Chapter 409 – Doom!

Almighty Sword Domain

A black clothed figure suddenly appeared behind Luo Yan. The figure had appeared soundlessly just like that, and then a strand of cold light instantly arrived at Luo Yan’s neck. The hairs on Luo Yan’s entire body stood on end. As a Monarch Realm expert, his reaction wasn’t slow at all, and he instantly appeared 300m away. However, that black clothed figure followed closely behind him!

Luo Yan was horrified because he noticed that the black clothed person was at least at the third rank of the Monarch Realm or even higher! But he had merely stepped foot into the Monarch Realm not too long ago. So, how could he be a match for a third rank Monarch Realm expert? Especially when it was a third rank Monarch Realm assassin?

Luo Yan had the intention to retreat when he figures all of this out, but that thought had just appeared in his heart when a dagger had swept past his neck, and then his figure stiffened on the spot. There was disbelief in his eyes as he said, “You’re the Assassin Sovereign….” Luo Yan was dead after he finished speaking these words!

Besides Xiao Tianji, the expressions of all the other profounders had changed when they heard Luo Yan’s last words, and their gazes were filled with fear and terror as they gazed at the black clothed figure!

A few hundred years ago, the Assassin Sovereign was a title that made countless experts in the entire continent reveal fear from merely mentioning the title!

It was a legend, a true legend.

Because according to rumor, besides those extraordinary seniors who lived in seclusion, there was no other existence that the Assassin Sovereign couldn’t kill. Perhaps it was a rumor to many profounders, but those representatives of the various sects were very clearly aware that it wasn’t a rumor at all. It was a fact! Because a fifth rank Monarch Realm expert of the central territory had perished at her hand!

Besides that fifth rank Monarch Realm expert, many other experts had perished at the hands of the Assassin Sovereign, and all of those experts were at the Monarch Realm.

The reason this assassin had attained the title of Assassin Sovereign was because she’d assassinated the Sect Master of a Seventh Rank Sect, and it caused a sixth rank Monarch Realm senior of that sect to leave his secluded cultivation to pursue her. However, the outcome was that the senior at the sixth rank of the Monarch Realm had perished…. From that moment onward, the title of Assassin Sovereign had appeared on the continent!

Yang Ye’s brows knit together tightly. He didn’t know anything about the Assassin Sovereign, and he merely knew that he recognized the black clothed figure. Because the black clothed figure was the very same black clothed figure who was always by An Biru’s side. He knew that the black clothed figure was very strong, but he hadn’t imagined that the black clothed figure would actually be that formidable. After all, a Monarch Realm expert had actually perished just like that in a few breaths of time….

Besides that, Yang Ye wondered if it was An Biru’s orders to kill Luo Yan.

After she killed Luo Yan, the black clothed figure turned around to look at An Nanjing. Even though everyone couldn’t see her face, they were able to sense that she was looking at An Nanjing. Before long, the black clothed figure walked slowly towards An Nanjing. The others in the surroundings were shocked when they witnessed this scene. Could the Assassin Sovereign be intending to kill the Martial God, An Nanjing?

An Nanjing’s expression was calm and tranquil!

The black clothed figure stopped upon arriving around 20m away from An Nanjing, and she gazed at An Nanjing for a short while before she suddenly said, “I’m really unable to stop myself from wanting to kill you on many occasions! Because if you were to mature, then no one beneath this sky can stop you. At that time, you’ll definitely be a calamity to my An Clan. But I know that I can’t kill you, and I even have to protect you on many occasions. Because you might be the An Clan’s last hope.”

The black clothed figure’s words were slightly conflicting, and outsiders might be confused upon hearing it. However, An Nanjing wasn’t. because the 1st An Clan she spoke of was the southern An Clan, and the 2nd An Clan she spoke of included both the An Clans!

An Nanjing said, “I don’t want to bother about the matters within the clan, nor am I interested in it. All of that is meaningless, don’t you think?”

The black clothed figure stared at An Nanjing for a short while before she said, “If you appeared 100 years earlier, then I would definitely kill you before you matured. But as you said, those trivial matters within the An Clan are meaningless now!”

As soon as she finished speaking, the black clothed figure’s gaze descended onto Yang Ye as she said, “No matter how mysterious you are or who is protecting you, I’ll definitely take your life if you dare to betray and disappoint her!” As soon as she finished speaking, she instantly vanished on the spot.

Yang Ye smiled bitterly when he heard this. He naturally understood who that ‘her’ referred to. Now, he was finally certain that it should have been An Biru who had ordered the black clothed figure to make an appearance here and kill Luo Yan. So, Yang Ye’s heart felt warm when he thought up to here.

As if he’d thought of something, Yang Ye raised his head to gaze at Luo Feng. He hadn’t forgotten that this fellow had come to look for trouble with him. Now that Luo Yan was dead, this fellow didn’t have anyone else to rely on, so it was the best opportunity to kill Luo Feng.

However, Xiao Tianji suddenly said when Yang Ye was about to act, “Spare his life for now!”

“Why?” Yang Ye was puzzled.

Xiao Tianji said, “You had sufficient reason to kill Mu Jun, and Luo Yan’s death isn’t related to you at all. So, the Exalted Han Empire doesn’t have an excuse or reason to look for trouble with you while I’m by your side. At least not openly. However, if you kill him, then the Exalted Han Empire will have sufficient reason to openly act against you. Even though your current strength isn’t bad, it’s still too weak when facing the Exalted Han Empire!”

Yang Ye hesitated for a short while and didn’t attack in the end. In the near future, he would definitely enter into conflict with the powers of the southern territory upon returning there. So, it was undoubtedly unwise to offend the Exalted Han Empire right now. However, he couldn’t let Luo Feng go just like that, otherwise, wouldn’t have Luo Feng got off too easily?

“Hand your spatial ring over and I’ll let you leave with your life! Don’t even try to spout nonsense if you don’t want to die!” Yang Ye’s Sword Intent sprayed out and locked onto Luo Feng. His sharp and fierce Sword Intent was seemingly material as it raged throughout the surroundings, and it caused Luo Feng’s expression to instantly change.

Now, he finally believed that Mu Jun had died at Yang Ye’s hands. Not to mention anything else, just Yang Ye’s Sword Intent was something he had no choice but to fear! Sword cultivators who had comprehended Sword Intent were existences that no profounder didn’t fear, especially when they were in the same realm of cultivation!

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed when he saw Luo Feng remain silent, and then Dragonbone appeared in his grasp. He wouldn’t hesitate to swing his sword if Luo Feng refused. As for the Exalted Han Empire, he didn’t really care. Because in any case, he didn’t believe they would let him go. After all, he’d killed the Emperor’s son!

Luo Feng’s eyelids twitched when he saw Yang Ye withdraw his sword. Obviously, he hadn’t expected that Yang Ye would actually arouse killing intent towards him. Is this fellow not afraid of the Exalted Han Empire’s revenge?

As for his spatial ring, he naturally wouldn’t give it up. After all, if he did, then he would lose face for the Exalted Han Empire, and he couldn’t bear the responsibility for such a crime!

Right when Yang Ye was about to attack, Xiao Tianji shook his head and waved his hand. The spatial ring Luo Feng wore instantly flew into his palm, and he tossed it to Yang Ye before he said to Luo Feng, “Do you still intend to stay?”

Luo Feng glanced coldly at Yang Ye, and then he led those three beauties along as he turned around and left.

Yang Ye grunted coldly, and then he nodded lightly towards the crowd. After that, a black shadow instantly vanished from amidst the crowd.

He couldn’t kill Luo Feng in the open, but it shouldn’t be a problem if it were done in secret! So, he naturally intended to seize this opportunity and annihilate Luo Feng. After all, Yang Ye was one who refused to set his enemies free to breed a calamity for the future!

Xiao Tianji looked at Qian Huan and said indifferently, “Elder Qian, the Hidden Dragon Rankings has come to an end. So, begin the ceremony and allow the Karmic Luck to bestowed upon these young geniuses!”

Qian Huan glanced at Xiao Tianji, and he was very puzzled in his heart. Why would Xiao Tianji possibly betroth his daughter to Yang Ye? With his strength, he should be able to discern Yang Ye’s lifespan. Since he can discern it, then why has he still acted in this way? Moreover, he didn’t hesitate to offend a colossus like the Exalted Han Empire for Yang Ye?

Qian Huan was unable to figure it out. He shook his head before he raised his hands in front of him, and then a strand of strange energy suddenly appeared in the surroundings. After that, the ground in the distance suddenly split apart before an enormous white dragon suddenly shot into the sky from beneath the ground.

The profounders on the arena instantly became extremely excited upon catching sight of the enormous white dragon. Because after this period of battles, it was finally the time for them to reap the fruits of their labor!

At this moment, Yang Ye was quite excited as well because Xiao Yuxi could finally awaken for real. Moreover, his mother, younger sister, and Qingshi could obtain the blessings of Karmic Luck as well….

Their fates should improve slightly once they obtain Karmic Luck, right? Especially mother and Little Yao….

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