Chapter 386 – The Hidden Dragon Stele!

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye sword pierced through Mo Ke’s body, yet he didn’t reveal even a trace of happiness. On the contrary, he frowned instead because it was an afterimage that he’d stabbed!

“Did you think that you’re the only one who possesses shocking speed?” Mo Ke’s voice resounded from behind Yang Ye, and then the Nether God’s Spear shot straight towards the back of Yang Ye’s head.

Yang Ye swiftly turned around before he stabbed his sword straight ahead, and it collided with Mo Ke’s spear.


The sound of metal colliding resounded, and the enormous force from the collision caused them to retreat explosively by around 25m before they finally stopped. However, in the next moment, both of them shot explosively at each other again, and then sounds of metal colliding resounded incessantly.

Both their strengths were on par, their defense was on par, and their realms of cultivation were the same. Moreover, even their combat experience was almost the same. So, the battle between them was extremely intense.

Yang Ye gradually gained the upper hand in the battle because he possessed the Enlightened Sword Heart, and he was able to easily disperse Mo Ke’s attacks before launching an effective counterattack. However, it was useless as well. Because even if he was able to stab Mo Ke, it wasn’t able to harm Mo Ke at all! It didn’t even stab through Mo Ke’s skin!

Similarly, Mo Ke’s speak was unable to cause any material harm to Yang Ye when it struck Yang Ye.

In other words, if they didn’t reveal their trump cards, then it was practically impossible for them to kill each other!


Their sword and spar collided forcefully in midair and sparks sprayed from the point of collision. The formidable force from the collision caused both the sword and spear to tremble violently, and then Yang Ye and Mo Ke moved backward repeatedly and were split apart!

“Looks like there’s no need to wait for the Hidden Dragon Rankings to begin!” Right at this moment, An Nanjing’s voice suddenly resounded, and then she walked slowly onto the Hidden Dragon Arena. She glanced at both Mo Ke and Yang Ye before she nodded lightly and said, “Only a few of us possess the qualifications to seize a position on the Hidden Dragon Rankings. In my opinion, having battles one after the other is truly too troublesome, so why don’t both of you fight me at the same time?”

Everyone in the surroundings immediately froze. Fight her at the same time? My god! I’m not hearing things, right? An Nanjing actually wants Mo Ke and Yang Ye to fight her at the same time? Has she gone mad?

Mo Ke and Yang Ye were stunned as well. Could this woman have really gone mad with arrogance? Fight her together? Does she really think that she’s invincible?

However, right at this moment, An Nanjing glanced indifferently at Luo Xue and spoke shocking words once more. “You fight me at the same time as well! There’s no need to reveal such an expression of surprise and amusement. I know you’re not weaker to Mo Ke and Yang Ye, and you might even be much stronger than them. However, it’s all meaningless to me. So, for the sake of saving myself the trouble, all of you can fight me at once!”

Luo Xue shook his head and chuckled as he said, “I know you possess the qualifications to act arrogantly. But I’m sorry, I won’t join forces with them to fight you at the same time. Of course, if you want to challenge me to a one on one fight, then I accept.”

“An Nanjing, do you really think you’re invincible?” Mo Ke spoke coldly. “Challenge you together? What an awesome plan. If you win, you’ll be unprecedented, and your position as the Martial God would be firmed, whereas, you’d still be able to be renowned throughout the continent even if you lose. I know that you’re very strong, but truthfully speaking, you don’t have the qualifications to make us challenge you at the same time!”

Regardless of whether it was Mo Ke or Luo Xue, they had their own sense of pride! So, challenging An Nanjing at the same time with others was an insult to them!

Yang Ye fell silent. He’d fought An Nanjing, so he was clearly aware of the terrifying strength that she possessed. Even though she was very arrogant, she wasn’t a brainless person. So, since she actually dared to boast in such a manner, then it represented that she was fully confident in her ability. However, Yang Ye was very puzzled in his heart as well. Where did she get such confidence?

No matter if it was Mo Ke, Luo Xue, or Yang Ye, all of them had revealed extremely terrifying strengths right now. It could be said that three of them could firmly occupy the 1st position of a Hidden Dragon Ranking of the past if the other two weren’t present at the time. Moreover, Yang Ye firmly believed that both Mo Ke and Luo Xue definitely possessed shocking trump cards!

An Nanjing was definitely aware of this as well. Since she knew yet actually dared to boast like that, then was she too arrogant or filled with confidence?

An Nanjing nodded when she heard them, and then she glanced at Yang Ye and said, “Do you have anything to say?”

“Good luck!” Yang Ye spoke flatly.

An Nanjing glanced at the three of them before she said, “Actually, all of you would still have a slight chance if you joined forces. After all, you aren’t weak. Unfortunately, you’ve given up on such an opportunity for the sake of that incomprehensible regard for face and pride!”

As soon as she finished speaking, An Nanjing’s figure flashed over to the stone stele, and then she pressed her palm against it!


A strand of dazzling radiance erupted from it, and then everyone watched with astonishment as An Nanjing’s name appeared at the lowest row of the stone stele. After that, her name leaped, and not even a breath of time had passed before her name was on the 5th row. Moreover, it merely stopped there for a few breaths of time before it leaped up once more, and it arrived beneath the 3rd row. In other words, it was beneath the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor!

After another short moment, An Nanjing’s name leaped once more under the astounded gazes of everyone, and it leaped past the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor and ‘When Have I Feared The World’ to arrive at the 2nd position!

The others in the surroundings were dumbstruck when they witnessed this scene. An Nanjing actually surpassed the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor? Her potential has actually surpassed the strongest expert in the past 10,000 years?

What did this represent? It represented that an extraordinary expert would soon emerge on the continent!

Yang Ye, Mo Ke, and Luo Xue had solemn expressions on their faces right now. Her potential has actually surpassed the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor! Isn’t that a little too terrifying!?

Even though the three of them were very confident in their own ability and extremely proud, they didn’t think that they could surpass the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor!~

At this moment, An Nanjing had used facts to prove that her potential had surpassed the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor!

However, this wasn’t the end of it. Right when Yang Ye and the others were shocked, another strand of dazzling light had suddenly erupted from the stone stele. After that, An Nanjing’s name surpassed the 1st Martial God of Profounder Continent, Qing Luanfeng, and appeared at the top of the stone stele!

Everyone in the surroundings froze once more!

Her potential actually surpassed the 1st Martial God! No one throughout the annals of history has ever been able to surpass the 1st Martial God, but An Nanjing has actually accomplished it!

Even though it didn’t represent that her future accomplishments would definitely surpass the 1st Martial God, it proved that An Nanjing’s potential had surpassed the 1st Martial God. If An Nanjing didn’t meet an early end, then she would definitely become an expert who surpassed the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor and Qing Luanfeng. At the same time, another extraordinary expert would rise from the continent!

Right at this moment, the white haired old man, Qian Huan, appeared here. He gazed at the 1st row at the top of the stone stele which housed An Nanjing’s name now, and then a complicated expression flashed through his eyes before excitement filled them. His gaze descended onto An Nanjing before he said, “I’m an Elder of the Ninth Rank Sect, Ascension Sect. I represent the Ascension Sect in inviting you to join my Ascension Sect. No matter if it’s the cultivation techniques, combat techniques, or treasures of the clan, you can choose anything you desire. Moreover, you can even ask for a reasonable request to be fulfilled! What do you think?”

“Qian Huan, you’ve broken the rules!” Right at this moment, a Daoist who wore Daoist robes appeared here. He glanced coldly at Qian Huan before he said, “Qian Huan, the Hidden Dragon Rankings hasn’t come to an end, yet you’re already started to recruit in secret. This doesn’t conform to the rules, right?”

“Feng Xiu, my Ascension Sect is taking her!” Qian Huan’s voice carried a firm and indisputable tone.

“How laughable!” The Daoist laughed coldly and said, “Taking her? On what basis? Because you, Qian Huan, are old?”

A wisp of rage flashed through Qian Huan’s eyes, and then he pondered deeply for a short moment before he said, “Feng Xiu, I’ll make a compromise. My Ascension Sect will only take her from all the human geniuses who participate in the Hidden Dragon Rankings. All the rest will belong to your Clear River Sect. What do you think? Don’t refuse me just yet. Look at that sword cultivator, Yang Ye. He has comprehended Sword Intent at such a young age and even possesses 7th level Slaughter Sword Intent. Such a genius in the Sword Dao isn’t inferior to this little girl, right? Besides that, these human profounders in the surroundings are….”

“Genius in the Sword Dao?” Feng Xiu glanced at Yang Ye before he immediately interrupted Qian Huan and said in a furious tone, “Qian Huan, do you think I’m an idiot? Genius in the Sword Dao? It’s merely 7th level Sword Intent, and he only has a few years of lifespan left. How could he possibly compare to that little girl? What a joke! A thousand of him can’t even compare to a fraction of her!”

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