Chapter 435 – Sword Of Elements! InVader's Thoughts

Almighty Sword Domain

The cultivation room was situated within the Imperial Palace of the Darkbeast Empire, and it was here the members of the imperial family cultivated. The cultivation rooms occupied a huge area, and just a single one was over 3km wide. Of course, this wasn’t the main point, the main point was that an area of 3km in all directions with Yang Ye’s cultivation room at the center had been transformed into ruins.

Countless strands of flames, lightning, and cold gales raged through the surroundings and ceaselessly damaged it. It simply seemed like the end of the world had arrived!

The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched incessantly when he witnessed this scene. Of course, he felt even more delighted and excited in his heart because its might was too terrifying. If he had this technique that day, then he probably wouldn’t have to utilize the Sword Domain to annihilate that Exalt Realm expert from the Flower Palace. However, there was a slight flaw, and it was that it truly consumed a huge amount of profound energy. Just that attack from before had instantly exhausted all the profound energy within his body, and if his profound energy wasn’t much more abundant than an ordinary Spirit Realm expert, then just that attack from before would have exhausted him to death!

Even though it exhausted an enormous amount of profound energy, the exhaustion was worth it!

But what should I call this sword that’s formed from Natural Treasures? Yang Ye was quite troubled by this as he’d never been skilled at naming things. But the technique couldn’t be without a name. It wasn’t long before Yang Ye thought of one!

Since it’s formed from the three Natural Treasures, then I’ll call it the Sword of Elements. The Sword of Elements! Haha! Not bad, I’ll call it the Sword of Elements…. Yang Ye was quite satisfied with this name. Of course, the main reason was that he couldn’t think of a better name.

It wasn’t long before the Beast Emperor and the others arrived here.

Yang Ye had kept the three Natural Treasures within the tiny vortex before the Beast Emperor and the others arrived. As he gazed at their unsightly expressions, Yang Ye knew that he was at fault, so he immediately smiled with embarrassment and said, “Err, I was trying out a combat technique and failed to control it for a moment, and then this happened. Haha….”

The corners of the mouths of those elders by the Beast Emperor’s side twitched. Does this kid think that we’re idiots? Trying out a combat technique? What combat technique would possess such might? It actually obliterated everything in an area of 3km! Could it be a high-grade Heaven Rank technique? Even if it were, how could this kid be able to bring forth its might with the cultivation he possesses right now?

Even though Yang Ye’s status was lofty and these members of the Darkbeast Empire wouldn’t offend him for such a trivial matter, it was the Imperial Palace of the Darkbeast Empire in the end. Yang Ye had really gone a bit too far by causing such a huge commotion here.

One of the elders was just about to say something when Yang Ye withdrew the roots of a spirit herb, and he said, “I know I’m at fault and caused trouble for the Darkbeast Empire, so I’m sorry. I’ll take responsibility for the losses suffered here. Please these roots of a Beast Limit Herb as the compensation. May I know if seniors are satisfied?” He would naturally not compensate them with an actual Beast Limit Herb. Even though he had a huge amount of them, but a single Beast Limit Herb was sufficient in value to create a few dozen cultivation rooms like this one.

When that elder who was just about to say something saw these roots, he immediately swallowed back the words he was about to berate Yang Ye with, and then he gestured with his right hand, causing the roots to instantly fall into his grasp. He sized it up carefully for a while before he said with excitement, “It really is the roots of a Beast Limit Herb! It really is one!” When he spoke up to this point, the elder suddenly gazed at Yang Ye and said, “Kid, do you have more of this thing…?”

Yang Ye shrugged and said, “I don’t. All of them were eaten by the little fellow. Only these roots remain because the little fellow discarded as they didn’t taste nice!” At this moment, he naturally had to make the little fellow take the blame. After all, he could just let the little fellow eat a few for real once she woke up!

“Who’s the little fellow!?” The elder roared furiously, and he was extremely agitated. Eating it like that is truly a waste of god’s given gifts!

If it was combined with other spirit herbs, then a single Beast Limit Herb could be refined into at least 10 medicinal pills. These 10 medicinal pills had the chance of allowing 10 Darkbeasts below the Exalt Realm to directly advance in their cultivations. Yet now, it had been eaten by a fellow called the ‘little fellow’, and that little fellow had even said that it didn’t taste nice….

At this moment, all the elders were filled with righteous indignation, and they wished for nothing more than to capture that little fellow and give that little fellow a good beating! Only the Beast Emperor’s eyelids twitched when he heard Yang Ye mention the little fellow because he naturally knew who the little fellow was, and that little fellow might really think nothing of the Beast Limit Herb!

The elders still intended to continue but the Beast Emperor waved his hand and said, “Let’s leave this matter at that. If you intend to cultivate in the future, then just choose one of the uninhabited mountains. Of course, if you have more roots of the Beast Limit Herb, then you can continue cultivating in the Imperial Palace, and you can do as you please so long as you don’t blast my Imperial Residence apart. Of course, the precondition is that you have that many roots of the Beast Limit Herb….”

“Right. Kid, you can blast things up at will if you’re able to provide the roots of Beast Limit Herbs. You can blast apart any part of the Imperial Palace, no! You can blast apart any part of the Darkbeast Empire, and I’ll deal with everything for you!” It was the old man who took the roots of the Beast Limit Herb from Yang Ye that spoke these words. He was the Enforcement Elder of the Darkbeast Emperor, and his status was merely inferior to the Beast Emperor.

At this moment, Yang Ye seemed to have thought of something instead. He hadn’t expected that the Darkbeast Empire was actually that poor to the point even the roots of a Beast Limit Herb made them feel so excited. If they knew that he had at least a few hundred Beast Limit Herbs, and he could even utilize the tiny vortex to grow more, then these fellows… would probably disregard everything and rob him!~

He understood that a man’s wealth would cause his ruin by arousing the green in others!

After the Beast Emperor and the others left, only one person had stayed back, and it was An Nanjing.

“That combat technique from just now was very formidable!” An Nanjing’s eyes flickered with a glow of excitement as she spoke, and she seemed to desire a fight with Yang Ye.

Yang Ye was about to speak when a wave of fluctuation arose from the space in front of him, and then a piece of information entered his mind. This transmission talisman contained the information related to the southern territory, and it had been sent over by Zhang Liu!

A short while later, Yang Ye’s brows gradually knit together.

An Nanjing asked. “Has something happened?”

“The Sword Sect will probably be unable to persist any longer. I’m heading back to the Sword Sect!” His voice carried a firm tone as he spoke these words. He didn’t care about the Sword Sect’s fate, but he had to save Su Qingshi no matter what, and he wouldn’t hesitate to do so even if he had to expose the white dragon in advance!

She asked. “Should I come with you?”

Yang Ye shook his head because he intended to go alone this time. His main objective was to rescue Su Qingshi and not the Sword Sect, and he had a good chance of accomplishing that while relying on the white dragon to conceal himself. After all, the target of the Origin School and Flower Palace was the Sword Sect and not Su Qingshi.

An Nanjing nodded when she saw him shake his head, and An Nanjing said, “Come back alive. I hope to experience that combat technique of yours from just now!” She turned around and left once she finished speaking.

Yang Ye rubbed his nose, and then he shook his head and smiled. She really is infatuated with battle and the Martial Dao!

Yang Ye didn’t notify anyone that he was returning to the southern territory. It took Yang Ye less than 4 hours of time to arrive at the Sword Sect while relying on the Sword Control Technique that was enhanced by the Ninth Hell Cold Gale. Of course, doing that exhausted a huge amount of his profound energy. However, would Yang Ye who possessed extreme-grade energy stones be worried about exhausting his profound energy?

A wisp of a complicated expression flashed through his eyes when he saw the state that the Sword Sect was in. At this moment, besides Sky Peak, all the other 36 main peaks and the countless minor peaks had been transformed into level ground while the corpses of disciples from the Sword Sect could be seen everywhere. The scene here was quite gloomy and bleak. Who could have imagined that one of the six great powers and the sacred grounds of cultivation for sword cultivators in the southern territory would have actually suffered such a fate?

In the past, this place was where he, Yang Ye, cultivated as well. Even though he had few good memories here, he’d once taken this place to be his second home. Unfortunately….

Yang Ye shook his head, got a set of the Sword Sect’s uniform and wore it before he flashed towards Sky Peak.

All along the way, Yang Ye didn’t get entangled with the disciples from the three sects, and he raised his speed to its limits, so he quickly arrived at Sky Peak. At this moment, Sky Peak was covered in a mess, and all the other halls besides Sky Hall had been captured.

At this moment, only less than 10,000 of the tens of thousands of disciples from the Sword Sect were standing outside Sky Hall while the rest of the disciples had been annihilated! If they weren’t relying on the Sect Guarding Grand Formation on Sky Peak, then the Sword Sect would have probably been complete massacred.

Before long, Yang Ye found Su Qingshi amongst a group of disciples from the Sword Sect. She was still wearing a white dress, and she was still so cold, gorgeous, and otherworldly. The latter seemed to have sensed something and looked towards Yang Ye. Su Qingshi was stunned when she saw Yang Ye, and the sword in her hand almost dropped to the ground.

Yang Ye grinned at her and was just about to walk over. Right at this moment, an explosion that sounded like a thunderclap resounded in the sky.

“Su Muzhe, would there be any need for it to come to this if all of you’d surrendered earlier?” Yuan Tian stood proudly outside the grand formation as he gazed at the members of the Sword Sect, and he spoke indifferently. “This grand formation isn’t bad, but how long can all of you persist for? Once the grand formation is destroyed, your sect will probably be wiped off from the world. Su Muzhe, I’ll give you one last chance. You can maintain a trace of the Sword Sect’s inheritance if you surrender; if you refuse to surrender, then the Sword Sect will cease to exist on Profounder Continent!”

“Surrender?” Su Muzhe roared with laughter while his expression was slightly savage. He said, “Yuan Tian, surrendering would probably be the moment my Sword Sect is truly destroyed, right? With the disposition you and Ghost King possess, would you even allow my Sword Sect to maintain its inheritance? Moreover, isn’t it better for the disciples of my Sword Sect to just die than become your slaves? But my Sword Sect will make all of you pay with your blood before that happens!”

“How stubborn!” Yuan Tian grunted coldly. If it weren’t for a certain reason, he would have destroyed the Sword Sect’s grand formation a long time ago. How could he have possibly allowed them to persist until now?

“Hehe! Yuan Tian, you should give up on making them surrender!” Ghost King laughed coldly. “Not to mention that they won’t surrender, would their surrender bring any benefits to us? Obtaining sword cultivators that haven’t comprehended Sword Intent are just a waste of resources, and we would even have to take precautions against them at all times. It’s truly not worth it! Alright, we’ve wasted enough time now, so let’s join forces and destroy this formation, alright?”

Yuan Tian thought for a moment before he said, “Alright!”

As soon as he spoke, the two of them took a step forward. Yuan Tian flipped his palm before casually pressing it downward, and then a palm that was over 1km in length instantly appeared in midair and smashed down onto the golden energy barrier around Sky Peak. In an instant, the entire peak trembled violently while countless cracks started to appear on the golden energy barrier.

Right at this moment, a red sphere of blood that was slightly inferior to the enormous palm arrived right after the palm, and it blasted onto the energy barrier which was covered in cracks.


The entire Sect Guarding Grand Formation rumbled as it exploded into pieces!

Yuan Tian and the others were delighted while sorrow arose in the hearts of members of the Sword Sect. But right at this moment, those pieces of the destroyed energy barrier had suddenly started to converge swiftly in midair, and it wasn’t long before a slightly ethereal figure of an old man with a sword on his back appeared there!

“It’s the soul of the Founding Ancestor!” An expression of wild joy surged onto Su Muzhe’s face when he witnessed this scene, and he spoke with excitement.

On the other hand, the expressions of Yuan Tian and the others changed and became extremely heavy. They hadn’t imagined that a wisp of the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor’s soul was actually within the Sect Guarding Grand Formation….

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