Chapter 384 – Simplicity!

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye’s figure suddenly froze on the spot when the Pearl of Baleful Blood entered the center of his forehead, and then a strand of baleful energy suddenly swept out from him. It was extremely fierce and sharp, and it carried a bloody smell that was nauseating.

The profounders from the devil, nether, and demon race were delighted when they witnessed this scene. Even though they didn’t know exactly what had happened to Yang Ye, there was no doubt that it was the best opportunity to kill Yang Ye.

Over 30 profounders from the devil race flashed explosively towards Yang Ye. Zhang Liu, Ye Yun, and Xi Luo were alarmed by this development. The three of them had to join forces in order to keep Mo Ke busy even when he was heavily injured, so they couldn’t extricate themselves from the battle as well. So, they were instantly filled with worry when they saw those devil profounders charge towards Yang Ye. Because Yang Ye was the pillar of the entire group, and he was the one person who couldn’t die no matter what!

Right when one of the three of them was about to abandon the battle to save Yang Ye, 20 black shadows had suddenly appeared around Yang Ye, and they formed a circle with Yang Ye at the center.

The three of them instantly heaved sighs of relief upon witnessed this scene.

The devil profounders were stunned when they saw these black shadows appear in the surroundings, and then the profound energy within them surged explosively. At this moment, there was no need to say anything before both sides immediately entered into battle.

At the moment that the Pearl of Baleful Blood had entered the center of his forehead, the scene in front of Yang Ye’s eyes had changed. He was at a square that was covered in boundless baleful energy, blood, bones, and resentment. Moreover, countless vengeful spirits filled the square as well.

The air was even suffused with a strange flow of air that was scarlet red and bloody.

As he stood on the square and gazed at everything before him, Yang Ye’s eyes were like an ocean of blood while Slaughter Sword Intent surged incessantly from within him before it swept out towards the surroundings.

“AHH!!” Right at this moment, the vengeful spirits here suddenly let out numerous sharp and ear piercing shrill cries, and then they shot madly towards Yang Ye. Moreover, the bloody aura that suffused the air in the surroundings had surged into Yang Ye’s body.

In next to no time, numerous scenes appeared in Yang Ye’s mind. What scenes were they? It was the scenes of the deaths of those vengeful spirits, and some had died in an extremely miserable manner….

Numerous cruel scenes flashed through Yang Ye’s mind, and it caused the redness in his eyes to gradually darken. In the end, tears of blood actually rolled down his face….

“Protect your heart! Don’t allow the intent to slaughter to control you!” Suddenly, the Sword Spirit’s voice suddenly erupted and rumbled in Yang Ye’s mind.

Yang Ye shuddered when he heard this, and then he hurriedly firmed and protected his heart. Since he’d attained the Enlightened Sword Heart, it wasn’t difficult for him to clear his mind, and the reason he’d almost been controlled earlier was mainly that the Pearl of Baleful Blood had caught him off guard!

After a short while, the baleful energy within Yang Ye’s body gradually lessened while his eyes slowly cleared up as well, and they weren’t so dark red anymore.

After another short while passed, Yang Ye’s eyes remained completely tranquil as he gazed at the miserable deaths of those people in the scenes that flashed within his mind, yet he’d obtained comprehension in his heart instead.

What was life? What was death?

Every single person had a different understanding of it, whereas, Yang Ye’s understanding towards this was extremely simple — those who stand with me shall die, and those who defy me shall die!

Yang Ye felt suddenly enlightened when he thought up to here. What was the sword for? What sort of Dao was the Sword Dao? Actually, it wasn’t very complicated. The sword was used to kill. The Sword Dao was like a sharpening stone that was utilized to ceaselessly sharpen the sword, allowing it to become even sharper. After that, it would be better at killing. Yes, everything wasn’t that complicated or profound. No matter if it was the Enlightened Sword Heart, Sword Intent, or Slaughter Sword Intent. All of them weren’t that complicated. Because at the bottom of it all, they were all used to kill!

Simplicity! Yang Ye slowly opened his eyes, and his eyes were extremely clear. Meanwhile, the Pearl of Baleful Blood slowly floated out from the center of his forehead, and then it floated in front of him. Yang Ye shook his head as he gazed at it. The Pearl of Baleful Blood was a Pseudo Dao Artifact, so it possessed a certain level of intelligence, and the reason it had been asleep for so long was that there hadn’t been sufficient blood and slaughter around it. So, it had been constantly asleep, and it was to the point that Yang Ye had practically overlooked it!

This time, it had absorbed a huge amount of the blood and baleful energy in the Hidden Dragon Pagoda, and that was the reason why it had tried to take control of its owner instead. Unfortunately, it hadn’t just failed, it had even allowed Yang Ye to obtain an even deeper understanding of the Sword Dao. No, it should be said that it allowed Yang Ye to possess a Sword Dao of his own. What was his Sword Dao? Simplicity!

In short, the benefits he obtained from this experience was unparalleled. Moreover, it allowed him to truly understand the meaning of the Enlightened Sword Heart. The Enlightened Sword Heart wasn’t merely the ability to see through combat techniques. The Enlightened Sword Heart was also a realm of cultivation, and it was a realm that allowed one to see through the essence of all techniques.

Yang Ye shook his head and chuckled. If he understood this principle earlier, then he wouldn’t have been unable to resist An Nanjing at all when she attacked him on the 5th level. Because when he looked at An Nanjing now with the enlightenment that he’d obtained, he noticed that while An Nanjing’s strength and speed seemed to have no weakness or weak points, they actually had numerous flaws!

Yang Ye stretched out his hand and grabbed the Pearl of Baleful Blood, and he shook his head slightly while he gazed at the pearl in his hand. After that, he put it back into the tiny vortex.

It was still quite useful to him because it could improve his Slaughter Sword Intent. Yes, his Slaughter Sword Intent had attained the 7th level right now!

The greatest contributor to this advancement was naturally the Pearl of Baleful Blood. Because the blood and baleful energy within it was extremely dense, and it just happened to be able to improve his Slaughter Sword Intent.

After he finished doing this, Yang Ye shot his gaze towards the surroundings, and his eyes turned icy cold as he gazed at the battles in the surroundings. Especially when he saw the corpses of a few black clothed figures lying before him.

He didn’t know their names, but he knew that they’d died for his sake.

“Haha!!” Right at this moment, Mu Jun’s roaring laughter suddenly resounded from afar. Yang Ye raised his eyes to look over, and he saw three fine golden energy dragons moving around Mu Jun. Moreover, the air around him was clearly warping into an arc, and it was even flickering violently.

The Spirit Realm!

After Mo Ke, Hun You, Luo Xue, and Yang Ye, another person had attained the Spirit Realm!

Suddenly, Mu Jun’s gaze shot towards Yang Ye, and then a wisp of a savage expression flashed through his eyes as he said, “Yang Ye, let’s resolve the enmity between us right now. I wasn’t able to fully control the Mortal Emperor Seal that day, so I’ll allow you to witness its true might now!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Mu Jun moved his palm, and the golden dragon-shaped seal in his palm shot violently towards Yang Ye. The seal expanded in midair, and less than a breath of time had passed when it had transformed into an enormous seal that covered an area of over 20m. It was like a small hill that was smashed down forcefully at Yang Ye!

Yang Ye’s expression remained unchanged, and his figure only moved when it arrived 3m away from him. He moved his wrist forward, and the tip of Dragonbone stabbed right at the center of the Mortal Emperor Seal.


A clear and melodious band resounded.

The enormous seal trembled violently before it was blasted flying.

Mu Jun’s pupils constricted when he witnessed this scene. When did Yang Ye’s strength become so great? He is actually able to blast my Mortal Emperor Seal flying with a single strike of his sword?

Meanwhile, An Nanjing suddenly turned to look at Yang Ye while a trace of surprise appeared in her eyes.

Yang Ye naturally didn’t possess such strength. The reason he was able to accomplish this was that he’d relied on the Enlightened Sword Heart. Yes, he’d noticed a flaw in the Mortal Emperor Seal, and that strike of his had struck at its weak point. It was like someone utilizing his head to collide with the enemy’s fist in battle, it would naturally be a losing battle. But what if the head was used to strike the enemy’s balls?

Utilizing one’s advantage to strike against the weak point of another! That was exactly what Yang Ye had done right now.

Mu Jun revealed a slightly savage expression on his face. Obviously, he hadn’t imagined that while his strength had improved, it would be the same for Yang Ye. He grunted coldly and was about to launch another attack when Yang Ye suddenly vanished on the spot.

In the next moment, he’d appeared right in front of Mu Jun, and then Yang Ye said in a ghastly voice, “Actually, I’ve been unable to bear the sight of you for a very long time. You’re right, let’s put an end to the enmity between us today!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he stabbed his sword towards Mu Jun’s chest. It wasn’t very quickly nor was the strength behind it very great. Moreover, he hadn’t enhanced it with the Nether Ghostflame or Sword Intent as well. However, it was exactly such a simple strike of the sword that caused the surprise in An Nanjing’s eyes to grow even stronger….

On the other hand, Mu Jun revealed a wisp of ridicule on his face instead. You intend to kill me with such a simple strike of the sword? Are you sure there’s nothing wrong with you in the head?

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