Chapter 420 – Experts From The Flower Palace!

Almighty Sword Domain

Around 15 minutes later, a group of women who wore flowery dresses had arrived where Yang Ye and the others stood just now. There were 200 women in this group, and it was a beautiful woman around the age of 30 plus that was leading this group.

“Martial Aunt Feng Jin, we’re too late!” Another woman over the age of 20 spoke in a low voice from behind the beautiful woman.

Feng Jin didn’t speak. She took some time to size up the surroundings before she said, “The members of the Ghost Sect might have been annihilated!”

The women behind Feng Jin were shocked, and one of them spoke with astonishment. “Martial Aunt, how could that be possible? There were over 30 Spirit Realm experts amongst the members of the Ghost Sect. Especially Gui Hao, even though he was merely a third rank Spirit Realm expert, his strength is beyond any doubt.” When she spoke up to here, she seemed to have thought of something and spoke with surprise. “Could it be that an Exalt Realm expert made a move?”

Feng Jin didn’t speak, and merely her expression had become slightly solemn. Gui Hao was a third rank Spirit Realm expert while she was at the fourth rank. So, her strength was slightly superior to Gui Hao. However, since the enemy was capable of annihilating all the disciples of the Ghost Sect without making a sound, then it proved that the enemy was absolutely at the sixth rank of the Spirit Realm or above. It was even to the extent that there might be an Exalt Realm expert amongst the enemy!

When she thought up to this point, Feng Jin stopped hesitating and said, “Immediately utilize a Transmission Talisman to notify the palace. Ask them to send experts to receive us. Everyone else, abandon any efforts to kill the target and swiftly retreat to the southern territory!”

She didn’t know which power had acted against the Ghost Sect, but she knew that it was definitely a force related to Yang Ye. Since it was related to Yang Ye, then it represented that the enemy would attack them as well!

“Wait!” Feng Jin suddenly said, “It’ll probably be too late by the time the palace dispatches some experts. Feng Lian, you’re the quickest amongst us. Rush towards Jadecloud Mountain as swiftly as you can and ask the experts of the Origin School who are lying in ambush there to quickly send assistance.”

The woman called Feng Lian was stunned, and then her figure flashed. She emanated a wave of the sweet fragrance of flowers as she flashed towards the distance!

At this moment, all the disciple of the Flower Palace present here had solemn expressions on their faces. The annihilation of the Ghost Sect’s forces was undoubtedly a huge blow to them. After all, even though their overall strength was much greater than the group from the Ghost Sect, it was absolutely impossible for them to annihilate the entire group from the Ghost Sect. So, since the enemy could accomplish that, it represented that the enemy’s strength far surpassed the Ghost Sect and far surpassed them as well!

Feng Jin was just about to lead the group away when she suddenly looked towards a thick growth of grass. With a wave of her right hand, a small command token had immediately appeared in her hand, and her face instantly turned gloomy when she saw it. She said, “It’s the League of Doom. It was they who killed the Ghost Sect’s group. But why would they make a move against the members of the Ghost Sect?”

“AH!!” Right at this moment, a miserable and shrill cry suddenly resounded. All of them were shocked and looked over towards the source of the voice. They saw one of their companions with her eyes wide open, and fresh blood was spraying like a fountain from her neck. The scene was extremely bloody. However, they hadn’t even noticed the shadow of the assailant.

“The League of Doom!” Feng Jin’s expression became slightly ferocious when she witnessed this scene. Even all the six great powers weren’t willing to offend this organization, but it didn’t represent that they feared the League of Doom! Now that the League of Doom had killed a member of the Flower Palace right in front of her, it was equivalent to publicly provoking the Flower Palace.

“Utilize a Transmission Talisman. Tell the palace that we’ve suffered an attack from the League of Doom. Ask the palace to swiftly dispatch experts over here!” Even though flames of rage were surging within her, she hadn’t lost her mind. She wasn’t afraid of the League of Doom if they were to fight in a head-on battle. Unfortunately, the enemy was a group of assassins that would never fight her in the open!

“Martial Aunt, what should we do now!?” A woman by Feng Jin’s side spoke in a low voice.

Feng Jin looked up into the sky to determine the time, and then her heart sank. Because it was about to become dark! Once the veil of night descended, it would undoubtedly be even more beneficial to the assassins!

“Everyone, stay highly vigilant. Gather together to form the Hundred Flower Formation and wait until daytime arrives!” Feng Jin didn’t ask them to retreat because retreating now was undoubtedly equivalent to courting death.

All of them didn’t dare hesitate upon hearing her, and the profound energy within their bodies surged out while they moved their hands about. Numerous thin expanses of energy instantly appeared here, and then they swiftly joint together under the control of all the Flower Palace’s disciples. In next to no time, an enormous barrier of flower petals had been formed, and it enveloped all of them within it!

The Hundred Flower Formation was a comparatively renowned formation within the Flower Palace, and it could be utilized for both offense and defense. When utilized for offense, those petals would instantly surge forward like raindrops, and it was almost impossible to evade; when it was utilized for defense, then it would be in the form it was currently in. It would form an energy barrier that would even resist the full force attack of an Exalt Realm expert if it was provided with sufficient profound energy!

At the side of a large tree that was 300m away from them, Yang Ye frowned when he gazed at the petal barrier. Obviously, he hadn’t expected that they were actually able to form a formation. In this way, it would be quite difficult to continue assassinating them.

The members of the Flower Palace were existences that he was determined to kill, and that was an unquestionable fact. However, the problem was how to kill them will paying the smallest price!

“Sword Master, they’ve already notified the Flower Palace, so their backup will be here in a few hours at most. We’ll probably have no chance to kill them if we can’t kill them in a short time. It’s even to the extent that we might even fall into a dangerous situation!” Ye Yun spoke in a low voice while standing by Yang Ye’s side.

Yang Ye remained silent for a short while before he said, “Order the brothers to set up an ambush in the surroundings and prepare themselves. I’ll destroy their formation at the later hours of the night. All of them must be killed no matter what!”

“Yes!” Ye Yun responded before he withdrew himself.

“Why don’t you destroy their formation right now?” An Nanjing suddenly said, “Why waste time here?”

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “They’re highly vigilant right now and possess sufficient profound energy. So, they’ll definitely counterattack with all they have if I were to destroy the formation right now. At that time, there’ll be huge casualties amongst my forces. If I wait until the later hours of the night, then the profound energy within their bodies would have been mostly exhausted. Wouldn’t it be better to destroy the formation then?”

“You really are considerate of them!” An Nanjing spoke indifferently.

“We’re all the same!” Yang Ye said, “They shoulder a huge debt of blood, and so do I. They’re only following me for a single reason, and it’s because they hope that I’ll lead them to take revenge. They trust me, so how can I let them down?”

An Nanjing glanced at Yang Ye and didn’t speak further. All of this was meaningless to her. Besides the agreement she had with Yang Ye, the only other reason why she’d followed him to the southern territory was because she wanted to fight him. If Yang Ye was weak or she felt that he wasn’t qualified to be her opponent, then she would leave without the slightest hesitation!

In her opinion, the path of cultivation was everything!

An Nanjing didn’t like talking while Yang Ye didn’t like getting himself ignored, so he immediately sat down cross-legged and rested his back on a tree. Just like that, time passed by slowly, and it wasn’t long before it was late into the night.

The night sky was completely clear tonight, and the entire mountain range was pitch black. There was only gentle light flickering like moonlight from where the members of the Flower palace resided.

Even though it was the later hours of the night, those disciples of the Flower Palace didn’t show any signs of being sleepy. All of them were fully concentrated as they worked hard to maintain the formation.

Feng Jin sat cross-legged at the center. Even though her eyes were closed slightly, her senses were fixed on the surroundings at all times, and she would notice even the slightest movement. The Flower Palace was aware of the situation they faced, so if nothing unexpected occurred, then the experts from the Flower Palace would be on the way by now.

Only another two hours are needed at most before our reinforcements will arrive. In other words, we only have to hold on for another two hours!

She was very confident in their ability to hold on for two more hours with the Hundred Flower Formation protecting them!

Step! Step! Step!

Suddenly, light sounds of footsteps suddenly resounded in the deathly silent forest. The disciples of the flower palace were shocked, and then they looked over to the source of the sound and saw a young man around the age of 20 walking slowly towards them.

The young man was none other than Yang Ye.

In next to no time, Yang Ye arrived in front of them, and he gazed at the flickering formation as he said, “This is the Hundred Flower Formation? It seems quite formidable. Is it really capable of resisting the full force attack of an Exalt Realm expert?”

He seemed to be asking them yet seemed to be talking to himself as well. Actually, he wasn’t really confident in his ability to deal with this formation. After all, it was created by a few dozen Spirit Realm expert and over 100 King Realm experts.

Feng Jin suddenly said, “You’re Yang Ye!”

Yang Ye who was about to attack was stunned, and he said, “You recognize me?”

A wisp of a complicated expression flashed through her eyes as she gazed at Yang Ye, and she said, “You look very similar to Senior Sister Feng Yu. Especially your eyes, they are simply like exact copies.

“You know my mother!?” Yang Ye took a few more steps forward and spoke in a heavy voice.

“She’s my Senior Sister!” There was a complicated expression in Feng Jin’s eyes as she said, “All those years ago, I joined the Flower Palace with her. Her natural talent was much better than mine, and she quickly became an inner court disciple. But I never expected that she would get to know your father after she became an inner court disciple. Moreover, she fell in love with him and even betrayed the palace for him. In the blink of an eye, 20 years have passed. I never imagined that her child would have grown up by now!”

As she finished speaking, Feng Jin gazed at Yang Ye while traces of gentleness suffused her gaze, and it was like she was looking at a junior.

“How is my mother?” The woman in front of him knew his mother and even seemed to have a good relationship with his mother, so Yang Ye’s voice had unconsciously eased up and wasn’t that icy cold anymore.

“I don’t know!” Feng Jin shook her head and said, “She’s being kept at a secret place and only certain members of the palace can approach that place!”

A wisp of ghastly killing intent flashed through Yang Ye’s eyes when he heard this. Flower Palace!

Right at this moment, an unexpected event occurred. Feng Jin who was seated cross-legged at the center of the formation had suddenly vanished, and she left an afterimage behind as she instantly appeared in front of Yang Ye. After that, a sword that emanated a cold glow had stabbed Yang Ye’s chest.

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