Chapter 385 – Fierce Battle!

Almighty Sword Domain

Suddenly, Yang Ye’s speed rose explosively, and then he appeared behind Mu Jun. After that, Dragonbone glowed as it stabbed at Mu Jun from behind. It was simple, swift, and didn’t have any unnecessary movements!

Mu Jun’s expression had changed at that moment Yang Ye’s figure had suddenly vanished on the spot. Right at this moment, coldness suddenly assaulted him from behind. Mu Jun was astounded by this, and he immediately turned around and swung his fist forward before a fine golden energy dragon suddenly flashed out.

After that, he intended to retreat and put some distance between Yang Ye and himself. However, the sword in Yang Ye’s hand had moved slightly to the side, and it struck the center of the golden dragon’s forehead.


A light bang resounded as the golden dragon exploded into pieces.

A wisp of fear finally appeared in Mu Jun’s eyes when he witnessed this scene. That combat technique of his was a low-grade Heaven Rank technique, yet it was destroyed by a simple strike of Yang Ye’s sword. How did Yang Ye accomplish that?

Yang Ye didn’t waste any time. He immediately charged forward swiftly while his sword stabbed at Mu Jun’s chest. However, Yang Ye frowned because his sword seemed to have been obstructed by something, and it wasn’t able to move another inch forward! Yang Ye spun his sword lightly and flicked it, causing Mu Jun’s clothes to instantly split apart, and then Yang Ye noticed that a golden armor that emanated golden light resided beneath his clothes!

“Haha!” Mu Jun suddenly roared with laughter. He laughed for a moment before he gazed at Yang Ye with a gaze that was filled with ridiculing and mocking expression. He said, “Yang Ye, aren’t you capable of destroying all techniques with a single strike of your sword? Come! I’ll stand right here for you to stab me! Go ahead and stab me! Let me see if you stab through the Mortal Emperor Armor that’s a Pseudo Dao Artifact! Come on! Don’t complain that I didn’t give you a chance!”

Yang Ye paid no attention to Mu Jun who was shouting complacently. He suddenly flicked Dragonbone to the side, and then he suddenly slashed it horizontally when it arrived at Mu Jun’s neck. However, an expanse of golden dragon scales covered Mu Jun’s neck when the tip of his sword was about to touch Mu Jun’s neck. Moreover, it didn’t just block Dragonbone, it even caused Dragonbone to hum from the rebound!

Yang Ye frowned. The defensive strength of this Mortal Emperor Armor that Mu Jun spoke of is really formidable. Moreover, it covers his entire body without leaving any weak points behind.

How am I supposed to break through it?

The disdain on Mu Jun’s face grew stronger. “The Mortal Emperor Armor is a Pseudo Dao Artifact, and it contains the aura of all the past Mortal Emperors. Moreover, it receives the protection of the world. Not to mention that you’re merely a profounder who has just advanced into the Spirit Realm, you wouldn’t be able to harm me even if you’re at the peak of the Spirit Realm.”

“Is that so?” Yang Ye suddenly revealed a strange smile. He tapped the tip of his foot on the ground and shot forward like a bolt of lightning while Dragonbone stabbed straight towards the center of Mu Jun’s forehead. Mu Jun still had dense disdain on his face because Yang Ye’s strike had still been obstructed by the Mortal Emperor Armor.

Suddenly, an evil smile arose on the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth. A fine strand of flame suddenly appeared on the tip of his sword, and then the scale formed by the Mortal Emperor Armor instantly sunk down.

Mu Jun’s countenance instantly turned pale. He was just about to evade when Yang Ye suddenly spun his sword once more.


A fine hole was split open on that scale, and then Yang Ye’s sword pierced straight through the center of Mu Jun’s forehead!

Everyone in the surroundings was dumbstruck. Regardless of which race they were from, all of them had stopped fighting, and they stared blankly at the Mu Jun who had a hole through the center of his forehead.

Why did Yang Ye become so terrifying? Even Hun You and Mu Jun who has stepped foot into the Spirit Realm has been killed by him!Luo Xue had a solemn expression in his eyes because he noticed that Yang Ye seemed to be different now!

On the other hand, a trace of excitement flickered in An Nanjing’s eyes, and she was like a hunter who had noticed her prey.

After he killed Mu Jun, Yang Ye gestured with his hand, and then the Mortal Emperor Seal and the Mortal Emperor Armor instantly flew into his grasp. However, Yang Ye didn’t even have the chance to feel happy when a strand of dazzling golden light suddenly erupted from the two Pseudo Dao Artifacts and enveloped him!

The Weapon Spirit and Armor Spirit within them were trying to protect their owner!

Yang Ye grunted coldly amidst the golden light. Sword Intent surged out from within him and instantly blasted the golden light apart, and then he grabbed them. The two Pseudo Dao Artifacts intended to continue struggling, but Yang Ye immediately threw them into his Vortex Dantian, and they instantly became obedient upon arriving there.

Yang Ye gestured once more and the spatial ring on Mu Jun’s hand few into his grasp as well. Yang Ye didn’t even take a look at its content before he put it away. Because it wasn’t the time to look at the treasures he’d obtained. After all, he had even more important matters to attend to!

Right at this moment, a sharp glow of a sword flashed, and then Mu Jun’s corpse vanished on the spot.

Yang Ye frowned, and then he paid no further attention to it. He held Dragonbone in his hand as he turned around to look at Zhang Liu and Ye Yun, and a strand of viciousness flashed through his eyes when he saw the dense bloody scars that covered their bodies.

Yang Ye took a deep breath and walked over to them before he slapped a bunch of top-grade Healing Talismans onto the two of them. He said, “Leave the rest to me!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye looked at Mo Ke, and then he walked slowly towards Mo Ke and said, “Actually, regardless of whether it’s the human race or devil race, everyone could just cultivate in peace on the 4th level. Everyone came here with a single objective, to become stronger! Yet your devil race, the nether race, and the demon race want to annihilate all of us. Let me ask you something, have you succeeded? Mo Ke, look at the corpses of the members of your devil race that lie all over the surroundings. Is this what you wanted?”

“How laughable!” Mo Ke laughed with ridicule and said, “Yang Ye, if someone you’re your human race attained the Spirit Realm first, then do you think that they would get along peacefully with us? Haha! At that time, it would be the profounders from my devil race who are slaughtered. So, there’s no need to waste your breath. Your strength seemed to have improved greatly. We might as well fight to the death now instead of waiting for the Hidden Dragon Rankings. What do you think?”

“There really is no need to waste our breaths!” Yang Ye nodded. He wasn’t someone that liked to waste his breath, and the reason he’d done so was because his heart ached. It ached from the deaths of those human profounders and the assassins that had chosen to follow him. Earlier, all of them were still standing alive and well in front of him, yet now, they’d become numerous icy cold corpses.

Yang Ye wasn’t a softhearted person, and when he faced his enemies, he wouldn’t even flinch even if he had to kill a million others! However, when he saw people who he considered his own, transform into numerous icy cold corpses, he couldn’t help but feel pain in his heart. This was a selfish way of thinking, but was anyone in this world capable of avoiding even the slightest trace of selfishness?

After all, Yang Ye stood on the side of those who were close to him and not reason itself. Because it was always one’s relatives and brothers who would stand by one’s side at the most difficult times. Reason? What a joke! Reason stood on the side of the person with the bigger fist!

“If you die, all the human profounders here and below will be unable to leave the Hidden Dragon Pagoda with their lives!” A strand of Devil Energy surged out from within Mo Ke while the Nether God’s Spear in his hand started to spin swiftly. Moreover, a ghastly and horrifying cold blue light flickered on its tip!

Yang Ye nodded and said, “Similarly, if you, Mo Ke, die, then all the devil profounders who came to the southern territory…. Right, the nether profounders and demon profounders as well…. All of them won’t be able to return home.”

“Haha! Then come at me!” Mo Ke raised his head and howled, and then he suddenly stomped his right foot on the ground and shot forward explosively with the Nether God’s Spear in his hand. In the blink of an eye, Mo Ke arrived in front of Yang Ye, and then his spear instantly arrived before Yang Ye’s chest. Moreover, the formidable force it carried caused the space along the spear’s path to warp severely.

Yang Ye’s expression remained composed. He made a light tap with Dragonbone when the spear was only a few centimeters away from his chest, and it struck half an inch below the tip of the spear.


The terrifying energy contained within the spear was instantly dispersed by over 80%. At the same time, its trajectory was directly altered by this tap from Yang Ye.

Yang Ye didn’t give up on this chance. He took a large stride forward, and then Dragonbone stabbed swiftly like a bolt of lightning towards Mo Ke’s chest!

Yang Ye was clearly aware of how terrifying Mo Ke’s physical defense was, so he didn’t hold back at all. The Nether Ghostflame transformed into a ball of thumb sized flame that covered the tip of his sword while Yang Ye converged his physical strength there as well. At this moment, the energy contained within the tip of Yang Ye’s sword was extremely terrifying, and the sound of air exploding resounded incessantly wherever it passed!

Mo Ke didn’t dare act carelessly when he sensed the terrifying energy contained within Yang Ye’s sword. However, he didn’t choose to evade because he would lose momentum if he did that right now. Of course, it was also because it was impossible to evade at such a close distance! Since he couldn’t evade, then he intended to go head on against it!

A grim shout resounded from Mo Ke as his left fist which was covered in black scales blasted towards the tip of Yang Ye’s sword. Right when Mo Ke’s fist was about to strike the tip of Yang Ye’s sword, his pupils suddenly constricted. Because he noticed that Yang Ye’s body had vanished on the spot, and it was only an afterimage in front of him!

Right at this moment, a sharp and ear piercing sound of the air being torn apart resounded behind Mo Ke, and then the tip of a sword that was suffused with a fine glow of fire instantly struck his back….

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