Chapter 433 – His True Support!

Almighty Sword Domain

The Imperial Palace of the Darkbeast Empire.

There were only 2 people in the hall within the Imperial Palace. One was Yang Ye and the other was the Beast Emperor.

The Beast Emperor spoke slowly. “If you want to save your mother, then you have to go against the Flower Palace. After all, it’s absolutely impossible for the Flower Palace to compromise right now. Even though your natural endowment is extraordinary and your natural talent in the Sword Dao is superb, in the end, you’re merely a Spirit Realm profounder that can be annihilated with a flick of the finger to them. In other words, you can only rescue your mother by force!”

Yang Ye remained silent for a short while before he took a light breath while a cold glow flashed in his eyes. He said, “Then I’ll rescue her by force!”

He was willing to make compromise with the Flower Palace if it meant he could rescue his mother. Unfortunately, they still didn’t take him seriously, so trying to accomplish that was like asking for insult! Since it was like that, then he felt it was better to just annihilate the entire Flower Palace!

The Beast Emperor shook his head and smiled. “Kid, it’s easy for you to say. Even though I agreed to lend you a hand, but that’s just me and not the entire Darkbeast Empire. After all, even though I’m the emperor of the Darkbeast Empire, many things can’t be decided by just my will alone. Especially when dealing with the powers of the southern territory because the slightest mistake would make a complete war erupt between the humans and Darkbeasts!”

Yang Ye smiled and said, “I understand your worries, Beast Emperor, but what if I provide something that the Darkbeast Empire needs? So long as the benefits are sufficient, then I believe that no one within your empire will object, right?”

“Oh?” A trace of interest arose in the Beast Emperor’s eyes as he said, “Please do tell!”

“I can change the limits of a Darkbeast’s natural endowment and bloodline!” Yang Ye looked the Beast Emperor in the eye and spoke in a low voice. This was his true trump card, or it should be said that the Darkbeast Empire was his true trump card. If he wanted to gain the Darkbeast Empire’s support, then he had to provide them with something the entire Darkbeast Empire was unable to refuse, and it just so happened that he had something like that!

Sure enough, the smile on the Beast Emperor’s face froze when he heard Yang Ye. His eyes narrowed while he slowly clenched his right hand, and he stared at Yang Ye for a short while before he said, “Is that really true?”

If it was anyone else who’d spoken these words, he would have smacked that person to death on the spot. Why? Because it was like a dream. It wasn’t impossible to change one’s natural endowment. So long as one possessed certain precious treasures or was willing to pay a certain price, then slightly improving mediocre natural endowment was still possible!

However, it was impossible to improve one’s bloodline! The bloodline was something that a one was born with, and it wasn’t something that any external forces or treasures could change. Unless one broke through into the Saint Realm and utilized the energy of the heavens and the earth to alter one’s own marrow and bloodline, otherwise, it was absolutely impossible to improve the bloodline via external forces!

The bloodline was of utmost important to Darkbeasts. Because the strength of their bloodlines directly affected their future accomplishments. Just like how some Darkbeasts could only remain at the King Rank or Spirit Rank for their entire lifetimes. This was the effect of the restrictions of their bloodlines. On the other hand, some Darkbeasts were at the King Rank or Spirit Rank at birth. This was the importance of their bloodline, and it was especially so for Darkbeasts!

Yet now, Yang Ye had said that he could allow Darkbeasts to overcome the restrictions of their bloodlines. If it was any other person who’d spoken these words to the Beast Emperor, then that person would be dead right now, but it was different because Yang Ye was the one who’d spoken these words, so it merely made the Beast Emperor reveal a solemn expression. Of course, he had excitement and happiness on his face as well. Because he felt that if someone in this world could really accomplish that, then besides the Saint Realm experts of legend, Yang Ye was the only one!

Because he felt that the precious treasure of legend might be in Yang Ye’s possession!

“Beast Emperor, do you think that I would play such a joke?” said Yang Ye. When he saw the Beast Emperor’s expression, he knew that he had a chance to secure the assistance of this colossus, the Darkbeast Empire. So long as he obtained the Darkbeast Empire’s assistance, then he would be even more confident in his ability to go against the Flower Palace!

The Beast Emperor pondered deeply for a long time before he said, “This is a matter that has great implications, so I must witness it in person. Otherwise, I dare not agree. It isn’t just me, even those old geezers in the clan wouldn’t agree!”

Yang Ye nodded and said, “Then I’ll trouble Beast Emperor to bring Grey and Silver here. Right, they are in the Grand Myriad Mountains right now….”

15 minutes later, over 10 old men had appeared within the hall. Of course, there were also Grey and Silver that were much larger than before. Yang Ye immediately nodded with satisfaction when he saw them because these two fellows were actually at the Spirit Rank!

As soon as they saw Yang Ye, they instantly shrunk their figures and rose over to Yang Ye’s side, and then they rubbed their heads incessantly against Yang Ye. Obviously, they really missed Yang Ye as well.

The gazes of the Beast Emperor and the old men had been constantly locked onto Grey and Silver, and it was like they wanted to devour these two wolves!

A short while later, one of the old men took a deep breath and said, “They have actually really attained the Spirit Rank. These two fellows are merely ordinary wolves of lowly bloodlines. Even if they could attain the Spirit Realm, it would take over 100 years at least, and it would only be possible if they obtained an extraordinary fortuitous encounter! But how long has it been now? Moreover, I’m able to sense that their bloodlines seemed to have mutated. No, it isn’t just their blood, even their marrow and meridians have mutated. In short, their future accomplishments are limitless!”

Another old man said, “Indeed, the current natural endowment and bloodlines possessed by these two little fellows aren’t inferior to those cubs from the Skyhowl Demon Wolf Clan. I never expected that there really is a method to alter natural endowment and bloodline in this world!”

Meanwhile, the old man and the other old men beside him gazed at Yang Ye. All of their gazes glowed brilliantly as if they were perverts that had laid eyes upon a beauty, and it caused Yang Ye to feel a chill run down his spin!

“Kid, how many Darkbeasts can you alter at a single time?” asked one of the elders of the Darkbeast Empire.

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a moment and said, “I can do 10 at most in a month!”

Actually, he could do it without any limit, and all he had to do was place them in the space within the tiny vortex. However, he wasn’t stupid, and it was always best to keep some tricks up his sleeve.

“10 a month?” The old man frowned and was clearly quite displeased by this answer.

“Actually, it’s a really huge amount!” Another elder said, “It amounts to 120 in a year. 120 geniuses in year, and it would be 1,200 in 10 years. If that continues, then a huge number of extraordinary experts would appear within our Darkbeast Empire within 100 years of time. At that time, wouldn’t it be extremely easy for us to enter the demon territory?”

The others nodded in agreement when they heard this elder. 100 years was only an instant to them!

However, Yang Ye’s conditions was truly quite difficult!

The Beast Emperor suddenly said, “Truthfully speaking, you’ve succeeded in moving us! However, acting against the Flower Palace is no trivial matter, and the slightest mistake will probably bring a calamity to my Darkbeast Empire. So, allow us to think about it!”

Even though the human sects were scheming and fighting against each other, and they even had a bad relationship with the Grand Qin Empire, but if the members of their Darkbeast Empire dared to enter the human world, then those various sects and the Grand Qin Empire would definitely unite against them!

The Darkbeast Empire was extremely strong indeed, but it was still unable to refuse the entire human race in the southern territory!

Yang Ye smiled and said, “Actually, you don’t have to worry about that at all, Senior. Because I only need the high level forces of the Darkbeast Empire, in other words, I need experts at the Spirit Realm and Exalt Realm. Moreover, we’re only acting against the Flower Palace and not the Grand Qin Empire. I believe that the Grand Qin Empire would even be happy to see that happen.”

The Beast Emperor thought for a moment, and then he smiled as he said, “Indeed. The Founding Emperor burns with ambition, and he has had the intent to annihilate those six extraordinary sects of the southern territory for a very long time. If my Darkbeast Empire were to interfere in the battle between the sects in the southern territory, then the Sword Sect and Flower Palace would definitely be heavily injured even if they are able to avoid annihilation. That’s undoubtedly a good thing to the Grand Qin Empire!”

“So, Beast Emperor, you agree?” Yang Ye slowly clenched his fists while his heartbeat couldn’t help but quicken.

The Beast Emperor smiled and said, “My Darkbeast Emperor will dispatch 30 Exalt Rank Darkbeasts, 100 Spirit Rank Darkbeasts, and me. Are you satisfied?”

The worry in Yang Ye’s heart instantly eased up when he heard this, and he said, “Of course I am!”

The Beast Emperor nodded, and then he gazed at the other old men and said, “Do the elders have any objections?”

One of the old men frowned as he pondered deeply, and then he said, “This matter carries great implications. We should give it more consideration! After all, a single mistake could cause our Darkbeast Emperor to suffer a heavy injury!”

“Elder Mo, those words are mistaken!” A white haired old man by the previous old man’s side said, “There is no gain without pain. If we’re able to create a group of extraordinary experts within our Darkbeast Empire within the next 100 hundred years, then so what if we suffer a certain amount of losses or even cause the entire empire to suffer a heavy injury?”

When he spoke up to here, the white haired old man gazed at the Beast Emperor and said, “I’m in favor of the Beast Emperor’s decision!”

Yang Ye’s eyes instantly lit up when he heard the old man, and he had a very good impression of the old man. He immediately walked over to the white haired old man, and then he bowed slightly and said, “Thank you, Senior. Right, may I know if Senior’s clan has any disciples with good natural talents?”

The white haired old man was slightly stunned, and then he understood Yang Ye. He immediately beamed with joy and said, “I do, of course I do. Haha! You’re one awesome kid!”

The others quickly recovered from their shock when they witnessed this scene.

“I’m agree with the Beast Emperor’s decision!”

“I agree!”


At this moment, they finally understood that they couldn’t offend this human kid. Because he could change the bloodline of the little fellows in their clans!

When they figured this out, all of them started sending friendly signals to Yang Ye, and even that old man, Elder Mo, who was opposed to the decision earlier had a flattering smile on his face and acted as if he was good friends with Yang Ye….

The smile on the Beast Emperor’s face grew even more brilliant when he witnessed this scene. The closer the relationship between the Darkbeast Empire and Yang Ye was, the happier he was! Even if Yang Ye didn’t possess that precious treasure, with the natural talent and potential Yang Ye possessed, Yang Ye would definitely become an extraordinary expert in the future. Having an extraordinary human expert as a friend was a fortune to the Darkbeast Emperor. Moreover, Yang Ye had an extraordinarily close relationship with the mysterious Spatial Mink, so if his Darkbeast Empire were to move to the demon territory in the future, then they would probably have to rely on that Spatial Mink!

In short, it was right to form a good relationship with Yang Ye!

What fools! Those humans actually made a person who’s so richly endowed by nature and possesses such extraordinary natural talent into their sworn enemy! Especially the Sword Sect, it actually abandoned Yang Ye! How laughable! But that’s good as well, it’s a loss for the humans but it’s fortune for my Darkbeast Empire!

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