Chapter 425 – A Fifth Rank Exalt!

Almighty Sword Domain

The woman before him had withdrawn a wooden hairpin. The hairpin was very ordinary, and it was just one that had been crafted from ordinary wood. The reason Yang Ye lost his composure was that he recognized it. This hairpin was something he’d personally carved for his mother all those years ago. He’d carved two at that time, and he’d given one to Little Yao while he gave the other to his mother.

This hairpin before him was the exact same hairpin he’d given his mother!

The scenes of the past appeared within Yang Ye’s mind as he gazed at the hairpin.

“Mother, this is for you. Once I’m older, I’ll definitely buy a real hairpin for you. Just like the one the Madam of the Liu Clan uses!”

“Ye’er, mother likes this one that you made. I don’t like the hairpin that the Madam of the Liu Clan uses!”

“Big Brother, Little Yao wants one as well….”

“Alright, alright. Big Brother will make one for you right away. Just wait, I’ll be done in no time….”

Yang Ye’s eyes gradually became wet. A short while later, Yang Ye calmed the emotions in his heart and raised his head to gaze at Feng Xiao. He said, “Who’re you!”

Even though she was a member of the Flower Palace, he was sure that she had no ill intent towards him. Because she was someone his mother trusted, otherwise, it was impossible for his mother to hand this hairpin over to her!

However, he didn’t let his guard down. Because it was always better to be safe than sorry!

“I’m your mother’s junior sister!” Feng Xiao said, “All those years ago, we joined the Flower Palace together and became inner court disciples together. Her natural talent surpassed mine, so she would definitely become an Elite Disciple. Unfortunately, she met your father when she left the sect to temper herself, and then she’d doomed now!”

“Why would my mother give that to you!?” asked Yang Ye.

“Because I’m the person she trusts the most within the entire Flower Palace!” Feng Xiao walked slowly towards to Yang Ye. She immediately stopped moving when she saw Yang Ye’s vigilant expression and said, “You should be aware that I hold no ill intent towards you. Otherwise, if I were to have made a move while you fought Feng Li, then would you have any chance of surviving?”

“You haven’t answered my question!” Yang Ye stared her in the eyes while another extreme-grade energy stone was already in his palm. Around 30% of his profound energy had already recovered during this time that they were talking. Even though he believed what she said, he refused to trust her completely.

It should be said that so long as it was someone from the Flower Palace, then he wouldn’t truly trust that person!

Feng Xiao shook her head when she noticed that vigilance still remained in Yang Ye’s eyes, and she said, “Fine, I can understand why you refuse to trust me. Your mother asked me to pass a message to you. She asked you not to save her. Just take your younger sister along, leave the southern territory, and never come back. Unless you attain the Monarch Realm, otherwise, you’re not allowed to avenge her. Otherwise, she will never forgive!”

Yang Ye’s grasp on Dragonbone instantly tightened. A short while later, he glanced at Feng Xiao and said, “You can leave!”

Feng Xiao frowned and said, “Your mother asked you to take your younger sister along and leave the southern territory! Could it be that you even refuse to listen to her? I know you want to rescue your mother, but are you aware of the Flower Palace’s resources and reserves? Don’t even think that you can shake the Flower Palace just because you can kill an Exalt Realm expert. Not to mention you, even the forces of the entire Sword Sect might not be sufficient to shake the Flower Palace. Don’t you think that you’re letting your mother down by not cherishing your life like this, even after she sacrificed herself to save both you and your younger sister?”

When she spoke up to this point, Feng Xiao paused for a moment, and then her voice became gently as she said, “Your natural talent is the most monstrous I’ve even seen. Even if you can’t become an extraordinary expert like the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor in the future, your natural talent would definitely allow you to become….”

“What’s the point of becoming an extraordinary expert like the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor at that time?” Yang Ye interrupted her and said, “It would be meaningless even if I become invincible throughout the world at that time. Because my mother would be died, right? Firstly, thank you for your concern, but I’ve made my decision, so you don’t have to persuade me. Because of my mother, I’ll give you a piece of advice. Stay far away from the Flower Palace because only death awaits you if you return there!”

“What do you mean!?” Feng Xiao frowned.

Yang Ye shook his head, and he didn’t speak another word. He just turned around and walked away.

Right at this moment, Feng Xiao’s figure flashed and instantly arrived in front of Yang Ye. The profound energy within Yang Ye’s body surged as he said in a low voice, “What?”

If she attacked, then the situation would be quite bad for him. Because less than 50% of his profound energy had recovered at this moment! However, he wasn’t afraid as well. After all, he had two Sword Servants!

“Your mother instructed me that I can’t allow you to return to the southern territory, and I can use force if necessary!” Feng Xiao spoke in a low voice. “I don’t want to do that. However, I have no choice if you insist on returning to the southern territory.”

“Just give it a try!” It wasn’t Yang Ye who spoke these words but An Nanjing.

Yang Ye and Feng Xiao looked over towards the source of the voice, and they saw An Nanjing walking slowly towards them with Skysplit in her hand. Moreover, An Nanjing was carrying a human head with her left hand.

Feng Xiao’s expression changed when she saw this head because it belonged to Feng Die.

An Nanjing walked over to Yang Ye’s side, disregarded Feng Xiao, and casually tossed the head away while she said, “You didn’t disappoint me!”

At this moment, when she saw Yang Ye alive, she knew that the Exalt Realm expert who Yang Ye chose was probably dead.

Yang Ye’s eyelids twitched as he glanced at the head that rolled off to the side. What exactly did that woman do to infuriate An Nanjing to the point An Nanjing chopped off her head?

Yang Ye turned around to glance at An Nanjing, and then he shook his head in his heart. Even though he’d expected that she could defeat an Exalt Realm expert, he was still shocked when he saw the head of that Exalt Realm expert.

However, he would be disappointed instead if she was unable to kill an Exalt Realm expert.

“What do you think?” asked Yang Ye.

An Nanjing knew what he was asking her about. She pondered deeply for a moment before she said, “Exalt Realm experts have an advantage that’s beyond our reach, and that’s their grasp of space. However, besides that, they have no advantage at all when it comes to the utilization of combat techniques or speed. So long as a Spirit Realm expert can destroy their spatial abilities by force, then it isn’t difficult to kill them!”

An Nanjing spoke in a very calm voice, and it was like Exalt Realm experts were nothing to her. Feng Xiao was extremely shocked when she heard this. She hadn’t expected that this woman would have actually killed Feng Die. Even though Feng Die’s strength was slightly inferior to Feng Li, Feng Die was still at the Exalt Realm!

Moreover, An Nanjing made it sound like Exalt Realm experts weren’t anything great.

It was better for Yang Ye because he’d always known how terrifying she was. Indeed, besides their ability to utilize space, Exalt Realm experts probably had no other advantage in any other aspect when they were against An Nanjing. After all, he’d personally experienced An Nanjing’s Triad Mantra, and she hadn’t even executed it with her full strength at the time!

In short, An Nanjing was terrifying, and she couldn’t be judged by convention.

Actually, Yang Ye hadn’t thought about how he was the same as her. Both of them couldn’t be judged by convention.

Meanwhile, An Nanjing suddenly gazed at Feng Xiao, and then her brows raised as she spoke while filled with the intent to do battle. “Shall we fight?”

The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched when he heard this. Has this woman gotten addicted to killing?

On the other hand, Feng Xiao frowned instead. As an Exalt Realm expert, she naturally had pride and dignity of her own. Now, a Spirit Realm profounder was actually challenging her. Is she looking down on me? The profound energy within Feng Xiao’s body surged, and she was just about to attack when Yang Ye moved to stand between the two of them.

Yang Ye gazed at Feng Xiao and said, “Just go!” She was someone his mother trusted in the end, and she didn’t have any ill intent towards him. So, he truly didn’t want her to die at An Nanjing’s hands.

“You think she can kill me?” Feng Xiao spoke in a low voice. If it wasn’t for Yang Ye, she would have already attacked after she was provoked by a Spirit Realm profounder like that.

“She really can!” Yang Ye said, “You know about the Martial God? She’s it! That spear in her hand is the legendary Skysplit. Besides that, she possesses 6 Intents and the inheritances of 22 Martial Gods. Do you think it’s impossible for her to kill you?”

An Nanjing glanced at Yang Ye with displeasure while she said in her heart, What a meddlesome fellow!

However, she didn’t speak about fighting again because she’d noticed that the there was a certain relationship between Yang Ye and this woman.

Feng Xiao’s expression changed when she heard Yang Ye. She was naturally aware what the title Martial God, and Skysplit was an existence that surpassed Dao Artifacts. Besides that, An Nanjing possessed 6 intents and the inheritances of 22 Martial Gods….

At this moment, Feng Xiao understood why Feng Die had perished.

Not to mention Feng Die, under the condition that she was unaware of An Nanjing’s ability and underestimated her opponent, then even she was very likely to be killed in a battle against An Nanjing.

The Martial God and the Sword Emperor. In the past, only these two people were capable of surmounting realms of cultivation to do battle. Yet now, both of them are right before me.

But haven’t the Martial God and Sword Emperor always been fated rivals? Why is the Martial God helping Yang Ye?

Yang Ye spoke indifferently. “I’ll give you one last piece of advice because of my mother. Leave the southern territory and the Flower Palace right away. I can’t tell you the reason, and it’s just a piece of advice. Whether you believe it or not is up to you!”

If it wasn’t for his mother, he would have joint forces with An Nanjing, and this woman would definitely die.

However, he knew that if he really did that, then his mother would definitely feel guilty once he rescued his mother. Moreover, this woman seemed to have come to pass a message to him, so even his conscience wouldn’t allow him to kill her. Even though he acted according to his heart, he still had his limits!

Feng Xiao glanced at Yang Ye and An Nanjing, and then she fell silent for a while before she said, “I know that you definitely have some sort of other trump card, but…. Alas…. Fine, I don’t want to interfere in this matter anymore. Right, the experts of the Origin School waiting for you aren’t something that the disciples of the Ghost Sect or my Flower Sect can compare to. Even though they only have a single Exalt Realm expert amongst them, he is at the fifth rank of the Exalt Realm. Moreover, he once seized the 1st position during the Ascension Rankings. Both of you must absolutely not challenge him to battle. After all, he was once famous for surmounting his rank of cultivation to kill his opponents!”

Yang Ye unconsciously frowned when he heard Feng Xiao….

A fifth rank Exalt Realm expert! That’s quite difficult to deal with!

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