Chapter 393 – Battle Against The Martial God!

Almighty Sword Domain

The old woman flicked with her finger, and then a spatial ring appeared in front of Yang Ye. She said, “There are 100,000 energy stones there. Right, I noticed that your physical body isn’t bad, so I presume you attach huge importance to the cultivation of your physical body. Alright, since you were such a sensible child, I’ll give you a drop of blood from a True Dragon!”

As soon as she finished speaking, a while jade bottle appeared in front of Yang Ye.

Meanwhile, Qian Huan suddenly smiled and said, “Yang Ye, you’re really fortunate. This blood of a True Dragon is one of the best treasures to temper the body. Just a single drop would be sufficient for your physical body to rise by another level. Moreover, if you have great fortune, then you might even be able to comprehend Dragon Might from it. At that time, your strength would be stronger than a peak Spirit Rank demon beast!”

Yang Ye naturally wouldn’t try to be polite and refuse it. He took both the Spatial Ring and the jade bottle. In the end, paying 100,000 energy stones and that so-called drop of blood from a True Dragon in exchange for Luo Xue was still a better deal for the old woman!

A wisp of a strange glow flashed through her eyes when she saw Yang Ye take it, and then she nodded slightly. After that, she glanced at An Nanjing before she glanced at Yang Ye, and then she said, “The Sword Emperor against the Martial God, a fated battle. Haha, I’m full of anticipation as well! Good luck!” As soon as she finished, both she and Luo Xue vanished at the same time!

Qian Huan glanced at An Nanjing, and then he gazed at Yang Ye and hesitated for a moment before he said, “If you choose to stop now, then you’ll obtain the 2nd position on the Hidden Dragon Rankings. If you choose to continue, then it’s very likely that you’ll die! Of course, even if you want to admit defeat, you have to obtain An Nanjing’s agreement!”

“I don’t agree!” At this moment, An Nanjing had appeared on the arena, and she gazed at Yang Ye and said, “I originally didn’t intend to fight you. After all, we’ve fought before this. However, it would seem like you concealed your strength when we met at the 5th level. Looks like I must make you sense the actual arrival of death before you’ll fully stop holding back!”

Yang Ye shrugged while he looked at Qian Huan and said, “It’s impossible for me to admit defeat even if I wanted to! Since it’s like that, then I can only fight!”

Actually, he wanted to fight An Nanjing as well. The previous battle with her had allowed him to gain a rather huge amount of benefits. Of course, most importantly, he wanted to see where his limits were!

Up until now, he still hadn’t been forced to his limits!

The Martial God, especially one whose natural talent had surpassed the experts throughout the ages. Could he defeat such an existence? He didn’t know the answer. All he knew was that he wanted to fight to his heart’s content without holding back at all!

Qian Huan nodded slightly, and then he vanished from the arena.

An Nanjing and Yang Ye stood in confrontation from afar on the arena, but they didn’t attack; the countless spectators below the arena were staring fixedly at them.

The Sword Emperor and the Martial God. One destroyed all techniques with a single strike of the sword while the other was invincible throughout the world. Now that they’d encountered each other, it was bound to be an intense life and death battle!

Who exactly would become the number one expert amongst the younger generation of Profounder Continent?

Even though they hadn’t clashed yet, the blood of the countless spectators below the arena had started to seethe!

On the arena, the profound energy within Yang Ye’s body had started to flow slowly while strands of green wind started to appear and circle below his feet. Moreover, a blood red glow that was sharp and dazzling flickered on Dragonbone.

An Nanjing’s expression was calm as she stood on the spot. Her long ponytail swayed lightly with the wind while her clear eyes were calm and tranquil.

Suddenly, Yang Ye tapped his right foot lightly on the ground, and then his figure hissed through the air as he shot forward explosively. Everywhere his figure passed, numerous seemingly material afterimages were left behind.

Before the spectators had even reacted to what had happened, Yang Ye’s figure had already appeared in front of An Nanjing, and then Dragonbone emanated a ghastly and cold glow as it instantly arrived before An Nanjing’s throat!

An Nanjing still didn’t move, and Yang Ye’s Dragonbone stabbed through An Nanjing’s throat. However, Yang Ye’s expression had changed instead, and he twisted his wrist to stab Dragonbone backward!


A fist that was pure white like jade arrived behind Yang Ye and collided with his sword, and then a low and muffled bang resounded.

Yang Ye’s entire arm felt extremely numb from the collision. He was just about to turn around when the feeling of danger suddenly arose within him, and then An Nanjing’s figure that remained in front of Yang Ye had suddenly smashed her fist towards him!

Yang Ye’s pupils constricted. Two of her?

He didn’t have the time to think about it He clenched his left fist, and then swiftly smashed it forward to greet An Nanjing’s fist!


Yang Ye took a few steps back.

The spectators below the arena watched this scene with astonishment, and their eyes were filled with disbelief. Even Mo Ke’s brows were knit tightly together, and his eyes were filled with shock and bewilderment!

Because two An Nanjing’s had appeared on the arena!

At this moment, Yang Ye was extremely shocked while he gazed at the two of her. Of course, he wasn’t shocked because there were two of her. Because he who possessed the Enlightened Sword Heart was clearly aware of what exactly was going on right now. Actually, there was only a single An Nanjing, and the other ‘An Nanjing’ was merely a mirage that was formed because her speed was too swift!

Exactly how swift is her speed!?

Right at this moment, An Nanjing’s figure flashed and suddenly arrived in front of Yang Ye, and then her figure trembled slightly. In an instant, five of her appeared in the surroundings and surrounded Yang Ye. Moreover, they launched a punch at him simultaneously, and all of them struck at Yang Ye’s head!

The spectators were astounded yet Yang Ye’s expression was calm. When the fists were only a few inches away from him, Yang Ye suddenly stabbed his sword upward towards the west, and then he stabbed towards the northeast and south. The speed of his stabs was extremely swift, and it was to the point that countless spectators below the arena had been utterly unable to see these attacks clearly. They were only able to see a few shadows of his sword!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Countless low and heavy bangs resounded incessantly. After a short while, the five ‘An Nanjings’ suddenly trembled before four of them dispersed into the air.

“You really do possess the Enlightened Sword Heart!” An Nanjing gradually clenched her right fist and said, “You were actually able to see through my ‘Mirage Shadowstep’. This is good, otherwise, the battle would truly be too boring if you couldn’t see through it. I hope you can continue giving me pleasant surprises!” as soon as she finished speaking, An Nanjing suddenly smashed her fist forward!

In an instant, an energy fist tore through the air and arrived in front of Yang Ye’s head. Yang Ye stabbed his sword at a certain point on the fist, and then a soft bang resounded as it exploded into pieces. However, it had just exploded when the energy fist had shockingly converged in an instant and blasted onto Yang Ye’s chest!


Yang Ye frowned as he took over 10 steps back, and then he looked down and saw that his chest had caved in severely!

“The 9th level of Fist Intent! While the shape is lost, Intent remains! She was actually able to attain the 9th level of Fist Intent at just a little over 20 years ago. She really makes others feel embarrassed about their inferiority. I’m afraid that even the heavens would envy how monstrous her genius is!” Qian Huan spoke with a solemn expression from an unknown spot in the surroundings.

At this moment, Yang Ye’s expression was extremely solemn. Her strength is much stronger than I expected! If my physical body hadn’t been tempered by the Nether Ghostflame and the blood of the four divine beasts, just this punch would have been able to instantly annihilate me!

“Your physical body is pretty good!” An Nanjing took a step forward before she suddenly tapped the tip of her foot on the ground, and then she shot forward explosively like a cheetah that was hunting its prey. A seemingly material afterimage of An Nanjing was left behind on the spot while her body had arrived in front of Yang Ye, and then she didn’t utilize any combat technique and merely smashed her fist forward just like that!

Even though Yang Ye was shocked by An Nanjing’s speed, he’d gotten a little bit accustomed to it. He didn’t dare act carelessly, and Dragonbone flashed like a ray of light as he moved it to block her fist.


An Nanjing’s fist smashed against Dragonbone, and then Dragonbone instantly curved into the shape of a bow. Yang Ye’s expression changed slightly when he saw this. However, right at this moment, An Nanjing’s right leg moved backward a little, and then she suddenly launched her knee towards Yang Ye’s stomach.

Yang Ye’s reaction wasn’t slow, he unfolded his fist and swiftly slapped his palm downward!


His palm felt numb from the collision while Yang Ye himself felt shocked in his heart.

Meanwhile, An Nanjing’s figure flashed and instantly arrived behind him, and then her right leg tore through the sky and caused explosions to resound as it whipped towards Yang Ye’s head.

Yang Ye’s expression changed slightly. He swiftly stomped his right foot on the ground and executed Rapid Shift to vanish on the spot, and then An Nanjing’s fist appeared there just a moment after….

As they watched this scene play out on the arena, the countless spectators below the arena had excited expressions on their faces while their blood boiled!

“As expected of the Enlightened Sword Heart!” An Nanjing gazed at Yang Ye while she nodded lightly. She said, “You’re actually able to see through my attacks every single time. Not bad, only a battle like this is slightly interesting. Be careful because I’m going to start fighting seriously from now on!”

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