Chapter 387 – Fight Me At The Same Time!

Almighty Sword Domain

A thousand of me can’t even compare to a fraction of her? Yang Ye laughed coldly when he heard this. This old Daoist is really frank huh! Is it so great to be from a Ninth Rank Sect? Indeed, it’s great, but so what? Aren’t I, Yang Ye, still alive and well without a sect?

Yang Ye couldn’t be bothered to pay attention to the old Daoist. In any case, he didn’t want to join the Clear River Sect!

“Senior, you’re mistaken!” Meanwhile, An Nanjing said, “Even though he merely possesses 7th level Sword Intent, he has a Sword Dao of his own. So, if it’s amongst all the sword cultivators of the younger generation, none can compare to him!”

“She’s right!” Qian Huan said as well, “Feng Xiu, this kid killed a genius of the Mo Clan who possessed 8th level Sword Intent, and he even obtained the acknowledgment of the ancient sheathe to become the next Sword Emperor. Even though he’s inferior to her, there’s probably less than a handful amongst the younger generation of the entire continent who can defeat him! Moreover, the most important point is that he’s from the southern territory and is even an independent cultivator!”

Feng Xiu’s eyelids twitched when he heard this, and then his gaze descended once more onto Yang Ye. He sized up Yang Ye for a moment yet still shook his head and said, “Condensed Sword Intent like a sharp sword that’s waiting to be unsheathed, and a fierce and sharp aura. He has good potential. Unfortunately, he’s cursed by the heavens, and his lifespan is still no more than a few years. Moreover, even though he’s the Sword Emperor, he’s still too inferior when compared to her. So, I can do without him!”

“Senior, you’re wrong again!” It was none other than Xi Luo who spoke these words.

Feng Xiu glanced indifferently at Xi Luo and said, “Kid from the Endless Sect, you seem to have lost face for the Endless Sect this time. You were actually reduced to such an embarrassing state by the devil profounders. You Master would probably be angered to death if he found out about this!”

Xi Luo shook his head and said, “Senior Feng, you said that Yang Ye is inferior to An Nanjing, and I acknowledge that. After all, her genius is really too monstrous. However, you shouldn’t underestimate Yang Ye because he’d really extremely strong. In any case, I’m embarrassed by my inferiority to him!”

“Oh?” Feng Xiu’s brows raised and revealed a trace of interest before he said, “He actually made you speak such words. Could it be that I, Feng Xiu, had made a mistake?”

As soon as he finished speaking, Feng Xiu turned to look at Yang Ye and said, “Kid, don’t say that I didn’t give you a chance. Reveal all your trump cards. I’ll let you join my Clear River Sect if you can satisfy me!”

Yang Ye chuckled when he heard this. Is this charity?

Would he, Yang Ye, need Feng Xiu’s charity?

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “There’s no need for that. Just as Senior said, I really don’t have many years of lifespan left. So, joining Senior’s sect would only be a waste of your sect’s resources.”

Feng Xiu restrained his smile and said, “You’re still too young. Do you know what you’ve missed from speaking out of anger? Even if you’ve obtained the ancient sheath’s acknowledgment, what can you possibly accomplish without the fostering of a sect? The ancient sheath was able to abandon Mo Qingyu, so when you have insufficient strength in the future, it will abandon you as well. Understand?”

“That’s nothing you have to worry about!” Yang Ye spoke indifferently. How could he, Yang Ye, accept such ‘charity’ that came in such a humiliating form?

Feng Xiu grunted coldly. He withdrew his gaze and shot it onto An Nanjing before he said, “My Clear River Sect can provide the same conditions that Qian Huan promised you. Moreover, I can make the decision to immediately make you the personal disciple of my Clear River Sect’s Master and become the next Sect Master of Clear River Sect. What do you think?”

Qian Huan frowned. He was just about to say something when An Nanjing shook her head slowly and said, “Seniors, there’s no need to waste your time on me. I have a Master and a sect!”

“What!?” Feng Xiu and Qian Huan frowned at the same time, and then Qian Huan said in a low voice, “Little Girl An, you have a sect? And a master?”

An Nanjing nodded and said, “Indeed. However, I can’t tell you about them. If there’s nothing else, then please start the Hidden Dragon Rankings! I don’t want to waste too much time here!”

The two of them instantly revealed bitter expressions when they heard this. Because they’d noticed an extraordinary genius and had almost flared-up against each other, yet she actually had a master and a sect already….

Both of them sighed at the same time, and then their gazes descended onto Yang Ye. If An Nanjing was excluded, then the most outstanding amongst the human profounders here was Yang Ye. Unfortunately, he only had a few years left to live…. Of course, if Yang Ye possessed natural talent which was equivalent to An Nanjing, then they would find a way to replenish Yang Ye’s lifespan even if they had to use the resources of their entire sect. Unfortunately, Yang Ye didn’t….

However, Yang Ye still had some value now. Why? Because with the strength Yang Ye possessed, it was practically inevitable that Yang Ye would gain a position in the rankings. So long as Yang Ye was in the top 10, then he would be able to obtain Karmic Luck. In other words, if Yang Ye were to join their sects, then their sects would be able to benefit from the Karmic Luck that Yang Ye obtained.

When he thought up to here, Qian Huan was the first to speak. He said, “Kid, I’ll try to extend your lifespan if you’re willing to join my sect. What do you think?”

Yang Ye shook his head and spoke indifferently. “Thank you for the good intentions, Senior. However, I’m used to being free, and I’m no accustomed to being tied down. So, I appreciate your kindness, Senior.”

Meanwhile, Feng Xiu grunted coldly and said, “Your natural endowment and natural talent in the Sword Dao are very good indeed, but if you don’t have the fostering of a sect and a huge amount of cultivation resources, then it would be in vain no matter how extraordinary your natural talent in the Sword Dao is. I won’t be as hypocritical as Qian Huan. I won’t ask you to join my sect, and I just want you to give 80% of the Karmic Luck you obtain to my Clear River Sect!”

“Why would I do that?” Yang Ye started laughing from the extreme rage he felt.

Feng Xiu’s eyes narrowed slightly while a strand of cold light flashed through his eyes. He said, “I’ll naturally not take your Karmic Luck for nothing. You’ll provide Karmic Luck to my sect, and my sect will provide a certain amount of cultivation resources to you. Moreover, I can give you some cultivation techniques and combat techniques as well. Don’t worry, they’ll be at the Earth Rank at least!”

“Forget it!” Yang Ye refused decisively. “I can obtain cultivation resources myself, so Senior doesn’t have to worry about that. Besides that, since Senior was frank, then I’ll be frank as well. I don’t want to join any sect, so don’t waste your effort anymore. Please go look for someone else if you want Karmic Luck!”

Feng Xiu’s face fell because a tiny profounder at the Spirit Realm had actually dared to speak to him like that. Such blatant disrespect!

He wanted to teach Yang Ye a lesson. However, he had no choice but to abandon this thought when he recalled the rules of the Ancient Battlefield. In the end, he merely glanced coldly at Yang Ye and said, “As expected of a Sword Cultivator, you even speak so arrogantly. I hope your life will be as great as your arrogance!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Feng Xiu’s figure flashed and vanished on the spot.

Qian Huan said, “Kid, even though his way of speed wasn’t pleasant, you shouldn’t have talked back to him. It’s really unwise to offend an expert!”

Yang Ye laughed coldly and said, “Senior, you should be clearly aware of the reason why I would have offended such an expert.” He’d never thought of offending an extraordinary expert. But it couldn’t be helped because Feng Xiu had spoken in such a haughty manner as if recruiting Yang Ye was the greatest fortune in Yang Ye’s lifetime.

If it wasn’t for his insufficient strength, he would have drawn his sword and attacked by now.

Qian Huan was stunned, and then he shook his head and laughed before falling silent. He glanced at An Nanjing while true regret flashed clearly through his eyes. It wasn’t a huge deal that he was unable to recruit Yang Ye. After all, Yang Ye only had a few years to live. So, no matter how monstrous his genius was, it would only last for a short while.

However, An Nanjing was different. She was a truly extraordinary genius! He could imagine that if his sect were to be able to recruit her, then she would definitely be able to bring his sect to its peak in the future. It would become the 1st Tenth Rank Sect in the last 10,000 years of the continent! Unfortunately…. It was truly unfortunate!

Both Feng Xiu and Qian Huan had thought of taking her by force, but they had no choice but to abandon such a thought. Why? It wasn’t worth the risk! Not to mention that they didn’t know the identity of An Nanjing’s sect and master, taking such action would definitely make An Nanjing detest them. The slightest mistake would even make their sects have an extraordinarily formidable enemy in the future!

So, they had no choice but to abandon such a thought!

Qian Huan shook his head, and then he glanced at everyone present here and said, “It’s about time. The Hidden Dragon Rankings starts officially right now. Work hard for the fate of your sects and yourselves!”

As soon as he finished speaking, a terrifying aura suddenly erupted from within An Nanjing, and it made the expressions of everyone change. Because it was the aura of a Spirit Realm expert!

An Nanjing’s figure flashed and appeared on the Hidden Dragon Arena. She glanced at the others below the arena and spoke indifferently. “There’s no need to waste time. All of you can fight me at the same time!”

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