Chapter 388 – Triad Mantra!

Almighty Sword Domain

As she stood there proudly with her hands behind her back, An Nanjing was extremely striking at this moment. Of course, it wasn’t because of her appearance but her bearing, it was that unparalleled domineering aura and confidence. Yes, An Nanjing was overflowing with a domineering aura, and the indifference and confidence in her eyes aroused feelings of both respect and hate in others!

She looked down upon the world!

At this moment, that was exactly what others felt from her. It was true contempt upon the world, and she regarded all the heroes of the world as nothing but dirt!

As he gazed at An Nanjing who looked down upon the world from the arena, Yang Ye had no choice but to admit that the Quasi Martial God of the past, Yuan Tong, was too inferior when compared to An Nanjing.

What was the Martial God? How should the Martial God be like?

Yang Ye didn’t know the answer to that, nor had he seen someone like that. But if it was now, then he would say that the Martial God should be like An Nanjing!

“Haha! This is the arrogant imposing aura that the Martial God should possess!” Meanwhile, Luo Xue suddenly started laughing, and then he glanced at Mo Ke and Yang Ye as he said, “Will the two of you go first, or shall I?” Luo Xue naturally didn’t want them to challenge her with him.

Mo Ke’s figure flashed onto the Hidden Dragon Arena. Devil Energy surged out from within him, and then a layer of black scales instantly enveloped his entire body. He said, “The Martial God is invincible at the same realm of cultivation and lives a life of matchlessness. Since I, Mo Ke, started cultivating, I’ve never lost to someone of the same realm as well. An Nanjing, you’re at the peak and seek defeat. I, Mo Ke, am the same. I hope you don’t disappoint me!”

“You’re not enough!” An Nanjing shook her head lightly.

“Is that so?” As soon as he finished speaking, Mo Ke vanished on the spot, and he instantly arrived in front of An Nanjing. His fist that was covered in sharp scales emanated a string of explosions as it blasted through the air and smashed forcefully towards An Nanjing’s head. However, right when his fist was just a few centimeters away from An Nanjing’s head, An Nanjing’s fist had suddenly appeared in front of Mo Ke’s chest and smashed directly against him!


It was like her fist had struck hard iron, and the sound of metal colliding resounded. An Nanjing’s beautiful brows knit together slightly. In the next moment, she spun her fist slightly. “Pierce!”

As soon as she spoke, her fish suddenly smashed down.


Mo Ke was blasted flying. A thin barrier of light suddenly appeared at the edges of the arena when Mo Ke was about to fly off the arena, and an enormous bang resounded as Mo Ke collided with the barrier of light. Mo Ke was instantly blasted flying again.

However, right at this moment, An Nanjing suddenly appeared in front of Mo Ke who was still in midair, and then she suddenly smashed her fist down at his stomach!


Mo Ke’s figure curled forward while he flew backward again….

The countless spectators below the arena were dumbstruck. Especially the devil profounders. They were very clearly aware of the defensive and physical strengths that Mo Ke possessed, and it wasn’t exaggerated to say that even a Spirit Realm expert would find it almost impossible to break through his defenses. Yet now, their big brother was being completely suppressed in strength by a human profounder….

Only Yang Ye wasn’t so surprised. After all, he’d fought An Nanjing before this, and he was clearly aware of how terrifying she was. Mo Ke’s defensive ability was on par to his own, yet hadn’t An Nanjing overcome his defenses as well at that time? No, she hadn’t overcome their defenses, it was rather like their defenses were of no effect to her….

Every single one of her punches struck straight through his defenses and shook his internal organs!

Yang Ye shook his head while he gazed at Mo Ke because Mo Ke had been slightly careless in the end. Mo Ke hadn’t revealed his true strength at the very beginning, otherwise, he wouldn’t have suffered two successive punches from An Nanjing!

After she blasted him flying with that second kick, An Nanjing didn’t follow up with another attack. She stood on the spoke and watched Mo Ke crash to the ground as she said indifferently, “Those two punches were the price for underestimating me. I didn’t kill you because you haven’t revealed your true strength, so it would be quite a pity to kill you just like that!”

“I really shouldn’t have underestimated you at all!” Mo Ke stood up slowly. The small and delicate imprint of a fist could be surprisingly seen on his stomach, and there was an even more striking wisp of fresh blood on the corner of his mouth!

Mo Ke licked off the blood on the corner of his mouth, and then he revealed a savage expression and said, “Good, very good. I really haven’t experienced the feeling of being injured for a very long time. As expected of the Martial God, you’re actually able to disregard my physical defense, and you’ve even comprehended the true secrets of strength and speed. You really do possess extraordinary natural talent!”

As soon as he finished speaking, a pair of pitch black wings flashed out from Mo Ke’s back. They were formed from pitch black and mysterious scales, and they were covered in black energy and seemed extremely bizarre. The edges of the wings seemed even more alike to sharp blades, and they flickered with a horrifying and ghastly cold glow.

“The Devil God’s Wings?” When she saw these wings, An Nanjing’s gaze wasn’t that calm and composed anymore, and there was a trace of fluctuation this time.

The Devil God’s Wings was the most formidable Devil Artifact that the Devil God possessed all those years ago, and it was crafted from 33,000 dragon scales and the Blood Essence of the Saint Devil Beast of the devil territory, the Dark Devil Dragon. A Saint Devil Beast of the devil territory was equivalent to a Saint Rank Demon Beast of the demon territory!

Besides being capable of greatly increasing its user’s speed, the Devil God’s Wings was a defensive treasure. Because it could envelop its owner when needed, and its hardness was something that even a Dao Artifact wouldn’t overcome! Besides that, it could be utilized as an offensive treasure because the 33,000 dragon scales were sharp to the point of being able to easily slice through a high-grade Heaven Rank armor!

Of course, most importantly, the Devil God’s Wings contained the soul of the Dark Devil Dragon which the Devil God had sealed within it!

In short, the Devil God’s Wings was an all-rounder. It possessed capabilities in speed, offense, and defense!

Of course, the might of the Devil God’s Wings depended entirely on its user’s strength. If the Devil God utilized it, then it could move 500km in an instant, but with Mo Ke’s strength, just 50km in an instant was a pretty good achievement. But even then, it was still extremely formidable. After all, even an Exalt Realm expert couldn’t move 50km in an instant!

When they saw the Devil God’s Wings, both Yang Ye and Luo Xue revealed solemn expressions because even their hearts palpitated slightly from the terrifying aura contained within the Devil God’s Wings.

“Is this what you intend to rely on?” An Nanjing spoke indifferently.

“An Nanjing, take out your Skysplit! Otherwise, you won’t have another chance!” Mo Ke gazed at An Nanjing while he spoke with a peerlessly domineering tone!

An Nanjing shook her head slowly and said, “There’s no need for that, and I disdain to use it on you!”

A wisp of a savage expression instantly flashed through Mo Ke’s eyes when he heard this, “Then die!”

He hadn’t even finished speaking the last word when his figure had arrived in front of An Nanjing, and then his figure spun as the wings on his back slashed horizontally at her like a pair of sharp blades.

An Nanjing’s expression was calm as she smashed her fist forward.


Mo Ke took a few steps back while An Nanjing stood on the spot without moving. However, her brows had knit together slightly before a bloody mark had appeared on her right fist.

“You really are looking for death!” An Nanjing raised her head to gaze at Mo Ke. In the next moment, her figure suddenly vanished on the spot, and she left a string of seemingly material afterimages behind as she instantly arrived in front of Mo Ke. She clenched her right fist tightly, and then it caused explosions in the air as it struck straight at Mo Ke’s head.

Yang Ye and Luo Xue’s expressions changed in unison upon witnessing this scene. Because her fist actually made the space throughout its path warp severely….

Mo Ke’s pupils constricted as well, and he didn’t dare act carelessly in the slightest. His wings moved to instantly envelop him. At the same time, numerous scales shot violently towards An Nanjing’s throat and stomach. However, those scales hadn’t even come into contact with her when they were blasted backward from the force contained in her fist!

“Pierce!” An Nanjing shouted lightly, and then her fist smashed onto Mo Ke’s wings.


Mo Ke was blasted flying again.

Luo Xue’s pupils constricted as he said, “The Triad Mantra!” Now he finally understood why An Nanjing’s speed and strength were so terrifying!

The Triad Mantra was a type of Spirit Art. Spirit Arts were similar to combat techniques, but their essence was different. Because combat techniques were activated by profound energy, whereas, Spirit Arts were activated by the spirit, energy, essence, and Will. It could be said that Spirit Arts belonged to a different way of cultivating, but it was extremely difficult to cultivate as well because its requirements were extremely harsh. Coupled with the fact that Spirit Arts were extremely rare, so very few throughout the continent were capable of utilizing them!

The Triad Mantra was a Spirit Art created by the 10th Martial God, and it was respectively Accelerate, Ward, and Pierce. Accelerate represented the utilization of spirit, energy, essence, and Will to improve one’s speed while Ward represented the ability to ward off attacks. As for Pierce, it represented the ability to disregard all defenses when attacking!

Now, Luo Xue finally understood why Mo Ke’s defenses were completely suppressed by her. It was because An Nanjing had comprehended the true secrets of the Triad Mantra!

An Nanjing had only obtained the inheritance of the Martial God for a short period. So, logically speaking, it was impossible for her to comprehend the Triad Mantra. However, she just so happened to have comprehended it, and it was even to such a skilled level. Why was she able to accomplish this? It was because An Nanjing had already comprehended Strength Intent and Speed Intent….

It could be said that that the Triad Mantra was countless times stronger than when it was in the hands of the 10th Martial God because the 10th Martial God hadn’t comprehended the true secrets of strength and speed….

Luo Xue’s expression had become extremely serious. She really is very formidable!

Yang Ye wasn’t aware of all that. He merely knew that An Nanjing’s Martial Dao was very similar to his Sword Dao, it was a form of simplicity as well! An Nanjing’s attacks and defenses didn’t have any unnecessary movements or flair, and they purely displayed strength and speed to their extremes. This seemed to be quite simple, but it was actually extraordinarily difficult to accomplish!

I have the Enlightened Sword Heart that’s capable of destroying all techniques with a single strike of the sword. It allows me to see through the essence and flaws of all things. However, An Nanjing isn’t utilizing any moves at all, so how can I destroy them? How can I defeat her? Yang Ye’s brows knit together imperceptibly when he thought up to here. But in the blink of an eye, he chuckled lightly. Haha! Why am I thinking about all of this now? I’ll naturally know how to deal with it when I fight her later!

After he straightened out his thinking, Yang Ye shot his gaze towards the arena again.

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