughter, then I’ll kill to my heart’s content today!” Yang Ye stretched out his hand and Dragonbone flashed into his palm. After that, he suddenly stomped his right foot on the ground and shot explosively towards the group from the nether race.

A strand of sword qi shot out from the tip of his sword as he made a sweeping motion with it, and it whistled through the air as it shot forward before carrying over the heads of over 10 profounders!

The remaining human profounders were excited when they witnessed this scene because the aura Yang Ye revealed right now didn’t belong to a King Realm expert. In other words, Yang Ye had attained the Spirit Realm as well!

“Kill!” The remaining human profounders were influenced by Yang Ye’s actions, and they roared furiously like wild beasts before they pounced towards the profounders from the three races.

Meanwhile, the profounders from the three races that had left to the 3rd level earlier had suddenly surged back up into the 4th level. All of them were stunned when they saw the mess that covered the surroundings, and then they charged madly towards Yang Ye’s group as soon as they recovered from their shock. With the addition of these profounders, the situation instantly became slightly bad for the human profounders!

Right at this moment, almost 100 black shadows suddenly appeared here, and then the heads of a few dozen profounders from the three races had been instantly removed from their necks….

The true bloody slaughter had finally begun!

The advantage possessed by the human profounders, their numbers, was gone now. Moreover, the strengths of the human profounders were inferior to the profounders from the three races as well. However, luckily, they had Yang Ye’s group of assassins assisting them, otherwise, all the other human profounders here would have probably been annihilated by now.

Not a single member of the devil, nether, or demon race could block a single strike of Yang Ye’s sword, and every single swing of his sword reaped the lives of many. At this moment, Yang Ye was like the god of death, and he killed anyone he saw! Moreover, the Pearl of Baleful Blood within him had slowly floated out from within him as well, and then it started to madly absorb the blood and corpses in the surroundings….


After he killed another nether profounder with a single swing of his sword, Yang Ye was just about to attack again when a pitch black chain suddenly arrived before him and struck towards his neck.

A wisp of a ruthless expression flashed through Yang Ye’s eyes as he slashed swiftly with his sword.


The chain was instantly blasted flying while Hun You had appeared in front of him.

Both of them exchanged glances before they shot explosively towards each other. At this moment, there was no need for words! Because it was a battle to the death! So, all words were meaningless in such a situation!

As he shot forward explosively, a small ball of flame suddenly flashed out from within him and instantly enveloped Dragonbone which Yang Ye held in his hand, and then Dragonbone carried the flame along with it as it shot like a bolt of lightning towards Hun You!

Hun You grunted coldly. He swiftly slapped the chain with his palm, and it transformed into a black ray of light that blasted onto Yang Ye’s Dragonbone.


Dragonbone was instantly blasted flying, causing a wisp of ridicule to arise on the corners of Hun You’s mouth. However, right at this moment, his expression changed abruptly because Yang Ye had vanished from his field of vision!

Hun You was just about to move away when the sound of air being torn apart resounded abruptly from behind him. After that, intense pain came from his shoulder, and he saw a pair of enormous claws that seemed like the claws of a dragon had clasped onto his shoulders.

Horror instantly appeared within Hun You’s eyes, and he didn’t hesitate to make a strand of terrifying black energy erupt from within him. However, the black energy hadn’t even attacked Yang Ye before it was incinerated into nothingness by the strand of flame….

Yang Ye didn’t hesitate to forcefully pull on Hun You’s shoulders in opposite directions….

Hiss! Hiss!

Hun You’s arms were forcefully torn off at his shoulders, and then black energy sprayed out from both his shoulders!

“AHH!!” An extremely miserable and shrill cry resounded, and it drew the attention of everyone.

Hun You’s expression had instantly warped. However, right at this moment, a dragon claw had suddenly pierced through his chest, and then Hun You’s eyes opened wide while they were filled with shock.

This wasn’t the end of it. A bang resounded as Hun You’s entire body was enveloped by the Nether Ghostflame, and less than two breaths of time had passed before Hun You had completely vanished on the spot without leaving even a speck of ash behind!

Everyone in the surroundings was dumbstruck. Hun You who has stepped foot into the Spirit Realm was killed just like that? How did Yang Ye do that?

Actually, Yang Ye had relied on the ‘Rapid Shift’ technique that the Dragonshoes had to kill Hun You. Even though it wasn’t a threat to An Nanjing, Hun You wasn’t An Nanjing. So, Hun You was caught off guard when Yang Ye’s speed had instantly multiplied by five times, and he lost his life on the spot. Moreover, he’d died before he could even reveal his true strength….

Meanwhile, the Pearl of Baleful Blood suddenly transformed into a ray of blood red light and entered the center of Yang Ye’s forehead. In an instant, Yang Ye’s eyes turned crimson red like an ocean of blood resided within them….

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