Chapter 424 – Sword Domain!

Almighty Sword Domain

As soon as Yang Ye spoke, an indescribable and strange energy surged into appearance in an area of 30m around Yang Ye and Feng Li. Along with the appearance of this energy, the Spatial Cage Feng Li created had been instantly destroyed, and the swords and Nether Ghostflame which had been trapped by Feng Li earlier carried terrifying strength as they instantly arrived before her. However, an invisible barrier suddenly appeared around Feng Li when they were just about to come into contact with her, and it obstructed the swords and the Nether Ghostflame again!

At this moment, Feng Li was surprised and astounded. She was surprised because Yang Ye had actually comprehended the Sword Domain of legend. My god! It’s the Sword Domain!

After all, throughout the history of the southern territory, only the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor had comprehended it! Yet now, this fellow, Yang Ye, who was only around 20 years of age had actually comprehended it as well. If it hadn’t occurred right before her eyes, then she would never believe that such a thing was true.

She as astounded because if she hadn’t executed another ability unique to Exalt Realm experts, Spatial Barrier, then she would probably be dead now.

Even though Feng Li hated Yang Ye, she had no choice but to admit that this fellow who was only a Spirit Realm profounder really possessed the strength to kill an Exalt Realm expert!

Yang Ye frowned when he saw that he was still unable to kill Feng Li even after utilizing the Sword Domain to boost the sword formation and Nether Ghostflame. However, he quickly came to an understanding in his heart. If Exalt Realm experts were so easily killed, then they wouldn’t be so rare.

However, he still had a chance because Feng Li was within his Sword Domain. He noticed that even an Exalt Realm expert like Feng Li would still be restrained and suppressed within the Sword Domain. Moreover, the might carried by those 200 swords had instantly improved by more than 10 times while they were within the Sword Domain. Coupled with his Slaughter Sword Intent, he still had a chance to break through Feng Li’s mysterious barrier!

“You’ve actually comprehended the Sword Domain!” Meanwhile, Feng Li stared fixedly at Yang Ye as if she intended to see through him and said, “I admit that I’ve really underestimated you. However, do you think that you can kill me just because you’ve comprehended the Sword Domain? How laughable! Perhaps you might have a chance at destroying my Spatial Barrier if were able to execute an attack like the one from before. However, you can’t now. There isn’t much profound energy left within you, right? You….”

Feng Li suddenly stopped speaking because she noticed that Yang Ye had suddenly withdrawn a fist sized and glowing energy stone before starting to absorb the energy within it. After that, she sensed the absolutely abundant energy within the energy stone surge into Yang Ye’s body….

“A top-grade energy stone! You actually possess a top-grade energy stone…. Wait! That isn’t a top-grade energy stone! It’s impossible for one to possess such abundant energy! That’s an extreme-grade energy stone! How… how could you possibly possess such a treasure!?” Feng Li gazed at Yang Ye with shock. She’d seen extreme-grade energy stones in the past, and she’d seen it in the possession of the Master of Flower Palace. According to the Master of Flower Palace, the Flower Palace had less than 50 of them!

Yang Ye’s endless abilities and endless top-rate treasures had truly shocked her.

Yang Ye shook his head. This woman is really full of nonsense and keeps asking questions that I would never answer. Yang Ye wasn’t like others who liked to talk about the origins of their treasures while they had a life and death battle.

After he recovered a little profound energy, Yang Ye issued a command in his heart, and then the 200 swords instantly executed a ferocious attack against Feng Li. The Spatial Barrier shook violently, yet it didn’t show any signs of breaking.

“It’s useless. This is a barrier created by folding space, and it’s utterly impossible for you to break with your current strength!” Feng Li shot an icy cold gaze at Yang Ye while ridicule had appeared on the corners of her mouth again.

“Is that so?” Yang Ye laughed coldly, and then he casually made a tossing motion, causing a huge bunch of top-grade Strength Talismans to shoot forward and enter the sword formation. After that, he flipped his palm and the ancient sheath appeared there before his profound energy surged into it. In an instant, the swords within the Sword Domain instantly emanated deafening sword howls.

“The Sword Emperor’s ancient sheath!” Feng Li’s pupils constricted, and fear had finally appeared in her eyes. The Sword Domain, ancient sheathe, Sword Intent, top-grade talismans, mysterious profound energy…. Feng Li was truly quite terrified this time. Because any sword cultivator would look down proudly upon his peers by just possessing one of these, yet Yang Ye had them all….

Feng Li didn’t dare continue sitting there and waiting for death to arrive. She was just about to fight desperately yet Yang Ye had suddenly said, “Break!”

Along with his voice, the 200 swords suddenly spun, and then a like bang resounded as the 200 swords instantly enveloped Feng Li beneath their blades….

“No!” Feng Li’s miserable and shrill cry suddenly resounded….

Feng Li was dead, dead without a doubt because those 200 swords had made her into a porcupine.

Yang Ye instantly heaved a sigh of relief when he saw Feng Li like a porcupine. Suddenly, a strong feeling of emptiness came from within him. Yang Ye laughed bitterly because this attack had completely exhausted all the profound energy within him, and there wasn’t even a drop left. Fortunately, he’d killed Feng Li.

Yang Ye felt no excitement or happiness from kill an Exalt Realm expert, and there was only heaviness in his heart. The intense battle from just now allowed him to notice the gap between him and Exalt Realm experts. Firstly, besides that final moment just now, Feng Li hadn’t taken him to be a true opponent at all. She’d been constantly underestimating him, and it was even to the extreme!

It could be said that Feng Li’s death wasn’t because of his Sword Domain or the various trump cards he’d revealed. The biggest reason for her death was that she’d underestimated him and hadn’t taken him to be a true opponent! This allowed him to have an opportunity to take advantage of, and he could force her into the Sword Domain and kill her. If she took him seriously and fought with her full strength since the beginning, then the outcome would be impossible to determine!

This battle allowed Yang Ye to witness how terrifying an Exalt Realm expert was, and he understood that he couldn’t hold back or utilize any probing attacks if he faced an Exalt Realm expert in the future. He should utilize all his trump cards as soon as the battle begins! Earlier, if he hadn’t utilized the ancient sheathe and the Strength Talismans to enhance his attacks, then he would probably still be unable to break through her Spatial Barrier!

Yang Ye shook his head and said in a low voice, “Looks like I still have to improve my strength as soon as possible!”

After he witnessed the terrifying strength possessed by the Exalt Realm, he had quite an urgent desire to improve his strength.

Yang Ye glanced at Feng Li’s corpse before he gestured with his right hand and took her spatial ring in his hand. He scanned its contents and immediately shook his head when he saw them, and he spoke with discontent. “A dignified Exalt Realm expert is actually so poor! What a pile of trash!”

There were around 8 thousand energy stones and a pitiable amount of combat technique and treasures there. Moreover, not a single one of them was at the Heaven Rank. Besides that, the spacious spatial ring had nothing else within it. This made Yang Ye wish for nothing more than to chop her corpse into pieces because a dignified Exalt Realm expert was actually so poor! What a joke!

Actually, Yang Ye hadn’t realized that it wasn’t Feng Li who was too poor, and it was he who was too rich. At this moment, the wealth within his tiny vortex was something even the entire Flower Palace was probably unable to compete with.

Suddenly, Yang Ye seemed to have thought of something, and it caused his eyes to glow. He turned to look at Feng Li’s corpse, but the glow in his eyes instantly faded when he saw her corpse. Moreover, there was even a trace of regret that flashed through them. Because this woman before him was an Exalt Realm expert, and it would be amazing if she could be refined into a Sword Servant!

Even if he couldn’t take control of her now, he could store it for later, and he could refine her into a Sword Servant when he possessed sufficient strength! Unfortunately, he could only give up on this thought. Because Feng Li’s body had been transformed into a pile of mush, and he didn’t think the Sword Spirit could recover Feng Li’s body to its original state!

Yang Ye shook his head with regret. A Sword Servant at the Exalt Realm is gone just like that! It was impossible for him to not feel regret. However, Yang Ye didn’t dwell on it. Since it was gone, then it was gone, and it was meaningless to continue thinking about it.

Yang Ye withdrew an extreme-grade energy stone and was just about to start absorbing the profound energy within it when a voice suddenly resounded from behind him. “I never expected that you would actually be able to kill Feng Li. If I hadn’t witnessed it with my own two eyes, I would never believe that a Spirit Realm profounder killed an Exalt Realm expert!”

Yang Ye’s heart shook when he heard this, and then he swiftly turned around and saw a beautiful woman wearing a flowery dress of the Flower Palace standing behind him. The woman was around 30 plus and possessed a very beautiful appearance. Of course, this wasn’t the main point, the main point was that she was an Exalt Realm expert!

It was exactly Feng Xiao. At this moment, Feng Xiao was extremely shocked because she’d witnessed a first rank Spirit Realm profounder kill a first rank Exalt Realm expert. This wasn’t just an act of surmounting a level to kill an opponent! Just as she’d said, she would never believe that such an extraordinarily monstrous genius had appeared in the southern territory if she hadn’t witnessed it herself!

“How long have you been here!” asked Yang Ye in a heavy voice. It wasn’t that he wanted to waste his breath on her, but he didn’t even have a drop of profound energy left within his body. He had to strive to obtain time to absorb profound energy. On the other hand, if he were to rely solely on his physical body in a battle against an Exalt Realm expert, then all he could do was suffer a beating!

“I’ve been here since before you killed her!” Feng Xiao walked over to Feng LI’s side. She shook her head as she gazed at Feng Li who’d been transformed into a pile of mush, and then she waved her hand, causing Feng Li’s corpse to instantly sink into the ground. Even though they didn’t really get alone, all enmity had come to an end along with Feng Li’s death.

Yang Ye’s eyelids twitched when he heard Feng Li, and then he said, “Since you were here for a long time, then why didn’t you save her?”

At this moment, besides bewilderment, there was also fear in Yang Ye’s heart. Because if this woman had attacked earlier, then he would have to face two Exalt Realm experts at the same time. If that happened, then he could only flee, and he might not even be able to succeed.

Feng Xiao shook her head and withdrew something, and then she gazed at Yang Ye and said, “Do you recognize this thing?”

Yang Ye’s pupils constricted violently when he saw the thing in Feng Li’s hand, and then a light thump resounded as the extreme-grade energy stone in Yang Ye’s hand had fallen to the ground.

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