Chapter 397 – Her Eyes Are Open!

Almighty Sword Domain

“One!” An Biru did exactly as she said, and she immediately started to count.

Feng Xiu gradually tightened his right palm into a fist, and then a strand of terrifying fluctuations of energy raged incessantly around him. It caused the air around him to warp incessantly, and its impetus was extremely astounding!

“Two!” An Biru’s voice was extremely calm, and it was like she was just counting for fun. However, the expressions of those experts in the surroundings were cold. Especially Feng Xiu, the killing intent in his eyes was seemingly material!

An Biru nodded slightly and said, “Since it’s like that, then stay behind!”

As soon as she finished speaking, a black clothed woman suddenly appeared in front of Feng Xiu, and then a dagger instantly arrived before Feng Xiu’s throat. It was slightly like a bolt of lightning! Of course, most importantly, the terrifying energy contained within the dagger caused a pitch black spatial rift to instantly appear everywhere the dagger passed. Moreover, the pitch black color that appeared from within the pitch black space caused others to shudder with fear!

The expressions of Li Fengyu and the others changed violently when they witnessed this scene because that black clothed woman was at least a third rank Monarch Realm expert!

Feng Xiu’s pupils constricted violently while the hairs on his entire body stood on end. His figure flashed as he vanished on the spot, and then he was over a kilometer away when he appeared again.

“A mere first rank Monarch Realm profounder actually dared to act arrogantly in the Ancient Battlefield!” An Biru’s gaze was icy cold as she said, “Make him stay here forever. I want everyone to see the consequences of offending my An Clan in the Ancient Battlefield!”

The black clothed woman nodded lightly, and then she directly vanished on the spot!

Qian Huan shook his head at the side, and he said to himself, That fellow was really courting death.

Even though Feng Xiu was a Monarch Realm expert as well, there was a difference in strength between Monarch Realm experts! Feng Xiu was merely at the first rank of the Monarch Realm, whereas, that black clothed woman was at the third rank of the Monarch Realm. After all, every single advancement of a rank in the Monarch Realm was as difficult as ascending into the heavens. So, it was practically impossible to surmount a rank of cultivation to do battle in the Monarch Realm. Of course, some extraordinarily monstrous geniuses were an exception to this!

This was also the reason why Feng Xiu hadn’t hesitated to flee when he saw that black clothed woman!

An Biru glanced coldly at the others, and then she turned around to gaze at Yang Ye. “Let’s go!”

“We’re leaving?” Only now did Yang Ye recover from his shock, and then he said, “but what about the Karmic Luck?”

An Biru grinned and said, “The top 3 have been decided, but there are more than 3 positions on the Hidden Dragon Rankings. The remaining positions will be filled by the others behind you. We’ll come here again three days from now, and the Dragon Vein will bestow Karmic Luck upon all of you at that time!”

So that’s how it is. Yang Ye nodded and was just about to say something when the black clothed woman from before had suddenly appeared here. The expressions of everyone in the surroundings changed when they saw the woman again because there was a bloody head in her hand, it was Feng Xiu’s head!

Yang Ye and An Biru left while the battles on the Hidden Dragon Rankings hadn’t come to an end yet. Countless profounders from the human race, devil race, nether race, and demon race started intense battles, and their objective was naturally to obtain the last 7 remaining positions!


At the hall of the An Clan, An Biru and Yang Ye sat opposite each other, and a small table for serving tea resided between them. An Biru raised the teacup on the table and took a light sip from it before she gazed at Yang Ye and said, “Young Master Yang, do you know why I killed Feng Xiu?”

“Was it not because he offended Madam’s Clan?” Yang Ye smiled as he spoke. Even though this beautiful woman was a peerless expert, Yang Ye didn’t feel restricted at all when he was in her company.

An Biru chuckled and said, “That was one of the reasons, but there was an even greater reason. Do you know what it was?”

Yang Ye was truthful and shook his head. He wasn’t acting but was really unaware. Logically speaking, it was impossible for the An Clan to offend an extraordinary sect of the central territory for his sake, but she just happened to have done exactly that, and it was exactly what puzzled him!

An Biru suddenly asked. “Does Young Master Yang possess two Natural Treasures?”

Yang Ye didn’t conceal it, nor could he. So, he immediately nodded.

A wisp of a smile flashed through her eyes when she saw him nod, and then she said, “Young Master Yang is really fortunate to possess two Natural Treasures. But do you know how enticing Natural Treasures are to those old fellows? You’ve exposed the fact that you possess two Natural Treasure, so do you know that countless people have already targeted you? Besides for the sake of Karmic Luck, the reason Feng Xiu was so impatient to forcefully take you into the Clear River Sect was probably mostly because of the Natural Treasures you possess!”

Yang Ye laughed bitterly when he heard this. He naturally understood the principle of refraining from revealing too much wealth. Moreover, Elder Mu had reminded him about it as well. However, it couldn’t be helped. He was utterly unable to fight An Nanjing without exposing them, but he hadn’t expected that it would actually entice those old geezers as well!

Yang Ye couldn’t help but frown when he thought up to here. Because if he were to be targeted by those old geezers, then how could he possibly live a peaceful life anymore?

“You don’t have to worry!” Meanwhile, An Biru smiled and said, “The reason I killed Feng Xiu was to tell everyone that you’re a member of my An Clan. So, harming you is equivalent to going against my An Clan. If they dare to go against my An Clan in the Ancient Battlefield, then they’ll have to think about whether their lives are resilient enough!”

Yang Ye laughed bitterly once more upon hearing this, and besides bitterness, there was slight helplessness on his face as well. However could he not be aware of this woman’s objective? In this way, it was equivalent to him being branded with the symbol of the An Clan. Even though it had dealt with his current problems, who knew if it would cause even more in the future?

However, Yang Ye still felt very grateful to her. Because he wouldn’t even be able to deal with the trouble he faced today if he didn’t have her help.

Yang Ye said, “No matter what, I will definitely not forget this kindness. As for the Karmic Luck, so long as it’s sufficient to save the person I want to save, then the An Clan can have the rest.”

An Biru shook her head and said, “If it was in the past, then I would be very happy upon hearing this. Because that has always been my objective. But now, I want to tell you that I didn’t offend a Ninth Rank Sect without hesitation for Karmic Luck, and it was because I want to make friends with Young Master Yang. Because your value far surpasses that Karmic Luck!”

Yang Ye was stunned, and then he said, “With your strength, you should be able to discern that I don’t have much time left to live, right? Madam An, aren’t you afraid of being unable to reap any rewards from such an investment on me?”

An Biru raised the teacup again and took a light sip before she said, “Could it be that you still haven’t realized? The reason I did all of this was merely to become friends with you. If it wasn’t for that, then do you think I would have offended a Ninth Rank Sect for someone who’d about to die? Moreover, even though you have potential and might be able to dispel the curse of the Heavens to continue living, but you’ll still be of no help to my An Clan for the next few hundred years, right? On the other hand, everything is possible during that time. So, do you understand what I mean?”

Yang Ye was stunned, and then he stared fixedly at her because he was slightly dazed by her words. She wants to become friends with me? A woman with unfathomable strength actually said that she wants to become friends with me? Is she really not playing with me? Or is my charm really that great?

Yang Ye was still dazed when he walked out of the hall….

After Yang Ye left, a black clothed woman appeared behind An Biru and said, “Little Girl, have you made a decision?”

An Biru was slightly stunned, and then a wisp of confusion flashed through her eyes before she said, “Aunt, you’re not wrong. I have to give it a try. It just so happens that I don’t have any ill feelings towards him, so I’ll give it a try….”

In a room, Yang Ye gazed at Xiao Yuxi who laid there on the bed, and a wisp of tenderness flashed through his eyes. He stretched out his hand to stroke her face as he said in a gentle voice, “Yuxi, you’ll be able to wake up in three days from now.”

As soon as he finished speaking, his right hand slowly moved downward and arrived at her chest. Even though he’d done it every single time to transfer his lifespan to her, Yang Ye had to admit that he’d become addicted to that ecstatic feeling.

When compared to the past, Yang Ye’s speed at removing her clothes was much faster, and only a few breaths of time had passed when Xiao Yuxi’s figure was completely bared before his eyes.

As he gazed at her figure, a strand of the flames of desire suddenly arose from his nether regions, and then he gradually pressed his body down towards her. They had just become one when Xiao Yuxi’s beautiful brows suddenly knit together slightly, and then her eyes opened up slowly….

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