Chapter 389 – Endless Battle

Almighty Sword Domain

An Nanjing stood proudly on the arena with her hands behind her back, and her gaze was calm and indifferent. Mo Ke was tightly enveloped by the Devil God’s Wings, and he was like an iron ball that resided in front of her. Moreover, it was impossible to determine his situation because of this.

An Nanjing was being conceited but confident. The reason she’d given Mo Ke opportunities to catch his breath every single time wasn’t because she wanted to display her strength. She merely hoped that he could give her a pleasant surprise. Yes, she wanted to lose, or perhaps it should be said that she wanted someone to be able to let her fight to her heart’s continent. Because only then could she be aware of her limits!

However, there wasn’t anyone amongst her peers who could make her fight seriously in battle!

An Nanjing shook her head and walked slowly towards Mo Ke, and she spoke while she did that. “The Devil God’s Wings is very formidable because it’s actually capable of injuring me. But Mo Ke, you’re still quite weak and are unable to truly bring forth its true might. Moreover, external sources of strength will only amount to so much because the strength you obtain by relying on external sources will only last for a moment. Only the strength you possess yourself is the most authentic. Could it be that you’re unaware of this principle? All those years ago, the Devil God’s Wings was controlled by the Devil God, but are you, Mo Ke, controlling it now, or is it controlling you?”

The Devil God’s Wings opened up slowly to reveal Mo Ke who still had a wisp of fresh blood on the corner of his mouth. Mo Ke was unprecedentedly calm as he listed to An Nanjing. Since he’d inherited the Devil God’s Wings, he’d always thought that he, Mo Ke, was truly controlling it. Moreover, he was always extremely confident because he possessed it, and he was still full of confidence even if he faced An Nanjing!

However, when he reflected upon it, he realized that his so-called confidence came from the Devil God’s Wings!

Did the strength of the Devil God’s Wings belong to him, Mo Ke? The answer was no. He wasn’t just relying on its strength; he was relying on the strength of an external object and had entrusted his confidence to it…. Is this the path of the Devil that I, Mo Ke, seek?

When he thought up to here, Mo Ke laughed with self-ridicule, and then the wings on his back retracted slowly and entered his body in the end. He raised his head to gaze at An Nanjing before he said, “An Nanjing, I, Mo Ke, have lost. Not only have I lost in terms of strength, but I’ve also lost to you in the Martial Dao. I, Mo Ke, acknowledge your position as the Martial God!”

The spectators below the arena were deathly silent. Mo Ke admitted defeat!

Actually, this wasn’t very surprising because An Nanjing’s strength was truly too formidable.

With the strength that she revealed now, how many of her peers could defeat her?

Yang Ye fell silent. Even though An Nanjing was speaking to Mo Ke, couldn’t it be applied to him as well? Besides the Sword Domain, Sword Intent, and Enlightened Sword Heart, what else belonged to him, Yang Ye? The Nether Ghostflame and Ninth Hell Cold Gale were Natural Treasures that possessed formidable strengths, but the problem was whether they weren’t part of his own strength?

They weren’t! Just like Mo Ke, he was relying on external sources of strength, and when one relied on formidable sources of external strength, it was easy for one to become reliant on them. This was a fact because hadn’t he, Yang Ye, been filled with confidence at one time because he possessed the Nether Ghostflame?

It wasn’t wrong to rely on external sources of strength, but one had to avoid reversing the order of what was the top priority. Because only the strength obtained by one’s self is authentic! After all, it was impossible to lose no matter the circumstances!

Now, Yang Ye had a slight understanding of why An Nanjing didn’t utilize Skysplit! Because she didn’t want to rely on Skysplit’s strength….

After she heard Mo Ke admit defeat, An Nanjing stood there for a moment and still had an extremely calm expression as she said, “The incomplete soul of the Dark Devil Dragon lies within the Devil God’s Wings. If you release it with all your strength, then I might not be able to resist its might. Isn’t that your greatest trump card? Could it be that you intend to give up just like that?”

“Even if it can defeat you, it wouldn’t be I, Mo Ke, who defeated you! Right?” Mo Ke said, “Moreover, I firmly believe that it might not be able to defeat you even if I release it and support it with all my strength. An Nanjing, you’ve won. However, the path towards the Martial Dao is a very long path ahead. You’re leading for now, but it doesn’t mean you’ll lead forever. I’ll catch up to you!”

“I’ll be waiting!” An Nanjing slowly relaxed her clenched right hand as she spoke indifferently. She originally intended to kill him. However, she’d give up on it in the end. Because she hoped that he could give her a pleasant surprise in the future. After all, there were truly too few amongst the younger generation who had the qualifications to pleasantly surprise her!

Mo Ke walked slowly off the arena and arrived before the other devil profounders. He bowed slightly and said, “I’m sorry. I disappointed everyone!”

The devil profounders fell silent, and they didn’t blame Mo Ke. After all, An Nanjing was truly too formidable! However, they carried the hopes of the devil race, and Mo Ke’s defeat represented that the hopes of countless people had been destroyed. How would we face our fellow devil profounders when we return?

After a short while passed, one of the devil profounders suddenly said, “Big Brother, it’s fine. Even though you weren’t able to obtain the 1st, it’s fine so long as you’re still alive! Because there’s still hope for the devil race so long as you’re still alive. I believe that you’ll definitely be able to lead our devil race to escape its current situation and allow us to live our lives like the humans!”

“I believe it as well. Big Brother, even if all of us die, there’ll still be hope for our devil race while you’re still alive. I believe that our fellow devil profounders will definitely understand!”

“No matter what, we brothers will definitely continue staying by your side. Even if we have to traverse an ocean of fire and rush into hell itself!”

“While we’ve lost to the humans, for now, it doesn’t represent that we’ll lose forever. Big Brother, I believe that you’ll definitely be able to defeat that so-called Martial God in the future….”

Mo Ke’s eyes turned slightly red when he heard the consolation they provided. His objective was the 1st when he came to the Ancient Battlefield this time. Because only the Karmic Luck obtained by the 1st would be sufficient to change the fate of the devil race. Of course, most importantly, obtaining the 1st would be able to rouse the spirits of the entire devil race!

Unfortunately, he’d lost. He who was supreme in the eyes of the devil race’s younger generation had lost to a human….

How many of our fellow devil profounders will be disappointed when I return to the devil territory?

An Nanjing’s gaze descended onto Yang Ye and Luo Xue while she stood on the arena, and she said, “There really is no need to waste time. Both of you can fight me at once. Only the three of us have the right to compete for the 1st position, so wouldn’t it be better for us to resolve it at once?”

Luo Xue shook his head slowly while his figure flashed up onto the arena. After that, he said, “You’re very strong, and you really do have the qualifications to speak those words. However, fighting you two on one will cause a flaw to appear in my mental state. So, even if I win, it would…. You should understand what I mean, right?”

An Nanjing nodded slightly and said, “Then attack!”

Luo Xue shook his head again and said, “You’ve fought Mo Ke just now, so fighting you now would be unfair to you. I’m aware that you don’t care, but I do. So….”

When he spoke up to here, he turned around to look at Yang Ye who resided below the arena and said, “We should have fought a long time ago. Unfortunately, we’ve never had a suitable opportunity. We have one now, so come one!”

Yang Ye nodded. He flashed onto the arena, and then Dragonbone appeared in his grasp with a flip of his palm. He raised it slowly to point it at Luo Xue before he said, “You’re right, we really should have fought a long time ago. So, let’s fight to our heart’s content now?”

“Of course!” Luo Xue turned around to look at An Nanjing and said, “I’ll fight you after I deal with him. It’ll be fair like that. What do you think?”

An Nanjing glanced at Luo Xue, and then she spoke indifferently. “Perhaps he’ll deal with you!”

“His strength isn’t sufficient!” Luo Xue grinned lightly, and then he flipped his palm before a strand of violet electricity appeared in his palm.

The expressions of all the spectators changed violently when they saw this violet electricity!

A Natural Treasure! It’s actually a Natural Treasure!On the other hand, both Yang Ye and Xi Luo frowned. Because Yang Ye finally knew who’d killed Yuan Tong, whereas, Xi Luo finally knew who’d killed Nangong Meng and Li Qingshui as well.

Yang Ye thought to himself. Xi Luo said that Nangong Meng and Li Qingshui perished at the hands of a mysterious expert. If I’m not wrong, then they would have probably been killed by Luo Xue, just like Yuan Tong was.

Luo Xue gazed at Yang Ye as he spoke indifferently. “This is a Natural Treasure of the lightning attribute, and it’s ranked at the 6th position amongst lightning attribute Natural Treasures. It’s called Violetcloud Lightning. Yang Ye, you have a Natural Treasure as well. Let’s see whose Natural Treasure is stronger, alright?”


The Nether Ghostflame flashed into Yang Ye’s palm, and he held it in his grasp as he said, “As you wish. It just so happens that I want to see if it’s your electricity or my flame that’s stronger!”

The battle was on the verge of erupting!

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