Chapter 432 – Arrogance?

Almighty Sword Domain

“No!” Yang Ye shook his head and said, “I’ll give all of you a chance. Those that are willing to follow me, stand over here; those who are unwilling can just stand on the spot!” Since Qin Xiyue hadn’t taught them well, he intended to do it himself!

A’Nu’s expression changed. She was just about to speak yet Yang Ye had suddenly glared at her. A’Nu was instantly horrified. For some unknown reason, coldness had instantly arisen in her heart from Yang Ye’s glare, and it was like she’d suffer annihilation if she were to open her mouth!

A’Nu didn’t dare say a word. She merely hesitated for a moment before she stood resolutely by Yang Ye’s side.

When they saw A’Nu stand by Yang Ye’s side, some of the others here hesitated for a moment before they came over as well. The reason many of them had stood by Yang Ye’s side was merely because of A’Nu. After all, she had her own group in the Assassin’s Pavilion.

In next to no time, almost 100 of the 150 plus profounders here were by Yang Ye’s side, and the 50 plus who remained were standing behind Zhang Shi. Obviously, they intended to follow Zhang Shi’s lead.

Zhang Shi’s expression was extremely unsightly. He’d thought that this so-called Pavilion Master would have used to opportunity A’Nu created to get out of the situation, but he hadn’t imagined that the Pavilion Master would actually act in this way. It was clearly done against him! However, did he have any need to feel fearful?

“There’s no place for me here, but there’s naturally somewhere else!” Zhang Shi spoke coldly. “But it wouldn’t be so easy to make me, Zhang Shi, return at that time. Don’t blame me for not warning you!” As he spoke, Zhang Shi intended to lead the others behind him and leave.

However, Zhang Liu suddenly obstructed his path.

Zhang Shi laughed coldly, and he turned around to look at Yang Ye as he said, “What? Could it be that Pavilion Master intends to kill us? Blades are unable to discern between friend or foe! Don’t blame me, Zhang Shi, for not warning you if you suffer any mishaps later!”

“Are you threatening me?” Yang Ye was slightly amused. I definitely have to punish that seductress. She actually recruited such an idiot as well. Does she have a screw loose?

“Threatening you?” Zhang Shi grunted coldly and said, “I dare now! I’m just reminding you not to bring ruin to yourself!” In any case, they’d shed all pretenses, so he felt that he might as well go all the way. He didn’t believe that this so-called Pavilion Master would dare attack him!

Yang Ye glanced at the 50 plus profounders behind Zhang Shi and said, “I gave all of you a chance. Unfortunately, you didn’t cherish it. Kill them!”

Zhang Shi’s expression changed when he heard Yang Ye because he hadn’t expected that Yang Ye would actually dare attack. After all, he had over 10 Spirit Realm assassins on his side! On the other hand, the expressions on the faces of A’Nu and the others had changed slightly. They hadn’t imagined that this Pavilion Master in front of them would actually intend to annihilate Zhang Shi’s group!

The members of both sides were stunned. No one knew if A’Nu and the others were acting intentionally or they were really stunned, but they hadn’t chosen to attack when they heard Yang Ye’s order. On the other hand, a wisp of a savage expression instantly appeared on Zhang Shi’s face when he recovered from his shock, and then his figure flashed and instantly arrived before Yang Ye. At the same time, a dagger emanated a cold glow as it swept towards Yang Ye’s chest.

Capture the leader to defeat the army!

Zhang Shi was extremely swift and had even seized the initiative, so he’d arrived in front of Yang Ye when A’Nu and the others recovered from their shock, and they weren’t able to stop him in time even if they wanted to.

A wisp of a cruel smile immediately suffused the corners of Zhang Shi’s mouth as he gazed at Yang Ye who stood on the spot without moving at all. What a fucking useless Pavilion Master! He has probably been stunned by my speed right now, huh? Such a piece of trash is trying to be the Pavilion Master? I really wonder what got into Qin Xiyue’s head!

Right when Zhang Shi’s dagger was about to come into contact with Yang Ye’s chest, a strand of violet light had flashed, and then the smile on the corners of his mouth had frozen. The dagger had stopped in midair while his eyes had opened wide, and there was no complacency in his eyes but only disbelief and shock!

Because a sword had suddenly pierced his chest, and it was Yang Ye’s hand on its hilt!

Right at this moment, over 30 black clothed figures suddenly appeared here while countless rays of cold light flashed. All the 50 plus profounders who were following Zhang Shi had fallen to the ground in less than two breaths of time, and blood covered the ground!

A’Nu and the others were utterly stunned on the spot as if they’d been petrified.

Zhang Shi opened his mouth as if he intended to say something. However, Yang Ye didn’t give him the chance and flicked his sword lightly, causing Zhang Shi’s body to instantly explode apart. Yang Ye waved his right hand, causing a strong gust of wind to blow forward and blast the flesh and blood away.

After he finished doing that, Yang Ye turned around to gaze at A’Nu and the others as he said, “Why didn’t you attack just now?” The killing intent in his eyes wasn’t concealed at all, and it seemed like he would attack if their answer couldn’t satisfy him.

As soon as Yang Ye questioned them, Zhang Liu and the others gazed at A’Nu’s group, and they locked onto their auras. So long as A’Nu and the others acted unusually in the slightest, then absolute destruction would be there to greet them!

A’Nu and the others returned to their senses, and they were extremely astounded in their hearts. Moreover, cold sweat had gradually emerged from their foreheads while being stared at by Yang Ye and the others, and some comparatively weaker profounders amongst them had even started trembling.

The strength Yang Ye and the others revealed just now was truly too terrifying. Over 50 profounders had been completely annihilated in just a few breaths of time, and they didn’t even have the ability to resist. On the other hand, Yang Ye, their Pavilion Master, had actually instantly annihilated a second rank Spirit Realm expert. My god! Is this Pavilion Master an Exalt Realm expert?

But it wasn’t the time for them to feel shocked now. When they saw the horrifyingly cold gaze Yang Ye had, they knew that they’d infuriated this Pavilion Master of theirs, and with the decisiveness and ruthlessness he revealed, he might really make all of them leave their lives here.

So, when they thought up to this point, cold sweat flowed from their bodies. They didn’t dare hesitate to kneel immediately and speak in unison. “We made a mistake. Pavilion Master, please forgive us and allow us to make up for it with meritorious service!”

“Just kill them!” Meanwhile, An Nanjing suddenly walked over to Yang Ye and said, “They lack both strength and loyalty. What else can fellows like these do besides waste your money? It’s better to just kill all of them and foster those subordinates of yours with your full ability!”

The corners of their mouth’s twitched, and if it weren’t because of Yang Ye, A’Nu and the others would even have the intent to kill An Nanjing right now!

A’Nu sneaked a glance at Yang Ye and noticed that Yang Ye’s brows had knit together while he seemed to be tempted by the idea.

Shit! A’Nu instantly exclaimed in her heart, and then she hurriedly said, “Pavilion Master, we’re unlike Zhang Shi. He was recruited into the Assassin’s Pavilion by Master, but we were personally fostered by Master. Pavilion Master has entirely no need to worry about our loyalty. We’ll definitely pledge our eternal loyalty to Pavilion Master. I hope Pavilion Master can give us an opportunity to make up for our mistakes!”

Yang Ye fazed silently at them for a long time. In the end, he didn’t choose to kill them all. No matter what, they were personally fostered by Qin Xiyue, so it would disappoint Qin Xiyue if he were to kill them. Moreover, he really needed more forces right now, and these fellows were still quite useful to him!

“Rise!” said Yang Ye in an indifferent tone.

A’Nu and the others instantly heaved sighs of relief. Because no matter what, their lives were safe now!

A’Nu snuck a peek at Zhang Liu and the others while she thought in his heart. That’s the mysterious force by the Pavilion Master’s side, and they’re actually so formidable. But why do these assassins seem like members of the League of Doom?While A’Nu was puzzled in her heart, a set of black armor suddenly appeared in front of her. At the same time that she was stunned by this, she heard Yang Ye’s voice. “This set of armor is called the Specter Set. It’s made up of a total of 8 pieces, and every single one is a low-grade Heaven Rank treasure. I won’t elaborate on their effects and benefits. You can experience it for yourself.” Yang Ye was still quite satisfied by her display. Moreover, her strength wasn’t bad, and she actually addressed Qin Xiyue as master. So, she was definitely a trusted subordinate of Qin Xiyue’s. Since it was like that, he would naturally not be stingy to her.

The others behind A’Nu gazed at her with eyes filled with envy when they heard Yang Ye. Low-grade Heaven Rank treasures, and 8 of them. Moreover, it was even a set….

At the same time they felt envious, they were even more shocked because the Pavilion Master was actually so generous and had casually bestowed a set of Heaven Rank treasures. When they thought up to here, all of them started to feel regretful. They regretted failing to put on a good display in front of Yang Ye, otherwise, they wouldn’t have no choice but to just watch helplessly right now!

After he recovered from her shock, A’Nu hurriedly received the Specter Set, and then she knelt down on one knee in front of Yang Ye and said, “Thank you, Pavilion Master, for this bestowal!”

Yang Ye waved his hand and said, “Stand up and speak. I have a few questions for you!”

A’Nu hurriedly stood up while her expression was even more respectful than before!

“Is everyone from the Assassin’s Pavilion here?” asked Yang Ye.

“No!” A’Nu said, “The Assassin’s Pavilion has a total of 207 members, and over 50 of them are profounders that Master recruited from the outside. The remaining profounders in the pavilion are our own. Pavilion Master killed 54 earlier. In other words, practically all the profounders who were recruited from the outside have been annihilated. All the remaining members are those that were personally selected and fostered by Master!”

Yang Ye continued. “50 more aren’t here?”

“They are part of the Intelligence Cell, and they specialize in gathering information and not assassination!” said A’Nu.

So that’s why! Yang Ye nodded and said, “Send someone back to the southern territory. Order the Intelligence Cell to gather everything related to the Flower Palace, including how many experts they have and the topography within the Flower Palace. In short, gather all information related to the Flower Palace and bring it to me. Besides that, asked Xiyue to investigate the true intentions of the Grand Qin Empire, the Origin School, the Flower Palace, and the other sects!”

The incidents in the southern territory were slightly strange, so he had to get to the bottom of it. Otherwise, if he were to enter the southern territory rashly, then it would probably destruction that awaited him. Even though his target was only the Flower Palace, he knew that the matter was far from being that simple. Because how could the Origin School and Ghost Sect possibly stand by idly if he were to attack the Flower Palace?

In other words, he might not be facing just the Flower Palace this time, and he would have to face the forces of the Origin School and Ghost Sect as well. So, he had to make sufficient preparations!

“Yes!” A’Nu replied, and then she sent a Spirit Realm expert back to the southern territory.

Right at this moment, the space in front of Yang Ye warped. Right when the expressions of everyone changed violently, a robust middle aged man had appeared in front of Yang Ye.

The middle aged man sized up Yang Ye before he nodded lightly and said, “The second rank of the Spirit Realm? 7th level Sword Intent, a physical body that isn’t weaker to a Spirit Rank Darkbeast…. Eh? A few mysterious precious treasures as well. Not bad, looks like you gained a lot during your trip to the Ancient Battlefield!”

It was none other than the Beast Emperor!

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