Chapter 431 – Pavilion Master!

Almighty Sword Domain


The Sword Sect would naturally not surrender. Even though it had fallen to decline and suffered such huge setback that weakened its strength, it was absolutely impossible to make them become the servants of those three sects and obey their orders.

“Disciples of the Sword Sect! Heed my command! Activate the Sect Guarding Grand Formation!” Su Muzhe shouted.

The countless disciples in the surroundings instantly returned to their senses. They stopped hesitating and poured their profound energy into the grand formation. As their profound energy surged ceaselessly into it, the enormous golden barrier of light in the sky above the Sword Sect instantly lit up, and then countless strands of golden glows of the sword shot violently towards the disciples of the three sects!

Yuan Tian grunted coldly and waved his right hand. Countless strands of white light shot forward and instantly blasted apart almost half of the rays of light that came from the grand formation. On the side, Ghost King and Yu Linglong hurriedly acted as well, and those countless strands of golden light were instantly dispersed into nothingness before their joint forces!

“Attack!” Along with Yuan Tian’s order, the disciples of the Origin School who stood behind him had instantly flashed towards Sky Peak, and the profounders of the Ghost Sect and Flower Palace followed closely behind as well.

The war erupted!

The war between the four sects had undoubtedly shocked the entire southern territory. The four great sects were deeply involved with the mortal world, and they had many vassals amongst the clans in the mortal world. So, a when a war occurred between the sects, these clans would definitely act as well. In next to no time, numerous clans within the Grand Qin Empire started to fight both openly and in secret, and incidents where a clan vanished overnight or was annihilated had occurred continuously throughout the empire!

Surprisingly, the Grand Qin Empire actually acted indifferent towards all of this, and it allowed these clans to kill each other!

Before long, chaos started to appear within the empire!


The Grand Myriad Mountains.

Yang Ye’s brows were knit tightly without being able to ease up once he received the information about the southern territory from Zhang Liu. While the three sects had besieged the Sword Sect, he was naturally not worried of the Sword Sect, and he even wished for nothing more than to see the Sword Sect obliterated. However, Su Qingshi was still in the Sword Sect, so he had no choice but to feel worried and anxious, and it was even to the extent that the thought to return immediately had crossed his mind!

However, it wasn’t the time to return yet as it would be pointless to return to the southern territory right now. Because he still hadn’t accomplished one last thing. Moreover, according to the information that Zhang Liu sent to him, while the Sword Sect was being besieged by the three sects, the Sword Sect had relied on its Sect Guarding Grand Formation to prevent the coalition of the three sects from subduing them. So, a stalemate had been formed, and this allowed Yang Ye to heave a slight sigh of relief.

However, Yang Ye was extremely puzzled and bewildered right now. In the beginning, when he found out that the Founding Emperor had summoned the elite troops of the nine states back to the capital, he’d thought that the Founding Emperor had done so to control the situation. After all, it was common knowledge that the vassals of many sects resided within the Grand Qin Empire. But now it seemed like the Founding Emperor hadn’t gathered his forces for this, and if it wasn’t for that, then why did the Founding Emperor summon all the elite troops back to the capital?

Could it be that he intends to act against the six great sects?

That’s possible indeed. After all, while the Grand Qin Empire is an overlord in the southern territory that controls nine states, countless cities, and can command the world. But the six great sects stand above the law and aren’t within the scope of the Grand Qin Empire’s control. Moreover, they seize resources, especially talented individuals, from the empire every single year.

Especially the Origin School, even the Grand Qin Empire is extremely fearful of it!

So, doesn’t the war between the four sects just happen to give the Grand Qin Empire a chance? But the three sects should be aware of this, then why did they still act against the Sword Sect when they understood such a principle?

What exactly do the Grand Qin Empire and all those sects intend to do?

Yang Ye thought for a long time yet was still unable to figure it out, so he just stopped thinking about it. Presently, the important matter at hand was to see the Beast Emperor, and then rush back to the southern territory. After all, two loved ones of his were still at the southern territory right now and were waiting for him to rescue them.

“Immediately return to the southern territory and pay close attention to all the various powers. Use a transmission talisman to convey any important or urgent information!” Yang Ye pondered for a moment, and then he seemed to have thought of something. “Right, bring those fellows here to see me!”

Right when he entered the Grand Myriad Mountains, he’d received a transmission talisman from Qin Xiyue, and she said that a group of assassins had arrived at the Grand Myriad Mountain to obey his orders at any time. Yang Ye was rather surprised by this. He hadn’t expected that Qin Xiyue would have actually fostered a group of assassins in such a short period, and besides feeling surprised, he felt even more anticipation.

After all, those who were capable of traversing the boundless Grand Myriad Mountains to arrive here shouldn’t be weaklings!

In next to no time, Zhang Liu led around 100 plus profounders over to Yang Ye and An Nanjing. An Nanjing glanced at them before she shook her head, and then she walked off to the side before starting to meditate. Because in her opinion, they were truly too weak. However, Yang Ye’s eyes had lit up instead because there were over 30 plus Spirit Realm profounders amongst them, and all the rest were at the seventh rank to the ninth rank of the King Realm!

Even though most of the Spirit Realm profounders were at the first rank and the strongest was at the second rank, it was already very good in Yang Ye’s opinion. After all, the time Qin Xiyue had was too short, so it was really very good that she was able to foster so many Spirit Realm and King Realm profounders.

While Yang Ye sized them up, they were sizing him up as well. They were very curious and filled with anticipation towards this rumored Pavilion Master. However, they were disappointed when they saw Yang Ye. Because Yang Ye was only at the second rank of the Spirit Realm, and there were a few profounders amongst them who possessed such strength!

“Which one of you is the leader!?” asked Yang Ye.

All of them looked at a man who stood at the front. He was around 20 plus in age, and he was one of the few at the second rank of the Spirit Realm amongst them. The man met Yang Ye’s gaze. His gaze had no respect, and there was even a trace of disdain in the depths of his eyes as he said, “It was Big Sister A’Nu, but she encountered something and had to come here later. So, it’s me now!”

When he spoke up to here, the man instantly said, “You’re our Pavilion Master?”

Zhang Liu’s face turned cold when he heard the man’s tone. However, he didn’t attack because this group of people seemed to be related to the Sword Master, so he naturally didn’t dare attack without the Sword Master’s orders!

Yang Ye frowned, and then he glanced at them and said, “All of you seem to have a problem with me?”

Zhang Liu’s eyelids twitched. He’d been by Yang Ye’s side for some time now, so he was quite familiar with Yang Ye’s temper. Even though Yang Ye seemed to be calm and friendly on the surface, he knew that Yang Ye was furious!

“We dare not!” The man in the lead spoke indifferently. “I’m just slightly curious about Pavilion Master’s strength. Zhang Shi would like to experience Pavilion Master’s strength.”

He felt extreme admiration towards Qin Xiyue because she didn’t just possess strength, she even had ability and wisdom. So, no one in the entire Assassin’s Pavilion would have any objections if they were to acknowledge Qin Xiyue as the Pavilion Master. Yet now, they had to suddenly acknowledge someone they’d never met before as the Pavilion Master and listen to that person’s commands. It wasn’t just him, all the others behind him were discontent as well!

It would be fine if their Pavilion Master was at the Exalt Realm or even the peak of the Spirit Realm, but it was actually a second rank Spirit Realm profounder. How could prideful existences like them be willing to submit before such a Pavilion Master?

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “In the beginning, I was rather happy when I saw all of you. After all, your strengths are really not bad, but I’m very disappointed right now!” He was truly disappointed because while their strengths weren’t bad, Qin Xiyue had clearly not taught them well.

“We’re quite disappointed in Pavilion Master as well!” Zhang Shi spoke coldly without any fear. In the Assassin’s Pavilion, his strength was shocking, and his natural talent was merely inferior to A’Nu. Moreover, at least 30% of the members of the Assassin’s Pavilion obeyed his command. So, he expected that even if he offended this so-called Pavilion Master, Qin Xiyue wouldn’t punish him and would even try to rope him in.

Yang Ye glanced at Zhang Shi before he said, “Ask A’Nu to see me right now. She doesn’t have to come if she isn’t here in 15 minutes!” It was A’Nu who was leading the group this time, so he wanted to have a look at her attitude. If she were the same as this fellow, then all of them could just die!

At that time, he’d given Qin Xiyue everything he’d accumulated in order to foster these fellows. Now, while they had been fostered into assassins, many of them were ungrateful bastards. So he was naturally extremely displeased!

Zhang Shi laughed with ridicule, and he was just about to ridicule Yang Ye. Meanwhile, a figure flashed out from the distant forest, and it was extremely swift. It arrived in front of Yang Ye in less than a few breaths of time.

“A’Nu greets the Pavilion Master!” A’Nu bowed respectfully to Yang Ye. She would naturally not act so ignorantly as Zhang Shi and the others had acted when facing Yang Ye. Even though she had no knowledge of Yang Ye’s exact strength, she usually heard a word or two about him from Qin Xiyue. So, she knew that he definitely possessed extraordinary strength. But his cultivation is really quite low….

“You’re their leader?” Yang Ye spoke indifferently.


Yang Ye nodded, and then he told her about the attitudes Zhang Shi and the others had towards him just now. As they watched Yang Ye speak about them to A’Nu while standing right in front of them, Zhang Shi and some of the others behind him smiled coldly while their disdain towards Yang Ye grew deeper.

“So, how do you think they should be dealt with?” Yang Ye gazed at the woman with an amused expression. The woman wasn’t beautiful, but she was at the third rank of the Spirit Realm, and she was the strongest in terms of cultivation amongst them. So, Yang Ye intended to have a look at her attitude towards the matter.

A’Nu’s expression was slightly unsightly as she turned around to glance fiercely at Zhang Shi, but she felt quite helpless in her heart. Zhang Shi’s strength and cultivation were only slightly inferior to her. Coupled with the fact that he was an independent assassin recruited by Qin Xiyue and had many followers in the Assassin’s Pavilion, so she was really helpless against him. Unless Qin Xiyue gave the order to kill him!

A’Nu pondered deeply for a moment before he said, “Pavilion Master, Zhang Shi and the others deserve death for offending you. However, it was their first mistake and they hadn’t committed it intentionally. Moreover, the pavilion sorely lacks experts, so I hope Pavilion Master can allow Zhang Shi to atone for his mistake with meritorious service. May I know what Pavilion Master thinks!”

Zhang Shi instantly laughed coldly when he heard A’Nu. He knew that she would dare to do anything to him. However, he didn’t speak out and provoke Yang Ye again. After all, he still had to give A’Nu face. So, he just glanced coldly at Yang Ye while disdain suffused the corners of his mouth.

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