Chapter 398 – Sword Servant!

Almighty Sword Domain

When he saw her suddenly open her eyes, Yang Ye was first delighted, and then his mind was blank.

He gazed at Xiao Yuxi while she gazed at him, and they just looked at each other like that.

After an unknown period, Xiao Yuxi seemed to be aware of what sort of situation they were in right now. A wisp of disappointment had appeared in her eyes, and then two streams of clear tears slowly seeped out from her eyes. As they rolled down her face that was pure as jade, they seemed like the purest pearls in the world and were crystalline and translucent.

Yang Ye’s heart hurt when he saw those tears. He naturally knew why she was crying. Because anyone would think that he’d taken advantage of her upon witnessing such a scene, so it was normal for her to misunderstand!

Yang Ye lowered his body to peck her red lips lightly, and then he said in a light voice. “Can I explain?”

Xiao Yuxi didn’t speak, and she just gazed at Yang Ye. Besides calmness, there was even coldness and indifference in her eyes!

Yang Ye sighed lightly in his heart, and then he started to describe everything that had occurred since Xiao Yuxi fell unconscious. He didn’t conceal anything because he didn’t want any barriers to exist between them.

As Yang Ye described it to her, there was finally some fluctuation in her eyes. When she heard that Yang Ye had sacrificed his lifespan and was cursed by the heavens as well in order to save her, the icy cold indifference in her eyes had vanished completely. Only crystalline pearls of tears remained in her eyes.

No one had a better understanding of what the curse of the heavens represented. Because her Xiao Clan had been cursed by the heavens for generations. All those from the Xiao Clan who suffered from the curse had never been able to avoid suffering, and this included her and her father. Her father had been born blind, and it was a blindness that couldn’t be cured by anything. On the other hand, she only had less than a year of lifespan when she was born. If her father hadn’t exhausted all the resources of the Xiao Clan to search for treasures to extend her lifespan, then she would have died a long time ago!

Even if she’d survived until now, she had white hair at such a young age….

Now, Yang Ye had suffered the curse of the heavens to save her, and he only had a few years of lifespan left….

When she thought up to here, the tears in her eyes surged out like an endless torrent, and it instantly caused her pure face to be covered in tears!

Yang Ye kissed her tear covered face and said gently, “Don’t cry, I’ve found a method to heal you. When I obtain the Karmic Luck from the Hidden Dragon Pagoda tomorrow, it’ll be able to offset the curse you suffer. At that you, you’ll….”

Suddenly, a pure white finger had pressed down onto his lips, and then Xiao Yuxi shook her head lightly before she slowly moved her hand to stroke the greying hair by Yang Ye’s ears. Tears flowed once more from her eyes while she gazed at the hair there which was turning snow white.

“Yuxi….” Yang Ye was about to say something when a pair of hands wrapped themselves around his neck, and then he felt softness touch his lips. After that, Xiao Yuxi’s voice resounded by his ear. “You’re not allowed to exhaust your lifespan with that mutual cultivation technique anymore. Otherwise, I’ll kill you!”

Yang Ye was stunned. Right at this moment, Xiao Yuxi’s lips pressed down onto his own once more. In an instant, the flames of desire blazed….


After an unknown period, Yang Ye walked out of the room with a smile on his face. He raised his head to gaze at a large white cloud that was floating on the horizon and grinned while seeming to be indescribably satisfied. He said, “So there's such a huge difference when we do it together.... Unfortunately, she was only conscious for a short period. Alas, three days is a really long period to wait!”

Even though Xiao Yuxi had awoken, it was only a short moment of consciousness. The injuries throughout her bodies hadn’t been recuperated completely, and her body was still extremely weak. Coupled with the fact that she ‘fought a great battle’ with Yang Ye just now and had been ‘wrecked’ by him, so she’d fallen asleep again. But she was only asleep, and she wasn’t unconscious like she had been in the past!

Yang Ye stood on the spot for a while, and then he seemed to have thought of something. So, he returned to the room An Biru had arranged for him, closed the door, and then summoned the Sword Spirit of the ancient sheathe.

“How’s it going with Mo Qingyu and Mu Jun?” asked Yang Ye. He still remembered the Soul Puppetry technique that she spoke of, and he didn’t want to give up on two extraordinary puppets.

The Sword Spirit nodded slightly and said, “I’ve repaired their souls, and I’ve even extracted their consciousnesses. Now, you just have to act according to the technique I provide you and take control of them!”

“Then let’s begin!” said Yang Ye.

The Sword Spirit nodded, and then she flicked with her finger, causing a blue ray of light to enter Yang Ye’s mind. Yang Ye frowned as some strange pieces of information appeared in his mind….

After around an hour passed, Yang Ye’s brows had gradually eased up, and then another short moment passed before Yang Ye slowly opened his eyes.

When she saw this, the Sword Spirit waved her right hand, and then both Mo Qingyu and Mu Jun appeared in front of Yang Ye. Both of them seemed like living people based on their outward appearance, but their eyes were empty and without any emotion.

Yang Ye walked over to the two of them before he tapped the center of their foreheads with both his hands. In an instant, a strand of dark blue energy gradually entered their body, and then color slowly appeared within their empty eyes. After around 15 minutes passed, their gazes were exactly the same as an ordinary person!

“Master!” The two of them knelt before Yang Ye with an extremely respectful expression on their faces.

Yang Ye couldn’t help but sigh with emotion as he gazed at them. This Soul Puppetry technique that the Sword Emperor from all those years created is truly miraculous.

Because if he wasn’t aware that they were dead, he would definitely not believe that two ‘dead people’ were right in front of him.

Yang Ye shook his head. He knew that it wasn’t the time to care about whether they were dead or alive, and he was only concerned about their combat strengths. So, he immediately asked the Sword Spirit. “How are their strengths when compared to before?”

The Sword Spirit pondered deeply for a moment before she said, “It’s naturally slightly inferior when compared to when they were alive. However, it isn’t much inferior. Moreover, you can ceaselessly improve their strengths. But you must remember that you can’t allow their strengths to surpass your own. Otherwise, it’s very likely that they’ll turn on you.”

Yang Ye nodded, and then he asked Mo Qingyu to sit cross-legged at the side and start to cultivate, whereas, he kept Mu Jun within the tiny vortex instead. Mo Qingyu was still at the peak of the King Realm. Her strength could be said to have been very good before this, but in his opinion, it was quite weak right now. So, the important matter at hand was to make Mo Qingyu advance into the Spirit Realm!

A sword cultivator at the Spirit Realm who had even comprehended 8th level Sword Intent, such a puppet was extremely helpful to him! Of course, Mu Jun wasn’t inferior as well because he possessed countless high-level combat techniques. Yang Ye believed that even a third rank or fifth rank Spirit Realm expert might not be able to defeat Mu Jun!

When he thought about Mu Jun, it made Yang Ye recall something, and it was the Mortal Emperor Armor, the Mortal Emperor Seal, and the spatial ring that he’d obtained after he killed Mu Jun!

With a flip of his palm, Mu Jun’s spatial ring appeared in his grasp, and then his Spiritual Energy seeped into it.

Yang Ye's eyes instantly lit up when he saw the contents of the spatial ring.

There were actually over 200,000 energy stones there! Moreover, there were over 20 top-grade energy stones as well! Besides energy stones, there were all over 100 types of various natural treasures of the heavens and the earth, and most of them were at the Earth Rank while there were quite a few at the Heaven Rank as well.

On the other hand, the amount of Dark Treasures within the spatial ring had shocked Yang Ye to the point his jaw had almost hit the floor! There were actually five low-grade Heaven Rank Dark Treasures amongst them, and two of them were swords while the other three were respectively a saber, a whip, and a spear! As for Earth Rank Dark Treasures, there were over 500 of them, and they came in all forms, causing Yang Ye to be dazed by this sight!

Yang Ye had once felt that he’d experienced the world and what it had to offer, but only when he saw Mu Jun’s wealth did he realize that he was actually a pauper! What was a truly wealthy person like? It was like Mu Jun! He really deserved to be the crown prince of an extraordinary empire in the central territory.

Of course, even though these treasures were precious, they were much more inferior when compared to the Mortal Emperor Armor and Mortal Emperor Seal. No, it should be said that they couldn’t be compared at all!

Yang Ye put the spatial ring away, and then the Mortal Emperor Seal and Mortal Emperor Armor appeared in his hands. Yang Ye’s gaze descended onto the armor first. The armor was extremely terrifying, and he’d personally witnessed how terrifying it was because he would probably be unable to do anything to Mu Jun without relying on his Sword Domain!

Yang Ye hesitated for a moment before he wore the Mortal Emperor Armor. He absolutely refused to waste such a treasure because it could absolutely save his life at a critical moment!

As soon as he wore the armor, a small golden dragon had suddenly appeared within it, and then it suddenly constricted around Yang Ye’s waist, causing his expression to instantly change!

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