Chapter 419 – Exposed!

Almighty Sword Domain

“What’s the question!?” Ye Yun and the others didn’t believe Yang Ye, but those members of the Ghost Sect did, and one of the Spirit Realm experts amongst them had immediately asked this question.

At this moment, they had no paths of retreat. Charge out of the encirclement? Was that even possible? So, when they heard what Yang Ye had said, it had undoubtedly become their final shred of hope.

“Are there Exalt Realm experts amongst the forces from the Flower Palace and Origin School?” asked Yang Ye in a low voice. He had to find out the answer to this question. After all, enemies at the Spirit Realm and King Realm could be given to these brothers of his to temper themselves. However, these brothers of his would only be going to give their lives away if they went against Exalt Realm experts….

So, he had to get a clear answer.

Meanwhile, Gui Yu suddenly said, “Will you really let us go once we answer your question?”

Gui Yu had just finished speaking when Yang Ye suddenly vanished on the spot. Gui Yu’s pupils constricted and was just about to act, but it was already too late. A sword pierced through his chest, and it immediately shattered the internal organs and vitality within him.

The expressions of Gui Hao and the others changed, and their eyes were filled with shock and terror as they gazed at Yang Ye who’d returned to where he stood a moment before this. What formidable speed! What formidable Sword Intent!Yang Ye sheathed his sword and glanced at them before he said, “All of you don’t have a choice, understand? Feel free to attack or even detonate yourselves if you want to die. Don’t worry, I’m absolutely confident in my ability to end your lives before your bodies explode!”

The profound energy that had just started surging violently within Gui Hao’s body had calmed down when he heard this. He would definitely not believe Yang Ye if he hadn’t witnessed Gui Yu’s death. But at this moment, he believed that Yang Ye could accomplish it because Yang Ye’s speed was truly too terrifying!

“We met the group from the Flower Palace once, but we didn’t see any Exalt Realm experts amongst them.” Gui Hao spoke in a low voice.

Are there really none amongst them? Yang Ye frowned. The higher-ups of the Flower Palace aren’t stupid, so they should be aware that dispatching Exalt Realm experts would be the most advisable method to kill me. Or perhaps their higher-ups are really stupid and think that I’m as weak as before? And they can just casually dispatch a few people to kill me?

“Even though the Flower Palace didn’t dispatch any Exalt Realm experts, but the Origin School might have!” Gui Hao said, “Something major is probably about to happen in the southern territory. All the sects have already summoned all their disciples back to their sects. Even though the Flower Palace is one of the six great powers, they still don’t have many Exalt Realm expert. So, it’s impossible for them to spare an Exalt Realm expert to deal with you right now. After all, Exalt Realm experts are the backbone of a sect!”

Yang Ye thought for a moment and felt that it made sense. The current situation in the southern territory was bad, so the Flower Palace definitely intended to keep all its experts within the southern territory in order to deal with any sudden incidents. After all, who was he, Yang Ye? He was a mere Spirit Realm profounder! Would the Flower Palace have to dispatch an Exalt Realm expert in order to deal with a Spirit Realm profounder like him? They still had a sense of shame!

“Then why do you think the Origin School might have dispatched an Exalt Realm expert?” asked Yang Ye.

“Because they had a huge amount of them!” Gui Hao said, “Moreover, they don’t want you back at the southern territory!”

“Why not?” Yang Ye frowned while he spoke in a puzzled tone. Truthfully speaking, he really didn’t understand why the Origin School would dispatch forces to kill him. After all, there wasn’t any deep enmity between him and the Origin School!

Gui Hao suddenly asked. “Would you join the Origin School?”

Yang Ye was stunned when he heard this, and then he came to an understanding. Because he would definitely not join the Origin School, and the Origin School was aware of it.

In the Origin School’s opinion, they naturally didn’t want a genius like Yang Ye to exist in any other sect in the future. Because Yang Ye was very likely to become an enormous threat to the Origin School in the future. Especially when Yang Ye was so close with the Grand Qin Empire right now. So, they naturally didn’t want him to return alive!

Since they couldn’t get him, they didn’t want anyone else to get him as well!

At this moment, Yang Ye truly felt how domineering and overbearing the extraordinary overlords of the southern territory were.

“One final question!” Yang Ye said, “Why exactly have the great sects of the southern territory suddenly ordered all their disciples to return?”

Gui Hao shook his head and said, “I don’t know because the higher-ups of the sect didn’t tell us anything and just ordered us to return before asking us to prepare for battle. However, I feel that it might be related to the Sword Sect!”

“Why?” asked Yang Ye.

“Because the sect dispatched a huge number of scouts towards the Sword Sect!” Gui Hao said in a low voice, “Moreover, all of them were at the Spirit Realm or above!”

It’s really related to the Sword Sect! Yang Ye’s heart suddenly twitched. He was naturally unconcerned about the Sword Sect’s fate, and he was only concerned about Su Qingshi. If something were to happen to the Sword Sect, then with her character, Su Qingshi would definitely live and die with the Sword Sect. So, Yang Ye unconsciously clenched his sword when he heard this. At this moment, he wished for nothing more than to immediately fly back to the Sword Sect and take Su Qingshi with him!

Yang Ye took a short while to suppress the agitated emotions in his heart. Yang Ye gazed at those disciples of the Ghost Sect and was about to speak when Gui Hao suddenly said, “I know that you’ll kill us, but I still hope that you’ll let us go. Because we can’t pose a threat to you.”

“That reason isn’t enough!” said Yang Ye.

Gui Hao laughed bitterly and said, “Actually, we never intended to return to the sect after we left it this time! Because once sects enter into war with each other, then insignificant fellows like us will only become cannon fodder. We don’t want to die, so we can pledge our loyalty you if you’re willing to let us live!”

A wisp of gloominess flashed through the depths of Gui Hao’s eyes when he spoke up to this point. How could he possibly pledge his loyalty to a Spirit Realm profounder? He’d only resorted to it as a temporary measure to stay alive. Actually, he actually wished for nothing more than to kill Yang Ye because Gui Yu was his cousin brother! Unfortunately, he didn’t have the strength to accomplish it, so he could only act in this way to survive!

So long as he was alive, then he would have a chance one day!

As for whether Yang Ye would agree, he felt that Yang Ye would definitely agree. Because all of them were Spirit Realm experts, and could anyone avoid being tempted by Spirit Realm experts who were willing to join his side?

Yang Ye glanced indifferently at him and said, “Kill them!”

Gui Hao and the others were stunned upon hearing this. This shouldn’t be the outcome! Yang Ye should have agreed and asked us to swear our loyalty to him, and then…. Unfortunately, that was the end because Ye Yun and the others had attacked. A few dozen assassins had attacked in unison, so Gui Hao and the others didn’t even have the opportunity to resist before they’d been killed!

“I thought that you would agree!” An Nanjing suddenly spoke from the side.

“Am I that stupid?” Yang Ye shook his head. Actually, even if Gui Hao and the others were telling the truth, he would still kill them because they’d betrayed the Ghost Sect today, so they could betray him in the future as well! So, why should he keep such fellows by his side? Moreover, he didn’t believe Gui Hao at all. Pledge their loyalty to him? It only sounded good….

“You’re very decisive!” An Nanjing said, “I would have immediately turned around and left if you agreed just now. Because I’d feel that protecting such an idiot would be an insult to me and a waste of my time. Fortunately, you didn’t.”

Yang Ye shook his head and didn’t continue on this topic with An Nanjing because it was meaningless. He turned around to gaze at Ye Yun and said, “Have Leng Jun and Leng Yin returned?”

Earlier, he’d sent the two of them to investigate the Flower Palace and Origin School, and with the strengths that they possessed, they should have returned by now.

Ye Yun frowned and said, “They haven’t. That’s quite strange. With the strengths they possess, they should be able to flee unless they encountered an Exalt Realm expert. Because even peak Spirit Realm experts can’t stop them from fleeing. So, since they still haven’t returned until now, then there are only two possibilities. The 1st is that they encountered an Exalt Realm expert and are never coming back. The second is that they’ve been delayed by something!”

“You bastard! Only you are never coming back!” Right at this moment, Leng Yin’s voice suddenly resounded, and then two whistles arose in the air as Leng Jun and Leng Yin appeared here.

Yang Ye and the others immediately heaved sighs of relief when they heard Leng Yin. However, Yang Ye frowned when he saw them because both of them were injured. A wisp of scarlet red was extremely conspicuous on Leng Yin’s left shoulder, and the wound was a few centimeters deep!

On the other hand, Leng Jun’s chin was still bleeding, and the wound there was a few centimeters deep as well. If that same wound had been just a few centimeters lower, then Leng Jun would probably not be standing here now.

“What exactly happened!?” asked Yang Ye in a heavy voice. Because the two of them had actually been reduced to such a state even with the strengths they possessed. Could it have been an Exalt Realm expert?

Leng Jun had a solemn expression on his face as he said, “Sword Master, we encountered members of the League of Doom!~”

Yang Ye’s heart shook when he heard this and said, “The League of Doom? How many? What realm was their cultivation at?”

Leng Jun nodded and said, “We only encountered three of them, but it might not be all of them. The weakest amongst them was at the fifth rank of the Spirit Realm. If it weren’t for the Specter Set and the top-grade Strider Talismans that Sword Master gave us, both I and Leng Yin would have really been unable to return.”

Yang Ye fell silent for a moment before he gazed at the two women at the Exalt Realm who were constantly standing silently at the side. One of the women shook her head when she saw Yang Ye look towards them, and she said, “The order we received was merely to protect you. Everything else is unrelated to us.”

Yang Ye withdrew his gaze as he knew he couldn’t count on them. Those three assassins have to be eliminated in advance, otherwise, it would truly be difficult for me to act in peace! Even Leng Jun and Leng Yin suffered such a huge loss at their hands, so how can the others possibly resist them? But who should I dispatch to kill them?

“Let me, Zhang Liu, Leng Jun, and Leng Yin go!” Meanwhile, Ye Yun suddenly said, “We have a chance against them if we join forces.”

Leng Jun and Leng Jun nodded to display their agreement because they really wanted to take revenge right now!

Right at this moment, a black clothed figure suddenly appeared in front of Yang Ye and said, “Sword Master, a large group of profounders are rushing swiftly towards us. We might have been exposed!”

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