Chapter 418 – I Won’t Kill You!

Almighty Sword Domain

Gui Yu and the middle aged man by his side had extremely gloomy expressions on their faces as they gazed at the 30 plus corpses of their fellow disciples lying on the ground.

Less than two breaths of time had passed since those shrill cries had resounded from these disciples of the Ghost Sect and they found the bodies. However, even with such speed, they were still unable to notice who had killed these disciples, and it was even to the extent they hadn’t even noticed a shadow.

All of these disciples were experts at the peak of the King Realm, yet such experts didn’t even have the ability to resist before they’d been killed!

“It’s not just one enemy!” Gui Yu said in a low voice, “Gui Hao, you possess extensive knowledge. Have you noticed anything?”

The middle aged man called Gui Hao shook his head and said, “You’re right, it’s not just one enemy, but it’s impossible to know exactly how many of them there are. Because I’ve investigated the surroundings and there are no traces at all. There isn’t even a trace of aura. But there’s one thing I’m sure of, it was assassins who’d killed them, and it was a group of professional assassins!”

“It was the work of professional assassins indeed!” Gui Yu said, “Their methods were extremely sharp and direct. All of them were killed with a single slit at the neck, and these disciples were able to let out shrill cries was probably because they’d done so on purpose. They intend to throw us into disorder and create more opportunities for them to assassinate our forces!”

Gui Hai remained silent for a long time before he said, “Notify all the disciples to form groups of five and maintain a vigilant state at all times. Gui Yu, we’ll go investigate instead. Let me see exactly which power has made a move against out Ghost Sect!”

“Ah!!” Right at this moment, a shrill cry resounded from a disciple of the ghost sect who was around 100m to the right of them. Everyone in the surroundings was shocked and swiftly turned around to look towards the source of the sound. There was a headless disciple there, and blood was spraying like a fountain from his neck. However, the person who killed this disciple of the ghost sect was already gone….

All the disciples of the Ghost Sect felt terrified when they witnessed this scene!

A disciple had been killed right beneath their noses, yet they hadn’t even caught sight of the culprit’s shadow. So, how could they not be horrified?

Gui Yu and Gui Hao exchanged glances, and they saw a serious expression in each other’s eyes. An assassin was so close to them, yet they hadn’t noticed at all, and they still hadn’t noticed the assassin after a disciple on their side had been killed….

At this moment, both of them had become serious. Because the slightest carelessness might cause them to lose their lives here.

“10 in a group and every group must have two Spirit Realm experts!” Gui Hao spoke in a deep voice. “Every single group must not be more than 60m away from another. Everyone must maintain full vigilance. We’ll move backward swiftly and leave this forest as soon as possible!”

At this moment, Gui Hao was very regretful in his heart. He regretted setting up camp in this forest. The forest here was dense, so it was undoubtedly the best spot for assassins to carry out assassinations. After all, there were too many objects to be utilized as cover!

If it were on level ground, the assassins would absolutely not dare to act so fearlessly!

The other disciples of the Ghost Sect seemed to understand this principle as well, and they immediately moved backward.

On a thick tree, Ye Yun gazed at those disciples of the Ghost Sect who were retreating, and then a wisp of a complacent smile immediately arose on the corners of his mouth. He said, “Zhang Liu, it’s your time to shine.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he glanced at the Specter Set he wore and said, “They really are amazing treasures. With this set in my possession, I can even assassinate peak Spirit Realm experts, right? Haha….” As soon as he finished speaking, Ye Yun’s figure flashed like a shadow and vanished on the spot.

They could still kill these disciples of the Ghost Sect without the Specter Sect, but they could absolutely not accomplish it soundlessly and to the point their enemies couldn’t even catch their shadow!

The Specter Set was simply like wings on a tiger to them!

Right when Ye Yun had just left, Yang Ye, An Nanjing, and those two Exalt Realm assassins had appeared here. When he saw the members of the Ghost Sect retreat like a receding tide, he said, “Not bad, This leader of the Ghost Sect isn’t an idiot. Unfortunately, it’s too late to retreat now!”

“According to my knowledge, you seem to be capable of summoning flying Darkbeasts. Since it’s like that, then why don’t you summon them and return directly to the southern territory?” An Nanjing said, “Why take all the trouble to kill your way back!?”

Yang Ye grinned and said, “Don’t you think we can take it as a form of training and tempering? Moreover, those fellows who want to kill me aren’t aware that I actually really want to kill them as well. Since they’ve given me such an opportunity and dispatched their members to give their lives away to me, then why shouldn’t I kill them? This time, I intend to annihilate every single profounder that has come to kill me!”

When he spoke up to here, Yang Ye’s expression was icy cold.

An Nanjing shook her head and said, “Amongst the Sword Emperors in history, only you seem to be the most pitiable and have made enemies out of everyone! After all, every single Sword Emperor of the past has been someone that all the powers fight madly in order to recruit, yet you are one who is being madly pursued by all the powers with the intention to kill. Could it be that you were destined for loneliness and misfortune?”

The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched. Since when has she known how to crack jokes? After all, she’d remained silent throughout their journey even if he’d tried to start a conversation, and she’d treated him like he didn’t exist.

Yang Ye disregarded An Nanjing’s insult, and he turned around to glance at the two black robed women while a wisp of helplessness flashed through his eyes. In the beginning, he was extremely happy when An Biru had sent them with him. After all, wouldn’t he be able to kill all his enemies all along the way when he had them by his side? However, reality wasn’t as he’d expected. Because they were merely responsible for him safety, and they completely disregarded everything else….

Simply speaking, they didn’t obey him at all!

Yang Ye shook his head, suppressed the depression he felt, and then led the three of them forward.

At this moment, Gui Hai and Gui Yu had extremely unsightly expressions on their faces. Because almost another 50 disciples of the Ghost Sect had perished in a short period of less than 15 minutes!

These assassins were really terrifying and shocking! Because they made no sound and had no aura. It was like they weren’t alive! It was only possible to notice them and realize there had been someone by one’s side at the moment they attacked! Moreover, they swiftly vanished like ghosts once they’d assassinated their targets. So, all the members of the Ghost Sect were helpless against them!

In the beginning, the disciples of the Ghost Sect were still thinking about revenge. They’d thought of dragging these assassins out once they left the forest, and then they would torture the assassins to death! Yet now, they’d completely lost that thought. Now, they were only thinking about escaping this forest and getting far away from these terrifying assassins. 

They would absolutely not fear these assassins if it was a head-on battle. Unfortunately, it wasn’t. At this moment, they were like prey that were being pursued by hunters, and the only way to survive was to run faster!

Actually, death wasn’t really terrifying at most times, and it was the process of death which was terrifying. As they watched their companions die in succession and die in such a strange manner, all the disciples of the Ghost Sect were truly terrified. Because up until now, they still hadn’t noticed even the shadow of their enemies!

After around an hour passed, less than 50 members of the Ghost Sect remained. These 50 were the elites amongst all the forces that had been dispatched from the Ghost Sect, and most of them were Spirit Realm experts! In other words, practically all the weaker disciples had been annihilated, and only the elites remained!

Ye Yun and the others didn’t continue attacking because they were waiting for a good opportunity. After all, most of these 50 experts were at the Spirit Realm, so while they might be able to assassinate these 50 experts, they were unable to accomplish it without making a sound or leaving a trace behind.

So, they were waiting for an opportunity. In any case, it was impossible for these fellows to escape the vast mountain range, right?

At this moment, Gui Hai and the others were exercising extremely high vigilance. Every single nerve in their bodies was tense, and even the slightest unusual movement would cause them to attack decisively.

At this moment, all of them had cursed Elder Li’s entire family all the way up to his ancestors. After all, if he hadn’t misused his authority to take revenge on a personal enemy of his, then how could they have possibly come to the Ancient Battlefield? If they hadn’t come here, then how could so many of them had died? Death was fine, but the most laughable part was that they still hadn’t been able to figure out who the people killing them were or which power they were from!

There was nothing more aggrieving than this!

Suddenly, Gui Hao’s pupils constricted while a strong feeling of danger suddenly surged out from the bottom of his heart. He instinctively flashed over 10m to the side, and he’d just dodged when a black clothed figure suddenly appeared where he was standing just now. Moreover, a dagger that was suffused with a ghastly cold glow had arrived along with the black clothed figure!

“Eh?” The black clothed person was slightly surprised when it noticed Gui Hao had actually dodged in advance, and then his figure shook slightly before he instantly vanished on the spot and flashed backward.

Gui Hao would naturally not let the assassin go. He immediately shouted furiously and charged towards the black clothed person. The others were slightly stunned, and then they chased after Gui Hao and the black clothed figure!

After so long, the black clothed figure had finally failed and exposed himself, so how could they let such an opportunity slip by?

Earlier, these disciples hadn’t been more than 1.5m away from each other in order to take precautions against the assassins. But now, because some disciples had weaker strengths or were weaker when it came to speed, a gap had instantly been formed between them while they chased after the black clothed figure….

Suddenly, the figure of one of the disciples stiffened on the spot. This disciple’s eyes were open wide while they were filled with disbelief, and an extremely striking wisp of scarlet red could be seen on his neck….

After that, the figure of another froze on the spot….

Next, a shocking scene appeared. Numerous black clothed figures flashed incessantly throughout the surroundings before disciples of the Ghost Sect fell one by one. In just over 10 breaths of time, only 5 remained from the 50 disciples of the Ghost Sect!

Gui Hao and the others stopped and didn’t continue their pursuit. At this moment, how could they be unable to realize that they’d fallen for a trap? The reason that assassin from before had exposed himself was actually to throw them into disorder, split them apart, and kill them….

Unfortunately, they’d realized a little too late!

Right at this moment, countless black clothed figures appeared around them. These black clothed figures surrounded the five of them, and then a man and a woman appeared within their fields of vision.

“You’re Yang Ye!” Gui Hao gazed at the man as he spoke in a heavy voice.

Yang Ye said, “Answer a question of mine and I won’t kill all of you, alright?”

The corners of Ye Yun’s mouth twitched because he didn’t believe Yang Ye at all….

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