Chapter 410 – White Dragon!

Almighty Sword Domain

The enormous white dragon looked down at all of them from midair. Its gaze moved incessantly through the crowd as if it was looking for something. Suddenly, its gaze descended onto Yang Ye, and then bewilderment and hesitation appeared in its eyes as it gazed at Yang Ye.

Yang Ye frowned slightly as he gazed at the enormous dragon in midair. He kept having the feeling that it was looking at him, and that feeling was very strong. Could it be that it’s attracted by the tiny vortex? Yang Ye suddenly thought of this. After all, regardless of whether it was to Natural Treasures of variant beasts like the little fellow, the tiny vortex was extremely attractive to them all!

In short, there hadn’t been anything that could resist the tiny vortex’s charm until now!

When he thought up to here, Yang Ye hesitated for a moment before he urged the tiny vortex to circulate, and then violet profound energy started circulating slowly. Right at this moment, the enormous pupils of the white dragon suddenly constricted violently, and then excitement and wild joy appeared in its eyes!

Yang Ye was delighted when he witnessed this scene. As expected, the Dragon Vein is really attracted by the tiny vortex.

Meanwhile, the enormous white dragon suddenly roared towards the crowd below it. In an instant, strands of white energy drifted down slowly from midair and descended onto them. As soon as the white energy came into contact with them, they instantly revealed an intoxicated expression.

Yang Ye was filled with happiness when he sensed the white energy flowing into him. He knew that this was the Karmic Luck that others spoke of. However, he was puzzled because the white energy had vanished upon entering his body. In the beginning, he thought that it was the tiny vortex that did it, but when he checked the state of the tiny vortex, he noticed that the white energy wasn’t present within the tiny vortex as well!

However, he was able to sense that the white energy was still within his body!

After a short while passed, Yang Ye shook his head as he’d decided not to think about all of this. Xiao Yuxi’s figure appeared in his mind. As soon as he thought of Xiao Yuxi, Yang Ye felt that like he’d lost something he possessed. Yang Ye was delighted by this feeling because he knew that it was really as Elder Mu had said, the Karmic Luck he received could be bestowed upon others. As the Karmic Luck was transferred incessantly to Xiao Yuxi, Yang Ye noticed that there were slight changes in Xiao Yuxi’s state, and her pale hair was gradually transforming into a normal jet black color….

Even though Xiao Tianji had an extremely calm expression as he stood at the side, he’d unconsciously clenched his right fist tightly, and it clearly displayed how his heart wasn’t calm at all!

After around an hour passed, besides Yang Ye, An Nanjing, and Mo Ke, all the other profounders by their sides had completely consumed the Karmic Luck they received. They’d moved aside and were gazing at Yang Ye and the others with admiration. The Karmic Luck received by the top 3 would last for an entire two hours more than them! Especially the 1st, the Karmic Luck the 1st received would last for an entire four hours more than them! So, the amount of Karmic Luck he gained more than their own was countless times greater….

After a very long time passed, only Yang Ye remained on the arena to receive the Karmic Luck from the enormous white dragon. As Karmic Luck flowed incessantly into Xiao Yuxi’s body, 90% of her white hair had already turned jet black.

After around another 15 minutes passed, she gradually opened her eyes, and she was stunned for a moment. She turned to gaze at the little fellow who was enveloped by a barrier of violet light, and then she gazed at the surroundings while a dazed expression remained in her eyes.

When she awoke that day, she’d been in Yang Ye’s room, and she’d fallen unconscious there as well. So, Xiao Yuxi was utterly unaware of the tiny vortex’s existence. Now, when she woke up and noticed that she was in an unfamiliar environment and Yang Ye wasn’t by her side, she couldn’t help but feel slightly dazed and perturbed.

Fortunately, she saw the little fellow, the violet mink. She knew that while this place was very strange, it was definitely safe. Because Yang Ye would definitely not place her and the little fellow in an unsafe place. But where is Yang Ye?

Suddenly, she seemed to have sensed something, and she grabbed a strand of her hair and pulled it in front of her. Xiao Yuxi was immediately stunned when she noticed that her hair was black in color….

Yang Ye was filled with happiness when he saw Xiao Yuxi wake up. Presently, the curse on Xiao Yuxi had been negated by the Karmic Luck, so she would be able to obtain an increased lifespan if she was able to break through in her cultivation.

As he gazed at Xiao Yuxi who seemed to be dazed within the tiny vortex, Yang Ye smiled before his mother, younger sister, and Bao’er’s images appeared in his mind. Of course, Su Qingshi, Qin Xiyue, and An Biru’s images had appeared in his mind as well. All of them could be said to be people he cared about, so he naturally hoped that they would possess great Karmic Luck and be blessed by the heavens!

Suddenly, Yang Ye frowned because his mother’s image had abruptly vanished from his mind. While he was being bestowed with Karmic Luck, he knew that when he thought of the person who he wanted to share the Karmic Luck with, then he would be able to sense a very strange link between him and that person. That link was like a fine string that connected the two of them, and he had that exact same feeling when he shared Karmic Luck with Xiao Yuxi just now!

Yet now, that string between him and his mother… it should be said that there was no string at all. Why has this happened?

Right at this moment, the scene before him suddenly changed, and he appeared within a grey and misty world.

Yang Ye’s expression changed. Right at this moment, a small white dragon appeared in front of Yang Ye, and Yang Ye was stunned upon catching sight of it. Because it was actually exactly similar to the enormous dragon from before, and it was merely much smaller!

“Human, there’s no need to be anxious. I carry no ill intent towards you!” The small white dragon spoke in the human tongue, and it caused Yang Ye to be stunned once more.

After a short while passed, Yang Ye suppressed the bewilderment and shock in his heart before he said, “You’re the Dragon Vein?”

The small white dragon nodded.

“Where are we?” asked Yang Ye.

The small white dragon said, “This is a Consciousness Zone I established, and we’re communicating directly via our consciousness. The outside world is completely unaware of everything that’s occurring here.”

“Did you bring me in here because you had something to say to me?” Actually, Yang Ye already knew why the small dragon had brought him here.

The dragon pondered deeply for a long while before it said, “Human, I sensed an aura that tempts me coming from you. I don’t know what it is, but I do not doubt that it can improve my strength. Or perhaps I should say that you can help me.”

“I can help you? What do you mean?” Yang Ye was puzzled.

The dragon fell silent for a short while before it revealed a ferocious expression and said, “I’ve been imprisoned here for countless years. I’ve been enslaved here by your human race, and I’m forced to ceaselessly provide Karmic Luck to your human race. Hah! Greedy humans! You’ll suffer retribution one day!”

“You were imprisoned?” Yang Ye was shocked. It’s imprisoned! This Dragon Vein was actually imprisoned…. But he immediately came to an understanding when he thought about it. After all, the Dragon Vein could actually provide Karmic Luck and produce such extremely dense energy, so would any sect let it slip by?

It would be fine if the Dragon Vein hadn’t formed a consciousness of its own and taken form. Unfortunately, it had formed a consciousness and was able to take form. In other words, it was a tragedy for the Dragon Vein. After all, it would be a tragedy for anyone who was imprisoned for over 10,000 years!

“My current strength is comparable to a first rank Monarch Realm expert of your human race. I’ll be able to charge through this seal once I’ve attained the second rank of the Monarch Realm!” Said the dragon.

“Even if you do charge out of the seal, where could you possibly go?” Yang Ye said, “You should be clearly aware that you don’t belong to the human race, demon race, or any other race. So, where can you go once you leave this place? Once you leave, you’ll have to face endless pursuit, right?”

The small white dragon fell silent.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye said, “Besides that, let’s forget about whether I can help you or not. Even if I’m able to help you, have you thought about what I would be able to gain from helping you escape? Not only would I gain no benefits, I would even become the enemy of those large sects. What do you think?”

The dragon suddenly said, “I’ll give you those benefits you seek if you’re able to help me!”

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “Do you still don’t understand what I mean? It isn’t about benefits, and it’s still about my question from before. Where could you possibly go even if you escape this place?”

Yang Ye could be said to have noticed that while the small white dragon had lived for countless years, its disposition was probably equivalent to that of a child. After all, it hadn’t come into contact with the people or living beings in the outside world.

“Then what do you think I should do!” The white dragon had thought for a long time yet couldn’t think of anything, so it could only ask Yang Ye.

The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth instantly curled up slightly when he heard the small white dragon, and then it formed into a slight smile….

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