Chapter 423 – Spatial Cage!

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye’s hands had become a pair of dragon claws, and he held the extremely hard Dragonbone sword in his claw. Yang Ye gazed at Feng Li with a faint smile on his face while a glow of excitement flickered in the depths of his eyes.

How could he not feel excited when he was about to fight an Exalt Realm expert?

In the past, Exalt Realm experts were far beyond his reach, and they were existences that he had to look up to. Because Exalt Realm experts were practically the top experts of the southern territory. After all, the Monarch Realm experts in the southern territory mostly consisted of old geezers who lived in seclusion, and they practically never showed themselves to the world. So, when Monarch Realm experts remained in seclusion, the Exalt Realm experts were matchless existences!

Now, Yang Ye was about to fight such an expert which he had to look up to in the past. He felt no fear or awe, and all he did feel was excitement and happiness.

“You’re Yang Ye!” Feng Li spoke in a low voice. At the same time, her divine sense swept out to search the surroundings. Because it was clear to her that Yang Ye had been waiting for her. However, Yang Ye was merely a Spirit Realm expert. So, since he dared to wait here for her without a shred of fear, then she believed that Yang Ye definitely possessed some sort of trump card or had set up an ambush!

Right at this moment, Yang Ye suddenly stomped his right foot on the ground. He relied on the enormous counterforce and the ‘Rapid Shift’ technique inscribed within the Dragonshoes to vanish on the spot. He left a seemingly real afterimage behind while his figure had torn through the air and caused a sonic boom as he instantly arrived in front of Feng Li!

Slaughter Sword Intent sprayed out without being held back at all, and Dragonbone carried a strand of violet light as it instantly stabbed towards Feng Li’s chest!

Yang Ye naturally had no interest in talking with her before the battle. After all, was there anything to say between them? Today, only one of them would be walking away alive, and since it was like that, then what was the point of wasting his breath? It was best to just attack!

Yang Ye had immediately utilized his full strength when he attacked because he didn’t dare act carelessly at all while facing an Exalt Realm expert!

Feng Li’s face fell when she saw that he’d actually launched an attack against her, and then she laughed coldly and said, “An ant like your dares…. Eh? Slaughter Sword Intent? 7th level Slaughter Sword Intent? Good speed, good Sword Intent, but that’s all.”

Yang Ye’s speed was extremely swift, and it was swift to his limits, but it was still quite slow in Feng Li’s eyes. Because Exalt Realm experts had a slight grasp of space related techniques. Moreover, she’d seem even swifter existences, so she’d gotten accustomed to such speed. Thus, Yang Ye’s speed seemed quite slow in her eyes.

At this moment, the gap between their cultivations was clearly revealed!

Even though she’d clearly noticed the trajectory of Yang Ye’s sword, Feng Li hadn’t chosen to go head-on against it because even she didn’t dare disregard a sword that carried 7th level Slaughter Sword Intent.

Feng Li’s figure suddenly dodged to the side when the tip of Yang Ye’s sword was about to reach her chest, and she’d barely avoided his attack. She was just about to seize this opportunity to attack, but Yang Ye’s sword’s trajectory had suddenly changed right at the moment she’d avoided it, and it swept towards the right in an extremely natural manner!

This sudden change in the trajectory of his sword wasn’t stiff or disharmonious at all, and it was extremely natural. It was like he knew that Feng Li would dodge to that side!

Feng Li’s expression had finally changed. Even though Yang Ye had merely changed the trajectory of his sword, she was very clearly aware of what it meant. After all, it was very difficult to change the trajectory of a strike that was already completed. It was like a person that was dashing forward madly, was it possible for that person to suddenly turn around?


Yang Ye’s sword was accompanied by a sharp whistle as it directly passed through Feng Li’s body. However, it had merely passed through an after image.

Yang Ye’s expression didn’t change at all when this happened. Because he felt that she wouldn’t be worthy of being an Exalt Realm expert if he was able to injure her with such easy. After his 1st attack missed, Yang Ye didn’t hesitate at all to spin his wrist as swiftly stab behind him!


The ear piercing sound of metal colliding resounded. Yang Ye’s claws felt numb while the enormous force that came from Dragonbone caused him to move a few steps forward. He’d just stopped moving when Feng Li’s figure had appeared in front of him, and then his pupils constricted because he noticed that it was like an invisible barrier had appeared around him and enveloped him within it. It caused him to be unable to move at all!

“This is a Spatial Cage, and it can only be utilized at the Exalt Realm. Those that haven’t comprehended the profundities of space are unable to break through it, and this is the gap between the Exalt Realm and Spirit Realm. Understand?” Feng Li’s ridiculing voice suddenly resounded by his ears, and then a sword stabbed towards his chest.

At the instant that her sword had just touched his chest, the ridicule on the corners of her mouth had stiffened while Yang Ye laughed coldly. “I understand now!”


As soon as he finished speaking, a strand of flames surged out explosively from within him, and then it swept towards the surroundings. The flames seemed to have been obstructed as it swept out, yet it merely stopped for an instant before a light explosion resounded. It was like something had been blasted apart, and then the flames instantly swept towards the surroundings. In just an instant, an area of 30m around Yang Ye had been enveloped by the flames!

On the other hand, Feng Li was over 40m away, and her eyes instantly revealed a savage glow when she noticed that a corner of her flowery dress had been burnt off. She was a dignified first rank Exalt Realm expert, yet she’d actually almost been injured by an ant at the first rank of the Spirit Realm. What an utter humiliation! How would I possibly be able to hold my head up high in the southern territory if news of this spreads?

The rage in her eyes died down slightly when she raised her head and looked at the flames, and then it turned into a slightly heavy expression instead. With her experience and knowledge, she’d naturally been able to discern that those flames were no ordinary flames, and they should be a Natural Treasure of legend!

When she thought of the words Natural Treasure, a trace of greed arose in her eyes.

Right at this moment, the flames suddenly retracted backward. In next to no time, they transformed into a small ball of flames that floated in front of Yang Ye.

At this moment, Yang Ye had a solemn expression on his face as well. If it wasn’t for his physical defense and the Nether Ghostflame, then he would be dead now. The gap between the Exalt Realm and Spirit Realm is truly like the gap between the heavens and the earth.

“You’ve truly surprised me!” Feng Li’s eyes narrowed slightly. “Even though you’re merely at the Spirit Realm, your physical body is comparable to an Exalt Realm Darkbeast, and you even possess a Natural Treasure of legend. Moreover, you’ve comprehended Slaughter Sword Intent. There’s no one amongst the Spirit Realm profounders of the southern territory who can match your strength! However, don’t even think that you can challenge an Exalt….”

Feng Li didn’t continue because Yang Ye had already arrived in front of her.

Yang Ye really hated it when people mouthed off during battle. After all, they were in a life and death battle, so what was the point of saying all of that? He would definitely start talking if it could improve his strength, but the problem was that it couldn’t! Since it couldn’t, then what was the point of it?

In Yang Ye’s opinion, it was useless. So, he’d directly attacked because attacking was meaningful to him.

Feng Li’s face fell because Yang Ye’s actions were undoubtedly a form of disregard. Not a single person in the world liked the feeling of being disregarded, and Feng Li was no exception. She was truly infuriated this time.

“Since you want to die, then I’ll fulfil your wish!” Feng Li had just finished speaking when she suddenly noticed to her astonishment that a pair of enormous wings had swiftly appeared behind Yang Ye’s back, and then Yang Ye vanished on the spot.

An indescribably feeling of danger suddenly surged into Feng Li’s heart, and she instinctively dodged to the side. However, it was still a little late, and a sword that was covered in flames flashed past her left shoulder and caused a strand of blood to instantly spray from it.

Yang Ye stopped moving and didn’t follow up with another attack while he shook his head with regret. He’d utilized the Ninth Hell Cold Gale to launch a surprise attack against her, yet he’d still been unable to kill her. As expected of an Exalt Realm expert!Feng Li’s expression was unsightly to the extreme. She hadn’t expected that she would actually be injured by an ant at the Spirit Realm! A dignified Exalt Realm expert like her had actually been injured by a Spirit Realm profounder! It was an utter humiliation! She could already imagine how outsider or her rivals in the Flower Palace would taunt, ridicule, and even humiliate her if they found out about this!

Feng Li’s expression gradually became ferocious. However, she didn’t allow her rage to overcome her senses. She shot her gaze towards the pair of wings on Yang Ye’s back and dense shock appeared in her eyes as she said, “Two Natural Treasures! Two Natural Treasures! How could this be possible? How could you possible possess two Natural Treasures…?”

She’d never heard of anyone within the southern territory possessing such a divine treasure of legend, and she’d merely read about it in the records of her sect. Yet now, she hadn’t just laid eyes upon a Natural Treasure, she’d even seen two at the same time. A single person actually possessed two Natural Treasures, and it was even in the possession of a Spirit Realm profounder. Would anyone even believe it if they heard about it?

Yang Ye didn’t answer her, of course. He issued a command in his heart and 200 swords shot into the sky while emanating a violet glow, and then they shot rapidly towards Feng Li. At the same time, the Ninth Hell Swordwings behind Yang Ye’s back flapped swiftly, and he left a string of afterimages behind as he instantly arrived in front of Feng Li. After that, the Nether Ghostflame suddenly erupted and swept swiftly towards the surroundings with a shocking impetus.

Feng Yi’s pupils constricted. She didn’t dare act carelessly at all, and she immediately moved her right hand forward and clenched it as she suddenly shouted. “Spatial Cage!”

As soon as she finished speaking, Yang Ye’s sword formation and the Nether Ghostflame had stopped in midair as if they’d been trapped by something.

A wisp of ridicule arose on the corners of her mouth when she saw this. Exalt Realm experts didn’t have to utilize any shocking combat techniques or abilities when facing Spirit Realm profounders because just a Spatial Cage would be sufficient to render a Spirit Realm profounder helpless.

Yang Ye was an exception to this rule. However, she felt that it was impossible for even Yang Ye to break through this Spatial Cage of hers because she’d executed it in a serious manner this time and not casually like she had done before. This time, the Spatial Cage she created was at least 10 times stronger than the last one!

So, unless Yang Ye had attained the Exalt Realm, otherwise, it was absolutely impossible for him to break through the barriers of her Spatial Cage!

At this moment, Yang Ye’s furious shout suddenly resounded through the surroundings. “Sword Domain!”

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