Chapter 421 – The Situation Is Bad!

Almighty Sword Domain

At the moment she’d laid eyes on Yang Ye, Feng Jin had decided that she would destroy the leader first! Yang Ye’s appearance had allowed her to verify the thoughts she had, and it was that Yang Ye was controlling everything from the shadows. As for why the members of the League of Doom had helped Yang Ye, she didn’t know the answer, and she only knew that her opportunity had arrived!

So long as she was able to take control of Yang Ye, then she could take control of the entire situation. So, she’d intentionally spoken about Feng Yu so that Yang Ye would put down his guard. Sure enough, she’d succeeded.

At the instant that the top of her sword had stabbed on Yang Ye’s chest, a wisp of a complacent smile couldn’t help but appear on the corners of Feng Jin’s mouth. However, her smile her frozen in next to no time because she noticed that it felt as if she’d stabbed a piece of Heaven Rank iron.

Feng Jin was stunned for a moment, and then she completely disregarded her shock, withdrew her sword, and intended to retreat. Meanwhile, Yang Ye had moved forward and instantly arrived in front of her before he directly grabbed ahold of her throat.

Feng Jin was shocked, and the profound energy within her body was just about to surge when Yang Ye’s right knee suddenly smashed upward against her stomach.


A muffled band resounded as Feng Jin’s eyes opened wide because her Dantian had been shattered.

“Did you really think I’m that stupid?” Yang Ye said while he held her by the throat, “Even though your acting was very good and even made me think you were a friend of my mother’s in the beginning, unfortunately, I, Yang Ye, am not that stupid to actually believe you. Just think about it, would the Flower Palace dispatch a good friend of my Mother’s to kill me? Moreover, even though you’ve been constantly forcing yourself to seem very amiable on the surface, I sensed traces of killing intent from you. Perhaps you don’t know but my Sword Intent is Slaughter Sword Intent!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye didn’t care about what she wanted to say, and he exerted a little force with his palm.


Feng Jin’s neck was instantly broken.

He would have definitely been unable to kill her with such ease if she’d fought him head-on. Unfortunately, she’d tried to play tricks on him, and that just happened to give him a chance. She was trying to make him lower his guard, yet she didn’t realize that he was making her lower her guard as well, and the moment her sword struck him was precisely that moment.

Ye Yun and the others who were hiding in the shadows instantly heaved sighs of relief upon seeing Feng Jin die. Earlier, they’d almost charged out from their hiding places. However, they’d suppressed that impulse of theirs out of their confidence in Yang Ye. Sure enough, Yang Ye hadn’t disappointed them. At the same time that they heaved sighs of relief, their admiration and respect towards Yang Ye had grown slightly greater as well.

Because an attack that carried the full strength of a fourth rank Spirit Realm expert had actually been unable to harm Yang Ye at all. Moreover, that same expert had been killed with a single counterblow from Yang Ye. Besides that woman, An Nanjing, there’s probably no one below the Exalt Realm who can go against him!

Yang Ye was unaware that just this small matter had caused his prestige in their hearts to improve greatly!

The other members of the Flower Palace were still stunned on the spot, and they seemed to be unable to accept Feng Jin’s death. Feng Jin was a fourth rank Spirit Realm expert! But she’d actually been instantly annihilated just like that!

It wasn’t long before those disciples of the Flower Palace had recovered from their shock, and the first thing they did upon recovering their shock wasn’t trying to take revenge on Yang Ye, and it was to flash towards the surroundings instead. Since Yang Ye could annihilate Feng Jin in an instant, then he could do the same to them. Not to mention that the Hundred Flower Formation had been undone because Feng Jin had left it. So, if they were to continue staying there, then the only fate that awaited them was to be assassinated by those terrifying assassins who seemed like ghosts!

On the other hand, they would still have a chance at survival if they fled!

Once one fled, there was a second, and then the other disciples who’d originally intended to fight desperately to the death had given up on that thought and started to flee as well!

Yang Ye shook his head while he watched these disciples of the Flower Palace flee towards the surroundings. He didn’t pursue them because there would naturally be someone else to pursue them. If these disciples of the Flower Palace had chosen to continue staying united, then it would be extremely troublesome to kill them. Unfortunately, they just had to choose to split up and flee on their own, so wasn’t this equivalent to providing Ye Yun and the others an opportunity to assassinate them?

How could these disciples of the Flower Palace go against Ye Yun and the others while beneath the veil of night?

It wasn’t long before countless shrill cries resounded through the night sky.

“Your physical body seems to have become much stronger!” Meanwhile, An Nanjing had suddenly arrived by Yang Ye’s side. At this moment, Ye Yun and the others had gone to pursue those disciples of the Flower Palace, so only Yang Ye and An Nanjing remained here. As for those two assassins at the Exalt Realm, Yang Ye didn’t know where they’d gone!

Yang Ye smiled and was just about to speak when both his and An Nanjing’s expressions had changed slightly at the same time. Two black clothed figures appeared in front of them without making a single sound, and then two pitch black daggers shot swiftly like bolts of lightning towards their necks.


The dagger in the hand of that black clothed figure in front of An Nanjing hadn’t even arrived in front of her neck when he’d been kicked flying, and then he collided with a large try before crashing to the ground. This black clothed figure was horrified in his heart because he noticed that the bones within his entire body seemed to have fallen apart, and he wasn’t even able to arouse an ounce of strength!

After she kicked that black clothed figure flying, An Nanjing looked at Yang Ye. At this moment, the battle on Yang Ye’s side had come to an end as well. There was a dagger on Yang Ye’s neck, but it hadn’t even been able to break through his skin. On the other hand, a sword was stuck in the left shoulder of the black clothed figure in front of him while blood was ceaselessly flowing down from the wound!

An Nanjing glanced at Yang Ye and didn’t say anything. His physical body seems to be a little too strong now….

What a waste. Yang Ye thought to himself as he gazed at the black clothed figure in front of him. Because at the instant the assassin had failed… no it should be said that the assassin had taken his own life when Yang Ye’s sword had stabbed his shoulder. Yang Ye withdrew his sword and kicked the black clothed figure away. He didn’t look at the other black clothed figure because An Nanjing wouldn’t be standing here if that assassin hadn’t taken his own life as well.

“These are the assassins of the so-called League of Doom?” An Nanjing glanced at the corpse of the assassin in front of Yang Ye and said, “Their movement technique isn’t bad, but their strengths are too inferior. They aren’t just a little bit weaker when compared to the assassins of the An Clan.”

“Their strengths are already very good in the southern territory!” Yang Ye said, “Moreover, it isn’t that they are weak, and it’s actually because we’re too strong. Or perhaps, it was because they underestimated their enemies. They felt that we were only ordinary Spirit Realm profounders, so they didn’t use their full strength!”

An Nanjing shook her head and said, “You should feel fortunate because you haven’t seen a true assassin. Even though these assassins by your side aren’t bad, they are truly too inferior when compared to those assassins of the An Clan.”

Yang Ye believed An Nanjing because she disdained to lie. Besides that, he’d personally witnessed the strength of that black clothed woman by An Biru’s side. She was even able to instantly assassinate a Monarch Realm expert, so how could she possibly be weak? Moreover, these two Exalt Realm assassins by his side had addressed the woman as master. So, in other words, it was very likely that the assassins of the An Clan were fostered by her.

How could the assassins fostered by such a terrifying assassin be weak?

“I’m really curious. Exactly what is the relationship between you and the Southern An Clan’s Madam An?” Yang Ye suddenly asked this question, and he’d been wanting to ask her about it for a long time.

“It’s none of your business!” An Nanjing glanced indifferently at Yang Ye before she turned around and left.

Yang Ye rubbed his nose, and then he shook his head and smiled. It’s still quite difficult to get along with her!

However, he didn’t mind at all, and it was fine as long as she was strong. Even though that black clothed figure had tried to assassinate him just now, he’d been constantly paying attention to An Nanjing, and he’d noticed that her strength seemed to have improved again!

No, to be more precise, it seemed like An Nanjing’s strength was improving incessantly every single day!

She really is a huge source of pressure! Yang Ye took a deep breath. Needless to say, it felt quite good to have such a formidable opponent. Because such an opponent would motivate him incessantly and make him feel pressured at all times, and then he would urgently desire to become stronger and stronger at all times!

At this moment, he really looked forward to the battle between him and An Nanjing.

A black shadow flashed, and then Ye Yun appeared in front of Yang Ye. Ye Yun was stunned when he saw the corpses on the ground, and then he said, “Sword Master, they attacked you?”

Yang Ye nodded and said, “How is it on your side?”

Ye Yun suppressed the shock in his heart and answered. “They’d been practically annihilated. The remaining few are quite fast, but it isn’t a problem because our brothers are already in pursuit. I believe it won’t be long before our brothers will return with their heads!”

Sure enough, a few black clothed figures flashed over from afar and arrived in front of Yang Ye. One of them said to Yang Ye with excitement, “Sword Master, I killed a Spirit Realm profounder. Look, this is that profounder’s head!”

As he spoke, he displayed a bloody head to Yang Ye.

Yang Ye smiled as he gazed at the young man. Yang Ye knew this young man. His name was Qing Shan, and he was a King Realm profounder. The reason the young man was so happy was mainly because surmounting one’s cultivation to assassinate a profounder at a higher realm of cultivation represented a form of glory amongst all of them. After all, less than 10 of the 100 plus assassins that made up their group were able to accomplish that!

Yang Ye stretched out his hand to pat the young man on the shoulder, and then he flipped his palm. 5 top-grade energy stones and 10 top-grade Strider Talismans appeared in his hand as he said, “This is your reward!”

The others immediately revealed expressions of envy when they witnessed this scene. Because such a reward was truly too tempting. After all, they might have been unable to earn even a single top-grade energy stone after completing a year of missions in the past!

Yet now, they could obtain such generous rewards for just surmounting their realm of cultivation to kill a profounder who was at a higher realm of cultivation. At this moment, all of them urgently desired to look for a Spirit Realm expert to transform into their target.

Qing Shan stored his rewards with slight excitement, and then he said, “Thank you, Sword Master!”

Yang Ye nodded. He was just about to speak when those two black clothed women An Biru sent along with him had suddenly appeared in front of him. One of them spoke in a low voice. “If you don’t want your companions to die, then ask them to leave this place swiftly. There are three Exalt Realm experts rushing over here right now!”

The hearts of Yang Ye and the others immediately sank when they heard this.

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