Chapter 434 – Merge!

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye didn’t return immediately to the southern territory upon obtaining the Darkbeast Empire’s assistance, and he started concentrating on cultivation combat techniques instead. The reason he hadn’t rushed back immediately was that the actions of the Grand Qin Empire and the six great powers of the southern territory were truly too strange. According to his evaluation, it wouldn’t be too long before war would definitely erupt between these two parties!

Yang Ye’s plan was to seize the opportunity created by when the Flower Palace, Origin School, and the other sects were at war with the Grand Qin Empire to return to the southern territory. It was best if it was possible for him to destroy the Flower Palace, and even if he couldn’t, he still wanted to strike a heavy blow to it!

At this moment, he had the ability to go against the Flower Palace, and all he lacked was an opportunity!

Yang Ye sat cross-legged in the cultivation room that the Beast Emperor had arranged for him, and Dragonbone floated silently in front of him. Besides Dragonbone, there were also the Nether Ghostflame, Ninth Hell Cold Gale, and Violetcloud Lightning!

There was no need to question the might of the three Natural Treasures, but Yang Ye was unable to utilize their might to its greatest potential, and it had always been something that he felt quite depressed about. If he wanted to bring forth their full might, then he had to fully familiarize himself with them like the Sword Spirit of the ancient sheath had told him earlier, and it was best if he could form a mental link with them!

He could control the three of them now, but he was unable to form a mental link with them, and it was the exact reason why he was unable to fully utilize the might of these three Natural Treasures!

Even though he couldn’t form a mental link with them right now, he was on the verge of it. After all, they’d been nourished and nurtured within his tiny vortex all day and night, so a link more or less existed between him and the three Natural Treasures. Just like this very moment, he faintly sensed that the Nether Ghostflame seemed to be very annoyed by the Violetcloud Lightning, and if he wasn’t suppressing it, then the Nether Ghostflame would have probably started fighting with the Violetcloud Lightning!

That was also the thing that Yang Ye felt the most depressed about. Because the Nether Ghostflame could merge together with the Ninth Hell Cold Gale, but it couldn’t merge with the Violetcloud Lightning. So long as the Violetcloud Lightning was added in, then the Nether Ghostflame would immediately resist it, and this made Yang Ye feel very helpless. Otherwise, how formidable would their combined strength be if they were to merge together?

He would probably be able to kill an Exalt Realm expert even without utilizing the Sword Domain!

It was very difficult to merge the three Natural Treasures together, but Yang Ye didn’t choose to give up. He was determined to merge them together and create a new technique!

Yang Ye opened his eyes slowly, and then he activated the Sword Domain because he only dared to ‘play’ fearlessly with the three Natural Treasures while within his Sword Domain. If he were outside of it, then even he would probably die if they went berserk! The incident where he was heavily injured by the Nether Ghostflame that was attached to the sword formation was still fresh within his memories!

He was like a sovereign within his Sword Domain, and even the three Natural Treasures wouldn’t be able to harm him at all if they were to explode in front of him!

The three Natural Treasures started to get closer to each other under Yang Ye’s control. However, the Nether Ghostflame and Violetcloud Lightning had exploded apart as soon as they came into contact. The Sword Domain was instantly filled with an expanse of lightning and flames. Moreover, the Ninth Hell Cold Gale seemed to have been provoked as well, and it transformed into countless tiny tornados that appeared within the Sword Domain as well!

Yang Ye’s eyelids twitched as he gazed at this scene. Fortunately, I utilized the Sword Domain, otherwise, just this alone would probably be horrible even if I have the Mortal Emperor Armor and my physical defense to protect me!

He was aware that the three Natural Treasures rejected each other, so he wasn’t dispirited at all. He started to gradually split them up, and then he started to slowly make them merge again….

The Imperial Palace of the Grand Qin Empire.

At this moment, 23 middle aged men were standing within the hall, and it was the Founding Ancestor who stood at the front of the hall. Every single one of the 23 middle aged men were at the Exalt Realm, and nine of them were actually the nine renowned marquises of the Grand Qin Empire. The nine marquises controlled the nine states and a million troops. Besides that, every single one of them was an Exalt Realm expert. The weakest amongst them was at the fifth rank of the Exalt Realm while the stronger was at the peak of the Exalt Realm!

On the other hand, the remaining 14 were figures who wielded great authority in the empire. Like Li Si and Bai Qi. Even though they didn’t command a million strong like the nine marquises, they commanded the most elite forces of the empire. For example, Bai Qi managed the Bloodbath Camp. Even though the Bloodbath Camp only possessed a few tens of thousands of members, the weakest amongst them was at the King Realm while there were countless Spirit Realm experts amounts them!

In short, the existences standing within the hall were those that wielded the most power in the Grand Qin Empire!

“Li Si, what do you think of the Origin School and the other sects trying to annihilate the Sword Sect!?” The Founding Emperor’s gaze descended onto Li Si as he spoke indifferently.

Li Si pondered deeply for a moment before he said, “I think that there’s some sort of plot behind all of this. The Origin School and the others aren’t idiots, yet they still dared to continue attacking the Sword Sect even when our Grand Qin Empire summoned all its elite forces back. I presume that they are unafraid and have something to rely on. It’s even to the extent that I think that they are intentionally baiting us to attack them. But I’m puzzled, why would they act in that way? Could it be that they intend to destroy our Grand Qin Empire this time?”

“Them?” Bai Qi grunted coldly and said, “Our empire possesses a billion troops. There are no less than a million King Realm profounders, a few tens of thousands of Spirit Realm profounders, and over 100 Exalt Realm experts amongst these troops. Moreover, we have our emperor presiding over all of these forces. What would we have to fear even if the six sects were to join forces? We would still crush them!”

Li Si shook his head and said, “Those sects can’t be underestimated, especially the Origin School. It has existed for over 10,000 years, and it possesses enormous resources and reserves. Moreover, their forces have infiltrated our empire as well. Numerous clans within our empire have sided with them, so if we really were to enter into war, then a rebellion would definitely arise within our empire itself!”

“Isn’t that for the best? We’ll annihilate all of them at once!” said Bai Qi in a cold voice.

Li Si shook his head again and said, “Brother Bai, your thoughts on it are too simple. After all, the connections of these clans are intertwined throughout our empire, and they possess numerous vassals. If we were to really enter into war with the Origin School and the other sects, then it’s very likely that we’ll have enemies from both our front and rear, and the slightest mistake would cause our empire to split apart!”

Bai Qi fell silent. He wasn’t an idiot, and he just thought a little about it before he understood everything Li Si said. If they were to act against the six sects, then it was equivalent to acting against all the clans that were related to the six sects, and some of the disciples of these clans would definitely be holding positions in the empire!

In short, once they acted against the sect, then a huge amount of problems would appear!

All of them in the hall gazed at the Founding Emperor. They couldn’t decide if the empire should attack the six sects, and only the Founding Emperor could make that decision!

“Li Si is right. Annihilating the Sword Sect isn’t the true reason for their attack, and their true objective is to bait our empire to attack them!” The Founding Emperor said, “Even though I don’t know where they got the confidence to do that, it just happens to conform to my intentions. The six sects are a form of latent trouble in the end, so it’s best to eliminate them! Only by eliminating the six sects would the southern territory truly belong to my Grand Qin Empire! Only then would my Grand Qin Empire have the opportunity to advance into the central territory!”

When he spoke up to here, the Founding Emperor paused for a moment and smiled. “The reason the Origin School and the other sects intend to annihilate my Grand Qin Empire is exactly the same. Only by bringing the resources of the entire southern territory together and taking control of all its geniuses would they possess the qualifications to go against the sects of the central territory. Otherwise, regardless of whether it’s our empire or the six sects, we’ll probably be unable to survive even if we pay the required price to enter the central territory!”

“May I ask if we’ll be waiting for them to annihilate the Sword Sect before we act or shall take them by surprise and attack right now?” asked Li Si in a low voice. Since the Founding Emperor had decided, then his job wasn’t to advise the Founding Ancestor against it, and it was to plan the attack.

“We’ll wait for them to annihilate the Sword Sect!” The Founding Ancestor grinned and said, “Even though the Sword Sect has fallen to decline and that fellow, Daoist Zui, overestimated his strength and perished while trying to overcome the Heavenpath, the Sword Sect still possesses the Sect Guarding Grand Formation that was set up by the Unfettered One himself! Supposedly, the Unfettered One placed a wisp of his soul into the grand formation. Haha! Even if it’s only a wisp of his soul, the soul of a Saint Realm expert can probably threaten the lives of fifth rank Monarch Realm experts. I really look forward to that!”


Three days later, in the cultivation room in the Darkbeast Empire.

At this moment, Yang Ye’s countenance was pale while sweat trickled down his entire body. The three Natural Treasures were intertwined together within the Sword Domain, and they were merely intertwined together yet hadn’t truly merged together.

Their elements and nature were completely different, so they would definitely reject each other, and it was already very difficult for him to succeed at making them intertwine together. With the current ability he possessed, it was still impossible for him to make them merge completely together in a short period of time!

The three Natural Treasures were intertwined together and gradually took the form of a sword under Yang Ye’s control. The tip of the sword was formed from the Violetcloud Lightning, the blade was formed from the Nether Ghostflame instead, and the hilt was formed from the Ninth Hell Cold Gale. A crazy expression flickered within Yang Ye’s eyes as he gazed at the sword before him which was formed from the three Natural Treasures.

This was something he’d created from a moment of inspiration, and he’d merely just thought of giving it a try. However, he hadn’t expected that he would actually succeed. Yang Ye stretched out his hand and grabbed the sword in his hand, and then the profound energy within his body surged into it. Yang Ye was pleasantly surprised to realize that they actually didn’t reject his violet profound energy, and they allowed it to envelop them!

The three Natural Treasures had merely joint together earlier, and they hadn’t merged together. Yet now, the three Natural Treasures could be considered to have merged together to a certain extent when his violet profound energy enveloped them!

Of course, the strength they possessed after they’d merged together was the most important, and it was completely useless if its strength was insufficient!

Yang Ye didn’t hesitate any longer. He attached his Slaughter Sword Intent to the sword in his hand, and then a red glow arose around it. The violent energy contained within the sword caused Yang Ye’s heart to thump quickly.

“Go!” Yang Ye flicked with his wrist as he shouted. The sword formed from the three Natural Treasures transformed into a ray of light that shot forward violently, and it was extremely swift to the point even Yang Ye wasn’t able to see it earlier as it directly pierced through the wall of the cultivation room that resided 300m in front of him. Yang Ye hadn’t noticed that a trace of a spatial rift had appeared everywhere the sword passed, and he just hadn’t noticed it because the sword was too swift while the Laws of the Heavens and the Earth had repaired the rifts right after the sword passed.

The might of this attack was already capable of slashing through space. In other words, this strike was comparable to a high-grade Heaven Rank combat technique!

A few breaths of time after the sword had transformed into a ray of light and pierced through the wall, Yang Ye seemed to have thought of something, and he cursed in his heart. However, it was too late.


An enormous bang that shook the heavens resounded and rumbled within the Darkbeast Empire. Countless experts of the Darkbeast Empire were astounded and flashed towards the Imperial Palace because Yang Ye’s cultivation room was within the Imperial Palace!

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