Chapter 392 – Treatment Expenses!

Almighty Sword Domain

Right at this moment, an unexpected event suddenly occurred. A strand of violet light suddenly flashed from the depths of Yang Ye’s pitch black eyes, and then Yang Ye’s body suddenly returned to normal. At the same time, his figure vanished on the spot and arrived in front of Luo Xue who was about to strike Yang Ye’s name off the Book of Judgment, and then a ray of light flashed as his sword shot directly towards Luo Xue’s throat!

Luo Xue’s expression changed violently, and his eyes carried a wisp of astonishment in them. He wasn’t astonished because Yang Ye’s sword had arrived in front of his throat, he was astonished because Yang Ye was completely fine! Yang Ye had been inflicted by his Death Energy in the past, but he’d only utilized a trace at that time, and it wasn’t pure as well. But now, he’d utilized all his Death Energy, and he firmly believed that even a peak Spirit Realm expert would definitely die from it….

Yet now, Yang Ye was completely fine!

Yang Ye was naturally fine. The Death Energy was very terrifying indeed, but could it be as terrifying as the tiny vortex that he possessed? The tiny vortex had emanated light violet profound energy as soon as the Death Energy entered his body, and as soon as the Death Energy came into contact with the light violet profound energy, the Death Energy was like snow that instantly melted away in boiling oil!

Yang Ye was extremely shocked as well. Because when the black energy Luo Xue emanated encounter his light violet profound energy, it was simply like the black energy had encountered its bane and couldn’t resist at all!~

However, all of this wasn’t something that he should think about right now. The important matter at hand was to deal with this fellow who killed Xi Luo. Of course, even if it wasn’t for Xi Luo, he would still kill Luo Xue because the enmity between them had been formed a very long time ago!


Yang Ye succeeded in taking Luo Xue by surprise, and all the spectators in the surroundings watched as his sword stabbed Luo Xue’s throat. However, it was like he’d stabbed hard iron, and the sound of metal colliding resounded.

Yang Ye frowned. When he focused his gaze, he noticed that a layer of golden scaled had suddenly appeared on Luo Xue’s neck!

Right at this moment, Luo Xue stretched out his hand to hold Yang Ye’s sword and said, “My physical body is even stronger than Mo Ke. Besides An Nanjing, who else beneath the Exalt Realm is capable of piercing the defenses of my body?”

“Is that so?” A wisp of a savage expression arose on the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth, and then he utilized his Sword Domain.

In the next moment, Luo Xue’s pupils constricted, and his eyes were filled with shock and astonishment. He wanted to retreat but it was already too late, and the spectators heard a ‘hiss’ as the sword in Yang Ye’s hand stabbed through Luo Xue’s throat.

Yang Ye pulled his sword out, and a stream of fresh blood sprayed out!

“Chosen One!” Meanwhile, a few hundred masked figures suddenly cried out miserably from below the arena, and then they charged towards the Hidden Dragon Arena. However, they hadn’t even arrived at the arena when they were blasted flying by a strand of strong wind!

Luo Xue hadn’t perished yet. He stared fixedly at Yang Ye while intending to say something, but blood was ceaselessly flowing from his throat, so he wasn’t able to say anything!

When he noticed that Luo Xue wasn’t dead yet, Yang Ye was about to put an end to Luo Xue’s life when the Violetcloud Lightning suddenly shot towards Yang Ye. Yang Ye laughed coldly when he saw this, and his figure flashed to instantly arrive in front of it before he stretched out his hand and grabbed it in his palm. In an instant, strong electricity surged from it and made Yang Ye’s entire body tremble violently, and his hair stood on end!

A trace of madness flashed through Yang Ye’s eyes, and then he opened his mouth and directly placed it into his mouth and swallowed it!

Yang Ye was naturally not going to subdue it right now. He wasn’t formidable to such an extent. He’s merely kept it in the tiny vortex.

Of course, he was only giving it a try. Even though doing this was extremely dangerous, he didn’t want to miss the opportunity to obtain it. Most importantly, he was confident in the tiny vortex’s ability!

Sure enough, the Violetcloud Lightning that was violet just moments ago had instantly become pacified upon entering the tiny vortex, and it moved about anxiously through the tiny vortex….

Yang Ye was delighted and heaved a sigh of relief upon witnessed this scene.

The spectators were flabbergasted instead. Yang Ye swallowed that terrifying Natural Treasure just like that? He just swallowed it? That’s a Natural Treasure!

Even Qian Huan and Feng Xiu frowned at this moment, and they had shocked and puzzled expressions in their eyes. How did Yang Ye accomplish that?

Yang Ye disregarded the shocked gazes of the spectators, and he gazed at Luo Xue who hadn’t died and said, “You can die now!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye was about to attack. But right at this moment, a white haired old woman appeared in front of Luo Xue.

Yang Ye’ pupils constricted because he’d actually not noticed how she appeared here! This old woman’s strength is absolutely on par with Qian Huan and Feng Xiu!

A trace of heartache flashed through her eyes as she gazed at Luo Xue who was still bleeding from his throat. She flicked her finger, and a strand of green light entered Luo Xue’s body. In an instant, the injuries on Luo Xue’s throat had slowly healed.

The old woman walked over to Luo Xue, and then she stretched out her hand to rub his head before she said, “I told you that you should never be careless when facing an enemy, but you always refused to listen. You felt that you were invincible amongst your peers. Now, you’ve suffered a loss!”

As soon as she finished speaking, she exerted a little strength from her palm, and then Luo Xue’s eyes instantly closed.

The old woman turned around to look at Yang Ye. She sized him up and said, “Not bad, as expected of the Sword Emperor. You already possess such attainments in the Sword Dao at such a young age. You’re just like the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor from all those years ago!”

So the senior has come to avenge the junior? Yang Ye laughed coldly and remained silent. However, the ridicule on the corners of his mouth wasn’t concealed at all.

Meanwhile, Qian Huan had appeared on the arena as well. He glanced at Yang Ye with a complicated expression while he sighed lightly in his heart. After that, he gazed at the old woman and said, “You’re Senior Luo Rong of the Half-Demon Race, right?”

The old woman nodded lightly, and then a wisp of a smile appeared on her wrinkled face as she said, “I never expected that someone amongst the humans would actually recognize me after living a few hundred years in seclusion! Besides that, you’ve stepped foot into the Monarch Realm as well, so there’s no need to consider yourself a junior.”

A wisp of a bitter expression appeared in Qian Huan’s eyes upon hearing these words. It was originally a mere guess of his, and he hadn’t expected that she would actually be that supreme expert who shocked the central territory a thousand years ago! Even though they were both Monarch Realm experts, Qian Huan was clearly aware that he was far from being a match for her. It should be said that there was absolutely no more than a handful in the entire continent who could firmly suppress her!

After all, this old woman had killed 3 Monarch Realm experts in the past!

She was a true old monster!

If it was possible, he was truly unwilling to become enemies with her. Unfortunately, she’d publicly broken the rules. So, if he didn’t say anything about it, then it would be him and his sect who lost face. He couldn’t afford to lose face from this!

Qian Huan shook his head and said, “Senior Luo, you ought to be aware of the Hidden Dragon Rankings’ rules. Doing this is a violation of those rules!”

The old woman nodded and said, “But he’s my grandson. I can’t just watch as he dies!”

As soon as she finished speaking, she gazed at Yang Ye and said, “How about you let him off this time? So long as you don’t kill him, then saving him wouldn’t be a violation of the rules. In that way, everyone would be happy. Alright?”

When he heard this, Qian Huan looked at Yang Ye as well. She wasn’t wrong. If Yang Ye agreed to spare Luo Xue, then she wouldn’t be breaking the rules by saving him. Even though she’d broken the rules in advance, but nothing could be done about that! After all, her strength was clear for all to see while Yang Ye didn’t have the support of any expert….

Yang Ye was looking downward while ghastly killing intent surged incessantly within their depths. Even though she spoke as if she was discussing it with him, how could Yang Ye be unable to discern the threatening tone behind all of that!? Everyone will be happy? All of you will be happy, but what about me? What about Xi Luo? What about our happiness?

Yang Ye forcefully suppressed the surging killing intent in his heart, and then he raised his head to look at the old woman before he smiled. “Senior is absolutely right. But Junior fought your grandson for so long and am covered in no less than 100 injuries. Senior should at least pay for my treatment, right? In that way, everyone would truly be happy. What do you think, Senior?”

After he finished speaking these words, Yang Ye felt an extremely strong feeling of helplessness in his heart. If it was possible, he’d like to kill both of them with a single swing of his sword. Unfortunately, he didn’t have the strength to accomplish that.

A sword cultivator would rather break than bend. But it depended on the occasion. If he were to rather break than bend now, then he would truly die. Because it was extremely easy for the old woman to kill him. As for the rules of the Hidden Dragon Rankings, Yang Ye was utterly filled with disdain towards it. After all, the old woman had clearly broken the rules already, but Qian Huan didn’t even dare to be forceful against her!

A wisp of praise flashed through Qian Huan’s eyes when he heard Yang Ye, and he said to himself, At least he’s able to see the larger issues at hand.

At the same time, he heaved a sigh of relief in his heart. After all, he would be in trouble if Yang Ye refused to compromise.

The old woman’s hands that were concealed beneath her long sleeves were slowly relaxed upon hearing this, and then she said, “Treatment expenses? Of course… of course….”

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